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I’ve been playing FIFA10’s Be A Pro exclusively—no PES2010 for several days now. I’m still playing Football Manager 2010 and other games, but FIFA10 currently is my only console football game. But that might be going to change. I’ve got my eye on PES2010’s Become a Legend.

Yes, I’m on another backswing in my on-again/off-again relationship with FIFA10. I’ve got to say it again: I love FIFA10’s gameplay, but I don’t love its game modes much.

Manager Mode? I’ve tried. I’ve tried so hard with it. I liked it in FIFA08. I liked it a lot in FIFA09. But it seems that this is the year when I just cannot get anything out of it. It could be due to PES2010’s all-singing, all-dancing Master League, compared to which Manager Mode is like a feeble candle in the full glare of a midday sun. And it could also be that I have simply finally lost all patience with EA’s slovenly efforts after three years of, er, slovenliness.

Manager Mode might as well not even be in FIFA10. I really despise Manager Mode, and when I’m playing it I despise myself for wasting my time with it. I know there are Leagues and Cups in FIFA10, and there is Ultimate Team as well, of course, and online play—so many goodies to be enjoyed, and I know that plenty of people do enjoy them—but I just don’t like any of them.

Perhaps I’m an odd case in the football gaming world. It really is the career mode or nothing for me, on the whole. I’m not one of those football gamers who can play a few Exhibition games a day and be satisfied. Be A Pro has nearly ticked all the boxes for me, but the game world you inhabit whilst playing it is, like Manager Mode, ultimately a hollow shell.

At the time of writing I’ve just finished a pretty enjoyable session of BaP. So I am getting something out of it at least. But it’s not enough. Become a Legend calls.


  1. I don’t think you’re in as small a minority as you think not-Greg – there’s a lot of people out there will be waiting with caution before purchasing FIFA 11 after they were duped into believing MM was going to be something it wasn’t. I’d like to know what the team assigned to MM do all year???

  2. Chris—before ML came along I used to play tournament mode in ISS pretty much all year round, working my way through every team from A to Z. Great days they were too, but after ML arrived everything changed for me and now that’s all I see in any football game. I think there are plenty of us who prefer the single-player side of the games more than multiplayer, and possibly a lot like me who only really like the career mode, but I still think that’s a minority overall.

    What do the MM team do all year, you ask? Assuming that they have a team working on it…. Well, I don’t know for sure, but judging by the evidence all they do is update the mode to fit in with any new code elements, and lower a few cosmetic changes into place, and that’s it. Currently I’d say my day 1 purchase of FIFA11 is in the balance. I need to hear that MM is improved not just a little bit but a massive amount. I know, I know, looking ahead to October I’ll probably buy it regardless, as it’s a great appetiser for Master League if nothing else—but hang on, that was what bad-old-FIFA always was in the PS2 days: a stopgap until PES came out a few weeks later. With such good gameplay, it’s a shame next-gen FIFA has to be reduced to that level again, but for better or worse, it’s looking like that’s how it is for me. (A beefed-up BaP mode would also please me. I’ve really enjoyed BaP over the past few months, overall, but again it’s let down by the shallowness of the game world it presents you with. 2 seasons and no club moves isn’t really a career mode, but more of a concept demo for what it could be. Fingers crossed.)

  3. Hi, lasted less than 24 hours without a ps3. PES is stuck in old console but may sell it on ebay, a similar broken console went for 55 quid last night, and buy another copy instead. Received Fifa world cup as part of the bundle, will check it out over the weekend though I fancy I might grab me a cheap s/h copy of PES before long. Discovered that I’ve not bothered to back up since February though, still starting back in season 7 is better than nothing.

  4. Does anyone know where I can download an option file so that I don’t need to play all the leagues and cups again?

  5. Fuck me what is the obession with ML to the exclusion of EVERY other aspect of a game; including piss poor gameplay???

    What’s so bad about playing normal leagues and cups?

  6. kiwanis—I’ve more than answered that question over the past few years. I think that normal leagues and cups are shit; I think ML is really good. Now I think it’s fair to say our little dance of recent times is over. There’s nothing left to say, is there?

  7. kiwanis – i always thought your posts were a little aggressive… maybe you should stop getting riled when a blog about football game ‘career modes’ has the temerity to judge a game on it’s ‘career modes’ and head back to the lalalaling FIFA forums to discuss whether you’ll be able to change a players hairstyle during an online session.
    Put quite simply, for a lot of people game-playing is about immersion and playing a single season just doesn’t provide the level of immersion to justify the time required.

  8. Chris—I actually think that kiwanis—like the majority of ex-PES fans, it has to be said—mostly admires next-gen FIFA for its gameplay, if his comments here and across many other PES sites (under many names) are any guide.

    There’s a lot about the current football gaming landscape that’s pretty toxic and I want nothing to do with it. As you rightly point out, this is a personal blog, not a general PES/FIFA site. I think some visitors think this is a general PES/FIFA site, or that it should be one. It’s not and it never will be.

  9. not-Greg

    I think you have to dismiss people like kiwanis as his RACIST slurs towards Adam was and is nothing short of disgraceful and you don’t want guys like that infiltrating your blog.

    On a lighter note I imported Winning Eleven Blue Samurai, it’s an update of PES 2010 but SO MUCH better. I was solidly playing World Cup 2010 for a month until this release but Blue Samurai has me playing PES again.

    I will answer questions you may have. PES 2011 based on this game will be the bollocks!

  10. heraldo— good to see you back, and as I hope has been noticeable on the blog all along, I don’t mind a bit of discussion, debate, but ‘PES vs FIFA’ and all the associated ideological baggage thereof isn’t the focus of the blog. There’s definitely a threshold for me beyond which I can’t be bothered dealing with it all. Ahhhh, the Internet….

    Re. Blue Samurai, when youmsay update do you mean tweaked gameplay, radically improved gameplay, or different gameplay? And are the all-important modes all intact – or is it just a World Cup themed game?

  11. Hi not-Greg

    By an update, it’s PES 2010 but with improvements made all across the board which just make the game better. The animations have been tweaked with some new additions. The ball physics are greatly improved.

    The massive improvements for me are the passing and the Ai which really bugged me on PES 2010. The game flows so much better with all these tweaks. I noticed the improvements instantly as up until this release I was still playing PES 2010.

    It is pricey, £52 I paid from YesAsia. All of the Game modes are present, with the new Japan Challenge where you take control of Japan through the WC Qualifying Campaign and to the finals.

    The game is Asian text, with only the game modes in English. All the menus are similar to PES 2010 so navigating being familiar with PES 2010 is no biggie.

    I am into my 4th season of ML but recently I have being playing cup competitions using International teams and I am really enjoying this game more and more.

    Please feel free to contact me if you want any further info.

    I have 2 excellent football titles to play until the releases of FIFA 11 and PEs 2011. Happy days. You really should rent if not buy the WC game mate and just enjoy the improved gameplay, a vast improvement on FIFA 10 which I have recently sold both my copies on Ebay for £46.

  12. Hi not-greg, long time no post from me

    I unfortunately was massively disappointed by both efforts this year. FIFA 10 lasted until about December for me when Manager Mode just became to terrible for me to keep playing. I then opted to go and pick up PES2010 pre-owned. After 2 seaasons in the ML the gameplay flaws drove me away leaving me with no reall football game to play.

    Then came FIFA WC2010. Now in past years I have always avoided these ‘single tournament’ releases as I’ve only seen them as money grabbing slight updates to the seasons club game but given the other 2 football games of the year had disappointed me I figured I’d give it a crack.

    All I can say is wow, this is easily the best football game I’ve played on a next-gen console. As you know I am like you in that the ‘career’ mode is all I play in a football game howver I have found the World Cup mode to be every bit as addictive.

    Fighting through a qualification campaign with the smaller nations is fantastic fun and then the atmosphere that is created once you reach the finals is simply unrivalled on any football game ever. I can comfortably seeing me continuing to play this well after the real life tournament is complete as there hasn’t been a game that has given me this level of enjoyment since PES6

  13. heraldo—I gather there are option files available to provide menus and names etc. in English—see the Blue Samurai threads on the WENB forum and EvoWeb among others. It sounds enticing from your description and all I’ve read. I have imported games before, and yes, it generally costs 50 quid, but if it’s a good game it’s worth it. I have to wonder if I’ve got time to spend on any other football game now in this current football game year.

    You got a really good price for your FIFA10 copies! Better than GAME would have given you in one of their stores.

  14. stinger—that’s a great endorsement and it does tally with what little I’ve seen of the gameplay in the demo. (I hated the cut-scenes, unfortunately, and experienced them as a barrier between me and the game, not as something that enhanced the experience.)

    If I see a copy for £20 on my travels, I’ll pick it up. Again though it’s all about time. I’m a serious Football Manager player again this year, the first time since 2005, and as you will know very well it’s a black hole in gaming terms. As I sit here typing this I’m planning my whole day around FM2010…

  15. The good news is the cut scences can be turned off in the final game (and actually I think they could be in the demo also).

    I’ve also gotten right back into FM lately, loving some of the big inclusions this years, particularly the tactics creator which makes what was previously one of the more difficult to understand parts of the game much, much easier

  16. stinger—I did look (not for very long, admittedly) for a way to disable cut-scenes in the demo. Couldn’t see one. How do you do it in the full game? That’s not widespread knowledge from what I can tell.

    I’ve got back into FM through allowing myself not to bother with all the complexity of training, coaches, tactics, etc. For the past few years I’ve thought that if I wasn’t spending 90% of my time on the game looking at menus and columns of stats etc., I wasn’t playing FM properly. No more! Now I only spend about 10% of the time on tactics etc. (tweaks for each match).

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