A Christmas miracle

So the news is that I like PES2012 again. This is the miracle. When I finished the terrible session that gave rise to Friday’s rather negative post, I never thought I would find any great joy in PES2012 ever again. I thought it would be just a dutiful, grim slog towards the Treble and a final, blessed abandonment of the game, if indeed I made it that far.

I didn’t play PES2012 for two days. And that was all it took for the game to feel fresh and absorbing once more. It’s the strangest thing.

I played FIFA12 during the two days that I didn’t play PES2012. Whenever I’ve played FIFA12 since its release I’ve thought: “This is bloody good”, and I thought so again. When I turn my attention full-time to FIFA12, it’ll be very interesting to see what happens.

Yesterday, Christmas Day, I put on PES2012 and after only a few minutes’ play thought to myself, “Bloody hell, this feels good too.” That renewed warmth lasted all the way through two long sessions.

I suppose I’m lucky to find both games to be playable and enjoyable this year (or I’m deluded and/or misguided, if you dislike one of them).

And football games are always helped by scoring goals that make you feel good. Here are two—a James Morrison 30-yarder, and a stylish volley from Irjescu:

Those were two instances when shooting worked, or felt like it worked.

My current feeling is that I can forgive PES2012 for almost everything except the damn shooting. A certain proportion of your shots will always go straight to the keeper, no matter where you aim; and a certain proportion of your shots will be directed to the opposite side from where you aim.

PES2012’s shooting will never be forgiven, in this world or the next. When it comes to September 2012 and my end-of-year review-style score, I’ll be knocking off 1 point for the wonky shooting alone. So, if I end up thinking that PES2012 is an 8/10 game overall, I’ll give it 7/10 because of that fucking miserable shooting.

I think I understand why PES2012’s shooting is the way it is.

PES2012 is end-to-end and action-packed. It’s the most open game of football ever to bear the PES name. It is arcadey, in the best and worst sense of that term.

And therefore if PES2012’s shooting wasn’t how it is, many games would end 9-7.

Bah. Enough of the theorising and chest-beating. I’m playing and enjoying Master League in PES2012, despite its faults.

I have slogged my way to the end of season 5, and finished a creditable 12th in the end. I finished with a barnstorming run of 5 wins and a final, solitary defeat (a bizarre 4-1 thrashing away at Blackpool).

Here’s the final table:

Andy Carroll ends the season in which he won the World Footballer of the Year award with the Premier League’s top scorer trophy:

My club ranking went up. I’m above the likes of Rosenborg now, and hot on the heels of Verona.

I can’t argue with this ranking. My performance so far in Master League has been mediocre at best. Even my promotion year in Division 2 was pretty average.

Now, though, I’m equipped with the experience and the cash to make things happen. I had £17m in the bank at the end of the season. I got another £2.5m for finishing 12th. Then I got another £5m from sponsorship and merchandise. I’ve started pulling in £1.1m for every home win. At this rate I’ll easily be able to upgrade all my staff and get some top new players, and then still have money left over.

All things considered, I have got to go for a top-six finish in season 6.


  1. the goalies in my game seem unbeatable. ive hit endless shots form 30yards + with irjescu and they are rockets. eacho one a creamer and very few goe down the middle yet the goali makes a diving save every time and it goes out for a corner. even at close range somtime with my new star striker the golai makes a fantastic save. my whole ML seems messed up. roughly 6-7 games into the 4th season and stoke are unbeaten drawing only one leaving them in first. there toughest gme was against arsenal and there next gme is chelsea. man utd are 10th and im 2nd. i went on 5 games withou conceeding a goal ad winning as well. im out of the fa cup again in the first round to liverpool. ive had one of my best games against aston villa. end to end attacking football, ended 3-2 to me i think. last minute goal, i think. was thinking of moving up to prefessional after winning so mny maatches but than gt a thrashing by man utd in the premier league and liverpool in the fa cup and the league. will defo be plaing this gme for a long time

  2. CHAMPIONS! I’m out of Div 1 at last after winning the championship with Brighton with two games to spare. I’m glad I’ve done it on pro but am aware the challenges of the Premiership next season.

    I have a good team now ALL my players are plus 80 with Camacho 95.

    Like NG I had a few days PES holiday over Christmas and played a little FIFA. It’s a good game but just as flawed as PES – only in different ways.

    I also agree with Ali about long shots. Are the keepers now too good?

  3. ali—goalies are very good now, and I agree, perhaps they’re a bit too good, particularly with long-rangers. They’re still prone to making howlers at random moments, such as yesterday when a CPU keeper punched a looping cross backwards into his own net. Those moments are thankfully few and far between though.

  4. John—congratulations on the promotion and believe me, any money worries you have should be finished by the end of your first season in the top flight.

    There’s nothing like a few days away from PES2012 to make it seem what it actually is: a good game of PES, no more, no less. The random directionality of shooting is wretched, of course. And now they’ve made the keepers almost invincible from long range! Ah well, it makes the rare long-range goals all the sweeter.

  5. Great goals there NG. Particularly like the Irescu one, unstoppable volley, even with the new super keepers. I still have Irescu in my 4th season but he’s not getting a look in now I have 3 quality DMs/CMs. I feel a little bit sad about that but I just don’t think he’s good enough for the Prem.

    I finished 8th in my first season in the Premier league thanks, in no small part, to my super AM/SS C Kane who took up half of my £6m wage bill. 8th was enough for qualification to the Europa League thanks to the unstoppable Liverpool league and cup double. Now the fun begins balancing internationals, the Premier League and Europa League. Luckily the list of transfer targets finally contains decent players and combined with the £25m in the bank has enabled me to buy some squad players for the season ahead. Of the defaults I still have Maqualao, Cotsload and Irescu and they can all do a job if in form. Of the others I only got any money for Ettori. I still have Schmizu but he doesn’t impress me one bit so will be happy to cash in if a decent offer comes in.

    I’m really excited about my Europa League debut lets hope I don’t end up doing an Ipswich.

  6. Cook—I’ve thought Cotsload was a decent defender from the start and I still have him now. He plays a lot less now, but when he does play he does a good job.

    I’ve seen that Kane knocking around the transfer lists in my ML world. Been tempted but as I touch on in recent posts, it’s out-and-out strikers I need to get (i.e. CF, not SS). I’ve got a good midfield.

    My Irjescu is still a decent DMF/CMF, but really he’s like a special player in American Football, only on the pitch for one thing: to blast away from distance. And the keepers always get to the shots…

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