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While last week’s two special posts were going on, season 10 was wending to a close. Season 10 has now come to an end, and with it has ended a whole era of how I approach this game we call PES2015. I will come to that later.

I almost did something special at the end of season 10. I almost won the title. I should have won the title.

With just nine matches to go, this was the top 4 of the Premier League:

PES2015 Season 10 almost there

At this stage I genuinely thought I was going to win the title. Put it this way: I can’t recall being in that kind of position in any Master League and not winning the title.

But a few too many costly draws put paid to my hopes. Here’s what the actual final table looked like at season’s end:

PES2015 Season 10 final table

I was disappointed to miss out on the title, but in a strange way even more disappointed to end up finishing outside the Champions League spots as well. This game punishes slip-ups more thoroughly than any other PES I can remember.

I scored one noteworthy goal during the run-in. This one comes courtesy of D CONTI, a journeyman DMF who has quietly been one of the stars of this PES for me. Whisper it, but I’d take D CONTI over A PIRLO any day of the week, I’ve not seen Pirlo do anything like this:

I know, I know, Different strokes and all that. One man’s meat is another man’s poison and the rest of it.

The goal was a highlight in an arduous sequence of matches where I struggled to make anything happen. I deserved my whimpering finish to the season.

Most insultingly of all, the post-season Club Rankings show that I’ve barely shifted at all from last season’s dismal ranking of 64:

PES2015 Season 10 ranking

At least this year I’m within sniffing distance of one other Premier League team.

The final tale of the tape:

PES2015 Season 10 final standings

13 draws did me in. It just isn’t good enough. And here’s where we get to my change of heart in how I approach PES2015.

Staring at the table and the Season Record just above, I started to understand what’s holding me back. Fannying about with 4-5-1 formations. ‘Respecting the game.’ These and other elements of caution and fear are holding me back.

I’ve got a great crop of players. There are not many better in this whole ML world than the likes of Friedel, Heinze, Pirlo, Carrick, Forlan, Drogba, Robben, and Crouch. Pound for pound, this is one of the best squads I’ve had in any ML.

I need to start cutting teams’ throats out there on the pitch, I need to bluff and bluster and bully my way to getting the precious wins needed to win trophies.

You can survive in PES2015 using the safety-first, softly-softly approach, as I have discovered over the past 10 seasons. You can even win the odd trophy. I bet you could even win the title using the method.

But Trebles would be hard to come by playing tippy-tappy, cautious football. I want to win THE LOT, and soon, and there’s only one thing for it.

It’s time for a change of attitude. This is the change:

For season 11 I’m going to play some version of 4-3-3, from start to finish, and see what happens. No more nip and tuck. I’m going for it in season 11. All out, no nonsense, balls to the wall. Let’s see what happens.


  1. Liverpool won the Premier League? Game’s broke mate.

    Balls out of the bath time. Let’s have that trophy.

  2. NG – The dreaded draws,i feel your pain. My plan of playing 1st teamers in the League and the rest in the cups is baring fruit, top after 21 games and still in both cups. It’s on.

  3. NG – will be interested to see how you get on with that approach.

    I am doing allright this season as I have played something like 12 league games, 4 CL and 2 cup matches and have just lost 1 match. My approach is heading off the other way and am finding everything is about tactics on the higher levels and study each opponent now by looking at thier game plan prior to the match. Next season I think I will move up to superstar whatever the outcome and then that will be the final leg (although) longest part of the journey/challenge I set myself. More of that later.

    What I am still finding hardest is it is going to be a huge ask to win the league whilst competing on all fronts as I have had two key games where the stamina of my whole team is at about half level going into the match. This isn’t helped when you have a few internationals. When you consider how many top teams you have to face in the Premership, no wonder it is a challenge.

  4. Try 9 internationals Darryl! Serves me right for creating Israeli/Montenegrins and Romanians.

    NG – I play a 4-3-3. It took about halfway through my first season to buy and switch players to fit. I’m always aggressive which works well n league and cup but not Europa. Any new kit ideas for next season?

  5. I’ve always loved 4-3-3 or variations of it. It leaves me feeling like *spit* Real Madrid though, no real midfield core, so it ends up being more of a 4-6 formation for me with a CMF holed up in the centre circle, 2 wingers, 2 out and out strikers and a floating SS (Mata and Piatti are 2 of my favourites) Just looking at that graphic of Gundogan reminds me of why I couldn’t love 2014 or 2015. I know it’s materialistic to a degree and isn’t THAT important to some, but the player faces are an absolute disgrace. Last time I had 2014 I was determined to play out at least one full season in ML but I couldn’t see past those faces. Most teams in the game only have 1 or 2 real faces and that’s just insulting. I know you mention how it was rushed out half finished and this just highlights it.

  6. Werd- Try 22 Internationals!!!

  7. Werd – I think I have 16 internationals at the moment. It is the one thing that spoils the game for me as when you look at the opposition thier stamina is never affected even though they have international players.

  8. Tommy — Liverpool had me to thank for helping with their title. Two of the draws I was moaning about were 0-0 against Man U and Chelsea.

    Lloyd — forgot to say re. your season 15 video — Robben on the left! He’s my right-sided SS.

    Darryl — I might be alone in enjoying the challenge of the half-stamina matches, when I often end up with not just knackered star players, but purple-arrowed star players to boot. I can never play purple-arrowed players no matter what, so I end up putting out a patchwork team, and it’s fascinating to try to get something under those conditions. I try to score in the first half and then hang on. I often get a draw.

    Werd — always a new kit for a new season. I don’t have ideas beforehand, just make one (or more) up on the spot, randomly.

    Mike — with PES2014(PS3), some of the uber-patches that came along later in the year (long after most people had moved on) ‘fixed’ the faces problem, as was always the way in the PS3 era. Of course with no option files on the console PES2015, we’re stuck with what we’ve got, and the faces thing is a bit shit, I will admit, but seeing as you only see the faces during replays, it’s something I manage to live with. The PC version of the game ‘fixes’ the issue there, needless to say. It’s a shame you’re put off a very good PES instalment by what you admit is an aesthetic issue. But I’m not judging you [he said, while judging you…].

  9. Lloyd/Frater – I stand humbled by your stamina demons.

    NG – try a two tone shirt. A diagonal Monaco type with white sleeves and collar.

  10. NG – The SS role is Ronaldo’s and no one, NO ONE is taking it from him. Can you tell I like Ronaldo. ☺

  11. 26 games played and I’m 4 points clear. GF37 GA11. I’ve got 5 games in 14 days. 2 CL, 1 Cup and 2 League games. Season defining session after work tonight. Onwards.

  12. yeah I go through phases like that with my FIFA career – stop fannying around with this dismal 4-5-1 and really get stuck into these kents (Leith vernacular) with 2 or 3 up top. The first match usually goes very well but then the following matches remind me why I was on 4-5-1 in the first place

  13. NG – I do know what you mean about being up against it when your teams stamina is down as I played Chelsea at home last night in a game like that and boy did I have to battle for a 1-0 win as I had something like 8 bookings and in my mind Terry had blood gushing out of his head like Terry Butcher. Currently in 2nd and 4 points behind Liverpool (as well!!!), who just keep winning. Play them next tonight.

  14. 7 points clear, 10 to go.

  15. 21 game unbeaten run ended by bloody Stoke, bounced back with 1-0 win against Arsenal. 4 clear, 8 to go.

  16. I play 4-3-3, and it works for me! Update on my difficulty situation as promised a while ago: I started my second season, my first in the premier league, on top player and things felt too comfortable. I switched to superstar and…wow…things got tough. In 10 games I lost 9 and drew 1. Despite this damning record, I really liked how the game played on this level, and in a lot of these matches I was more than competitive (although I got thrashed by Stoke and Chelsea quite badly). I was creating a lot of chances but struggling to put them away, lots of shots hitting the post and wondersaves by the keeper, I felt I was really being buggered by the scripting. Sonetimes the computer would only have a couple of chances but my defenders would become unresponsive at the crucial moment, and get the crucial goal to win it. But this is standard PES. Disheartened I moved back to top player until the mid season transfer window, and it felt too easy again. I had to go back to superstar. I signed a whole load of better players on free transfers, switched back up, and now…it feels just right. I still get the odd heavy beating (against the big teams mainly) but I’m winning a lot of games and getting a good challenge. So Superstar and 2 bar passing is where I’ll stay! Overall, for me, I wouldn’t consider this years PES to be any more difficult than other years. I’m definitely not a very skilled player, but maybe my style of play suits it. Maybe its the 4-3-3!

  17. Lloyd – got my fingers crossed for you, with you on Superstar, 0-bar, you’ll be gutted to drop the ball now. Going by past form if you get the title you’ll just go on and on regardless anyway, so maybe that helps take some of the pressure off. You’re probably playing the crucial fixtures as I type so:

    Filbert – very interesting findings. I knew the game would bite you in the behind eventually, the question was when you would hit the wall, not if. You ran into a wall on Superstar that many others did on Top Player or even Professional. It seems most football gamers are very anxious to disavow their skill level at the game, so I’ll have to take with a pinch of salt your claim to be average 😉

    Darryl – also among my favourite types of football game matches are the ones where you go down to 10 men or even 9 men (happens to me a disturbing lot in PES2015) and you dig deep down to eke out a result. One of my fondest memories of PES2015 will be getting a precious 1-0 win with 9 men in my promotion season.

  18. NG – very good, I love that film. On nights at the moment so probably no Pro Evo until Saturday!!!

    If I win the League then up next will be the treble. And then all six trophies.

    I’ve got a good chance at it this season as I’m still in the Cup semis and into CL quarters.

  19. If I may just be annoying and ask another PES 2013 question, does anyone know if you can change the “Market activity level” setting during a ML off season? I started a new with Bournemouth on top player (a big step for me) but I got to February and found there were no players in the “No renewal” list. And all the players I’m scouting had a blank space next to their remaining contract years. A quick check of my settings and somehow I’d set market activity level to “Only me”.

    Now if I’m able to change this at the end of the season I’ll play on, if not I’ll have to start again.

  20. Mike – bad news I’m afraid, but the Market Activity level is one of the settings that is permanent and greyed-out and for all time in an ML career. Somebody else might be along to contradict me but I’m pretty sure of that. (Keep the savegame file safe and separate just in case.) After your controller settings thing and now this thing, who did you let on your PS3 to set up your game – Stevie Wonder?!

  21. NG haha, I have no idea. With my lackadaisical preparations and carefree attitude to menus etc it’s like I’m trying to turn myself off the game! Strange since I’m so obsessed with kit editing etc!

    Oh well, on nights for the next 2 days so unless I can be bothered sneaking my ps3 in to hook up to one of the many 52″ NHS plasma screens in the building I’ll have to wait till Sunday and start again.

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