Castolis and Nouhei, Pt 2

Another dual entry in the ‘Castolis and Nouhei special goals stakes’ today. These two players have had a stunning second half of the campaign, both emerging as joint contenders for my player of the season.

First of all, here’s my current League table. With 8 matches left I still have an outside chance of the League title. In practical terms, though, a Champions League spot is probably the best I can hope for:

I played Liverpool and Arsenal back-to-back just before this pic was taken, and drew both matches 1-1.

There are still some disturbing CPU goals-scored figures on show there. West Ham in 7th place with 28 goals from 30 matches is particularly painful to look at. The league leaders themselves aren’t doing much better.

I did take a look around at the other countries’ leagues, and the situation seems to be much the same in those as well. You’d think a credibility-affecting issue like this would be simple for Konami to patch, and possibly as a high priority, but seemingly not. Humph.

Here’s the Castolis goal. It’s not a jaw-dropper by any means. It’s just a goal that pleased me—you know the type? They’re not going to win any contests, but they make you feel happy. For that one fleeting moment, and for a few minutes afterward, they make you feel happy, dammit

I call these goals ‘golf-wedge’ shots. With his wrong foot too. A proper ‘swing and hope’.

It seems possible that PES2013 is the swansong for Master League as we have known it. If so, there will be no more members of the Castello/Castolo/Castolis family. They’re getting a worthy send-off in the form of this fella.

A match against Wigan ended 5-1 to me, with a hat-trick from none other than my defender Nouhei. Two headers from corners, and a penalty that was smashed straight down the middle.

I’ve started picking Hugo Leal as my second deep DMF alongside Coynborough. Leal is decent for his age and handles higher than his stats, but is prone to low stamina and bad form arrows. He probably only plays three in five matches.

When Leal isn’t available, I’ve got into the habit of making my second DMF a standalone CMF. Lurling is the man for this, and he’s a little terrier. In his first match as a deep CMF he must have made about 8 crucial saving tackles, seeming even more effective as a defensive midfielder than Coynborough, dare I say. So much so that I’ve spent 500 of my currently 4000GP on a position training card for Lurling. I’m going to make him a DMF and see what happens. I’m looking forward to finding out.

Speaking of Coynborough, he still hasn’t scored a goal in what must be over a season and half now. I keep trying to engineer an opening for him, with usually comical results. The shots always seem fated to be blocked, or just hopeless.

The one occasion on which I got a good shot off with Coynborough was from about 50 yards—seriously—and the ball flew and arced and dipped like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It flew towards the top corner. Here it is, I thought. My goal of the season. Perhaps my goal of PES2013…

The ball thudded back off the woodwork. Yep, that’s still happening. Hitting the post and bar is now such a normal part of playing PES2013 that I barely notice it. It’s this year’s central shooting.

Anyway, anyway. Nouhei’s special goal.

I’ve talked in comments over the past few days about how I have Nouhei set to go up for corners (and free kicks), and how he lurks in the vicinity afterwards.

Here’s a great example. Just before the action starts in the clip below, I’ve taken a free kick back towards my own defence, with Nouhei still stationed upfield.

Paccini gets the ball out wide. I know Nouhei is still in the box, and I decide to just launch the ball at him (L1+circle)…

Tee hee. A truly classic back-header from the big man. It put the seal on another great session. These are coming along thick and fast lately.


  1. NG – eh? no, I mean as him and Deco are now in my ML. They are much of a muchness if you just look at my squad and their respective stats but spending time playing with them in the side Scholes brings far more to the party than Deco. I don’t know anything about real football – that’s a mad idea!

  2. Uncle Turf—ah sorry I interpreted your final-sentence mention of ‘the cold hard facts’ as referring to reality, and Scholes’ inevitable signs of age right now. ML is packed with players this year who surprise at every turn. E.g. I’ve looked at Lurling’s stats and his tackling and tenacity are nothing special on paper, but he seems to be a proper terrier. This factor is a huge part of why PES is still the leading footy game for me and probably for most other long-term players too. It’s a hoary old cliche by now, but next-gen FIFA has yet to really nail that elusive ‘special feeling’ (although it’s got a lot closer than many would have you believe).

  3. NG – I signed Wroughlen a while back and hes a good laugh.
    Hes my backup CF. One time, it was 2-2 and it came to him in the box. “YES” i tought. It was an easy header. Open goal. Next of all. He tries to do a bicycle kick! It sails over the bar, and i lose the match 3-2 ._.

  4. NG- PES 5 was the year I went 18 games without conceding. Pele, Owen, Zico, Best to name but a few, I think if my memory serves me right I did 3 trebles on the bounce. My mate and used to play 30 min games against each other, Best of 39. I remember winning 16-13 with 9 men. Good times. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Blimey. Talk about player development. My second best striker, Fernando Uribe, scored all of 10 goals in about 30 season 4 games. Three games into season 5 and he’s scored 9! That’s a brace, a hat trick and a four goal haul in a 5-3 win a Millwall.

  6. Shane—It takes a season or so before Wroughllen really pops out of the crowd. Work that left foot.

  7. John—knowing PES, you’ve got a season narrative developing there and Uribe is about to get a 6-month injury. So watch out…

  8. Well…….I got promoted. But not before I had to cheat the cheaters to avoid all the scripted bullshit thrown my way. 4 games left, 11th placed Blackpool at home, first time I played it and I got the old “Nothing works” shenanigans, simple passes were missed, lost control of players at vital moments, player movements were sluggish etc, it stayed at 0-0 and I felt pissed off, more so when I saw that leaders West Brom had won their game…….so I quickly reset before it saved. I don’t care, in games as important as these I refuse to accept scripted crap. Played it again, this time things went better, I was able to create several normally bread & butter chances for Stokes…….post…….save……………feeble shot when I put full power…..and then in the 85th minute a Xavi-esque clipped pass from Mr No name shitty stats crappy ovr guy found Mr No name shitty stats even lower ovr striker in the box, he EASILY held off both Nouhei and my LB before flicking the deftest of finishes past my dumbfounded keeper. ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING WAY AM I HAVING THAT. Reset again and won 2-0. I didn’t feel bad at all. West Brom won again. I won my next 2 games, they won their next 2. It all came down to the final game of the season, I was 2 points behind. By this time it was 1.30am, I was knackered and had just had to deal with my 3 year old coming up to our room asking me to fix his little kinder egg toy car (why he’d woke up at that time he couldn’t answer) So, I played my final game of the season, Hull City away. Sluggish. Like running through water. Really unenjoyable game, finished 0-0 which I knew would hand WBA the title irregardless of their result……………they’d lost. If I’d won I would’ve been champions. Reset? No way man, too tired. In retrospect after all that effort I should’ve just shut the game down and played the match again tonight, saying that there’s no guarantee West Brom would lose again.
    Fuck it. I’m up. I decided to see if I could bring in any decent new players on what little spare cash I had. A replacement for the newly retired Graeme Dorrans was a necessity, and who should I find with a 98% likelihood to replace 29 year old former West Brom and Scotland midfielder? 30 year old West Brom and Scotland midfielder James Morrison! Stats have dwindled somewhat but as long as I get a good season or 2 out of him I’ll be happy (hopefully no retirement surprise either) So far I’ve also added regen Mahmaddou Diarra as midfield cover as I let 2 other forgotten men go.

    Did NOT intend on this post being so long winded.

  9. Mike—great epic story, and while I don’t do the reset thing myself, I don’t blame you or anyone else who does. We all have to play the game the way we want to play it. For me one of the main reasons I don’t reload is that I want to move through the seasons at a certain rate, and there’s no time to endlessly replay all the dodgy matches that I would endlessly replay, if I allowed myself to. Those awful matches where nothing works are artificial obstructions placed in your way, but they’re part of the story for me.

    Congrats on the promotion in any case. And I had a sneaky rare late-night session myself last night that I’ll report on on Monday. PES does feel very different late at night.

  10. NG cheers, and yes it does, 90% of my PES playing is late night, the few times recently I’ve had the opportunity to play earlier in the day have been a revelation, even with being ill.
    Am just so glad to get this season over and done with, it’s seemed to take forever for various reasons.

    I’ll just add one little thing, that was my major annoyance with the game:


    For 2 or 3 minutes at the start of every single session. Then this new screen about having to sign up for a pass to play online (not interested thanks mate)

    Thankfully all that is avoided by signing out before I load up a game, bliss!

  11. Played the CL Final last night against Spurs. They scored first and I just couldn’t get in the game, 1-0 to Spurs at half time. A Sibon header to draw level and then with 10 mins remaining Del Piero danced around 2 defenders and slipped the ball to Sibon and he smashed it into the top corner from 25 yards. Scored another in injury time for the hat-trick.

    QUINTUPLE 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Started my default challenge and sold/released 10 players and promoted Shimizu and Fatecha, lost 1-0 to Fenerbache in training game. It’s bloody hard.!!!

  12. Lloyd – a Sibon hat trick, hard to imagine a more fitting finale to your ML career! Good luck with the defaults; hope Fatecha doesn’t let you down too badly!

  13. Fatecha Is still in my all conquering ML team, he played when Rodriguez was on a purple arrow.

    Gonna need to find some gems quickly if I’m gonna progress.

  14. NG — you’re correct – my run-in with Ms. Crawford was nearly 20 years ago. I agree on her not aging well – I just saw a pic of her and something is odd about her face – my guess is she’s had some work done, which is too bad.

  15. Lloyd—you’ve probably already found yourself trying to play your Default challenge the same way you’ve been playing with your superstars for the past few hundred hours of your time on PES2012, and it’s not working. Back to basics… It’ll be interesting to see if you tire quickly of the reversion to Defaults and decide to just move onto PES2013.

  16. Mike—I have my PS3 set not to connect to the Internet at all unless I specifically tell it to. I recommend that setting (just uncheck the relevant box). When starting up PES2013 you’ll still get told if there’s an update or a patch/DLC etc., but none of that connecting rubbish.

  17. Phantom Tollbooth—add her name to the distressingly long list of women of a certain age who’ve weirdly sabotaged their fine looks with surgery. I don’t want to resurrect this topic at all, so let’s consider that closed now.

  18. Im currently 19th , in a relegation battle.
    Im proud though. In the cup, i was losing 1-0 to West Ham when Myrheim hammered *wink wink* the ball in the back of the net. He scored a hat-trick :O

    I accidently told Rustwyth i wouldnt renew his contract. He was replaced by Vratokov.

    I still have an old save with PSGs regular team sitting around, begging me to finish the season. It was fun for a while, but then i started to realize i could buy Van persie as if i was signing a default player and then i quit. I won the treble in my first season, havent bothered to play the leftover of my second season considering all my players are 85+ovr and Thiago Silva is 102+ovr

  19. NG- Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll definitely be doing that from now on!
    My session last night was highly enjoyable, if a little low on match play. I started in mid june and took forever getting through the off season. Played and won 2 training games, after one I was awarded a sweet pair of new boots, and set about looking for new players whilst continuing to turn down bids for Nouhei and Niellendner. I decided to transfer list my first choice RB Muniesa, the spaniard I got on a free, as he doesn’t develop quickly and isn’t effective in games, I’d also seen Villa’s Alan Hutton become available, despite him being 30 he had good enough stats to be a worthwhile signing. I eventually received a good enough bid for Muniesa (£7.6m) and sold him, and brought in Hutton for £1.5m.
    The spare cash was nice to have, and with no other decent players available I decided to splash out on one of the £5m scouts. I think I went for Teinburg or whatever his name is (the german one)
    So, after all bills I’m left with almost £4m in the bank and began season 5 with a home game against Newcastle, it was surprisingly easy and I beat them 2-1, next up were Wigan at home who took the lead but I came back to win 3-1. A very good start, the best thing is that having the best scout I’ve already seen several players who are available and I’m keen to sign, including Norwich keeper John Ruddy.

    My starting XI is as follows (with position and ovr)
    GK Harper 76
    CB Simunic 74
    CB Nouhei 92 (was 94 but I took some items off him)
    RB Hutton 78
    LB McGivern 75
    DMF Hugo Leal 82
    LMF Jorgensen 82
    RMF Niellendner 95
    CMF Morrison 78
    CF Worschvald 75
    CF Stokes 78

  20. After 3 games w1 d1 l1. Got £600,000 spare for the Jan window

  21. Mike-epic rant about resetting…did it myself in pes borussia dortmund took 4!!attempts to beat kaiserlautern in the cup semis… way was my double gettin away from me..finally beat em 1-0…anticlimax really as i beat bayern 3-0in the final

  22. werd llitrah- cheers, I do love a rant! In the past I can recall doing it many times and getting really pissed off

  23. Mike- I had to reset once with my PSG team as Real Madrid jammily won the semis in the champions league.
    2-1. 85th minute. Own goal. I flipped the lid.

  24. Shane—another secret reloader eh… We’ve all done it at least once. In my case it was years ago when the doorbell went during a big match. I paused and went to answer the door, but came back to find that I hadn’t paused at all. The game had played on without me. The CPU usually struggles to do anything meaningful if you just put the pad down without pausing, but on this occasion it’d scored a goal. I felt totally justified in resetting.

  25. Mike—that’s a very nice-looking First XI, and continues this trend in PES2013’s ML of quickly amassing very capable, even great squads. In contrast to previous editions where it was more of a struggle. It’ll only be to the game’s detriment, I feel, if it’s also possible to sweep the board of trophies, on Superstar, within a relatively short space of time.

    And who is this Worschvald?!

  26. NG – I thought it was just me or i had a faulty pad..i really have to press hard on the start button to pause..cheeky is what I call it…Just played 2 games in 4 days..drew 2..I had to applaud Rapids Wiens goal against me in the 92nd min!!!..if it wasnt a mint volley I would have reset.

  27. werd llitrah—it’s a squidgy and eccentric Pause button, and there are times when it’s disabled completely for what feels like ages. I’m thinking particularly of when you press Start to skip the intro scene and go straight to the kickoff. For those few seconds (5? 10?) you just have to watch. Numerous times when there’s a flurry of cutscenes as well, pause just won’t work. It’s truly maddening at times.

  28. I’m in the Europa places with one game left in the season, and I’ve got Man City. I can see where this is going…

  29. NG Thanks, and I AM now in season 5 so it’s not been done that quickly, plus my subs bench is largely useless. And I don’t feel it’s that good of a squad. Hugo Leal is my least favourite player, he handles like a robot, a new DMF is top of my shopping list. I’ve got the german CB Mats Hummels on that list too, he’s 48% available at £8.4m. Might save up for him.
    Had a good, if somewhat deceiving session last night, played about 7 or 8 games, won 5 or 6. My biggest grievance was that if I played 7 league games 6 were at home, I got scheuled 4 home games in a row either side of an away game which is ridiculous and unrealistic (for a realism stickler like me) My first away game was at Arsenal and I lost 1-0, I also lost at home to West Ham by the same scoreline in the type of scripted match we all know and hate, it felt like West Ham were on steroids, they were so strong, so quick, made very few mistakes and squeezed the life out of me. This wasn’t one of those where nothing I did worked- it did work, I just got precious little chance to do anything as West Ham dominated, ****It just comes to mind thinking of this match another huge annoyance in game, anyone else notice that when you clear a cross with a header if it drops within 40 yards of goal the opposition will ALWAYS attempt a first time volley?****
    I finished the session in 4th but I my next 2 games are Spurs and Chelsea. Arsenal are really the only top team I’ve played.

    My final game before switching off was a very satisfying 4-0 thumping of Blackpool in the cup (that same Blackpool who gave me so much trouble in one of my final league games of last season)

    And NG- Worschvald (I’m not sure that’s the correct spelling, he doesn’t matter enough for me to check either) Is a youth team striker from Norway who my scout informed me “reminds me of DROGBA….and could become just as good” He has the EXACT same physical stats as my last youth team striking superstar who reminded the coach of DZEKO (and left on a free) Hmmmm, seems new gen PES games love a target man. Anyway, Worschvald is doing ok, I’m not putting the effort into developing him as I’ll get a new “face” striker in when I can, but he starts up front with Stokes in every game as the only other 2 strikers in my squad are regen Gilardino (55ovr) and regen Luyindula (62ovr)

  30. NG – I dont remember the PS2 start being as tardy though. Award for best pause button – The big red doofer in the middle of the N64 pad, best pad my myopic eyes anyway

  31. Mike—I always play long, long ML careers, and a team like that by season 5 is a quick one compared to previous years. It’s the same thing that many others are reporting of course.

  32. Well that was ominous. Lost. No European football for another season at least.

  33. tommyk—unlucky. I suppose the game has to do you over occasionally/frequently, or it really would be a waste of time playing.

  34. It did “do me over” I’m sure of it, but it doesn’t matter now – I forgot I won the FA Cup… automatic entry into the Europa League!

  35. Had a horrible session last night which I’m not sure was down to me or AI revenge. Probably both.

    After four wins and a ton of goals, season 5 dealt me four straight defeats including a 4-0 drubbing at West Brom. I was really feeling the shitty end of the SS/zero-passing stick.

    Finally broke the sequence with a 1-0 win against Blackpool in the FA Cup. Weisz got the winner in injury time after I’d adopted the old “clean sheet above all else” tactics.

  36. John—‘clean sheet above all else’ is a good catch-all name for the tactic, which is a mental attitude that really does spill over into actual results. I can’t think of one time when I’ve gone into a game with the ‘clean sheet above all else’ approach—and stuck to it—and failed to get some kind of result. It’s when you forget or abandon the approach that trouble hits.

  37. @not-greg — Oh, this wasn’t the sort of place where the help speaks with the quality! 😀 My jokes were for the Mexican dudes in the kitchen.

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