I know it’s over, but still I cling

the great PESJP2013 crash

Late last night I painstakingly reinstalled PESJP2013 into a more user-friendly folder on my Windows laptop. Tested it quickly before going to bed, and all seemed fine.

This morning, it wouldn’t work.

Now, I’ve got some PC-tinkering chops. I’ve led something of a sheltered life that has made me a semi-geek. I can rustle up a script, install an Operating System, that kind of thing.ย I’m a high-intermediate user—by no means an expert (not even close), but just knowledgeable enough to eye a list of running processes and know what’s going on inside a computer. That kind of thing.

So when it comes to figuring things out and fixing them, I’ve got some moves, is what I’m saying. I could drill down into this PESJP2013 installation, figure out what’s causing the problem on my PC, and fix it.

But I haven’t got time today, and probably won’t have time tomorrow. I’m doing other things, see.

Poor old football gaming has slipped down and slipped down the pecking order so far that there is nowhere left for it to go except to completely drop off the bottom.

I’m more likely to play my Football Manager 2010 save or have another few matches on my New Star Soccer save than I am to play either PES or FIFA right now.

As recently revealed, my personal life has undergone a radical overhaul. After years of mostly blissful single life, there’s now a Mrs not-Greg on the scene. And just like Eve in the Garden of Eden, she’s upset the applecart and no mistake, guv’nor.

That’s not fair actually.ย Yoko has never specifically banned me from football gaming. She doesn’t really understand what it is, and looks upon it quite neutrally, in fact. She just likes doing other things, and I currently like doing those other things too. (I never would have dreamed that women still watched so much actual, proper television. It’s women who are keeping TV alive as a medium!)

I had an emergency game of PES2011 after this morning’s crash. No spark. Nothing really.

And so, gentlemen (and any ladies who happen to be stopping by), we have reached the inflection point of the current crisis.

I am not willing to abandon the blog, not willing to shut it down. I’m not closing the door on 5.5 years of work just yet.

But it is clear to me that I face a change in life circumstances and habit that is impacting upon the very nature of the blog.

So the blog will be going on a summer hiatus, starting at the end of this week, to last just over one full calendar month, or about 5 weeks.

Friday’s post will be the final one until the start of July. I’ll post a specific date of return, and I will stick to that date.

Early July usually brings the first concrete news of the new PES. The PS4 and Xbox One are just around the corner. I might splurge on that dedicated gaming PC after all.

And then we’ll see where a new era of footballย gaming might take us.


  1. John – are you playing the defaults? As it’s been years since I played as a non-default side it was a shock when my Newcastle team started off in the PL and the Euro League draw. In fact enough of one to make me wonder whether I may restart without the 80m balance. I’m not sure I want the pain and suffering of a non-dev bunch of cacksters but maybe choosing a D2 anonymous mob might be a plan (I have updated teams to championship but not the players).

  2. Uncle Turf – No, not the defaults but the bunch I started with are just as bad. I had a couple of high 70 rated players but the rest were all between 50ish and low 70s. Bringing in free transfers (even with high wages) and then quickly flogging them for big money has been the only way forward for me as my budget was crap too.

    I now have about half a new team but no player higher than about 79 rated. I really need a flash of brilliance to be made available to me in this next transfer window – especially up front.

  3. John – ok, think that makes my mind up then. Now I know its not going to be as easy as that opening duffing of Man U suggested I’ll tone down the budget and starting XI with a decidedly average D2 choice. I can’t face another Minandinho effort but being able to land Carrick and Eto straight away rather takes away from the team building.

  4. Paul—I still meet lots of women in day-to-day life who don’t like games or play them much at all, even Wii and smartphone games. The office where I work is heavily female-dominated and for every lady who plays Wii tennis or Bejeweled or whatever, there are two who don’t. One girl at my office is a proper girl gamer type with all the consoles and a penchant for CoD etc. I still think they’re massively exceptional as a type, though.

  5. John—sounds suitably compelling, and well done on the mammoth session. Clearly the mojo is dormant, not extinguished. In my downtime from the blog I will inevitably take up PES again at some point, and my long-stalled non-dev is one of the candidates.

  6. Uncle Turf—you might as well restart, from the sounds of it, as a purity non-dev ML will be much more straightforward than a purity traditional one. Fewer choices=more freedom, paradoxically.

  7. John – Good effort! 10 games is a hearty session indeed.
    Your challenge of non-dev players on superstar should keep you going for a bit, Id just be dubious about the infamous scripting kicking in and having more of an effect due to having weaker players.

    NG – My GF dislikes CoD and footy games, and actually doesnt like actually playing the games like uncharted herself, she prefers to watch me and help with where to go, how to solve puzzles etc.
    But she regularly takes my NDS or iPad or iPhone to the loo with her to play games or plays the vita on holidays. They are a rare breed.

    I actually know a girl who is extremely attractive, fake breasts, very girly acting and looking, but loves FIFA, CoD, online gaming, and all that, give her a killstreak over puppies anytime – I’m sure she must be an absolute goddess to gamers or even boys of a certain age bracket. It just amuses me.

    I plan a decent sesh of my PESJP ML with Watford tonight, certainly a good enough sesh to provide the bulk of a new post on PESUltra tomorrow, which incidentally now has a shiny new .co.uk domain.

  8. anyone have any thoughts on the PES 2014 teaser trailer that was released tonight?

  9. I hate bloody teaser trailers! What exactly did we learn about pes2014 from that, feck all. Just out of curiousty not greg, what exactly did early access to pes2014 mean? Would your input have affected development in any meaningful way? Or was it like early demo access?

  10. Paul—your own domain now on PESUltra? A statement of intent methinks—make it so!

    Re. the PES2014 trailer, I can never connect trailers like that to the game in any meaningful way. I haven’t glanced at a pixel of any forum for months now, but know without looking that they’ll be analysing the lighting angles and animations and so forth. It might mean something, but the meaning escapes me completely.

  11. leroy getz—I haven’t rebuffed Adam’s excellent offer, just not taken him up on it yet. And the offer was to play the game, at a location in London (I think), at times of my choosing. It’ll be late July easily before I’m in a position to actually take him up on the offer, and by then the marketing calculus might have moved on, who knows. I might end up kicking myself, but we’ll see.

  12. Oh the most famous PES forum was dissecting, analysing and interrogating the teaser trailer frame by frame within 5 mins of it going up.
    It would have made a nice little intro vid to a PES game like they used to put in the old PES titles but as far as teasing PES 14 – it completely underwhelmed me.

    It could have been anything, it didn’t whet my appetite for PES14 any more than an advert for a beefburger would have, all quite pointless i think and probably done more to appease the waiting fans who were getting fed up of months of silence.

  13. And yep NG – all domained up, the .wordpress bit was bugging me!! I’m in it for the long haul now it seems.
    have just played some PESJP ML and have a post with vid and pics scheduled to go up on PESUltra @12 tomorrow.

  14. Werd(blackarmband)Llitrah

    Paul – thats what the teaser reminded me of too. Very PES4. Is that actual in game footage and is the crowd jumping up and down a vid or in game?

  15. Paul—you’ll see my maiden comment on PESUltra mid-afternoon, after the shutters have come down here.

    Re. the trailer: I’m not having any of it (i.e., enthusiasm or energy for PES2014). It’s just a generic football-themed blipvert with no substantive, meaningful content whatsoever. I’ve seen the analyses of frames and extrapolations to likely gameplay content all before, and they’ve always meant nothing, signified nothing, been nothing.

  16. Werd Llitrah—I still haven’t looked at ay of the PES forums’ analysis of the trailer, but if you take a look I’m sure you’ll see a lot of supporting argument that feature X from the trailer must mean that feature Y will be in the game, and so on.

  17. Werd(blackarmband)Llitrah

    NG – I havnt got time for that, i’m in mourning..*sob*. i’m also wearing my snazziest work shirt, just for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Like the play on the name WERD.
    Morning all.

    NG – I’m with you, the forums can analyse the teaser vid all they like but there’s no evidence until we see actual in game footage that the game will look anything like that, not that the teaser trailer looked special in any way, it didnt.
    I remember the Messi teaser video building up to PES 2011 – did the actual game look and move like that trailer?? Did it f***

    Will you be allowing comments on your farewell-for-now post or closing them off?

  19. Paul—when the trailer got to its traditional ‘a pair of magical football feet doing stepovers’ part, I actually sighed, leaned my head back (this was 1am last night) and said out loud ‘thank FUCK I’m having a break from all this’. I’m just so bored with it all.

    It’ll be closed comments on today’s post. I think everything’s been said on this one over the past two days, and I do appreciate it. I’ll leave comments open here for the weekend. Then the site will be in read-only mode until I get back. I’ll be commenting on PESUltra!

  20. Paul – ooohhhhh nice chat room, may swing along after work tonight.

  21. Lloyd—chat room? chat room? Is it 2004 again?! Hehe, I’ll take a look, Paul, don’t worry. But I don’t do chat rooms as a general rule. In 2004 I looked in on one—Lycos, I think—and was horrified. Never been back to one since, ever!

  22. It was a free widget thing I just bunged it on the site for people to drop into if they wanted real time live chat, rather than the usual post and wait method.
    As its only readers here and on PESUltra that would visit it I don’t think you’d be getting all the old usual ‘ASL?’ type chat room slang. Unless of course WERD drops in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Werd(blackarmband)Llitrah

    Paul – *gets glove out of washing machine* I may bring my twin Rewd….rewd by name rude by nature ๐Ÿ™‚ I went on a Goth chat room when my dad first got “tinternet”lasted all of 2 weeks.

  24. ‘Rewd’ !!!! hahaha!!!
    please don’t say you had your webcam primed and ready to go Rewd/Werd ?

  25. Werd(blackarmband)Llitrah

    Not at work anyway… ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Paul—I was frightened out of that 2004 chatroom by all the lingo I didn’t understand and the speed it all moved at. I remember being fascinated to see for myself what this chatroom thing was all about after hearing so much in the mass media—and it just turned out to be a load of drunk people LOLing about random shit.

    Re. comments on the blog, I’ve just decided to leave comments open for a few hours (until about 2pm-ish), and go into read-only mode then. I was going to leave comments open all weekend, but I’ve got a huge work weekend and other stuff too, so if I’m going to shut up shop, I might as well get on with it and shut up shop. And also step politely out of the way to let the new era of PESUltra commence!

  27. Werd Llitrah—the idea of you in a chatroom makes me want to wear a diving suit over a suit of armour, for some reason. No offence ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. Werd(blackarmband)Llitrah

    NG – I have such weird vivid mental image in me headend now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. PMSL @ the diving suit comment – reminiscent of the scene with Jay and the snorkelling mask on the bed with his laptop in the inbetweeners movie.

    NG – no ‘new era’ …. just keeping the fire stoked and room warm n’ cosy for when you return is all ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good idea to close comments after 2pm, that way you haven’t got to worry that your missing things or have to reply if you’re busy.

  30. Chatrooms are like any other communication media such as Facebook, Twitter or even the telephone; 0.000…1% of the time something interesting will be said, but the rest of the conversations are just inane drivel.

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