Pretty goals make waves

So Farinos has started doing this every three or four matches:

That’s the best of a few similar recent goals from Farinos. It’s a lovely long-range blast from all of 35 yards. Reminds me of PES5’s Mathieu in his prime.

My apologies for the shaky, blurry camera in the Wide view. I was rather excited. Also, it was another one of those pesky bright sunny days outside, which always affects the film quality. Doesn’t Nature know there’s a Master League on?

It hadn’t been the greatest start to the league campaign. But then I played a cluster of matches against weaker opposition. The kind of matches that you have to really win, home or away, if you want to challenge for the title in this PES, in this Master League, on Superstar difficulty.

I played Norwich and beat them. I played Swansea and found them tougher than last season, but beat them. I played Fulham and went 1-0 down. Time was getting on. 80 minutes. It looked like the end of my little run.

Every Master League player has had the experience of going behind in a fixture they have to win. Sometimes you just capitulate and lose the match. Sometimes, though, you say out loud, as I did, “I’m NOT HAVING this“, and roll up your sleeves and force your way back into the match.

I did force my way back in. A scrambled equaliser on 85 minutes. Then, in the last minute, I put Forlan through for a 1-on-1. I tucked that ball into the net and went crazy. I was still in the hunt.

Speaking of last-minute winners, I played probably the best game of my PES2012 career against Liverpool at home. It was 2-2 in the last minute of regulation, and Liverpool were really pushing for a winner of their own and committing lots of players forward. I sent Farinos—that man again—on a run and fed him a simple ball:

Another screaming-out-loud moment there. Perhaps the most gratifying thing about that goal is how far up the field and ragged that Liverpool back line is playing. Comical defending that gifted me a winner.

I played Chelsea and beat them easily. Played Spurs and beat them, including this  across-the-keeper thumper from Forlan, again:

Goals like that have been pretty hard to come by in PES2012.

It’s been an extraordinary couple of days for goals and I’m having a fine run of form, it’s fair to say.

With the January window approaching fast, here’s the current table:

My next two league matches, which I’m off to play as soon as I finish this post, are against Newcastle and Man City. Talk about big games. My minimum requirement from them is 4 points to stay in touch. If I could get 6 points, I fancy I’ll be breathing down Arsenal’s neck.

I’m still in the FA Cup, where I most recently crushed Spurs 5-1. It included an interesting goal from Forlan. After more than 350 hours, this game still has surprises for me. Until yesterday, I had never seen this particular heading animation:

It’s a falling-backwards, cushioned header along the ground past the keeper. Maybe everyone else has seen the animation dozens of times, but this was the first time I ever have. Great stuff.

Caracciolo scored all 4 of the other goals for me in this match. He’s a genuine phenomenon of this season so far. I felt moved to check his individual match record afterwards.

12 touches, and 5 shots, all of them on-target. 4 goals. Not bad at all.

I’ve qualified from the Europa League group with lots of room to spare.

My final match here was against Steaua Bucuresti with nothing at stake for either team. Of course, it was by far my toughest game of the season so far.

Bucuresti played as if it was the Champions League final and they would all be executed afterwards if they didn’t win. They had a man sent off—another rarity—but still ground out a 1-1 draw to spoil my 100% record in the group. Buggers.


  1. Thanks for the tips on playing dirty guys.
    i do pick up a fair few yellows, and a red here and ther, most of that though is largely down to PES’s less than brilliant ciollision system.
    Funnily enough i dont even get freekicks for most of the times im fouled.

    I tinkered last night, after a couple of samey, asshole matches,l one being a game against inter, last champions league group game.
    I needed a win to secure qualification, or even a draw may do it depending on the other result.
    I lost 6-1 – Inter were absulutely 1000000% unbeatable. Queue the lightning fast ping pong laser accurate passing around my players, wonder dribbling, pinpoint accurate shots………. so out i went.
    Ive found altering my sliders from a more down the middle orientated attack to wider attacks with the support settings tweaked, opens up the game a tad more, perserverance is key i feel, whilst not smashing the disc.

  2. Paul—wow, it really is a bad time you’re having. Even against a top top team a 6-1 shouldn’t be happening on Professional at this stage of your ML (have you double-checked what difficulty you’re on lately?).

    What do you think to the 1.06 theory? Not saying I believe it brought in whoelsale gameplay changes, of course, but it does seem coincidental. I’m now the PES2012 enthusiast and you’re the suffering doubter. We’ve swapped roles over the past few months.

    But yes, stick the boot in. Reducers left and right as needed. Time them well, of course. When you see the CPU building up a head of steam.

  3. NG – Irjescu is absolutely not potent for me at all – in an advanced position Maqualoa beats him every day. Irjescu’s shooting – when he can get a chance due to his tortoise like speed – is wild and of little use. Additionally he’s been a virtually permanent blue arrow and not as tenacious or defensively capable in the DMF position as Camacho. I just don’t see a place for him as he has stalled in the late 60s and shows no sign of improving. If he was taller maybe a CB?

  4. uncle turf—Irjescu is really useful later on as he develops, although that lack of accuracy never quite stops being a problem. Every ML is slightly different—my Camacho was so weak for so long and never really developed—and every ML player different too of course. But it could be a while before you get another player with a right peg quite like Irjescu’s.

  5. Irjescu has always been awsome in my ML world – and I thought in all others. He’s still in my squad now at the end of season 10 with an impressive 96 rating. He’s got stamina in the 50s though so he’s very much a bench player now. I like to think of him as club captain who’ll most likely to be brought on to do a John Terry the next time my Brighton team are up for the cup. I’ve got an FA Cup final and a Champions League semi coming up.

  6. John—‘do a John Terry’ for the Cup—what, stand behind a crowd of players whilst hoisting it aloft and be invisible?! Good luck in your two cup matches—still on Superstar I take it. It’s a long hard road, isn’t it?

    My Irjescu was pretty fine as well, his accuracy excepted. I think uncle turf is probably pursuing a more Ribeiro-centric strategy, looking for other things from players than Irjescu’s cannon.

  7. Not-greg, you stated on numerous occasions very clearly and (as always) articulately that PES2012 is a completely different beast from its predecessors. The AI is on a whole new level, Regular is equivalent to the old Top Player. PES players accustomed to going straight in at the highest level would be in for a nasty shock and a horrible experience. Indeed to do so would be an act of extreme arrogance, ignorance and misplaced macho attitude

    So I started on superstar, just because that’s what I’ve always done!!!

  8. NG – Yep, still on Super Star and loving it. In fact I’m generally dominating with some good players, an aggressive passing style and some tactical tinkering when needed. I’ve also got some great youngsters starting to come through including Requelme and Camara – an 18-year-old CB who is already 92 rated. A key player for me had been Merkel in midfield. He’s average looking in stats but is a real powerhouse in attack and defence. My enforcer.

    That said, I’m likely to finish third in the Prem because Liverpool and Man City seem to win every game. I’ve beaten them both and knocked City out of the Champion’s League but they thrash all others in the league. I still have a tiny chance if I beat each again in my last five games and the PES gods decide to throw them a wobbly in their other games.

    Still two cups to play for though so a good season.

  9. NG/John – in my first game I offloaded Irjescu after season 2 as he was going nowhere and he never cropped up again. This time he has definitely stalled and the coach says ‘steady pace’ development but it could be due to my regular losses. I’ve got Camacho coming on, Oscar who may/not make it but his stats are on a par with Irjescu (right foot aside), that whack of unknown youth and Ettori is my CMF anyway. Maqualoa supplies the AMF power, and accuracy. I just find Irjescu too slow to react and not good enough to justify the odd long ranger. Whilst Ribeiro is yet again my spearhead I’m trying to develop a short passing game in the final third. Irjescu is just not a contributor. Given how I’m trying to play the game (no buying) I have to be ruthless to passengers. No doubt I will cull a lot of youth end of season.

  10. abbeyhill—good luck with it, although the chances of you quitting PES2012 in disgust sometime soon are multiplied by a factor of 10. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.

  11. John—that sounds like you’re doing great, and in years gone by I’d say there was a 90% chance of the other teams losing/drawing the required fixtures for you to overhaul them (if you keep winning). This year, I think it’s actually pretty ‘honest’ and you’ll need to cross your fingers and pray.

  12. uncle turf—how’s your Cinalton? He was a leading player for me back in the day. One of the few who could actually shoot on-target from outside the box.

  13. NG – yes, Cinalton is key to my plans, I’m playing him on the right side of my front three as he can whip in a decent cross with his right, turn back and play it inside on his left and of course do the turn and shoot. If needs must he can also do a job on LMF.

    Needless to say no-one came in for Irjescu before the deadline so he gets a reprieve. He’ll be well miffed for the rest of the season but he may yet prove worthy. I’m up to 29 with all my youth signings so will need a contract review end of season.

  14. Irjescu 96 OVR WTF???????????????????????

  15. Max/John – Doesn’t Irjescu start the game aged 23 so that’s a hell of a stat after 10 years.

  16. uncle turf—I’m strangely comforted to know that your Cinalton at least is more or less like mine was. There was a period early-doors in my ML when Cinalton was my best player. As a right-sided SS he got a fair few goals and assisted in loads too.

    So Irjescu lives to fight another day. Sounds a bit like how I nearly but never quite got rid of Caracciolo, and now he’s one of the best strikers I’ve played with in PES2012.

  17. He does and about 61 ovr i think. Thats just about 3 points a season over 10 seasons so it is not unimaginable i’m just shocked and jelus! My Irjescu has played almost every game for 8 seasons and been a sub for another 2, scoring a lot of goals along they way but he is only at 80ovr 🙁

    can u post his stats i’d like to create him at that level in my world!

  18. NG i was happy to see you trying a Paul Scholes corner routine in ur video the other day as i have been trying it about once a game for last few months. I have finaly scored one with Riviere my hero of 2012. A french CF that can also play on the right wing i’ve had him for about 6-7 seasons now and hes leveled out at 94ovr and even learned a new skill card. throughout all those seasons hes probably got a goal a game or there abouts i should check realy. He is simply the complete player, like Rooney but quicker and more nibble while being just as strong. Anyway here it is, not the best video as i just grabbed my phone and uploaded stright to youtube.

  19. Max—what a goal! I’d love to get one of them, and yes, I am still trying. I tend to save the attempts for special occasions, when I’m already winning games and can afford to waste a corner (which is what usually happens).

  20. It was a knuckle ball shot that’s why it dipped over the keeper, tap shoo before the ball gets to the player then tap again just before he connects when the standing leg hits the floor. I litteraly jumped out of my chair!!

  21. Max—I have heard about but never tried this knuckleball of which you speak (except accidentally, probably). Another thing to try to get my fingers to remember to do…

  22. It’s not that hard to pull off but the accuracy can be and is very satisfying to score as the shot god very fast and dips and serves. All my shots from 30m+ I use this technique any closer and the ball doesn’t have time to dip or severe. This go’s the same for free kicks. This was put in the game for cristiano Ronaldo style free kicks and it Realy does look the same, you can tell when you pull it off not only from the dip and swerve but the ball has zero spin as it go’s through the air. Gerrard is great at them 😉

  23. Max—hmmm, I had no idea the technique was applicable across such a wide range of play. Cheers for the heads-up.

  24. Max – just watched some of your 45 goal compilation on youtube. Absolutely staggering stuff, one of the best I have ever seen! Particularly liked Irjescu just wellying it straight from kick-off

  25. abbeyhill—cheers for the heads-up, off to hunt that down. Max is much too bashful about his great goals.

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