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PES5 after 7

I was up until 3am last night watching the gripping end of season 2 of Breaking Bad. I’m reading a book this morning, from which I’ve just broken off to write today’s post. Football gaming is quite a way down on the to-do list these days.

Fortunately for the blog, I played a couple of matches of PES5(PC) yesterday morning.

As ever, ’twas a pleasure. PES5 has aged, no question, but it weirdly stands up. Its integrity as a game—as a solid, reputable, fully credentialled game of computer football—stands the test of time. Others have come close, but for me PES5’s status as The Best Ever is unimpeachable.

Perhaps if I was still playing for hours every day I might come to a different view, who knows.

This more casual approach is suiting me fine. I’m still fascinated by what feels like a process of disengagement from gaming in general. I doubt I’ll ever play an FPS again.

Last time, I was fretting about my 4-2-2-2 formation, adapted from PES2012/13, not really working out in PES5.

I finally pushed my deep-lying twosome further forward. Mathieu and Camacho now sit on the halfway line, calling the shots. Suddenly I’m much more potent up front, and there’s little difference to defending.

Won 1-0. Lost 0-1. The table is at the top.

This week, I will at some point fully install PES2013(PC) with the latest super-duper custom patch from Jenkey, and give it a play.

I’m more than a little reluctant, as I’m on a cushy routine with PES5 and don’t want to break the spell. But my curiosity is outweighing my reluctance. I might have done this in time for Wednesday’s post, but if not, Friday for sure.


  1. NG – can I mine your vein of Civ knowledge?
    I love CivIII but keep losing dosh left right and centre. By about 10AD im losing -8 per turn?! help. An remind me not to choose the Carthaginians as opponents..always them who gang up on me.
    Uncle – I wanna play CK 🙁

  2. Uncle Turf—can you plot and scheme and wage war well enough to turn the whole map your colour, though? That’s the CK2 equivalent of an ML Treble.

  3. Werd Llitrah—first, try adjusting the tax sliders on the Domestic Advisor screen if you haven’t already. Next, open up each individual city screen and move the workers around on the city squares to maximise gold income. Or sell (or don’t build in the first place) expensive buildings that cost Gold per turn. Finally, build up enough military muscle to bully/conquer other civs.

  4. Many Ta’s Dominus. My budget Civ didnt come with a manual(no sniffing for me). So i’m playing a bit blind. I miss my wass cash cheat from Civ II on the PS1.

  5. NG – I can’t even turn the neighbouring county my colour. I’ve read that like Civ a lot of folks restart immediately if their generated character traits are poor (not so much self as advisors/court, etc). My best option to go falsifying claims is 10 – the guides told me 16+ are when you find success. It’s a real slow burn though as while you can marry off a thick chancellor to a perfect wife it will be their kids that might be useful to you. My wife is my spymaster as she’s the only useful appointee. I’m playing the long game with lots of tech research and am happy to be useless as it’s all experience at this stage. Absolutely no performance issues even on my integrated graphics.

  6. Werd Llitrah—a Google search for ‘Civilization III manual’ turned up this as the top result.

  7. NG – Iam beholdant to thee sire. I have also rather rashly purchased europa universallis 3(dont laugh Uncle)My strategy thirst grows..

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