Is It Really Snow Strange?

Keepers View PES2011

I work weekends and I travel by public transport, so the UK’s mega-snow weekend ate into my free time in a big way. As a result I only played four football matches—two on PES2011 on PC, and the other two on PES5 on… the Macbook Pro.

Yes, I finally did something I always swore I’d never do. Installed Windows, on a Bootcamp partition, on my beloved Mac.

Mac owners will know how pristine and lovely an installation of OSX is—like a pavement of fresh snow that it’s almost a shame to tread upon. For the five years that I’ve been a Mac user I always swore I’d never succumb by installing Windows on a partition, not even for the sake of a technical exercise.

But I finally did it. My current climate of PC experimentation made me curious to see how well the uber-expensive Apple hardware could handle PES.


Bootcamp went fine. Took a few hours to make the Windows partition, as my hard disk was so fragmented after all these years of use, but otherwise it was all straightforward.

Windows on a Mac (predictably) runs better than I’ve ever seen Windows run anywhere. And PES5 runs fine. Better than fine—better than it has any right to. I only have the cheapest 2010 MBP (integrated mobile graphics, slowest processor). I suppose a 2005 game would run superbly on 2010 hardware of any rank.

Apart from some occasional v-sync tearing on some pitches at some times, the game runs like butter. I love PES5, and will always sing of its greatness.

I copied my ML save over from the other PC. I’ll go on doing what I’ve been doing for a few years now: playing PES5 ‘off the books’, and never—or rarely—mentioning it on the blog.

Of course the real test of the MBP’s chops would be how it handled PES2011 or any other more modern PES game.

And I just haven’t had time to test that out yet. I have a feeling it will work, but not on highest settings, which I’ve now got used to on the PC.

McSheffrey shoots PES2011

It’s instructive to play PES5 back-to-back with the likes of PES2011. You can spot the germination of many seeds that would only flower years later. PES2011’s physicality and enforced clumsiness of the players being the main one.

PES5 can handle incredibly clumsily, with players performing the same kind of ‘three-point turns’ as seen in PES2010, for example. And there’s also a version of PES2011’s stumble mechanic too.

I could have played lots and lots of matches on both.

But the snow weekend impacted me severely, and you know what? I didn’t care really.

Again and again in recent years I’ve looked deeply into myself and seen a shrinkage of the will-to-play.

Even at the peak of the footy game year every October/November, I play far less than I did in previous years. This is largely a factor of the passage of time and changing responsibilities and priorities, of course.

There’s no going back to the days of PES5, which I always hark back to as a Golden Age. Back then I could, if I wanted to, play PES for 10 hours a day, easily. And I often did. Those days are long, long gone. Only something crazy like a Lottery win is ever going to bring them back.


  1. Uncle Turf—re. the older next-gen commentary, we still don’t know exactly what ‘header too!’ was supposed to mean. (Or was it ‘header to!’, or ‘header two!’?) I’d love to know if it was a mistaken bit of Japanglish that was mistranslated and sneaked through development (most likely). If so, what did Champion think it was all about when recording it?

  2. Uncle Turf – I thought the same during my stint last week with PES10, I actually thought to myself whilst playing ‘WOW Commentary lines are almost identical, what is different is better than whats in PES13’
    Quite abysmal that this is the case, Konami have gone backwards in a lot of areas with recent games, just look at how crisp and vibrant PES10 looks compared to PES11/12 & 13 !!

  3. Hello all, not been playing games at all recently so not had too much to say. Isn’t real life a nuisance sometimes? When I do get a chance I will be continuing with FIFA career mode, not sure how many people are still soldiering on with it? Anyone interested in Bioshock Infinite? I quite want to play it but there’s no way I’ll have time at the mo so will probably wait a few months, it’ll be cheaper then anyway.

    RE the commentary, I always used to hate it when Champion would bellow ‘NOW!’ for no apparent reason. The less said about Mark Lawrenson, the better. ‘He’s given that the Order of the Boot’ will always be a favourite as well…

  4. My.fave from iss deluxe was “no foul?”

  5. Paul—I like to leave commentary on, but it’s never really added or subtracted anything to the overall experience for me. The only two football game commentator experiences that I’d say stuck up above the herd (again, just for me I’m sure) were very much of their time. Clive Tyldesley is a great voice man on a game on FIFAs past and present. And for the other I have to reach all the way back to ISS98, and summon up the memory of Tony Gubba. RIP.

  6. Filbert—if there’s a gamer equivalent of losing your hair or growing a pot belly in middle age, then it has to be the sudden and near-total loss of interest in anything like Bioshock Infinite. The original Bioshock was one of the greatest gaming experiences I’ve ever had, but I just don’t want to run around corridors shooting at things no more, no matter how well-realised and brilliantly-conceived it might be. I’m an ageing gamer…

  7. I really liked Soccer 97 back in t’day. Alan Green did the commentary. Personally I don’t mind his somewhat ‘realist’ style especially as the BBC seems to be going down the route of lowest common denominator punditry – Savage, Owen, random European on MOTD2. But then again I also think 90% of football matches I see are awful. Somehow can’t imagine him getting the Fifa gig….’Frankly, this is awful….what is he doing….ridiculous…etc’

  8. The Bioshock infinite ad made me go”meh”..and wife thought i was ill..blackops 2 the same..sigh

  9. Uncle Turf—back in the 90s there was a televised League Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Charlton that was cancelled due to a waterlogged pitch and I felt demented. There was so little football to watch on TV that it was all precious. Today? I’d probably catch up with that match result on the internet the following morning. As my favourite tea-timely football email would say: STOP FOOTBALL.

  10. werd llitrah—the early reviews have confirmed my impressions that however pretty the wrapping, no matter how many self-flattering literary quotes it includes, Bioshock Infinite is the same game in a new guise. I already play a genre that’s, uh, a bit like that, and don’t need another one.

  11. Ng-fps havnt really evolved much. I hope pes 2014 will..i watch the big match on itv4 and have many 80’s yearbpoks to peruse..modern footy “meh”

  12. Haven’t commented here lately.

    The above link is to my latest (and poor quality) montage which, unfortunately is a farewell montage. I decided to stop my Saintragler ML and start a new one with a PES League XI. I created a European superleague and got it started.

    Did another thread for it over at

    About the montage. The voice you hear at the end is me but ‘squeakified’ by the speaker. My voice is NOTHING like that.

    Also, funnily enough, the song I have used is by a band who have a sponsorship with EA. Yeah.

  13. Adam – I love your stuff man!. The backstory is the type thing I do(when I do get round to playing NG)
    You’ve got a great imagination.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. NG –

    I may have overestimated my abilities on 2010. After an opening run of 0-0 draws giving me a feeling of defensive solidity, in 12 games in I’ve scored 3 goals. As I’ve filled the league with the likes of Celtic, Brugge, etc I’m under a bit more pressure than had it been the made-ups. Getting a fair few shots in but rarely too far from the centre of the goal. I think 2013 has spoiled my aim a bit.

  15. Werd – Cheers. I’m just guessing but did you read my ‘History of TSG’ post? Here it is if not.

    Uncle T – That video 🙂

  16. Adam – Once again bravo..I’m well jealous of not only your imagination but just made a league and stuck to it. I still have trouble finalising a league structure for my ML and sticking with it. FK Metropol will rise again….

  17. Turf – I remember that sketch well..eventhe wife found that funny :)classic..seen them live as well

  18. Adam—nice vid, quality not too bad either—I always think that your vids make the next-gen games look just like previous gen, which I suppose is what they are under the hood.

  19. Uncle Turf—I don’t recall any problem with shooting aim on PES2010. Are you finding different? 3 goals in 12 games is very poor for you. I found PES2010 a glorious game for long- and medium-range shooting. Are you trying to walk the ball in?

  20. PES2010 is not the problem NG – I’m the problem. I’ve been so used to Minandinho simply turning and welting the ball that I’ve stopped trying to find a corner. I need to start thinking again, especially with these under-powered nobodies – not even an Irjescu in these days.

  21. Uncle Turf—don’t forget that in PES2010 the finesse shot is R2 then shoot, not the other way around as it became in PES2012 and after. I wonder if you are over-elaborating, when with a game like PES2010 just pop those shots off whenever you can. Barca-style triangles are nice, I suppose, but are they leading to goals?

  22. Turf, just run straight at the defence (who all back off you, usually) and fire off shots from 25 yards, even works with defaults like Gutierrez. I would go as far as saying PES2010 took the fun out of long distance shooting as it’s so easy

  23. abbeyhill—that’s a feature of PES2010 for sure, but it’s not quite as straightforward as you make it sound. The defence-backing-off thing has to arise in the flow of the game, usually during a counter-attack—it’s not something that automatically starts happening as soon as any player runs at them.

  24. yes, I guess I was over-simplifying a bit, but it’s still quite striking the way all 4 defenders sometimes back off your one forward to give you plenty of opportunity to crack one off (werd!)

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