Stranger in a strange land

Switching from PES2012 to FIFA12 has turned out to be harder than I ever thought it would be. The news for today is that the transition to FIFA12 has not been a smooth one. Not by any means.

As the above league table shows, after 11 matches in the all-new Career Mode, I’m 14th and struggling to make things happen on the pitch. But in some ways, that’s the least of the difficulty.

Put it this way: after my first full session of full-time FIFA12, I was making contingency plans for a shock return to PES2012. Seriously. I felt out of my element, as if I’d washed up on the shores of a desert island from which I just wanted to get ‘home’.

I missed Master League like crazy. Yes indeed, I was pining for PES2012. This was astonishing. After everything that happened…

It’s understandable really. I’ve always loved PES and Master League, except for when I disliked them. Even then, the dislike was motivated by love. This blog, on the whole, would tend to support that view.

It’d been 3 whole years since the last time I played a FIFA for any serious length of time. That was FIFA09—and really, back then I went to FIFA09 having sucked PES2009 dry. I was moving on naturally. Here and now, I’ve sort of left PES2012 in suspended animation.

And so I’m turning up on FIFA12’s doorstep with a packed suitcase and a cheesy pleased-to-meet-you grin on my face.

Is it any wonder there was some element of awkwardness, of oh-shit-what-have-I-done, about it all?

Playing FIFA12 full time is a very challenging prospect. My hands want to play any football game one way, the PES way; the game in my hands, FIFA12, won’t let me; the outcome, for an alarmingly long time, was frustration and a certain sense of deflation.

I started Career Mode on Professional level difficulty. I play with slightly tweaked gameplay sliders. I’ll post them in detail later in the week.

I started as Coventry City. It’s what I know, and as such it’s an easy way for me to take the temperature of Career Mode. I dithered for ages about making my own custom team in Creation Centre, or downloading one that others had made. I ended up gravitating to Coventry.

And rightaway I set about beefing up the team. I loaned in Philippe Coutinho from Inter Milan. I bought Paulo Assuncao. I bought Makinwa from Lazio.

None of those players would ever come to Coventry in real life. That is what makes simulated football game careers so great: a fantastical, even humorous element (Assuncao at Coventry! lol!). It’s what made Master League the #1 gaming pastime of my entire life so far. Career Mode needs some of that romance, some of that pizzazz. This is one way of doing it.

Also in the team, wearing  the no. 8 shirt: yours truly, here called N. Greg.

He’s my Virtual Pro, and one of my best players right now. I’m still unsure whether to reveal my real name when the book comes out (don’t ask about its current progress).

As can be seen I’ve gone for a variant of the basic 4-4-2 with a flattened diamond midfield.

I spent some time tinkering with the formation tactics to get it playing the way I want. One of the elements of FIFA that always gets criticised is its relative lack of tactical depth. But perhaps the critics are not looking hard enough. There’s a fairly well-hidden tactics screen where you can adjust attack/defence posture on an individual basis, and assign individual run directions (old PES-stylee).

I don’t know about the latter thing yet, but the former—adjusting attack/defence—really does work well.

I have Assuncao as my DMF (that’s a CDM in FIFA). I set his Defence to High and his Attack to Low. Which should mean he plays most of the match sat in front of the back 4, right? And that’s exactly what he does now. If I want him to join an attack I have to deliberately bring him forward. I tell you, it’s quite gratifying to look at the pitch and see your players doing what you’ve asked of them in tactics.

There’s a lot to say about FIFA12, about football gaming, about what is good in this game, what is disappointing, and what is great.

This game is deep. And do not underestimate the influence that Tactical Defeding has had and is having on my judgement. The game automatically gained credit with me just by ditching the old FIFA defensive system of sprint-clamp button pressure.

I’ll also talk some more about Tactical Defending over the next week or two. If I talked about everything I wanted to talk about here and now, today, this would be a 10,000-word post, and not even I will ever go there.

My rocky start with full-time FIFA12 started to turn around when I relaxed and allowed myself to forget that I was playing FIFA12. There were a few moments on the third and fourth days (Saturday and Sunday) that started to make me feel more at home. FIFA12 was going to welcome me to its bosom after all.

I’ve always felt that the greatest thing a football game can do is to make ordinary goals feel wonderful, as if scoring them is as good an achievement as any long-distance thunderbolt. I know that most other football gamers agree with this stance.

So, for different reasons, I was delighted with both of these quite-ordinary FIFA12 goals early on in my new Career Mode:

With the first goal, I love the scoop-style aerial through-ball; with the second goal, I love the full manual cross, and the way my player (me!) quickly stabs the ball home for a bread-and-butter type finish.

All in all a good start with FIFA12 full-time—if not the staggeringly great one that I was hoping for. I now see myself as naive to expect that I would just resume where I left off in early October. I still think FIFA12 is going to work out and that I need to be playing this game right now. But it’s clear that my 250+ hours on PES2012 have affected me more deeply than I know. Possibly there are more ups and downs ahead.


  1. Good luck with the new campaign N-G.

    I know how you feel. ML takes some getting over but I do enjoy the authenticity of CM. It’s a refreshing change. As is shooting where you aim!

    What game length are you playing by the way?

  2. Can’t believe I’m going to say this…….but I really want to play FIFA now! Being a sucker for gimmicks and little details, I LOVE how its got a photo of Makinwa in the news section detailing his transfer, do previous FIFAs have something similar? I played the game on release day at work as we had an XBOX set up on shopfloor (I should’ve been watching potential shoplifters at the time lol) and wasn’t particularly impressed.
    On a side note I had an epic session on PES2010 last night, I faced Shakhtar Dontetsk in the last 16 of Europa League, they completely out played me in the away leg, but only beat my 1-0 (only my second defeat of the season in all comps) and it was a ridiculous goal, a shot from inside the box hit both posts and the keeper dived back and went over the line with the ball. Second leg came and I took the lead in the 60th minute thanks to a great finish from my CB Rolando and the game went to extra time. I was bracing myself for penalties when substitute Stefano Okaka scrambled in with seconds left. Cue my arms outstretched and stifled screams! Happy days.

  3. There weas always going to be a settling in period with FIFA 12 after investing 250+ hrs in PES12.
    Even the ‘keeping it warm’ sessions you had dont really help as theyre just a snapshot at that time, you need prolonged uninterrupted exposure to any footy gamne to properly aclimatise to it.

    Looks like you had exact the same situation when i first started FIFA12, too many draws!
    As you said, FIFA isnt PES so you cant play it like it is but after so long playing PES it takes a bit more time to readjust to player positioning, runs, and all the nuances of the ‘FIFA way’.
    The FIFA pitch feels smaller too, so crafting chances is hard at first. I always found my passes being intercepted or a high % of midfield turnovers.

    Hopefully, and by the sounds of it you are, but will slowly adjust and become more familiar with FIFA, and i’ll look forward to reading about your exploits.

    Even those 2 ‘simple’ goals look great, the deft little lob in and the volley was very nice and the second bread and butter goal, is so hard to pull off in PES as you hardly ever manage any ground shots and when you do the animation is usually horrible.
    The way your player controlled the ball then opened up his instead to guide the ball to the far corner looked fab.

  4. John—so far so good with FIFA12, really. I’m having a good time and enjoying discovering more about the game with each session. It’s just not the HOLY GOD WOW THIS IS THE BEST EVER type of experience that I was kind of hoping for—naively to be sure. I want FIFA12 and CM to come out and grab me by the throat the way each and every Master League campaign I have ever played (even in PES2008(PS3)) has done at some point. Not happened yet, but I really am still in the first half of the first season.

    I’m playing 5-minute halves, so 10-minute full matches, which is the Goldilocks length for me. I know about the joy of longer matches, but for me in a career mode there’s a need to advance through the season in a reasonably quick time. 10 minute matches is a good trade-off with that in mind.

  5. Mike—one thing I’ve learned, if you’re happy with the football game you’ve got now (and you sound happy with PES2010), why change? Maybe if/when you exhaust PES2010, have a dabble with FIFA12 then.

    Career Mode in FIFA12 is the first time that EA have given more than minimal attention to the mode. Previous next-gen FIFAs may have had similar touches, but I never played them for long enough to register them. I played FIFA08 and 09 for several seasons apiece but can’t remember whether the Manager Mode (as it was then called) had similar touches. (This disturbing memory loss, by the by, is the reason work on the Book has stalled for now.)

    Viva PES2010! I read your mini-story there with a smile too, remembering my own glory days with PES2010, two years ago now.

    I had a few matches on it the other day as part of my memory-jogging routine, and after settling down through the difficult first match, I found myself playing on, and on, and on. You know what, if FIFA12 goes tits-up and I can’t face going back to PES2012, PES2010 could be The One. I even love the slow turns and the generally stiffer handling than in PES2011 & 12. And the shooting, needless to say, is just pure PES quality. My only niggle with PES2010 now is its speed, but that could be got used to.

  6. Paul—all I can say is, if/when you take up FIFA12, be prepared for a queasy sense of homesickness. Possibly the strangest thing is knowing that I’m stuck with the same kit and the same stadium for all my CM career. That isn’t a nice feeling, but again, something that I can get used to.

    The strangeness is still going on right up until today. Just a creeping sense that the real show is going on elsewhere, no matter how much I’m enjoying myself in FIFA12 (and I am). Fortunately that overall gameplay experience is still very good (not excellent, not average, but very good).

    I’ll have more to say about this weird dislocated feeling as the week goes on.

    There have been some total ‘wow!’ moments already. This morning I scored another ‘ordinary goal’ that felt extraordinary. The buildup looked and felt like poetry in motion (a bit like Dzeko’s goal for Man City on Saturday where the buildup and cross was all instinctive, one-touch play). Watching real football on TV over the past few days, it looks like FIFA12! Spookily so. “Ah yes, FIFA12’s got all the superficial gloss, but how does it play, as a game?” is what the sceptics (my inner homesick child included) would say back at that of course.

    All in all, there are conflicted feelings, but I can feel them fading away. I’m excited about starting a new footy game adventure, enjoying what FIFA12 has to offer, but missing Master League even now. I think as the seasons unfold and I continue with my Fantasy Football transfers to their utmost, as I build my own team and take them on adventures, the Master League feeling will seep into things.

  7. Good stuff nG hopefully a new adventure is just starting and I look forward to reading it.
    As for using your real name, it would be a real “his name was Robert Paulson” moment after all these years. Stick with your anonymity!

  8. It’s easy to understand that changing one game to another is hard, especially for someone who’s been playing PES with love for some time. But on the other side, if someone is searching for a decent career mode now, he should pick FIFA (and I’m saying this even with all this years I’ve spent with previous PES Master Leagues). It offers much more to choose from (clubs, players, transfer options) and is already as fun as ML was back then on PS2 (challenge!).

  9. I hear ya!! i think only time will tell as to wether you can get that Master league feeling from FIFA, or at least an alternatively decent career feeling at least.
    I will definitely be joining the FIFA side sooner rather than later, a bit like you NG, my forthcoming season in PES will decide whether i carry and halt FIFA for another few weeks or whether i postpone PES and jump into FIFA immediately.

    At least one good thing, i know through this blog i’ll get to see some decent FIFA goals that dont contain 100,000,01 skills moves en route to the net.

  10. Grilled Seabass—I’m more concerned about old friends and family members happening upon the book and not appreciating portrayals of themselves and shared events in the past, and/or discovering all the juicy personal titbits I’ll be divulging in the book. I doubt it’d be of much interest outside the PESverse, but I can’t help slanting it towards the general readership, so there’s an outside chance somebody could idly happen across it whom I’d rather didn’t.

    Right now, though, it’s my inability to remember hardly anything concrete about PES2-4’s Master Leagues that’s stopped me dead. I need to play the games again, clearly, but it’s a question of making time.

  11. Rebrov—I’m already feeling the immersion in CM, as much as possible when still short of mid-season in season 1 anyway, whilst still feeling the pull to ML.

  12. wait..this is peschronicles right? or have i missed something

  13. Paul—I never think to try tricks in any football game. Stepovers were the most I used in PES for years. Now in FIFA12 I use right-stick knock-ons a lot, otherwise I’m all ‘vanilla skills’. Passing, shooting, positioning etc. The FIFA12 story will be an evolving one over the next week or two.

  14. Paul Ransome—you’ve likely missed the last 4 months of posts leading up to this point. FIFA roolz!

  15. ng When you refer to PES 2010’s speed I assume you mean its HYPPPEERRRRRR SPEEEDDDD which completely caught me off guard when I first started, and I was somewhat distressed to find there’s no option to reduce it. However as with various aspects of the game (and something which you’ve alluded to on past posts) having better players helps you get used to it.
    With regards dabbling in FIFA 12, with another baby on the way and saving for a holiday in summer there’ll be no new games for me for a long time, I might be able to snap up a sleeveless FIFA 11 if I’m lucky. Then again I think I can pick up a pre owned copy after discount for about £4 so once I’ve exhausted PES 2010(and I intend to get my first ever 10 years service trophy/achievement yet) that might be my next footballing avenue.

  16. not-greg, if it helps jog the memory:

    PES2 ML had a unusual 3 divisional structure, with 8 teams in D3 then D1/D2 made up of a mix of better teams, geographically mixed. There was a knockout cup involving all the teams in D1/D2. I strongly remember using the classic players extensively, notably Eusebio up front!

    PES3 ML switched to separate regional D1s with all teams included for the first time, allowing a proper European champions league replica. There was an 8 team D2 feeding into your chosen D1 with, uniquely, playoffs between the top 2 & bottom 2. There was a bizarre youth development programme where you signed up young players (named after artists e.g. Van Gogh, Strauss) and trained them up very rapidly over a few weeks, allocating points after each match to whichever stats you wanted. Except you didn’t know in advance how many weeks you’d get for each player, leaving some rather tragic ‘unfinished’ players in your squad

    PES4 ML was pretty similar to PES3, except no playoffs and maybe more teams in D2. It had player development for the first time, with regens coming through. Only certain stats developed though, not things like speed/acceleration which started out near 99 for the likes of a 17 year old Zola

  17. On FIFA, I certainly agree that CM although much improved still feels far from a classic ML campaign. Maybe because of less dynamic player development and individuality, maybe because, as you say, the same kits and stadia season after season. I certainly couldn’t play the full 10+ season campaign you’d get in a decent ML; the furthest I’ve ever got is 5 seasons with Plymouth in FIFA12 (although I may yet go back to this save)

    I guess many people tackle this issue by treating it as a genuine managerial career – starting with a lowest tier team and then taking better jobs when available until eventually you’re managing some Champions League contender. Personally I prefer having several different career modes, picking teams and leagues that seem interesting in real life – e.g. I’ve just started a new one with Dunfermline, and next I might try playing as Jim Magilton’s Melbourne Victory

    Have you tried experimenting with formations much? That narrow diamond could start to lead to some rather cramped games. Although it’s not easy to score directly from wing play, a bit of width can help create more space all over the pitch. I also find 2 up front doesn’t work that well in FIFA12, as the old tactics of 1-2s and chipped through balls are less effective; 4-4-1-1 and 4-3-3 (with wide LWF & RWF) are my favourites

    sorry for long (and slightly dull!) posts

  18. abbeyhill – what a memory! fantastic stuff. i played those games obsessively like i do do today…but the ML memory as i know it now only seems to kick in around pes 4.

    i remeber the HIGHLIGHTS!!!! WOW MAN!!of the half from pes 1 on the ps2….i’d wanted that from iss so badly, and the camera panning from pes 2…being real mind blowing highlights, but thats it.

    i take my cap off.

  19. Mike—of course I meant PES2010’s excessive speed, which is a sore point with me even today. When the demo for PES2010 came out it seemed wonderfully slow and stately, but of course the final game had been sped up by about 15%, it felt like. That year was the first instance in a now-long and ignoble Konami tradition of giving us one vision of gameplay in the demo and quite another in the final game.

    Personally I wouldn’t bother with FIFA11—for reasons I’ve mentioned a lot, I really disliked the game, but many regarded it very highly. You may also.

  20. abbeyhill—thanks for the info, but I had assembled something simliar from Wikipedia and archived online material 😉 What I meant was that I have no personal concrete recollections of particular moments whilst sitting and playing the games. On the other hand I can remember particular nights of PES5 very vividly indeed. I can remember scoring a particular goal with my new right-back, Zoro, in PES6 as if it happened just now. I can remember what I was thinking about in some instances whilst battling to my first Treble on PES2010. But PES2-PES4 is pretty much a blank. So I’ll be replaying at least a season of ML on each one to try to dredge up something from those vanished years.

  21. cheers gramswagon – I did literally play PES3 ML for an entire year and can still remember individual seasons and matches to an alarmingly detailed degree (why didn’t Butcher just kick it into touch in the last minute of that WEFA Championship final???) given that it was 10 years back. Wish I could remember useful stuff…

  22. gramswagon—me too, it’s only around PES5 that I start to see myself in my mind’s eye sitting and playing the games. Before that, I played just as often and just as hard, but it’s more blurry and indistinct.

  23. going off on one – the most delicious sessions ive had had on pes were probably circa 2004, watching MOTD on a saturday night with a few er ‘ strong cups of tea’ and willing it to end so i could play pes.

    i used to find my game improved %100 in the hour after watching real life footie for some reason.

    art mimics life or something.

  24. Cheers NG for finding gaming happiness. FIFA does lack that same type of immersion that made ML so wonderful, but at times it offers a different type of immersion in manager mode that surpasses PES. Where PES shines is the great feeling of being Sir Alex Ferguson, whereas in FIFA I feel like mourninho going to whatever situation fits me best. I loved finishing my first season in the MLS with a surprise 2nd place finish and being offered a job at west ham that doubled my wages. To me, ML is a good red wine while FIFA MM is like a nice white wine. PES should learn from FIFA though and dump some of the repetitive cutscenes … The new stories are a bit more fun as I can read them without being slowed down.

  25. gramswagon—I think that’s because, historically, real football and ISS/PES were twinned emotionally, psychologically, and physiologically. The one inspired involvement in the other. We’ve all looked for the radar at the bottom of the screen whilst watching a real match on TV.

  26. Fox—I doubt very much that I’ll ever change careers mid-stream. Never say never, of course, but I think I’d want to restart completely before shifting clubs in the same career.

    And I totally agree that the Master League cutscenes have got to go.The ones where you sign a new player or where the coach is lecturing the squad pre- and mid-season, are fine I suppose. They’re occasional and non-disruptive. I’m afraid the weekly cutscenes with the coach are just embarrassing after a while. The novelty wore off very quickly for me. What were Konami thinking of when they came to design ML 2012? They had perfection and they destroyed it.

  27. Really NG? you wouldnt want to change clubs mid career in FIFA?
    part of the lure of FIFA’s CM for me is doing my best with Birmingham City (my chosen starting club) and earning enough kudois to be offered a high profile role and go for world domination!!!
    Its somwething PES gamers have been crying out for for years in Master League, and something that will probably never happen as konami seem incapable of solidly implementing the logistics needed to make it work properly.
    I mean, cmon, no dimming or transparency of the radar when the ball and players go near it – talk about ignore the basics!!!

  28. Paul—I currently don’t think I would want to change clubs mid-career in FIFA, no. But I’ll never say never. It’d depend on how everything feels. CM has a very different feel from ML, granted.

    But if I take CCFC to a Quadruple after 4 seasons or something and feel there’s nowhere else to go, I think I’d want to restart completely with a custom Melchester Rovers-type team in the lowest division, on harder difficulty settings. I find that a more attractive prospect than the notion of moving to Real Madrid or similar.

    But we’ll see how it goes. I’m getting deeper into CM now, just nearing the first transfer window, and starting to get results quite easily on my low difficulty settings. I’ll be moving up soon. Whether through slider tweaks or an actual difficulty level shift, I don’t yet know.

    Really enjoying the game though. In a good sign, I’m starting to get annoyed with it when the CPU gets a straight-from-kickoff goal, or when there’s an instance of a super-dribbling AI player etc.—a sure sign of immersion under way. If I was indifferent to such things, it’d be a bad sign.

    How’s your own ML going? It is fine for anyone to talk about PES still on here. I will be constantly comparing and contrasting as my FIFA12 experience goes on.

    And I will be talking PES in concrete terms at some point in the near future. PES2012 on Vita is going to get a serious workout someday soon.

  29. Hey ng,

    I finally have had enough of PES 2012. I had a couple of games where the CPU had just decided it was going to win, and there was nothing I could do about it. That and it seems that everytime the CPU passes it somewhere where I hadn’t decided to, it takes the subsequent interception and marches down and scores. The scripting has become a bit too much. That and the letdown that is ML this year has chased me to the dark side…

    A friend of mine bought FIFA 12 for my son, so I decided to give it a try last night. I was thoroughly impressed. The game has come a long way. I love how “considered” it is. At first I was put off by the seemingly static player movement on the pitch, but once I started playing according to my tactical setup (slow, patient buildup), I started seeing more movement. And tons of positional interchanges. You know me; I have to play as Barca, so the real test is whether or not I can duplicate them on the pitch, and FIFA 12 so far seems to stand up to it.

    I have one question for the audience: HOW DO YOU SCORE?!?!?! I’m having games with literally 9 shots on goal with no luck. The keepers, from first impression, seem a bit too good. I’m playing on professional difficulty at the moment. Perhaps there is a slider setting somewhere for it?

    Anyway, the career mode (changing jobs) does sound intriguing if they’ve finally got it right. I might enjoy actually trying to earn my way onto the Barca bench. 🙂

  30. Ken—FIFA shooting is hard to get used to after a lifetime of PES, even the assisted model. (You’ll find all sorts of delicious control scheme options—semi-assisted, manual etc.—in the Controller Settings menu in-game. I suggest trying semi-assisted passing alone as a good intro to this concept. Even on semi-assisted, your passing has to be SPOT-ON or the CPU will intercept everything.)

    As for the sliders, yes indeed, you can tilt the balance for or against you on a number of fronts. Open up your in-match options and look for USER/CPU GAME CUSTOMIZATION. (Any changes you make will be auto-saved, and you can reset at any time.) You’ll find that shot accuracy and power are the ones to tweak. You can make the keepers as good or bad as you please. I suggest trying small tweaks until you find the ones you’re happiest with. As you may gather, this feature has huge implications, enabling you effectively to mix your own difficulty settings.

    Of course have a good go on the Arena practice pitch (pre-game loading screen). Press SELECT whilst in the Arena to set up a training match (11 vs 5 is a good choice) and have shooting practice galore.

    So much about shooting in football is finding space to do it. In FIFA12 one of your most effective weapons for making space is the right stick. Don’t neglect it! For short knock-ons and making that half-yard, it’s invaluable. Double-tap it quickly for a gigantic knock-on (most useful for wingers).

  31. Thanks man. Hey, is there 360 degree movement with the right stick knock-on? Can I use it to flick the ball at a tight angle past an onrushing defender?

    By the way, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of tactical depth if the game. The have added a lot to it from recent years (while PES subsequently is taking things away…)

  32. Ken—yes, the right stick is versatile in that way, it doesn’t have to be used primarily as a first touch/knock-on device. Many longer-term FIFA players than I use it exclusively in place of the sprint button, for example.

    Me, coming from PES, I just can’t quit that trusty old R1 yet. But I’m working on it.

  33. Fifa plays a fine game of footy, but manager mode is a disgrace. Give it time lads, it has some cracking bugs! My favourite is players moving every transfer window. PES has its own weird logic in master league but at least its consistent lol. As long as EA have the cash cow that is ultimate team they will never develop the mode beyond its current bare bones setup

  34. leroy getz—a football game stands and falls by its career mode for me. How many seasons of FIFA12’s Career Mode (they ditched ‘Manager Mode’ two years ago) have you played? When should I expect to see bugs, and what in particular should I watch out for?

  35. fair enough not greg i have not been on here on ages just reading some old posts. btw pe2012 master league if absolutely amazing

  36. Paul Ransome—my ‘FIFA roolz’ was just a joke btw, if that wasn’t obvious. It’s still early days for me and the ‘other game’.

    I’m not a big fan of PES2012’s ML, I’m sorry to say. It felt very much like a step back to a PES2009-style level of ML, when all they needed to do was conserve the ML they’d built up in PES2010 and PES2011.

    Still, it did the job and had me playing for over 200 hours. I still look back on PES2012 and Master League now with amazingly positive feelings, considering all the problems I had.

  37. Two seasons worth before i gave up, in my game aguero moved clubs every transfer window for two seasons,bonkers. Ive tried every fifa for the last three years and every year career mode is the same. I read somewhere that ultimate team generates twenty million or more a year for EA. In effect that one mode pays to develop the game which is bonkers really. But why develop manager mode when it cant generate that kind of dough? As a multiplayer game with mates Fifa clubs is outstanding, ive played over 2000 games online and loved every minute. But as a single player game its lacking. Like i siad PES has flaws but its consistant if that makes any sense. You know what you get with PES

  38. leroy getz—I know exactly what you mean there. It’s crazy that for all its wonky shooting and other woes, I look back on PES2012 and that ML now with mostly fondness. Like I said in my last few PES2012 posts, I wanted to set the game aside while I still had admiration for it, rather than storm off in disgust—as I would have done pretty soon, I was starting to think.

    We’ll see how Career Mode maps out for me. I’m not the sort to get annoyed if players move every transfer window. Other things get to me that don’t bother other people. It’ll be intriguing to see if I’m still playing FIFA12 a month from now, or longer. Only FIFA08 and FIFA09 have ever detained me for very long, and they coincided with the bad PES2008 and the middling PES2009.

  39. I dont want to sound like a PES fanboy cos FIFA is a great footy game. For my personally FIFA for multiplayer with mates, PES for single player career. When it comes to bugs and that, a quick look at the fifa forums will show you the worst. I find when im immersed in one of these fantasy football worlds that silly things like the aguero transfer bug destroys that spell for me and i cant connect with the game. Its all smoke and mirrors but konamis illusion is more compelling to me, even with janky shooting and dodgy scripting

  40. Firstly – to say that PES12’s ML is absolutely amazing is quite frankly, retarded.
    Its a hollow shell of what it used to be with so many pissy little bugs and nuances that at times its an absolute chore to sit through.

    I had an extended session on FIFA last night, loaded up my saved Birmingham City CM, last played in Octovber when FIFA released.
    Must have played 10 games in all last night, really enjoying it except fort a few things im hoping a few more seasoned FIFA’ers can help with.

    75% of all passes or through balls i play in the CPU’s half are always intercepted, every time. Its very frustrating.
    It seems that my forwards turn their back on play and sprint off on their run and the ball is played in to them, the defender just steps in and takes the ball, EVERY time, its the main stumbling block with FIFA for me at the moment.
    Also as R2 is the magic button with FIFA for close control, dribbling etc, is there a similar button for FIFA that allows you to effectively sticvk out a foot and control the ball when dribbling a la PES? or allows tight control and quick turning?

    Also what are people using as slider settings?
    if pass error is set to 55 does that mean CPU passes will be 55% accurate or 45% inaccurate?!?

  41. Paul—press and hold LB/L1 for close control. I rarely use it as it seems to be too much of a close control button. Maybe I should experiment with taps or something, I don’t know. Still early days for me.

    As for passing, through-balls etc., it’s just a different rhythm and pattern of play that comes with time. Over the past 5 days or so I’ve gone from also having about 75% interceptions to about 15% (and still falling). Your man has to be open to receive the ball. Semi-assisted passing helps with a more manual, direct control.

    Through-balls are a lot less effective than they feel they should be, though. My player should get to the ball, but doesn’t. It seems to be one of FIFA12’s ‘conditions of play’.

    If you put CPU passing error on 55%, it’ll be 5% more error-prone than default. I’ve got it on 53% for the CPU, 47% for me 😉

  42. leroy getz—Master League has ruled my life for 10 years or more, so I’m totally on-board with the view that it’s more compelling than anything I’ve so far experienced elsewhere. I’m still just feeling my way in Career Mode. I’ll deal with any bugs if and when they arise, and document them fully here. It’s not a set-in-stone, mathematical certainty that I’ll be affected in the same way. On various FIFA forums (and FIFA threads on PES forums) I see a lot of people playing Career Mode for many seasons without having their enjoyment wrecked by the Aguero ‘bug’ and similar things. We’ll see how I go.

  43. I had the same problem with through balls, the solution is to pass as early as you do in PES and wait for the player to begin there run into space and unless you have Xavi try not to make a pass where the defender is on the same side the ball is traveling. Also don’t be shy about trying lofted through balls.

    Someone remind me, in the age of mercenary footballers why is it unrealistic for a player like aguero to transfer during multiple windows? And how that bothers you I don’t how you play PES where in my save, barca bought Rooney and Ronaldo in the first transfer window and John terry played for every top side in the prem.

  44. Fox—I think many seasoned PES players who play and enjoy FIFA12 are hyper-sensitised to problems in FIFA12 generally and Career Mode in particular, holding them both to a higher standard than PES and Master League. It’s something I’ve been guilty of for as long as there’s been a next-gen FIFA.

    FIFA doesn’t get away with being as good as PES; it’s got to be better than PES, or it soon gets the elbow.

    Any wrinkles or niggles in the gameplay or in a mode’s internal logic and there’s a tendency to be all, “Ah-ha! See? See? Bloody FIFA…” That’s how I was early on in the current phase, certainly. I’m feeling it still. Every misplaced pass, every shot that goes into row Z, every instance of the CPU jinking past my defenders, and I’m all: “Bloody FIFA!”

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