1. Comical piece. I appreciate the update, but I hate your mailman. I cannot wait for you to get your new toy.

  2. Hi, can you play the pc demo with a ps2 controller? There’s only so many times I can play Barcelona against Bayern on the ps3.

  3. steph_wheeler—I’ve got FIFA11 – see above. I had a few matches, but I’m at work now, more tomorrow.

    What’s wrong with my mailman?!

  4. madrab—I would assume so, but as it’s a wired controller you’d need some way to link it to the PC. I recall playing on XP with a special adaptor, you’d need to have a look on eBay or Amazon or similar.

  5. @madrab Yes I can confirm you can play the PES 2011 PC demo with a PS2 controller. You’ll need an adapter that allows for PS3/PC connectivity through USB. You can use that adapter to play with the controller on PS3 and PC.

  6. I thought you didn’t have it yet, hence the filler comic-format entry. I hated your mailman because he seemed not to have the game when you expected it :(. But you have it now, which I’m happy about, and I’ll be happier to read and follow your famously zigzagging views and impressions. (I know not a journalistic-type game review website.)

  7. here in spain. Got my pes2011 two days ago. I played a couple of games and a felt disappointed, last year i enjoyed the demo more than the full game and actually it was happening the same. I loved the demo this year, but the game felt different, in the demo i played in the default speed, so i went to -1 because the default speed is higher. Didn´t feel any improvement, maybe it was me. The animation were not as polished as i spected so i put the wide camera and put the speed in -2. Allelluyah!

    everythig change since then, i guess i was just adapting and maybe if i go back to the default setting i can get a better experience, but honestly i was terrified with the first hour with pes2011. Honestly i think the speed is higuer and the animation not polished as i spected, but on wide camera (i use to play long in the demo) the game looks more fluid an that is not an issue anymore (even i can see very admirable animations).

    Gameplay is wonderfull and you don´t need to play minor teams to notice that, is the first time in a long time that i enjoy playing real madrid, that always felt stiff and unbalanced to me, and the individuality is just amazing (try an play Di Maria). Ball phisic is improved, no question about it, maybe one of the best ball phisics i ever seen (no more baloons), and i´m waiting to see what you think about it specially. passing is wonderfull and honestly a thig that your team react according to your tactical decissions, so defferents teams behave differently and anticipate the pass accordingly to that (and that´s what this game is all about, after playing real madrig a choose atletico de madrid and it was a big difference in the options you have when passing).In profesional the ai attacks you with intelligence and in top player they are very effective, so it´s up to yo to decide. Shooting is brilliant, full of energy, not as if they were training but full of competitiveness, and the ai makes impresive long range shooting.

    There are wrongs of course, The detection of the lines are awfull as ever, sometimes they have slow reaction when controling the ball or starting to move(also they make sometimes this stupid movement to put themselves bahind the ball that i saw in youtube and never seen in the demo), de defender in the wings are not very good stopping the crosses (not a green zone bug problem for me, not always gettin the headed and rarely scoring), but honestly this is part of the new philosophy of not rushing in pressing you but keeping the distance and letting you to move first (should be improved, but is a pleasure to try and get through your defender without being overwhelmed by tacklings “a la fifa”). Keepers they do parry too much, but as long as they don´t give too many up easy goals i can live with that. Some say the refferee gives too many fauls but honestly this is because i still try to deffend pushing the buttons, so that has to be punished, i have to improve my defending. No advantage rule so far, and there have been situations to apply it. There are things here and there to improve but i think i can wait till next year to be fixed and enjoy this pes2011.

    So far, one of the best exhibition games experience ever (speed -2, wide camera, i became superstitius about it, i wont touch anything back until i´m full confident). I´m going to wait for a patch with second spanish division to start the master league so we´ll see the longevity- still, this may be the one.

  8. steph_wheeler—working on a very brief first impressions post right now. As you anticipate, I think it’s going to be another up-and-down year for me and FIFA.

  9. calimero—thanks for that, very encouraging. My mouth is watering for PES2011, but truth be told it might be for the best that I have to wait another week for the UK release. I’ve got work and other stuff up to my eyeballs this week. Poor old FIFA11 barely got half an hour yesterday, and not much more time today.

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