Woodwork is an eight-letter word

Season 6—my first full Superstar season—has come to a close. The last few sessions brought a mostly positive flurry of results and performances that saw me clinch a Europa League spot.

The final table:

I’m disappointed not to have finished in the top 4. I had the opportunity to do so, but a ruinous defeat against Chelsea and a couple of even more costly draws put paid to that hope.

The draws were the absolute worst. In both matches I went 1-0 up and then had all the possession and all the chances, hitting the post or bar multiple times. Then I conceded the equaliser to the CPU’s rarest of attacks, usually with 10-15 game minutes left, and couldn’t get the ball back long enough to mount another serious attack of my own.

In the Europa League I was knocked out in the Quarters by a late, late away goal in similar circumstances. I had all the play, all the possession, all the chances. Then the one magic spell of CPU possession was decisive.

I wasn’t too fussed about it all. None of it. My PES sessions are so truncated right now that I’m usually just happy to be playing, whatever happens. It’s taken me over two weeks to get through this season. I don’t anticipate that rate of progress speeding up anytime soon. If anything, it could get even slower.

Here’s the top scorers chart for the season:

I’m disappointed not to see Nouhei there. He ended on 9 goals for the season—all headers from corners. He’s the only player who scores from corners from me now. I cannot remember the last time a different player scored from a corner for me.

The Team of the Season:

That’s about right, from my point of view. Plenty of other players had good seasons, but the three I got into the TOTS here all had excellent ones. My keeper in particular has come into that mature place that many PES keepers get to, where it’s a very rare day indeed that they drop a clanger. I actually conceded more goals than any near rival, but ML’s rating system is as arcane as ever.

Note Marc Albrighton up there. Him and Stephen Ireland at Villa are among the two most annoying CPU players that I ever meet. Both are capable of the most mazy Messi-Maradona-style dribbling runs at any time.

Here’s my best goal of the last few sessions—Minandinho again, finally coming into his power for me:

That animation of the keeper flapping at the ball while diving backwards is one of my favourites. I’m a lot less enamoured of the woodwork goals lately, but this sort still thrills me.

In this match, there were 3 goals. I scored 2 of them, and both went in off the woodwork. My first goal had cannoned in off the post. Then the CPU equaliser nicked in off the post. Then there was a truly farcical period where I hit the post or bar (without scoring) FIVE TIMES. Then I scored the above winner, in off the bar.

Oh yes. PES2013 might well be remembered as ‘the one where you always hit the woodwork’.


  1. LC—another 6 seasons?! I’m sloooowing down massively at the moment—got to get through the the festive hump and into January (probably mid-January) before my gaming time returns to anything like ‘normal’.

  2. Cook—I’m only against House Rules for myself. I think they’re a great idea to prolong a game’s longevity, if you can still take the game seriously with them (that’s the problem for me). In the past I’ve not signed any players I’ve had before (so if I was doing it here there’d be no Nouhei, Wroughllen et al, and I’d probably sell Minandinho in the first window). Then observe a strict ability signing cap afterwards, e.g. cannot sign any player above 70OVR, ever. PES2013 pretty much enforces that one anyway…

  3. Feeling the festive period slow down of gaming time too NG, although did manage to squeeze in about 3 hrs worth of play Sunday afternoon, in which i concluded season 7, by finishing 5th in the prem, almost grabbed a 4th place Champs league spot but Chelsea pipped me to it with a final day win, whereas I drew at Old Trafford with Champions Elect, Man Utd.
    Got to the Quarter finals of the FA Cup and also last 32 of the Europa league before being dumped out over 2 legs by Inter, so Id consider it a decent 2nd season in the top flight.

    Both Minandinho and Bancé finished in the top scorers charts, Minandinho with 14 and Bancé second, only behind runner up european footballer of the year Aguero, with 29 goals. A Great return.
    in all, Bancé got 33 goals in 37 starts last season, he’s only 20 !!

    Upgraded the stadium and have new Home & Away Kits. bring on Season 8. And still no penalty.

  4. Paul—it’s mainly PES time that’s feeling the squeeze. I’m playing other games—FM2010, a few strategy games, the peerless Dwarf Fortress—more than I am PES2013. I put this all down to PES2012’s ‘extended time’ factor. I.e. let’s say we all have 100 units of PES-attention per year to ‘spend’. PES2012 really gobbled up a whole load of them. I’m OK with short sessions or one good long session on PES2013 every other day at the moment.

  5. I really only play PES at the moment so a squeeze on gaming time really just means PES time.
    The GF will be staying all over xmas and new year so I don’t envisage getting any games in from xmas eve onwards, although the break may be a decent thing, I’ve been hammering PES lately and whilst still thoroughly enjoying it, I don’t want to tempt over familiarity.
    Although will be itching to try the game post patch 1.03 with the document form and game play changes.

  6. Well I’ve got the Cup final and the CL final to come. Ended up beating Barcelona inside 36 mins of leg 2 – the time it took Minandinho to score 4. Just way too powerful for the difficulty levels.

    Regardless of the outcome of my treble quest I’m ending 2013 this season – it feels way too soon, 2012 I had to scrap for every possibility and only stopped close to release date, but there’s really nowhere for me to go other than starting again with some house rules. I’d rather have a pop at another PES ML – one of those that I’ve got a black hole memory over. Any suggestions? I’ve got them all but don’t remember much pre-2010.

  7. Paul—you didn’t have quite the same PES2012 experience—you played the same no. of seasons as me, but the latter ones in particular weren’t happy ones, as I recall—so you must have lots more ‘PES points’ left to spend from your mental stock. Me, I look at the other games I’ve got going on at the moment and just see much more compelling reasons to play them. E.g. in FM2010 I’ve just blown almost all of Cov’s transfer kitty on one player—a 23-year-old Czech striker—and if he doesn’t work out or gets injured, that’s it, I’m screwed. No plan B. (How Not To Manage A Football Club.) Which means I’m excited about playing FM2010 and terrified at the same time—the perfect combo for gaming.

    So I dunno. I’ve wondered for a while now about the law of diminishing returns affecting my PES habits.

  8. Uncle Turf—I think I’ll get to a Treble (hopefully still a few seasons down the line) in PES2013 and then look elsewhere also. I’ll probably sample FIFA13’s Ultimate Team.

    For yourself, pre-PES2010 there’s only one place to head IMO: PES5. Or is that one of the editions you do remember in your Sam-Beckett-from-Quantum-Leap-style Swiss-cheese memory?

    I think the influence of PES2012 on the PES2013 experience is slowly coming into focus right now. Those who never played PES2012 or quit it early are having a different experience with PES2013, on the whole, from those who played the balls out of it.

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