Blank Holiday Monday

I haven’t played a minute of anything at all since Friday morning’s impromptu PES2011 session—or ‘sesh’ as I believe the kids still say. I’m totally with it, man.

Haven’t had a chance to reinstall PESJP2013, as I need to do in order to get it working properly and reliably.

I haven’t played any other football games, because PESJP2013 is my game now.

I’ve been busy with work, always work. I work weekends.

And there’s also my relatively new significant other. In true Yoko Ono fashion, PES and FIFA—and even good old Civilization—have all been significantly moved down the pecking order. She’s all but moved into my fur-lined lovenest now. It’s like being Peter Stringfellow or something.

My morning PES sessions are now vanishingly rare.

So I’m not going to puff this post out with ramblings about games I haven’t played and which I have no regrets about not playing.

I know I’ve got a sizeable window of opportunity tomorrow (Tues) to reinstall and play. Normal service should be resumed Wednesday.

Have a great Bank Holiday, those in the UK. Everyone else: have a great Monday the 27th.


  1. I feel sorry for this post so am just commenting so it isn’t left all unloved and lonely while it’s author lives it up in his furry love nest.

    And for what it’s worth, still no PES for me either.

  2. Well I had a break too and watched some films. Ted was the amusing trailer plus an hour and a half of boredom, Looper was ok, sort of Jumper for a slightly older crowd, and Argo I liked but subsequently read that pretty much the only reliable bit in it was that some Americans were in hiding. U.S TV just seems to be doing things so much better.

  3. Ted was hilarious
    Looper was a decent film, although some holes in the storyline.

    Least commented on post ever this?? maybe its time to hang the blogging slippers up if your starting to have nothing to blog about.

  4. I loved this post as it looks like you have found gaming enlightement and sums up the emptiness of football gaming, which I quite like. Played pes 2013 the other day and was completely detached from it and was a nice experience. I was also looking at a youtube clip ofFifa World Cup 98 and the game as it is today, has hardly evolved at all with the same old arcady feel and routes to scoring a goal.

  5. Seems this blog, a blog all about football video gaming is now full of people that are fed up of or not enjoying footy gaming.
    Oh the irony.

  6. Me too (no sarky comments Paul, my glove is poised…)
    John – “living it up in his furry love nest”made me think of something completely different 🙂

  7. Paul – You have a point but just to prove you a bit wrong I’m going to play PES tonight. I wonder if N-G managed to play today. If not, this could really be the end. I mean, we’ve talked about Doctor Who, baldness, “other” games, crisps… we’re running out of asides!

  8. My Venetian lute music topic never caught on, wonder why…what about err Latvian Action Art?

  9. John—this post was only just the winner in a debate I had called ‘post or no post’?

    Ahhh football gaming… I still love it and I always will—it’s the perfect computer game in so many ways—but at this particular juncture of my life, it’s very much in the background. A long way in the background.

  10. Uncle Turf—I loved Ted and thought it was much more than just an expansion of the trailer. I would have liked Looper a lot more if I hadn’t already seen Primer (please, I beg you, see Primer(2004), the granddaddy of all time travel movies—just get Primer, by any means necessary, and watch it). Argo’s on the to-watch list. I’ve been motoring through Breaking Bad season 4, trying to catch up before the show’s grand finale on US TV later this summer.

  11. Paul—I’m thinking about it—hanging up the blogging slippers at least. I think at least a hiatus may be called for. I’m thinking hard about it.

  12. Darryl6464—that’s me in the corner, that’s me in the spot-light, losing my religion…

  13. Werd Llitrah—I’m not a huge art fan in general, but I’m acquainted with the concepts behind modern/action painting, and aware of its practitioners. Everyone knows Jackson Pollock of course, but I was always a de Kooning man. Something to look at rather than Pollock’s chaos.

  14. Ted?? Seriously chaps? It is lots of minor sniggering and a few laugh out load moments but so much of it is lame, lets get the bear to swear fallbacks and the flash gordon stuff is just bolted on nostalgia. I almost switched off after 10mins. It couldn’t get near stepbrothers or the daddy – Groundhog Day. Mind I’m not really a comedy fan, give me syriana, etc any day.

  15. Uncle Turf—I enjoyed the alternate world it created where Ted was a minor celebrity and an accepted feature of reality. It worked as an eerie parable. The swearing and fart gags or whatever didn’t overshadow the near-Kafkaesque wyrdness of a talking teddy bear. The Flash Gordon stuff was huge for me! I went to the pictures on my own to see that film twice in 1980.

    See Primer for a truly thoughtful and sober antidote to the whole Ted zone. If you enjoy time travel stories and have never seen it, prepare to see the mother and father of them all.

  16. Hello, not posted in a while, I’ve just moved house so there’s been no games of any description for me, although I do have the appetite, I don’t have the time. I thought Ted was crap, the only good bit was when he said to someone ‘what do you mean I sound like Peter Griffin’, that was amusing, in a sort of almost breaking the fourth wall kind of way. Enjoyed Looper though, so maybe I’ll look up this Primer thing some time…

  17. NG – that wasn’t a dig at Flash, who after all was just a man, with a man’s courage, but more that they lobbed it in there but didn’t do a decent enough job. It was too long to be an amusing aside but not integral enough to be useful. And ultimately it was a really soppy film.

    I seem to remember 12 monkeys being a real eye opener in it’s day. Anyway I’m travelling back to 1107 tonight for a spot of cousin assassination.

  18. NG – indeed football games are the perfect game as it is the many imperfections that make them that way. Ironically there is to much analysis of them. If you were to hang up your blogging slippers it would only leave me left with one web site I look on.

  19. Ted was just a ‘take your brain out’ humourous hour plus long break from the stresses of life, it worked on that level so i enjoyed it.

    I think its worst because we usually all come here, all playing PES and can share and swap Ml tales and tribulations, suggest signings etc, but as PES13 come to a halt for most of us already, there is no continual shared interest, hence the asides.

    Maybe once news for PES14 hits it will spark a bit more debate?
    I will keep PESUltra going, as im not bored or fed up with Footy games and still play regularly, maybe I could start an episodic posting of some sort as a go to if all else is quiet, Id need ideas though …….

  20. Just another aside that actually relates to a regular aside… steam sale – crusader kings 2 has 75% off.

    No games for me this weekend but just finished series 4 of arrested development.

  21. No Pro Evo in my house since Thursday, the dreaded norovirus has taken up residence. Both the kids and the missus have it. Face mask and gloves for me this week(black cross on front door also)

  22. Pete – as the new king of Ireland I say do it.

  23. Paul-the desert is spreading..25 mins of skyrim, killed one dragon one troll and dude by accident..felt bad about that actually:-(

  24. Ng-this is the end my only friend the it?

  25. Filbert—every other time travel film you’ve ever seen will be bubblegum compared to Primer. Which isn’t to say you’re guaranteed to like it, of course. Just that Primer is a full Sunday roast dinner of time travel shenanigans.

  26. Uncle Turf—much like Paul, I saw Ted as just a silly, knowing comedy. The whole outrageous Ted thing I saw as having layers of 21st century-style irony. We are talking about the same film? Sounds as if you were expecting it to be something else entirely and never got over it. It happens with films. Hot Tub Time Machine, now, there’s a film that was a good way over the too-dumb line for me—I loathe that film completely and utterly.

  27. Darryl6464—if I hang up my blogging slippers it’ll be for a month or two. I think. I might not hang them up at all. I just don’t know.

  28. Paul—your video diaries of PESJP2013 are good enough, but very time-consuming I imagine.

  29. Lloyd—norovirus at this time of year? Hmmm. Put any copies of The Stand away for the duration.

  30. werd llitrah—you’ll know tomorrow if this is the end.

  31. I thought I was getting it last night, had a really good sleep and I’ve woken up with a stinking cold. Actually quite happy about that as the alternative is messy.

  32. NG – no, I just thought Ted would be funnier. Another “trailer does everything” effort for me. Anyway what do I know, I’m just a 12th century king struggling to integrate a couple of independent earls and keeping an eye on my scheming cousin. And just to make life spicy I’ve discovered the wife who has given me four kids so far is homosexual and I am chaste. What the hell are we doing, they didn’t have syringes and yoghurt pots back then.

  33. Uncle – Jeez CKII sounds more and more like an intricate thing wrapped in a ball of meshy stuff. You could start the CK Diaries if NG hangs up his quill 😉

  34. NG – I Haven’t played any ML PES since the last ML diary vid went up.
    I’m enjoying playing one off matches with various teams and little cup comps – maybe its the ML mode itself, or lack of any substance to it that’s the issue, not even Jenkey could patch that.

    I’m thinking of doing a series of Club based vids, so take a random club from around the world, say for example Juventus, and amass a collection of clips of goals, and other key game events then intersperce it into a video with footage of the city, crowds from the games etc, kind of like an interactive tour of the city/club mixed with PES elements.

  35. Paul – you could play derbies between great cities of the world. Juve-Torino, Rapid-FK Austria, Flamengo-Fluminense etc. Maybe classic matches replayed: 1978 world cup final, 1984 Euro Final..the whole of the 1986 world cup!!…

  36. Paul—real football and PES don’t mix well for me. I know the connection between the two is important for many, but it’s the disconnection—and superiority of spectacle—of footy gaming that has often (or possibly always?) made it seem more compelling and exciting than real football for me. Just a personal quirk I know. You should go ahead and do something of that nature on PESUltra and it’d work.

  37. NG – by ‘amassing goals and key events from games’ I meant games played in PES of course, not actual real life Juventus games, the only ‘real world’ footage id use is sweeping views of the city, landmarks, crowds etc.
    All footy action would be from within PES.

    WERD – thats a great idea – Give me some examples and scorelines and Il get something knocked up over the next few days

  38. Paul – World Cup 1978 Argentina 3-1 Holland extra time heartbreak. 1956 world cup final Hungary 2-3 W Germany. World cup 1982 West Germ 1-2 Algeria. is good for the kits

  39. WERD – the only thing with matches that far back in time is that the players wont be in the game.
    I dont have time to edit in new players/classic players and update kits just to play one game out.

    Might stick with the club series idea or as you said recreate fierce derbys/rivalries from around the world.

  40. Paul – there are the classic teams remember. A little artistic licence may be needed though.
    Remember the old scenario mode in ISS/early PES. *Holland have ten mins to defeat old rival Belgium to qualify for the WorldCup etc*. What about something like that?

  41. Back after a weeks relaxation in Majorca. Not really getting the level of love for Ted, I barely (bearly) made it through the trailer.

    Uncle Turf – Loving the sound of CKII. How does the old Steam malarky work, and would CKII run on a laptop that could cope (just) with PES2012?

  42. Chris99—I can answer your CKII question, and the answer is ‘yes, it would run easily’.

  43. What is Steam like? As with everything on t’internet opinions vary from “resource hogging pile of poo” to “best thing since garlic bread”.

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