Straight from Dickov

So here’s my current First XI and squad, coming up to mid-season in Season 6. The only player just out of sight at the bottom is Lincoln—or Blue Lincoln as I call him. On account of him always being blue. Blue-arrowed, that is.

Mehmeti owns that left-sided CF slot—one of the best journeymen strikers I’ve ever played with.

Wroughllen and Minandinho swap around a lot on the other side. I prefer Wroughllen in the right-sided CF role. He’s got the most wicked left foot I’ve seen in PES since the likes of Stoichkov in PES3, Schwarz when he was great, and Hagi from last year.

Poor old Bebe hasn’t had a look-in, really, since arriving at the start of the season. He makes sub appearances now and then, and gets the occasional goal. He’s the Paul Dickov of PES2013, right now.

Castolis would be good enough to walk into any other team. But he has to sit out when Niellendner and Zerkovic can play.

Of course, a First XI is only an idea. It’s a rare match indeed where the First XI seen above is the one that actually takes to the field.

One huge reason for that is stamina. A long league campaign, coupled with a Europa League campaign and frequent International call-ups, means it’s a very, very rare week indeed when I have a fully fit and in-form First XI to call on.

In general I no longer seem to have a problem with form arrows. Most players are at least green-arrowed for most matches. Sometimes the game throws me a curveball and purple-arrows a couple of the lads for no apparent reason. But mostly I get to field a proper team. The days of being forced to play with blue- and purple-arrowed players are—fingers crossed—seemingly behind me.

The form situation is always helped by getting good results, of course.

I’ve sailed through the first stage of the Europa League. If what we hear is true and the real-life competition is due to be scrapped in favour of an expanded Champions League, it might be best to enjoy this PES version while we can.

No problems at all. I was convinced I’d lost a match in there somewhere, but seemingly I hadn’t.

In the league, I’m still hovering just outside the top 6, and in with more than a shout of emulating last season’s Professional-difficulty-level 4th-place finish. I’m happy enough to be in the top half of the table, though, Superstar is unforgiving at times.

Especially when a large proportion of the CPU’s goals against me occur straight from its various kick-offs.

What is it with PES2013’s straight-from-kickoff thing that always catches me out? I never seem to be ready for it. Time and again, the CPU brazenly just gets me.

I always think, no way, they can’t be doing it again? I concede more unstoppable goals straight from CPU kickoffs in PES2013 than I ever did in PES2012. It really is one of my least favourite aspects of this game. So demoralising when it happens.


  1. Form arrows are definitely crap in PES13.
    Highest Coach possible, on a winning run of 3 wins on the bounce, next game, 8 of my starting 11 are blue/purple arrowed including my CF who scared a hat-trick last game.

    a Purple arrow see’s a 7% stat reduction across the board, which isn’t a great deal, but for midfielders the passing is off especially around the CPU box, and a purple arrowed CF will hit the target with 1 out of 10 shots. Its getting quite annoying now.

  2. Uncle Turf—the Default/Youth development dynamic is a major factor in this PES, that’s for sure. I’m nowhere near being a Johnny Big Potatoes status, but it’s true that I’m getting there. I’m actually fine with that. I don’t particularly relish the prospect of yet another year-long grind a la PES2012. I’d quite like to get to a conclusion of sorts with a career for the first time since PES2010. I’m interested in trying other things in ML, and in sampling FIFA13 properly at some stage.

  3. Paul—I think in the same way that the ML designers last year looked at International fixtures and blatantly decided to use their scheduling as an additional difficulty modifier, they’ve done the same with form arrows this year. That said, I have seen an increase in matches where all my best players are orange or red-arrowed.

  4. its just nonsensical and not realistic and far too random, intentional modifier or not.
    If your CF scores 6 in 3 games, including a hat trick in the previous game he is NOT suddenly handicapped and off form the next game and unable to hit the target from 6 yards out.
    Its these little things…….. they matter!!!!! they need sorting out.

  5. Paul—I’m not defending the eccentric form arrow system in PES2013. All I’m saying is that it is seems to be a fixed and permanent feature of the mode this year, not a bug or issue that’ll ever be patched out.

  6. Won the league with two games to spare on only 85 points with 2nd to fourth all on 75 a bit strange .
    Because of the constante bidding for my players i just lost two contract rebals a weeks few weeks before i clinched the title, i was hoping if i had a successful season their happyness would go up a bit and resign. They came to tell me after the game what an honour it was to play with and lift the trophy with such a great team, to bad they be playing in italy next year then!
    One was my first choice SS Jo a little brazilian i picked up in january season 1 with a lowely 67 OVR in 3 and half seasons he went up 21ovr points to 88 and played everygame and was my captin. A couple of bids in each the last two transfer windows made him upset just when his contract was up for renewal and he left on a free. This is my biggist grief with PES 2013, in the off season i am recieving constant bids for my two fav players Niraski AMF 100ovr and Villacaraz DFM 79ovr. Everytime i ignor a bid they lose a bar of happyness and there is nothing i can do about this apart from sell them as they are two bids away from being on a purple arrow. I just sold Mano RB after two seasons of blue arrowedness after i would revive bids for him constantly. Even my players like Minda who have maxed out happyness bars will lose a bar and get angry if i turn down a bid, Minda lost four bars alone this close season…

  7. I totally agree with you NG, its a definite ‘feature’ – whether this is intentional coding or a bug im not convinced as I wouldn’t be surprised after the other bugs and cock ups that seem to creep into every PES game.
    Either way i can and do live with it, its just annoying.

    up to 6th in the Prem now, but only 6pts off the top team, in the quarter finals of the FA Cup and have a crunch match vs Wolfsburg coming up to qualify for the last 32 of the Europa league.
    need a win and hope for a draw between Lyon and Vitesse in the other group game to progress.

    And Boots – im bloody overrun with boots!!!!!

  8. Paul—boots you say? Funny you should say that….

  9. Abbey – appreciate it but found it in a box with old copies of superplay mags

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