You just haven’t earned it yet, Bébé

After Monday’s ‘concept post’, back to business: where the big news is that I’m probably going to finish in the top 4. Well, I say ‘probably’ with great optimism and some reservations. Here’s the current table with a handful of matches remaining, which shows how tight things are in the vicinity:

I played a real six-pointer against top-of-the-table Spurs just before this picture was taken. I lost 0-1 at home in a dreadful, heavy, scripted-feeling encounter. If I’d won that match I’d be on 64 points, Spurs would be on 66 points, and I’d be dreaming of the title. Which might still happen, mathematically, but at this stage I have to be realistic and look at a top 4 finish in the best case.

I base my feeling that I could and should finish in the top 4 on how I’m playing in general. I’m playing great, and the matches are feeling… rather untroublesome.

They’re not easy as such—rarely are they easy—but they’re not hard either.

The hardest match I’ve had in the past few sessions was against Manchester United. It started at 100mph and stayed that way—that’s not my favourite thing about the current era of PES, this variable speed factor for big games. I went behind, equalised quickly, and despite some epic back-and-forth from both teams looking for a winner, that’s how it finished. Probably a fair result.

Bébé has emerged as a great player to bring on and grab a vital goal with. Two recent last-minute winners that have helped me stay in contention. But he’s still a long way away from a starting role. Ahead of him in the pecking order are Mehmeti, Wroughllen, and Minandinho, and I’m looking to blood a new young striker as well—Saviola, whom I picked up from the Youths in mid-season.

With Monday’s post being all about the boots issue (I’m still getting a new pair after every win), I didn’t get to cover my new signings in the mid-season window. I signed up Saviola and Rio Ferdinand from my Youth squad, and that was it. There was nothing else going on the wider market.

Here are three blockbuster long-range goals. First from Bébé (one of his trademark late strikes), and then two almost identical strikes from Minandinho in back-to-back matches. The final one against Manchester City clinched a massive 2-1 win for me. Yes, Konami, on these occasions I did thrill to the sound of the ball hitting the woodwork…

All in all, all is well.

I know that many ML players are experiencing a bottoming-out of the difficulty. I’m currently ‘only’ experiencing a flattening-out, if anything. PES2012 was an epic year, and is exerting a powerful gravitational pull, so to speak, on this year. Coupled with the way that PES2013 equips you with so many great players so quickly, it’s hardly surprising that the difficulty feels considerably nerfed.


  1. Uncle Turf—I’m anti-Wii I’m afraid. Bought one in 2009 or so, looking forward to playing full-motion Redknapp-style golf in my living room, and was seriously unimpressed to discover that its motion control doesn’t work as advertised and you’re just supposed to put up with it. Traded it in after 3 weeks, never been interested in even keeping up with news about Wii/Wii U since.

    [Anticipatory disclaimer to any passing Wii fans: yes, I set it up correctly. Yes, I know that a Plus version of motion control with improved firmware has come out since. Yes, I know that Pro Evolution Soccer on Wii is in many ways the true successor to the halcyon PS2 days. None of which is enough of a reason for me to overcome my distaste for the Wii family.]

  2. Turf – I had been planning to get a Wii U, as I like the Wii and Nintendo products in general. However changed my mind at the last minute – reports that the core CPU is very weak, barely competitive with 7 year old 360/PS3 tech, and not much in the launch line-up of interest except for ZombiU

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