The last but one post about Master League 2015

Season 14 Forlan lucky kit

Superstition is a big part of human life in general, and also sporting activities in general – and football in particular. The player who has to be last out of the tunnel. The rituals of changing clothes in a certain order. The lucky shirt you used to wear when going out on the pull (which never worked, but the one time it did seem to work, you never forgot…).

At the moment I’m more than halfway convinced that my 2nd strip – the ‘bumblebee’ as it’s affectionately known in my mind – is bringing me the kind of good fortune that is promising to bring me an unlikely last-gasp Treble.

PES2015. Master League. Season 14. Superstar. In all this time I’ve won every trophy in Master League, but never all at the same time. Never a Treble of League, Cup, European Cup. This is my last season and I’m still in the mix. It’s been a hell of a slog getting here, not least because PES2015’s players are often frustratingly anonymous when I need them most.

Forlan being a case in point. So often missing, Forlan is a veritable goal machine in the bumblebee kit. There he is above, acclaiming himself for another goal. (It was a standard sort of goal that’s going in my bumper end-of-season compilation of ordinary and extraordinary goals alike from the last couple of seasons.)

The table after 30 league matches:

Season 14 after 30

Neck-and-neck with Arsenal with 8 matches left. Goal difference virtually the same. Slight disparity in goals scored, but that’s unlikely to cost me (famous last words?).

Call me Nostradamus (or Mystic not-Greg), but I anticipate a last-day decider, and I’m mentally preparing for the pressure ahead of time. The Treble would be nice, but I want to sign off with at least another League Title (only my second in the whole career).

I’m still in the FA Cup, through to the semis where I’ll meet my first Premier League opposition – Chelsea. That will be a tough match. The big guns of the Premier League usually are in any context.

And in the Champions League, I’m through to the semis too. Monaco shouldn’t offer much of an obstacle.

It’s the League that’s the tough one. There’s nothing like playing West Brom at home and losing 0-1 in inexplicable fashion.

And there’s also nothing like playing Stoke away and getting a precious result – sealed with a very ordinary goal:

I’m really liking these real-time, 1-minute snippets of action. You never can tell what’s about to happen and that’s why they’re more attention-grabbing than the standard 10-second goal+replay snippet that I usually post. I think we’ll be seeing more of these 1-minute excerpts of the action on the blog in the months to come.

It’s pretty obvious to me, and doubtless to most readers too, that after nigh on 800 matches my enthusiasm for playing PES2015 has dwindled almost to nothing.

I’m running on fumes here, and partly resenting the time PES2015 is taking from FIFA15, Skyrim, XCOM, Civilization, and – yes – Rocket League.

But I want to finish what I started more than I want to stop, and it’s that impulse that’s carrying me through. I don’t doubt that when I shut the game down following my final fixture – probably sometime early next week – it’ll be with a huge sigh of relief. School’s out for summer, that kind of thing.


  1. NG – I had a lucky strip with my Cambridge ML. At first it was black and yellow stripes with black shorts and socks, I soon turned to my 4th kit of the same shirt with yellow shorts and socks, got me promotion and the cup. In season two I changed the first kit to all amber but often reverted to old lucky. I tried it in Europe and the magic did not stretch that far. Funny how superstition even reaches into games.

  2. I had a lucky pulling shirt – it actually worked twice, both to a decent standard too. It retired with around a 1:15 ratio. A slight increase on my lucky rollneck from the late 90s university days. Never could beat the roll neck and denim jacket combo. Great times.

    That’s an impressive defensive record. I’m in my 7th season but the least (by a mile) I conceded in one season was 32. I struggle with anyone running vertically at my full backs towards goal – I panic.

  3. Great Post, the 1 min real-time clips are definitely better than the shoddy ultra slow mo 10 sec replays that Konami seem intent on keeping rather than the full speed replays of old PES games.

    Good luck with the league title run in.

    Werd – amusing how you say that your 4th kit ‘got you promotion and the cup’ – like it was all the kit and nothing to do with how you played or the fact that you often scored more goals than the opposition.

  4. Ultrasockpaulblogdude – It was indeed the shirts I discovered a code that turned the game into a COD clone so my magic shirt uzi’s the mo fo’s 🙂

  5. Good to see all is still multi coloured and quirky in Werd-World!!!! 😉

  6. W13 D8. Top on goal difference. Still in both cups. Boom.

  7. werd – superstition is part of the human mind. The very idea of the human mind is itself a superstition. Discuss! (Please don’t really.)

    Liam – I’m a sound defensive player, it’s scoring at the other end that gets me. Most often in PES2015, as in football, conceding is about losing concentration. If I make my mind up not to concede, and hold that focus for a 10-minute match, I’m finishing with clean sheet 99% of the time.

  8. After winning the Treble, I am officially done with PES 2015 Master League. I’ve shifted focus to Become A Legend in which I am currently playing for Brazilian side Internacionale of Porto Alegre. I plan to play just enough MyClub online matches to get promoted and earn the PS4 Trophy for doing so.

    I’m also playing Rocket League which is incredibly addicting and finishing up Ritual Chalices in Bloodborne.

  9. Roll neck? Sometimes I despair.

  10. NG – I have everything crossed for you as it would be a fantastic achievement to go out on a treble. The Chelsea fixture looks a concern and I expect that to be a tight 1-0 affair either way. What is your home/away game ratio going into the last 8 games? Any top sides to play?

    Am struggling a bit on Rocket League as everyone has become so good now on-line. The problem with these type of games is that you have to be un-employed and single to compete with the on-line brigade. As NG said it is more fun at first when folk don’t know what they are doing.

  11. bkmelendez – good to hear from you and know you’re still playing – anyone with any info on BaL? Do you still have to sit on the bench/be subbed and watch the CPU playing with itself (one of the most godawful experiences in the whole of gaming. I’d rather watch any loading screen, or paint dry, or not play at all, than sit through 10 seconds of a football game playing with itself…).

    Chris99 – is this the right time to reveal that I still possess a long-playing record of Showaddywaddy’s Greatest Hits?

    Darryl – knowing the end is in sight is focusing my attention. I’ve tended to drift off in the past and that’s when goals are conceded and points dropped.

    Re. Rocket League I’ve not been back on it since our session Monday night. I’ll probably get an hour tonight (and will look up anyone online at the time) and am curious to see how advanced people have got. Certainly from the middle of last week to the start of the week just gone there was a spike in general skill. I hope it hasn’t gone all CounterStrike.

    Still, it was intriguing to be in on the ground floor of a genuine gaming phenomenon for a few days…

    I came across this gif of some surprising wall-crawling action and had to wonder if I might already be behind the curve. I didn’t think that was possible.

  12. Sadly in our win at all cost times we are living in Rocket League on-line has become like real football and the trend has been this week that players want to nullify the game and sit back from the ball and counter attack. I enjoyed our little session much more as it was still tactical but much more open and unpredictable. This led to much more use of the whole court/arena.

  13. nG – I’m not shocked by Showaddywaddy. I am however shocked by the phrase “long playing record”.

  14. My 24 game unbeaten league run came to an end against Sunderland. I got spanked 4-0. Still top though, and the Treble is still on. Boom.

  15. Double is still on. Boom.

  16. Undefeated in 12 games, winning games too easy, was spanking Man Utd 4-0, so have moved up to Top Player, a draw, 2 wins and 1 defeat from my 4 games, hovering outside european places, a couple of goals from last nights session

    These are the Not-Greg style 1-min lead up clips…

  17. Chris99 – and then there are my cassette tapes of Racey.

    Darryl – I’ve seen this staying-back tactic used. It is the Rocket League equivalent of goal-hanging and I would rather do that myself rather than join the mosh-pit around the ball. But every player doing it?! Can’t see many really good players/teams doing that, and if you look at the full matches on YouTube or elsewhere you still see them all playing properly with one or more front-liners battling to centre the ball etc.

    Paul – I love that kit your team is wearing there. Ravishing. Goal number 1 the pick, but what a through-ball that is for number 3.

    Top Player is the sweet spot in general difficulty. If it ever seems like getting too easy, I’d adjust passing/shooting assistance levels before even thinking of Superstar. I won’t miss Superstar on PES2015. It has only occasionally been the scintillating experience that it often was on previous games.

  18. Thanks NG – Goal no.3 was my choice as the through ball was first time and exquisite, and the info the post finish rounded it off nicely.

    The kit is loosely based on Athletico madrid, but stands out well with he vibrant colours in some of the more murky detailed stadiums, i like it.

    There is a marked difference, obviously, between pro and Top Player, TP is definitely more balanced and much moire of a challenge, I’ve beaten Newcastle and Hull 2-1, Been thumped 3-0 by West Brom, and demolished QPR 5-2.

    I’ll readily admit that whilst I still have bugbears with PES 2015, the shocking ref decisions, lack of fouls, lack of CPU crosses, etc, it is admittedly a much better game than i gave it credit for before.
    Im quite enjoying my revived ML career, shame it took a 6 month break to realise it, and i won’t get any decent substance in terms of career length in before the new game comes out but at least it will keep me going until then.

  19. NG – I meant more in terms of solo matches as the trend has been for players to hold back fill up the charge and then counter attack the loose ball. In 3v3 I tend to hang back from the pack.

    I did play another game last night called Shadow of something or other, which was a free PS Plus game but I found it a bit to dark as you would expect hanging around in the shadows.

    Have a week off work but not likely to get much gaming in as I am trying once more with toilet training the little one as he struggles a bit with the concept.

    Was messing around this morning with my mail account that I set up to share YouTube clips. I had forgotten the log in and password but all is sorted now so at some point I will put up the Michael Carrick double long range goals I scored in one match.

  20. Shadow of Mordor Darryl?

    Never played it, didn’t look like my kinda thing tbh ……

    Look forward to your goals.

  21. Paul – thats the one. Not my kind of thing either. In a bit of gaming limbo, which is quite natural at this time of year.

  22. always the way with JULY august, pretty much had our fill of the previous years games and most AAA releases come out Oct/Nov time ….
    Im looking forward to end of August for ‘Until Dawn’

  23. Away with the family for 5 days and will be having an Internet break as well. What will I find when I get back….. Will NG get that league title?, will there be a new Rocket Blog?, who can tell. See ya next week.

  24. Paul — the patches changed the game from when you played it. Seemed to tighten the screws and make it more PESlike. It also made the difficulty gradient steeper, making Superstar (for the first time since Superstar came into PES) a TRUE extra layer of semi-masochistic difficulty.

    You’ll probably have time to hit the sweet spot with the game and have a good couple of weeks of footy gaming, which does tend to come after a few seasons on Top Player with an above-average squad.

    Darryl — I quickly popped onto RL for a match this morning, my first since our games last week, and played in a random 2v2 that was fabulous. As fresh-feeling and skill-based as I found it last week. My random teammate seemed to instinctively know that if I was ‘moshing’ for the ball, he should stand clear and wait for a break, and vice versa too. It was a 5-4 match and I scored the winner in Overtime. (I’d also scored two own-goals. Rocket League already has a welcome tradition of everybody allowing goal replays to play through, which means everybody watching in slow motion how you just messed up.)

    Far from being a gaming dry spell, these weeks and months are the richest for me. With Master League either over or almost over, my attention turns greedily to other games. It’s no accident that Rocket League found traction with me at this time of the year.

    Lloyd — have a good holiday, and there’ll be no Rocket Blog — just occasional mentions, perhaps a replay or two. What the blog’ll be focusing on from this Friday will be FIFA15.

  25. NG – seemingly so…. just a shame they didn’t patch some of the other glaring issues which caused me to quit on PES so early, and still remain.
    If they had id maybe have had a 15/20 season ML this year too.

  26. Darryl – yes, know the feeling, must have taken my young son 6 times to the toilet at East Midlands airport yesterday with no end result!

    Just received an exciting invite to a closed beta of FIFA 16 Career Mode, anyone else get this?

  27. apologies Darryl, that was an utterly inept contribution last night, with the 0-11 a particular lowlight! Still can barely control my car, let alone influence the direction of the ball…..

  28. Abbeyhill – I thought you played well as the last two opponents we played a few times were damn good. They both had one player who stood out. I didn’t contribute much either. In all honesty my style of play, which is a bit muck or nettles is more suited to the singles play as doubles is more measured and takes a bit more thought. We did fair much better in the first couple of doubles games with more even matched opponents and seemed to have a good understanding as we won the first two. Our singles games were good fun and we had a few close games. There was one really good game where I was something like 5-2 up and you pulled it back to 5-4 with a couple of good goals late on.

  29. …and I had something come up which kept me away last night. I’ll be on tonight for sure though, 10:45ish, looking forward to it if anyone’s there. We could have a 3v3, 4v4 whatever.

    abbeyhill – the no.1 Rocket League thing to perfect is the forward-flip – push forward on the stick and double-tap X. That’s where you throw your car forward end-over-end like a shoe. It’s useful not just for swatting balls where you want them but for getting back to cover an opponent breakaway when you have no boost. Also vital is refraining from pointless jumping trying to ‘head’ the ball in a mosh-pit situation, just because you’re sort of underneath it. The camera often lies and even if you make contact it’s mostly going to be minimal. I scoot away and get my bearings now.

    The last-ever Master League 2015 post will be up at noon.

  30. yes, guilty of pointless jumping, and also of driving round and round the ball failing to make contact….

    Looking forward to the last ML 2015 post, particularly with that youtube Arsenal footage you have put up

  31. abbeyhill – the much-overlooked handbrake (square button) allows turning-on-a-sixpence and repointing around the ball.

    The thing with jumping-in-place under the ball is that you’re aware of your teammate(s) probably watching and (especially if you’ve had a bad game so far) you feel you should be visibly doing something to help the cause… I rarely join that mosh-pit frenzy now and try to anticipate where the ball’s going to break.

    The great thing about Rocket League is that redemption is never far away. In that one match I played yesterday morning I scored two atrocious own-goals while ‘defending’ (‘haha, yes, let’s all watch my own-goals in slow motion’), but I got the winner in overtime.

  32. NG – am wanting in anticipation to see if you have landed the treble.

    Will be on later tonight for sure. 3v3 sounds good to me. It is my favourite mode as it is much more tactical.

    I could get used to being off as currently watching one of the ‘Days of Our Lives’ series on the 2005 Ashes. Well inbetweenst stubborn little ones toilet visits.

  33. Abbeyhill – I got one of those invites and have registered.

    Darryl – good luck. We had one that got it straight away and one that seemed to spend their formative years glued to a porta potty. Maybe you can get Lloyd to creep up behind them and shout BOOM.

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