The PES Wanderers

I’m at the mid-season transfer window in season 2 of my Master League career in PES2011.

Players have come, players have gone. All transfers were arranged long before I got to the window. All were completed in the first week. And then I had to click my way through 16 empty weeks.

It’s still easy for ML veterans to forget that the transfer window is just the transfer window nowadays. It’s no longer the negotiations window of old, which used to be hectic periods. Could this also have been forgotten by the creators of Master League? These long blank weeks make no sense at all to me.

So who have I got? My most important mid-season signing seems to be DUFFY.

I found him in the Target List, where he was presented as a Youth player and available for no money. This could be a bug or glitch in the system. In either case, taking advantage of it would be an exploit. But it’s not certain that it’s a bug or glitch, and so I took advantage of it.

Whatever, DUFFY is now my first-choice DMF. After a few macthes of the second half of the season, for a raw 17-year-old he’s pretty impressive, despite an OVR rating of just 59.

I’ve started paying a lot more attention to the players’ stats instead of the OVR rating. I’m coming over to the sniffy view that the new-fangled OVR rating does not belong in Pro Evolution Soccer.

In fact, I might make it my official stance to pretend that the OVR rating doesn’t exist. It’s not a reliable guide to the quality of the player. Duffy is 5 points OVR behind Stein, for example, but is a much better player. Or could this be the placebo effect in action? Who knows.

My other signings are decent too. HUSZTI is a quality left-sided midfielder whom I’ve decided to play on the right.

BELLION is a name I remember from many football games over the past eight years or so. Back in Football Manager 2005, where I briefly had him on loan, he had a Pace attribute of 20 (the highest possible). He’s still pretty fast, for what that’s worth.

And I finally signed KIM JONG YEOL from my Youth team. I needed a CB and his wages were only £47,000 after all.

Below are two goals—first a team goal featuring plenty of one- and two-touch passing, with a first-time shot to finish things off. The second goal is low drive from Gutierrez that I liked because it went through the eye of a needle, so to speak, leaving the keeper gawping at air.

And after the goals comes video evidence of the wandering side-back problem. That’s not the snappiest ever name for a problem, but it’s the best I can do at short notice.

Link: PES2011: Two Goals and a Walkabout

Yes, my nomadic side-back scores a goal there, and a pretty good goal to boot. But I’d really prefer him not to be standing in that central CF position to begin with.

Let me reiterate: the ATT/DEF level was on 1 out of 5. My formation was the one seen in the picture at the top of this post. I’ve positioned both side-backs a few yards further back than the rest of the defence. But they both still pop up in the CF positions on a regular basis, exactly as seen in the clip.

Is it something I’m doing, or is it the game? It is possible that sometimes I’ve ‘one-twoed’ them up from their natural positions, but I’ve noticed the probem occurring even when they haven’t been involved in passages of play in any way.

I submit that even an attack-minded full-back should not behave as my left-back behaves in this clip. It’s got to be a bug/glitch, and a pretty embarrassing one at that. Another one for the patch list.


  1. Greg The side back wandering issue – Have you got the position switching slider in the team setup set to a high value?

    I have to agree that players of the quality of your side backs (no offence intended) ought not to be attempting Crujyff style total football.

  2. Gengis—I’ve got all sliders that I think could possibly cause this phenomenon down low. Player switching is one notch above its lowest possible setting. Defensive, compact, you name it I’ve got it (such settings are required for my early-stage ML squad anyway).

    In my session this morning El Moubarki did it once when I was trying to defend a 1-0 lead. There he was, suddenly playing as a central CF. I didn’t know it was him and took a first-time shot that might as well have been a pass to the keeper, which led to a fast counterattack against me. It’s mad, I tell you.

  3. Greg Yeah, thinking about it some more – you’d need other strategies set pretty (very) high as well to observe the behaviour you’ve described/shown. Namely; V-high players running a head of the ball carrier (whatever that’s called) and settings that force the team to play exclusively through the middle of the pitch.

    Certainly looks like a bug – It’s difficult to imagine the circumstances that would have led to the developers coding that behaviour into the game. It’s not encouraging me to go back to a more realistic back four with my team, either – I’ll stick with three CBs.

    In the spirit of a long-shot – Is it worth setting all the team setup sliders around the mid-points (where the CPU usually has them) in case it’s a bug caused by the implementation of the setup sliders themselves?

  4. What are the individual ATT/DEF levels of the players themselves? The one that is part of their stats? Are they both on S/OFF?

    It is really odd — my fullbacks don’t have the same wanderitis. They attack, but hold their shape somewhat, and they’re not making runs up through the center of the defense!

  5. Gengis—I’ve yet to scrutinise all the options in the Edit menu, and in the in-mode player stats as well. I have come across mention of this on forums—notably in week 1, but not so much lately. I don’t know what to make of it, but given that I’m in a minority it’s either specific to the full-backs I’ve happened to use, or some quirk of my formation/tactics (either singly or in deadly combination), or some other quirk randomly related to my ML setup.

    I’m terrible for looking ‘under the hood’ of my PES experience. Time-wise, things are tighter this year than ever and I tend to regard all non-playing time as wasted time (hence my unhappiness with the transfer window Voids). But I’ll be investigating over the weekend and will update on Monday. Something will have to be done as I’m seeing the wanderitis in every match at least once. It’s a dangerous game that my full-backs like to play on their own. I don’t recall it costing me a goal yet (and as you’ve seen it’s actually got me at least one goal), but it will cost me before too much longer.

  6. ck—ahhh, when you mentioned this before I assumed you meant the players’ settings in the Edit menus. Not that I’ve got around to looking in there yet either. I think I’ve been hoping the problem would just sort of go away on its own.

    I suspect that I am ‘one-twoing’ everybody a bit too much in order to generate movement, but that (bad) habit on its own wouldn’t prompt a player run from the full-back position to central CF position, and then for them to stay there until the passage of play is broken up!

  7. Man what a week, it took me 3 weeks to get the game edited to the point were I was happy to start my Master League and what happens, 6 games into the season I get the bloody YLOD.
    Tried the old heat gun fix… no joy, so bearing in mind we have a half built extention on the side of the house, the logical thing to have done would have been to call time on my PES career and hopefully comeback next year for PES2012.
    I went for the slightly different approach of buying a replacement and not bothering to tell my better half. Also not wishing to disturb her evenings tv viewing (there was a new Poirot on) I thought it better to simply replace the old one when she went to bed.
    I cant believe it never occured to me that a PS Slim would be smaller than my old 40 Gig and after Id sent it up one word came into my head…………


  8. If anybody wants the proper names of all of the classic players (i.e. Bemkap -> Bergkamp, &c.), you can get them here.

  9. not-Greg said:
    I suspect that I am ‘one-twoing’ everybody a bit too much in order to generate movement, but that (bad) habit on its own wouldn’t prompt a player run from the full-back position to central CF position, and then for them to stay there until the passage of play is broken up!

    I wonder if the bug is maybe in the one-two controls? If you stopped playing L1 passes, would the fullback walkabouts stop?

  10. Hey ..

    I am a keyboard gamer ….but since both fisa and pes turned 360 i also turned to xbox controller for pc….so i thought i wud have a great ML cos of two things (i)my inablitity t handle controller (ii)the game itself wud be a challange cos of the new passing system …So then I started my ML with Luton Town FC ….with a customised kit,addbords,stadiums……First season finshed with Luton Town at 9 the position…crap fisrt half ..great second half…In Season 2 i got few decent signings but had very very poor first half and then a great second half i finished 8th …so far so good…i was enjoying the season struggling with no money crap players and i thought i l be there in 2nd div for long..but came season 3 more signinigs and i had a great 1st half and a decnt 2nd..i won the div 2 ..I should be happy as the season was very very close no i am not …for the sake of GOD i wanted to see my team lift the cup so a lap of honour …no nothing …no grand celebration animations …and then i got in to epl…from ranking of 171 to 38 …this is nonsense…from a surplus of 1 million pounds to a surplus of around 20 million..i i ahd a team of avg 68-70 now i can get avg of 76-78 …only in 1st season of epl..ummm not good…my observations of the gameplay now…(1)u need 3 strikers one in six yard box to head the other two further behind ..2 strikers are no good as u need people to get on to throug balls and crosses (2)u need 3 cbs very close to stop AI from palying through balls and to stop counters (3)u dont need a midefield n it is crap(4)AI has only three ways of scoring freekicks,dodgy corners,fast counters after u have scored(5)crossing and through balls are way to easy(6)Refs are crap AI can get away with a murder(7)The only way u get thrill is the way Konami have scripted the standings u l always have 6-7 teams in the running for promotion so it l be close ……..any way i m off to fifa online for few days …may be i l come back in to season 4 in epl…three things are stopping me one the side back issues n crossing bug n the through balls its way to easy …but the biggest is 171 to 38 in 1 season i played few games in season 4 then i looked at my ranking and i was off ….Long post sorry

  11. Decc66—the YLOD is a heartbreaker, no question about it. I’ve seen the RROD but you almost expect that to happen, and when it does there’s no shock or surprise. I’ve had two YLODs now and on both occasions it was a case of ‘uh? what? really? no way…’ I got my PS3 repaired the first time, but the second time I just went and got a Slim. Why is it a problem that it’s smaller than your old 40GB model?!

  12. Darshan—thanks for that, I’ve yet to unlock any of the classic players but when I do… Iwam Russell is no more.

  13. ck—about to dive into a few hours’ play, I will be testing things from all angles and will update later.

  14. Jamiey—It sounds like you had a good time until you went up to Division 1. A few other people have commented on there being a huge leap up the rankings at that stage. I don’t think it’s a bug or glitch though.

    You say you had a team avg 68-70 in D2, and now in D1 you can get players avg 76-78. Maybe I’m missing something, but exactly what is the problem with that? I’d say that’s the same as it’s always been in Master League. I don;t see anything wrong there at all.

    I haven’t seen the wing-walking bug at all, mainly because I’m not looking for it. When playing naturally down the wings I never walk with the ball, or if I do it’s for a split-second. I still want Konami to patch it though, along with other things.

    You mention ‘side-back issues’, do you mean the wanderitis?

    Corners are my gib complaint of the moment. I hate having my face rubbed in the fact that I’m playing a computer game that can do what it wants at any time.

  15. Why is it a problem that it’s smaller than your old 40GB model?!

    Because when she finds out ive spent £300 on a new machine, half built or not I`ll be moving into the new extention

  16. Dec, that’s very funny and the sort of schoolboy error i’d make (just bought a house that needs gutting so would also feel the wrath of the other half)!

    Would she believe you if you told her that the bigger one was just a protective shell? Long shot….

  17. Hi Not Greg, I posted this on the wrong page my bad, my season is going terribly, I just cant pull anything together, loads and loads of nil nils and losing by the odd goal, just cant get any play together. Im not sure if its my settings but does anyone know how to get the defaults to press effectively, last year i got it setup so that i could close the space pretty well, but at the moment my guys are just sitting back and letting the opposition run through me like a knife thru butter. Anyway assistance with settings would be lovely. On a positive note, i think i can help when it comes to corner defending. Not Greg ive found that if you seleect one of your CB before the kick is taken (not as easy as it first seems) or a big lump like Schwarz and position them roughly on the penalty spot you should greatly reduce the amount of goals you concede from corners its quite accurate to normal football, I used to play CB and the amount of times the corner taker would just ping it on to my head every time it was unbelievable, its like they just cant help themselves. I hope thats useful, I stupidly released loads of my rubbish players at the beginning of my first season and now im just relying heavily on Schwarz, Shimizu and Ruskin!!! is Ordaz any great shakes in this version as he was amazing last year? Good luck with the rest of the season. oh and by the way your lot Coventry just stuffed me 4 nil i am not amused, some bloke called Jutkiewicz??? got a pair.

  18. Decc66—I’m an idiot. I tell you, I’ve been so dense lately. The new line made me interpret it as a separtae thing from yoru strategy to smuggle in the new console.

    How often does she use it herself (if ever)? If it’s rarely or never, you could subtly move other items next to it (don’t obstruct the fans!) to get all feng shui about it and introduce confusion to her perceptual matrix (yes I’ve been reading those books again), and if all else fails, just insist that it’s always been that size… *pre-punchline drumroll* …and the PS3. (Sorry.)

  19. Lord Stanley—that’s okay, I did see the comment on the other post. Over weekends I tend to be able to see comments but only get to reply to them in the evening. I work weekends. I usually get time at work to reply, but occasionally it’s too busy.

    In my PES session this morning I played 5 matches and 4 of them were 0-0. I lost the other one 0-1. So there were NO GOALS scored by me in an entire session. It was frustrating, but it’s usually the sign of a good PES for me, so I was happy on a larger scale.

    You’re the second person to give me the penalty spot advice. In previous PES instalments I became pretty expert at defending from corners after a similarly dodgy start, so hopefully the same thing will apply here.

    Ordaz promised much at times but ultimately failed to deliver. He was one of the players I sold in the latest transfer window.

    I think I’m also about to run into similar problems to yourself with the finances. Monday’s or Wednesday’s post will go into more detail after the fact, but right now I think I’ll be forced to trim my squad to starvation levels. 17 players if I’m lucky. Yes, that bad.

  20. Thats a shame about Ordaz I had high hopes for him, but it looks like ill be keeping Schwarz and Gutierrez as my main men then. I’m loving the comments coming from Decc66 and yourself regarding his PS3 situation, my partner even recognises the beep my ps3 emits when i turn it on!!!!! Good idea about surrounding objects maybe Decc66 you could buy some extra small plant pots or miniature pencils to give it abit more scale. Oh the deception!!! Personally I would probably blame the cat/dog/mother in law? and see how things go, or do some preemptive work on that extention and move her focus! I feel your pain, I have no PES til Monday now!! its bad but we all have to work right. take care and good luck with the squad trimming! Might i suggest the Myth gets canned???

  21. I like the way you guys are thinking, maybe move the machine slightly closer to the couch giving the impression it’s bigger. Sadly I fear the whole situation is rapidly descending into an episode of Father Ted (these cows are small but those are very far away etc…)3 days gone and still no mention of the not as shiny slightly smaller black box under the telly, either she`s completely oblivious to our new piece of kit or she knows exactly what’s gone on and is saving it up.

  22. @Not-Greg The problem with having 76-78 avg stat players in the first season is that i have two 84-85 rated strikers ,couple of Center backs rated 80 + and also a LB rated 86 if u have quality cb’s and cf’s the game becomes easy ….and its not real to have real quality players playing for you in the first season in top flight…Also u cant jump 171 to 38 after winning a season its not ON…The biggest issue for me is that if you play a 5-0-5 formation u ll win lot of games ….Five center backs…one RMF..both not too wide …three attackers …either cross ir give thorugh balls or diagnol long balls … l win 70 % of the times..Now this is what i hate ishould not be able make any formulas …I want a game where i have to change stratergy game after game ..AI should understand what I am doing and should adapt and it is not difficult….the problem i feel is that since both konami and fifa are making lot of money they dont care ….I have started a liking (not love ..tht will always be for pes) for fifa but hello i cant play MM in it ..why..well they decided to patch PC version and now we have two Brimigham City’s and no Blackpool in the game….My biggest disappointment in this version of PES is that you dont need midfield to win matches …yes you can use play 1-2’s try and play proper football …yes you can…but when the going gets tight or you need a win you know you have plan that will work always …now that is not good for a game where user can exploit multiple bugs to win with below average teams .I dont mind winning with say Arseanl,may be everton ,aston villa but comeon with Blackpools and Wigans of the world i should not be winning 70 % of the games …..not atleast for first 10 seasons….I also keep wondering why when i play madrid Ronaldo cant trick me out of the game or messi cant run through me just like he does in real life….AI has to use tricks,feints all kinds of trickery especially with Messi,CR,Villa, and co….I mean i should be scared to play Barca on top player as Blackpool ..atleast for 3-4 mths the game should have that difficulty..I dont mind if i take Madrid and beat AI barca say 2-0 or 3-0 i’l take it …but with Blackpool i should not be competitive …no way …..and that to me is the biggest issue of these football games …..I wonder why Konami cant make AI players do tricks and Feints to beat a humin rather than resorting to scripting or cheating whatever u may wanna call…

  23. i have now started my new master league with master league default players. i have to say its not as hard i thought it would be. i am currently 5th in the leaue only 2 points behind the leaders. i have beaten liverpool 1-0 in second half of extra time and have just beaten tottenham 2-1. after these matches i half a slight belife that i can win the FA cup if i do not encounter chelsea lol. i have brought 4 players from my youth team uncluding palmeri. i could not sell anyone in the first transfer window so i now have a full squad with alot of unwanted players. im hooing if i do get promoted i will get relegated straight away because of the teams in the premier league. i think i have seen this courner thing. roughly 80 mins i conceeded a goal from a courner, very slopy and nearly cost me the game, the player switching is getting realy annoying and many times when the AI is attaking i cant switch to the defender until the AI is close enough really annoying. im still in my frist season and waiting for the second transfer window. i dont thing guitierez is such a good striker, hes very slow at turning and hasnt scored many goals. my favourate player is hananon or somthing like that, he is in his late 30 but is a great player for setting up goals and has scored some great goals. hoping i could get pacheco but my scout says i have almost no chance of gettin him will still try anyway.
    waiting to do a big clear up of my team and buy many players mostly strikers. my only problem is i dont score many goals in a match. this is why i need striker and this is why i have a low goal difference compared to all teams above and beliw me. think playing with the master league default players has meant i have to change the way i play as my players are slow and weak and have to pass everytime a player gets near me. still had no pronlem with my full backs rushing forward, they still always stop at the half way oline which is fine by me. i never knew about the select R1, R2 thing but it is realy helful. i think the best way to use it is wehn u pass the ball or when non of the other players are near you so u dnt lose the ball also i think the game does have a scripted feel. have had many times where i cannot get the ball and wehn i do i loose it straight away. still loving the gaem and the games are more tactical than when i was with liverpool. hopefullymthe premier league wont be so eazy.

  24. Lord Stanley—I’ve had no PES at all today—a really painful thing as I usually get 2-3 hours in on a Sunday. I had a thing on today…

    Re. Ordaz/Gutierrez, it’s all down to personal play-style I suppose, but Ordaz was ultimately just not delivering for me, whereas Gutierrez regularly pops up with a goal.

  25. Decc66—you could say that you took the broken-down old one back to the shop and they exchanged it for the current model. Say it was under a ten-year warranty or something, a well-known deal that Sony do especially for 40GB models bought on a Tuesday, or whatever. Hide the old model. Hide it well….

  26. Jamiey—you make a good case against, but on my side I only have the evidence of the game I’m playing and the experience I’m having, which is a very different one. As I always say, I’m an average player, perhaps a below-average one, so that’s the reason why I’ve found PES2011 hard and challenging and satisfying in a way that better players just don’t. I’ve seen enough on the forums to know that PES2011 is still not quite ‘all there’ in the way we all want PES to be. But it’s close enough for me at the moment to be a worthwhile pursuit. Let’s see how the weeks and months to come unfold.

  27. ali—check your Team Ranking—what is it? If it’s around the 50 mark, you’ve somehow got the Advanced Start. If not, then you’re another one of the good players for whom PES2011 (like its immediate predecessors) just isn’t challenging enough, and I think that’s a shame and Konami should do more to make the series what it was to most of us in the early and mid-2000s.

    At least you’re finding that the Defaults are rubbish, though. Playing good football with them is more feasible in PES2011 than in any recent PES, but still enough of a challenge to make a good goal crafted with mostly Default players one of the most satisfying types of goal you can score in PES.

  28. not-greg-last time i cheked my club rating was 151, i was put as the best team in my league, i am now first with a 5 point lead over WE united which isnt dat bad, i still have about 10 matches left. i am also amazingly in the FA cup final against arsenal. i am hoping i do win this so i gt some extra money. gutierez is realy not performiong. only 8 goals in around 20 games while scwarz the 16 year old from my youth team has 8 goals in 10 games. if i do find a replacement than gutierez will have to go. i will have to c how the premier league treats me with my team full of teenagers. im actully hoping i loose the final of the FA cup because i dnt think arsenal should loose to a team like mine at that would be a bit silly. im guesing arsenal will play exceptionaly goos as this is what i experienced in europa league final with liverpool against villerial who toook the lead twice. the game level is still on professioanl and may put it on top player mabey next season bt im affraid if i do i will not win any match as im sure i will be in the premier league. still loving the game and it make me work hard for my goals.

  29. ali—it seems you’re a good PES player, then. There’s no harm in that at all and, like I said, I think the talented PES players have been treated badly by the last few instalments. Even I noticed the series getting easier from PES6 (PS2) onwards. I hope you don’t win the Cup too 😉 And at least it’s good to hear you’re still enjoying things and working hard for the goals.

    I don’t know how everybody else’s Schwarz is coming along but mine is showing strong signs of turning into the superstar he was in PES5 and 6. Very happy with him leading the line up front.

  30. not-greg- unfortunantly i won the league. (sounds weird saying that lol) it was 1-0 at the end with schwarz scoring the header froma cross. the thing which realy iritates me was i was expecting arsenal to play brilliant with great passes whihc would split my defence but it was the complete opposite, they were completly defensive for long periouds of the game, this mainly lead to my goal as i changed my tactics to full out attack and with 5 players wating for a croos it was obvious i was going to score. arsenal did not play anything like they do in real life with no one two passes and they never had a one-on-one chance with my goali. terrible from pes. i have finally cut my squad size to about 18 i think whihc im happy with. also i won the division 2 league by a good couple of points and schwarz wanting a big pay rise which i was realy not happy with. lukly gt him for 5 years until next renual. lukly with all the money through competitions i can afford him. also some how i am in europa league :S. im thinking its because man city won europa league and have qualified for champions league. mabey with the disiplinary record i gt through, not sure.
    now waiting for the next season to start and have got rid of my current scout who was terrible, one player who has retired has now become a scout for me, loving that feature, nt sure if it ws in pes 2010 as i never played it. i doubt it i will do very gd in the premier league or europa league and am just aiming to stay in the league and get to knok out stages in europa league. guitearez is now slowly getting better and im teaching him 1-1 shooting. will teach him more later hopfully him and schwarz will become the best strikers in the game :D.

  31. ali—that happened to me in PES2010, a mysterious Europa qualification that I never quite understood. Others did suggest a good disciplinary record was the reason.

    The retiring player/Scout thing is new for PES2011. I’m not sure I like it though as when Castolo retired I got a message from the game saying he was available for coaching duties.

  32. i gt a new scout, a player called xiler(somthing like that) and he is realy cheap for his ratings as a scout, i really like it

    i found out that im in the premier league because i won the FA cup, im not complaining :D.

    this season castolo is retiring and im waiting to snap him up and add him to my staff if his any good.

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