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PES5 2013 after 4

Another few matches of PES5(PC) in-between the cracks of everyday life. Good stuff. Anybody waiting for me to tire of this and move onto something else, or go back to aimless wandering—that’s just not my style, not how I operate, as the blog has demonstrated for five and a half years now.

My recent bout of restless wandering was the exception. Steady play of ONE game, regularly, over a looong period, is the rule.

I tried the 4-2-2-2 formation, which felt odd. 4-3-3 was how I played Pro Evo from ISS2 all the way through to PES2010. No change or deviation allowed. 4-2-2-2 only came along with PES2011 and the new school of PES.

It’s not really worked in PES5 so far. I feel I haven’t yet got the players in midfield required to make it work. That’s odd, considering my two deep-lying midfielders are those twin PES legends, Mathieu and Camacho.

Both are still quite young, though—Mathieu is 25, but Camacho is only 20 and still very raw. If memory serves, Mathieu only hits his stride around the 30 mark, and Camacho around the mid-20s.

And I’ve still got to get properly to grips with PES5 again, of course.

My two wide men in the 4-2-2-2 are… Arshavin and Jesus Navas. Again, both are a bit weak.

I’ve got Schwarz and Aquilani up front. Two big men. I need a fox in the box—a Saviola, a Villa, a Gary Twigg… I’ll be looking, next negotiations window.

General gameplay continues to please me. I would acknowledge that the old-school PES gameplay has been superseded in many respects by the innovations that started in PES2011 and continued to the present day.

Whether old-school PES has been bettered is another argument. I think that, yes, on the whole PES gameplay has been better in PES2011/12/13, than in the old days. In the same way that the rebooted Doctor Who is clearly better in every way than the old Doctor Who. But do you know what? I cannot stand the rebooted Doctor Who.


  1. Chris99 – My eyes have been opened.
    I’m pretty good with gfx and designing HD kits for use in the PS3 version etc but this patch literally has every tiny detail covered, all in a packaged up easy to use exe installer.
    No faffing about copying hundreds of files from PC to PS3 etc, just done, in seconds. Not only that, things have been added such as the leagues and competitions and game play tweaks that simply aren’t possible on consoles.
    Love it.
    Love it.

  2. Chris99—if you know the rules of the game and what’s going on, baseball is a great game, my favourite American sport by a long way. If you’re trying to watch it without knowing what a strike or a foul ball is, etc… I know little about cricket, I freely confess.

    As I alluded to earlier, I can’t see myself NOT becoming a wholly PC gamer over the course of the next year. I’m holding off until I get a busy summer out of the way. I’m almost looking forward to clearing the decks of console-y stuff and giving myself to the Dark Lord of PC gaming.

  3. Paul—there’s two amazing things emanating from your new venture: first, that a 2009 iMac running Windows can evidently play PES2013 so well (the fact that there’s minimum ‘prickle’ on the Fraps replay speaks volumes). And second, that you’re playing PES2013 again!

    Do you think you’ll get into doing some custom designs for the game now? Still going to get a PS4…?

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