The old school tie

Mathieu About to Wallop one

So it’s looking more and more like PES5 will be my football game until the end of time—or the end of summer. Whichever comes first. And if summer ever begins.

I’m playing the PC version, on a Bootcamp partition, on a Mac.

Convenience is the watchword. The game’s right there at my fingertips. It takes about thirty seconds to get the game up and running. Even if I’m on the Mac OS side of the partition, it’s still quicker to boot into Windows than it is to start up the PS3.

And the PC version of PES5 plays so smoothly.

(Incidentally, I should probably always put air-quotes around ‘the PC version’. I thoroughly dislike the PESverse convention of describing identical games on different platforms as ‘versions’. The only essential difference between the PC ‘version’ of PES5 and the PS2 ‘version’ of PES5 is the former’s capacity for modding. Only in that sense is talk of ‘versions’ in any way meaningful. Otherwise, unmodded, the PC and PS2 ‘versions’ of PES5 are identical games that play exactly the same.)

Here’s a lovely free kick from Mathieu. This came against Liverpool in the opening game of my new season. I forgot to trurn on FRAPS before this quick game, so it’s only a phone replay, unfortunately:

I went on to win 3-1, withstanding some fierce Liverpool pressure at 2-1 with only a late goal—a penalty from that man Mathieu—easing the pressure on me.

I’ve got Camacho and Mathieu in the same team. It feels a bit like a Lampard-Gerrard-style conundrum. But just as with that real-life example, it’s more the idea of a problem than a real problem. You can’t have too many good players.

If Mathieu plays (he’s still quite young and raw), he plays DMF. Then Camacho plays wide on the right. If Mathieu needs a rest, Camacho plays DMF. It works.

I’ve stuck with my old-school favourite formation of 4-3-3 despite having got used to a 4-2-2-2 in PES over the past few years. I think I’ll try that 4-2-2-2 in PES5, just to see Mathieu and Camacho alongside one another in midfield. The dream partnership.

I drew my second match of the season, against Man Utd. A stalemate 0-0.

Still playing on 4* difficulty with two gradations to go up yet.

Yep, I think my weeks of wandering in the wilderness are gone.

Gone is my morning routine of getting up and turning on the PS3 and playing that for an hour or two.

My life has changed over the past 6 months—to the point where my old morning footy game routine was no longer sustainable. The routine simply had to go. Change had to happen. You’ve seen it happening right here.

Nowadays, I’m snatching sessions and odd games when I can, when I feel like it, and it’s working for me.

I can barely look at the poor old PS3 now. I’ll have to have a good old think about what to do re. the PS4/Xbox720, when the time comes. Do I need ’em? Really?

Viva the old school!


  1. Yep, that was my problem – I was looking at all these impressive characters before realising they were mere courtiers. The best option I had by then was to marry a Queen Mother but then I would be without heirs, shame cos I really fancied this legitimized bastard princess from Sweden… I then decided to test a claim to a territory but by the time I’d faffed on raising the mob the sly git who owned it had outsmarted me. You’re right, it would be completely wrong to think of it as total war with chambermaids. Wonder what would happen if I broke a betrothal and held a nice party?

  2. Uncle/NG – I have been reading reviews etc on the 1st Crusaders sounds good. It will def work on my laptop. Is it recomended by you guys?or is it really really complicated.

  3. Uncle Turf—the CK2 AI is reputed to be one of the best in the business and expert at playing dynastic, scheming games right back at you. Have to say I’ve not played it long enough to verify—yet.

  4. Werd Llitrah—CK2 for you? Not a chance in hell! Ahhh, that’s a good one…

  5. *pouty face*are you saying i couldnt get past menu screen…:)

  6. Werd Llitrah—yes, that is exactly what I’m saying. No reverse psychology either. Just don’t even try it, you’d be completely wasting the twenty minutes or so that you’d spend on it.

  7. NG – awww, it looked like a pc version of the Tudors.
    Is it really that complex?Even the first one. Your probs right…hungary or danzig..or Sweden..

  8. NG – yes, I read the advanced quick start guide on wiki and thought ‘bloody hell’ – slaughter/imprison/kick out your own lickspittles just so the AI doesn’t descend on you like a ravenous wolf. Even then there seems a Dwarf Fortress inevitability about it.

    Werd – sorry, but I think this is one that is at the expense of all others, not a dip in and out of. I’m up to page 30 in the manual and my head hurt.

  9. Uncle – but I love a chunky manual. Let us know how you get on. The first version was going cheap on amazon. I was tempted. Sounds a bit diff from the norm. Is it emmersive?

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