Swansea City vs Coventry City

Here it is—a full match from the tail-end of season 13, with myself providing live commentary during play. The pre-match and post-match parts were recorded afterward.

The setup: Superstar difficulty, 10-minute match, -2 gamespeed.

The stakes: coming to the end of a poor season by my recent standards, I’m in 6th place with a couple of matches to go. I need to win to hang onto my fading hopes of reaching a miraculous late Champions League spot:

Watching somebody else play a football game can be an extremely tedious experience.

So if you just want to see the goals (and there are some in this match), watch from about 2m30s to 4m30s, and then click to the start of the second half at 12m30s (the best goal).

A word about the video: I shrank the size down pretty low to enable a quicker upload. It’s watchable full-screen, but not the best quality at that size.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions in comments. I’ll deal with one now: a Coventry accent is like a Birmingham accent in the same way that an Essex accent is like a Cockney accent. I.e., hardly at all, except to outsiders.

Another question I’ll answer now: NO, I don’t often make noises quite like the one I make after the first goal (and again, slightly, after the second). That is an embarrassment to me. Sounding like a girl, and all. I was going to dub that out and pretend ‘technical difficulties’, but I thought I’d leave it in for the lulz.

And that’s all for today. I have started season 14. I have played a nice little chunk of my opening fixtures. I’ll cover it all on Friday.


  1. Hi Guys. I have produced a NG style full match with commentary/analysis, complete with ooh’s, ahhh’s and grunts.
    It was a Master League match away to Wolves, hope you find it interesting.


  2. Paul—great stuff, I’ve just watched all of it. It does make a difference with human commentary, your frequent mini-rants were hilarious. Your play-style is intriguing, lots of incisive passing around and into the box. Bothroyd clearly punched that Wolves player in the stomach near the end but you were all ‘HE NEVER TOUCHED HIM’… I’ll comment more on PES Ultra, but just to say, fine work. You did deliberately with this what I did accidentally on mine—running commentary on the nuts and bolts of playing PES2012.

    Ah, you haven’t got it on PES Ultra yet, no worries. You should post that around the net generally as well, very useful. The central shooting thing you had was a worry. I’m Mr I Hate Central Shooting as you know, and haven’t noticed an increase in it since 1.06. Looking at your vid, it’s noticeable that your shooting improved after the equaliser. I wonder could central shooting be a mechanic (however ill-advised) that represents anxiety, snatching at shots etc.?

    Loved the Sazi goal. I won’t say any more about it now in case it spoils the surprise for new viewers, but it was a grinning-at-PES moment all right.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. It was quite tricky commenting and concentrating on play, and I did play a little bit more directly than i usually do in that video for some reason.
    I usually pass around laterally and backwards a bit more but i felt Wolves were there for the taking.

    Bothroyd Punched the player?!?! haha if only you could command that. I felt there was minimal contact and it shouldnt have been a foul 😉

    I havent upped to PES Ultra yet, left the video rendering overnight and uploaded just before i left for work, but thought id get it up here first.

  4. Paul—I just added some stuff to my previous comment when I saw you hadn’t posted on PES Ultra yet.

    When people play a football game in public, or in a mode where it’s going to be public, they play differently. We see it at Gamescom every year. In my commentary it was the 4th match of 6 I recorded, so I’d already got past the novelty factor.

    I was wondering why you were only going down to 3 bar when Wolves were kicking off? 1 bar, 1 bar!

    You should do more of those and make ’em a regular feature. I never could here because the process annoys me too much. I’m a rank amateur with the recording and editing process. That was fast work to get all that done in one night yourself.

    If you look at the replay again you’ll see Bothroyd strong-arming the Wolves player. Did you press a shoulder button at that moment? It looked user-initiated, not something I’ve really see in my game.

    I like your player Gemiti. You’ve got some good players in that team. Good wide formation too. I might tweak mine in that vein, which is getting a bit stale as it is.

  5. Against stronger teams i usually go down to 1 bar just after I have scored, try and win posession as quickly as possible and play keep ball for a while just tob take the sting out of the CPU but in this match I felt that Wolves werent going to threaten, after my equaliser it was pretty much one way traffic.
    I didnt press anything other than the LS to direct Bothroyd for that punch-foul. I was gobsmacked when the ref blew up.

    Do you ever see your players run into eachother randomly? it happens a fair bit to me.

    The formation I played in that game, the diamond, is good for width and making use of a strong AMF, but sometimes leaves you vulnerable to attacks through the middle, i swap between that and a more flatter 4-4-2 against stronger teams. I’ve always loved the attacking emphasis that the diamond gives though.

    Gemiti is a great LB, and I play F. Navarro there too or push Navarro up to LMF if Calleja is off form.
    I believe you have Navarro too? Developed really fast after i signed him as an out of contract youth.

  6. Paul—just watched the Bothroyd elbow in the chest! You must have glanced away from the screen during the replay because it’s a fine example of a blatant foul. 20:55 in the vid. PES is off the hook on that one at least. Your outrage there is hilarious.

    I certainly do have Navarro, and he’s a great find for me—I also can’t decide if he’s best at LB or LMF. I have Agostini at LB, and Barnes pretty much owns the LMF slot, so Navarro isn’t a true regular yet. He will be, though. In a few seasons he’ll be part of an exciting new-look team, of which more later in the regular post.

    I try to anticipate the running-into-each-other moments, particularly in defence. Too often I’d get the ball only to cross paths with a teammate running under CPU control, and the collision stuns both of them, and the ball’s in my net moments later. That sequence where Wolves nearly scored against you looked unavoidable as your defender was locked into a forward track towards Wolves players.

    If it’s any consolation Wolves are a horrible team to play against in my ML world too. I’d actually rather play one of the bigger teams away. Same old PES, in that respect, of course.

    I’ve just watched most of the second half again whilst hunting for Bothroyd’s Elbow of Infamy, and it strikes me that the live-commentary aspect does work very well—showing what the player’s thinking and feeling moment to moment, illuminating game mechanics and so forth. This is something we could do with during the imminent PES2013 preview season, surely.

  7. I must admit i havent re-watched Bothroyds elbow, i didnt even notice an elbow during Live play, i was too busy ranting at the fact it was a foul!!!
    I enjoyed hearing your little rants too and could associate with many of them, so not suprised mine followed in a smiliar vein.

    Id love to see live commentary from play testers alongside footage of PES13, how they are finding the mechanics, control and overall feel of the game, rather than just a 2 player head to head with a mate, would give a far better insight into how its shaping up.

    Botrhroyd has been a superb player for me, signed from the youths as cover for my current CF’s a few seasons back and has gotten more game time than I envisaged he would, and constantly pops up with important goals.
    I plan to give him a proper branded pair of boots and the end of this season as a reward!!!

  8. Paul—oh yes a definite forearm smash to the midriff. It’s very quick but very obvious in replay, so you must have just glanced away at that split-second.

    I hold out no hope whatsoever that the preview playtest routine this year will be any different from last year or all the years before. There’s a dynamic that enforces 1p vs 2p in preview sessions. None of the previewers from any magazine or website seem to do much to fight against it. They should INSIST on extended single-player time, even if their mates have to sit there bored. They won’t though. So we’ll go on getting constant reports of multiplayer, with the odd token, begrudging single-player game breaking out. As ever we won’t have much of a clue about how the single-player game plays until we play it ourselves.

    What particularly annoys me is that many of the previewers are mainly single-player players themselves, and they just lose their heads on the preview day and go along with the madness. It’s a totally different game multiplayer, so they’re not doing their job.

  9. Despite me never having met you Paul I sniggered at the cut away scene following Sazi’s goal to what seemed like a Muppets rendition of you as a manager. I thought my ‘likeness’ was bad – they just make me look scary compared with your Big Bird and friends interpretation.

  10. uncle turf—yes, but what did you make of the big Bothroyd controversy? Elbow or not?!

    I should really work on my manager avatar. Going with the default face and appearance for 14 seasons now.

    p.s. if you’re wondering why your comment was held for moderation, it was because you used the s-word.

  11. paul/not-greg – really enjoyed watching both of those! In particular, loved Paul’s simultaneous analysis of the vicissitudes of PES at the same time as winning the match! Although I’d agree it was a blatant elbow rather than blatant scripting….

  12. Grilled Seabass

    Enjoyed your commentary Paul, did you say Wankberg at the start?!
    I agree, definite elbow!

  13. abbeyhill—yes, in his video Paul was surprisingly more critical of PES2012 overall than I was. Surprisingly because he’s always been more forgiving of the game’s many quirks than I ever have been. Although I suppose the two matches reflect where we are on our own arcs with the game right now. In mine I had about 3 distinct moments where I felt the game was interfering too much with my control, and mentioned it. Paul seemed to have about 10-15 such moments.

  14. Grilled Seabass—‘Joey Bothroyd in new controversy’…

  15. Haha brilliant comments!!
    Turf – re my managers Avatar, it is loosely based on me and my ‘look’ but i tried importing an actual photo of me and using that and the in game editor, is quite frankly, poor so i was left with a half-mutated, chernobyl like manager, with seemingly no way to delete a photo face once you have imported.

    As for the critical comments about PES in my video, im not usually that scathing, just THAT match in particular presented a few less than enjoyable moments, so my thoughts that usually stay in my head, actually bore through the the commentary.

  16. Re; the elbow issue – I think the player made more of it than it was, a sort of Ashley Young placing of the stomach in the path of an arm naturally swinging back mid stride. However, it clearly was firm contact – but of the sort I have never seen in PES. I have often wondered if the CPU employs the ‘dive’ action and this seemed a decent candidate. Bothroyd deserved to be penalised but an FA charge would be harsh IMO. Classic Wenger-like ‘I didn’t see it’ from the manager though. No wonder his players feel free to play nasty…

  17. Default game update – having had another go at trying only to use defaults (and out of contracts where absolutely necessary) – I have reached just past half season 1 and the difference between this and my disastrous first go has been amazing. I am 10th with 8 wins and 2 draws, 8 losses -2GD. More wins than I achieved all season last time. I signed exactly the same defaults (Shim, Schmidt, Palm, Osc, Zar, Rib) plus Camacho and got rid of a lot more of the squad to hopefully avoid the awful injury list I had. The one exception was I stuck Iorghenov in goal – simply because of his age. He has been inspired. Like a keeper way beyond his really poor stats. Him and Ribeiro (15 goals, incl 4 in one match) have been the difference. I haven’t had a single red card, nor injury longer than 2 weeks. Everybody has signed on for next season and the chairman has me up on 35+. Formation is identical and I play the same way. The main difference I think has caused this is I won my first game (a very scruffy 1-0) and everything seems to have gone on from there. Very few purple arrows, settled team, it seems to be competitive. I’ve taken the odd hammering but it’s like I’m playing a completely different CPU (I actually checked the settings to confirm SStar). Only 6pts off promotion I don’t expect to go up but I might have some big decisions about whether I sign any frees or if I try and stick with the default/youth team.

  18. Paul—the Elbow of Infamy is so blatant that you must have glanced away from the screen for that one split-second. Or you’re the Wenger of PES management, as uncle turf asserts…

    I think our two vids have shown that we are willing to sit through a computer football match if there’s another dimension to it than just watching somebody playing a computer game. I.e. a dimension that covers ground that human players are interested in, not just the glitches and frustrations that we encounter but what is actually going through our minds when we try certain things. It’s been very useful.

  19. Paul—the Elbow of Infamy is so blatant that you must have glanced away from the screen for that one split-second. Or you’re the Wenger of PES management, as uncle turf asserts…

    I think our two vids have shown that we are willing to watch a computer football match if there’s another dimension to it than just watching somebody else playing a computer game. I.e. a dimension that covers ground that human players are interested in, not just the glitches and frustrations that we encounter but what is actually going through our minds when we try certain things. It’s been very useful.

  20. uncle turf—your findings there are intriguing, suggesting that there’s either a random-die-roll factor at the start of every ML that perhaps determines things like injury/ref strictness etc., AND/OR that the early results dictate those things. In reffing terms there could be a ‘success breeding success and altering refs’ perceptions of your team and willingness to award cards’ type of thing going on.

    Whatever happens it sounds like you’ve got escape velocity with that career.

  21. err, just picked up 2 reds in the same match, neither of which seemed fair compared with the ‘Bothroyd Hook’ but scraped a 1-1 draw. Me and my big mouth… Still it really does feel like I’ve been given a different ‘world’ this time. Ettori actually likes me!

  22. uncle turf—you’ll never convince me that there’s a red card glitch or even a wrinkle in this year’s game. It boils down to what we all personally experience, and I can honestly say that all my (pretty regular) red cards are justified. Vicious hacks from behind—or that one where you slide in and almost daintily clip their heels and topple them as they’re running away (my favourite)—are always going to be red cards. The side-on slides are more dubious, granted, but looked at contextually, I’m always stopping a dangerous attack and so it can be construed as violent and cynical.

  23. NG – I’m not trying to convince you of that, as I don’t believe it myself. What I do believe is that you can get a right run of bad (or good) luck, which I seemed to get last time out. I’ve certainly had some outrageous fouls unpunished as the CPU has carried on attacking (didn’t one release go back to book/send you off after play finished as per real life? – not this one, which I don’t think is ideal). Over the course of my previous 8 seasons it definitely evened out but at times I think you get the statistical blip – it does seem worse away from home for me but I have no evidence for that, just a feeling. It’s definitely better than last year though where I was almost scared to tackle.

  24. uncle turf—I think there are so many variables affecting everything in PES2012’s ML. Post-International fatigue is a huge factor as we all know. Recent results, and morale in general, are another couple. Overall club prestige in the ML word is a possible one—the bigger teams get the breaks and the decisions.

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