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I’m not changing my kits for season 16. I loaded up the relevant Edit menu, but couldn’t decide which way to go. I backed out in the end and decided to stick with what I’ve got—plain sky blue for the home kit, and maroon-and-yellow halved shirts for the away kit.

My squad for the coming season is a very healthy one. Maybe I lack one or two more dedicated AMFs, but overall I’m happy with it. I decided to get rid of one of my young strikers, Chilnat. I first acquired him as a Youth player. He had a starting role for most of last season but never really deserved it. He was always decidedly average, permanently in the mid-70s OVR, which was reflected in the eventual price he fetched on the market: £600k. Better than nothing.

Money’s still a bit tight, and so for the first time I have brought in some loan players. Ronaldinho is a 20-year-old Regen, and goes straight into my starting lineup. The loan deal cost just £2m. And I also brought in an 18-year-old Chevanton as cover for my main strikeforce—that loan deal only cost me £1.5m. My notorious lack of attention to certain wider details means that, as I sit here typing this, I realise I have no idea what clubs I’ve loaned them from. Isn’t that shocking?

In ‘proper’ transfer news, I made a bid for the 20-year-old Regen Pirlo that was accepted. However the transfer fee would have been £28m, about £10m more than I could comfortably afford. I tried to renegotiate but the deal was abruptly cancelled. At least I know now that Pirlo will potentially come to my club. Winning two Cups last season is already paying dividends.

At the  risk of possibly overloading myself with DMFs, I couldn’t resist finally buying the Regen Mathieu. He looks a lot different in PES2010, or is it me? Younger and leaner. And I didn’t really have to worry about getting too many DMFs. In a real shocker, DMF is no longer one of Mathieu’s positions. I might train him up in that role myself. Or I might not.

For some reason my Youth squad keeps generating brilliant left-backs. Capuano,of course, for one. My new Youth signing Ignjatijevic is another handy-looking SB. The born-again Ceciu is coming along as a very decent CB too.

I still had £12m left, but kept it back as a cushion. I hated having to scrape through last season financially. I prefer the feeling that I can pick up a player or two mid-season if I have to, and not worry about it.

The start of the league campaign has been brilliant. Ronaldinho scored a neat headed goal on his debut in my first attack in my first game. Zaki is firing them in at the rate of nearly a goal a game. I can’t believe I considered selling him a few seasons ago. He’s almost become one of my all-time PES great strikers. He’s not (yet) up there with the very first rank of my former ML legends—i.e., the likes of Vieri, Stoichkov, Bergkamp, plus a few others—but if he continues to put away the goals as he moves through his early 30s, he could be. If I do win the Treble this season, Zaki will play a big part I’m sure.

I’m second in the league table after 9 league matches, just behind Arsenal on goal difference. But for a frustrating trio of goalless games, I’d be top. I got through the first round of the D1 cup, beating Boca Juniors home and away. In Europe my Champs League group consists of Nancy St Lorraine, Besiktas, and FC Kholugavinsk. I have played the first fixture against Nancy and won 2-0. FC Kholugavinsk beat me 2-0 in the second tie. It was another game where I felt I was being artificially prevented from scoring. Still work to do in Europe, then.

All in all, things are set for another season of going for the Treble, and this year it feels very much ON. I’ve got the squad. I’ve got the experience. And most importantly of all, I’ve got a pretty good start.


  1. not-Greg,

    Congratulations on winning the cup double last season, and hopefully the treble will be yours this time.
    Your squad looks nice, but I’m wondering whether you’ve seen any wunderkids in the Youth Team yet (I mean, 90ish OVR starting)? Also, have you purposely gone for players that you know (i.e. real ones) or are you just taking what you can get? When I played, my first team had nobody that was real at all (all just youth team players and ML usuals).

    What Ranking is your team now then? I’m sure that’s the main factor in completing transfers.

  2. Darshan—I really want the Treble this season, to the extent that I’ll be genuinely gutted if I get knocked out of either Cup or if I fall far behind in the League again as I did at one point last season (which ended up costing me the Treble).

    I haven’t got any kind of policy on what players I get, no House Rules, nothing like that. I see no value difference between a great Konami player and a great real-life player. I have seen a couple of near-wonderkids just this season that I didn’t mention in the post. That was mainly for space reasons, but also because they’re both still only 15. I.e., I won’t be signing them for at least another season. One is a left-back (again!), the other is a GK. Both are currently rated 87 OVR. With that rating at age 15, they should be pretty special mature players. I’ll talk about them in detail at the end of the season if—when—I sign them up. (Neither is a recognisable name, btw.)

    Re. my ranking, my lack of attention that I touched on in the post strikes again… I’ll have to check my ranking in my next session (maybe later today, but probably tomorrow morning now). I’ll Tweet it and include it in Wednesday’s proper post too.

  3. nice signings, especialy as they are on loan and if they don’t work out theres no harm done and secondaly if u want to sign them next season it should be a done deal. Could you tweet Ronnies stats and age? i guess he is 21 oe 22 all my regens seem to be about this age, very late to come through the youth team if u ask me!

    I’m a little suprissed your having money issues? after winning 2 cups, third in the league, fan club money and all the sponsership deals i would have thought you’d be £100 million plus by now. you get over a million just for winning championes league matches…

    one thing i sometimes do is sign highly rated/valued free agents then sell them in January. All i end paying is half the salery and if they are unlocked or classic players they normaly go for a good price.

  4. I forgot to mention, Pires must be coming along nicely he now has a 93OVR could you tweet his stats also sometime?

    i’m a Spurs fan so i have literaly never played with Arsenal on ANY pro but i have played with France on all of them. Pires has always been one of my fav players i remember back on PRO4 there was a trick that only he and Kaka could do. He always dribbled the ball realy well in a distinctive manner.

    I really hope he regens in my game soon!!!

  5. max—I’ll Tweet all Ronnie’s & Pires’s stuff in the morning. Pires is one of many unsung heroes of my team.

    Re. finances, I promise you I am not running a Truman Show-style hoax where I pretend to be playing this PES2010 Master League career that I’m describing in all the posts (how utterly strange would it be if I was!). I really am having money troubles, and constantly. I’m getting the £1m+ for winning home CL games, but how many of them are there per season—only six, maximum, and not all fo them are wins either. I haven’t sold a player for mega money for a long time. IThe fan club and sponsorship deals bring in good money but not enough to give me the £100 million you speak of. Nowhere near enough. I’ve struggled to pay costs for a few seasons now. I think I only ever really sailed through one financial window with no worries.

    All of our ML careers are different. I don’t believe there is a standard position that any of us ‘should’ reach by point X in a career trajectory. If that were true, then I would never have taken 7 seasons to get promotion, and I wouldn’t still be fighting to win a Treble after 16 seasons—because I ‘should’ have accomplished both after 2-3 seasons and 4-5 seasons respectively. Our careers are all different. I read on Evo Web this evening of a player who’s got over £1 BILLION in the bank!

  6. 1 billion!!! after selling all my players in my regen team ML i had 600million at one point but i was buying players all the time.

    It would really be funny if you were running a Truman Show ML to make the blog more interesting, sounds like a story line from Lost…

    So anyway i had an idea the other day, you know how you always go on about how your such an average player ect. Maybe theres a way you could actualy find out.

    How do feel about posting your savedata? Then we can see how many of us can win the trebble with your current squad… Or if any of us do it before you! lol

  7. max—as far as I know it wouldn’t work, game saves are ties up with individual PS3 IDs. You could more straightforwardly compare your ability to mine by starting a new ML with the Default squad with WE United. In any case I don’t want to post my save data (which includes my Edited player with my real name) to ‘find out’ if I’m an average player—I already know I am one. I have an unpleasant feeling that what you’re really after is some kind of proof that I’m really having this career! Is that just paranoia, or am I on the right track? (My apologies if I’ve misinterpreted your comments over the past few days.)

    If you’re looking at some things and thinking “Hmmm, by now in my career I had passed milestones x, y, and z. None of those things are in this alleged career. Something fishy is going on!”, I think that’s a mistake because it assumes there’s a standard, one-size-fits-all ML career, and that just isn’t the case.

  8. Ha ha, conspiracy theories are great!

    In reply to your comment on Friday’s blog, I will indeed keep you up to date with the default challenge (i’ve decided that means no new Youth Players as well – only regens of the starting squad). Just need to win this pesky treble.

    As it stands, i’m halfway through my 6th season and am top of the league, in the cup and still in the Champions League. Amazingly enough, I’ve once again been drawn with a French Team in the second round. That’s 3 seasons in a row now. Each time a different team. This time it’s Bordeaux.

    Aside from that, I just sold my reserve right back for £18m. He goes by the name of El Moubarki! He does have an OVR or 74 to be fair, but £18m? Jaric and Baumann are still either starting or 3rd choice CB along with Palmieri. They have 71 and 79 as their OVR. I’ve also played the last season with a 2-3-1-2-2 formation.

    Other news of note is that I finally bought a 21 year old Schwarz from the youth team, and he scored with his first ever touch. One for the future though. I found a newly regenerated player at the age of 38, and i’ve bought a 37 year old Crespo as an experiment to see if he comes through my youth system when he retires. That will then lead to purchases of old Scholes, Giggs etc….

    Current stars for me are Carlton Cole, Beckham (in Centre Mid), Vilalba (legend) and Camacho.

    I think that’s about it for the update.

  9. hahahahahaha… i think u have got the wrong end of the stick…

    I’ve followed your blog for a few years now and i have even gone back and read all the posts from the begging. At one point you almost convinced me to buy a copy of fifa but i saw sense in the end 😉

    As a “fan” of your blog i would actualy get a kick out of taking up your ML and playing with all the players i’ve heard so much about!

    And for the record i don’t think theres anything fishy about your ML, what sound fishy to me are the “3 season treblers”

    I’m very good at the game and when playing friends i always chose lesser teams because i enjoy passing it around. my friend get sick of me putting 4-5 past them with spurs everygame. I think i got so good by playing with the defualts in ML and i even use the defaults while playing my mates. I think i’m better against human oposition because peoples weakness are much easyer to exploit. For me playing the AI over the years has become quite a different game to playing 2player. For me it becomes very predictable, its like i learn how to beat the game. In all of the pro’s gone by there are little tricks that are 100% goals like under the wall, tap 0 when free kick is on the line, varios types of half way line goals and just general gamely movments. I will do certain things because i know how the ai will react then i take advantage of that. it becomes very systomatic after a while so i have to start new ML’s all the time to variy it up.

    Saying all that i think this years is the hardest PRO ever starting with defualts and the new coaching LEV’s makes it even harder. i took me 3 seasons to get promoted and another 5 for the trebble. I think any1 says they have won the trebble in 3 seasons is a big fat lier!!!

  10. Liam—the French team thing is definitely a glitch/bug. You’ll be paired with a French team each and every time in the last 16, guaranteed.

    Good luck with the Treble and the challenge, and it’s a shame you probably won’t play this career long enough to see how Schwarz turns out. My Schwarz as you may recall was decidedly average, but I sold him when he was only about 21. I regret doing that now, but at the time I desperately needed the money.

    I was looking at Regen Crespo in my ML just this morning. He’s way out of my price range, but looks great.

    Ahhh, you’ve got Camacho… By the time I’l be able to afford him in my ML, he’ll be 30-odd. Still, I might pick him up just to see if I get his next Regen.

  11. max—thank you, and actually on reflection I thought I had misinterpreted. Glad to hear I was only being paranoid.

    I’ve been looking into the PS3 game save sharing thing, and I think it would be possible for others to use my save with a little fiddling around. I’ve no idea exactly how it would work though, so don’t ask me. Tell you what, I will post it at the end of Friday’s post (tomorrow’s is already done and I don’t want to fiddle around with it now). It’ll be my save from the start of this season, season 16. Or I could post my current, present-day save (nearing mid-season), or both. If you (or anyone else who wants to) can get it running and can play with my Zaki, Munitis, not-Greg, Capuano, et al, good luck to you!

  12. glad we sorted that out haha my english isnt perfect. i’d like a save just after you signed ronnie and mathiu.

    i don’t know if u remember but a while back i posted about my problems in using my game save on another playstation…
    if you know how to get it working that would be great extra bonus for me as i might be able to play against my friends using my ML teams. i tried a few times without any success but i was close. I don’t think it worked because my copy of PES is an english copy and i live in spain, the spanish version doesn’t have an english option…

  13. That’s actually a great idea – interactive blogging. If someone works out how to play it can they post it up? I tried to play my ML data on my brother’s PS3 when I was back in England over Christmas (transported via the PSP), but it said that I couldn’t because it wasn’t my user data (when on his PS3). So not sure how it’ll work.

    Part of me is interested to see how this career will go, Schwarz has already gone up by 4 points in half a season without playing that much. I’m not sure the Camacho I have is THE Camacho or the real one from Atletico Madrid. Either way, he’s a great player, plays defensive midfield and has the same hair!

    Will let you know if the retired players go straight into your youth team – once Crespo finally retires. Though the bad news is that he wants a new contract.

  14. max—I only did a very quick Google of the issue, from which I got the impression based on the first few hits that there is a way to do it. I’ve not looked any deeper into it, but I’m going to try it with my other account (my US demos downloading account) on my PS3 tomorrow morning.

    I haven’t played PES2010 today—shocker!—as I’m really getting into Final Fantasy 13. I’m about 7 hours in now and I think I’m in it until the finish. I’m only kept off my sacred morning PES sessions by games that I really, really enjoy, such as Valkyria Chronicles, Borderlands, Uncharted, etc., over the past year. FF13 is doing the same thing now. It helps being an FF fan, of course, but FF13 doesn’t deserve the kicking it’s received from some quarters IMO. Yes, a lot of the classic FF gameplay is abstracted away, but actually that’s fine with me.

  15. Liam—there are definitely two Camachos. Classic ML Camacho has a proper head of ‘footballer’s hair’ and plays DMF very well, so your one is probably him. I only became aware of PES Camacho from PES2008(PSP/PS2) on, and he became probably my best player in that long career—which is, occasionally, still ongoing on the PSP! I don’t play it as much as I would like to in case I disturb my PES2010 equilibrium by re-learning the habits of an old PES game and trying to use them in the new.

    I have no idea how the PS3 user save data problem could be got around, there’s only a suggestion from a very quick Google search that it might be possible. I’ll have a deeper look into it today and tomorrow.

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