“There is no next-gen PES”

The title is a well-known quote from a Scandinavian games journalist nicknamed Riot. He dropped the famous quote on a WENB/FSB podcast just after the release of PES2009 last year. Today, it has to be said that time is proving him correct. There is no specifically next-gen PES in the way that there definitely is a next-gen FIFA. But that doesn’t mean PES has to continue being largely irrelevant in the next-gen. Far from it.

Today is PES2010’s official release day where I live, but I’ve had the game for 3 days now. Due to a strike by Royal Mail workers, the online retailers sent their copies out very early. First impressions were good, very good, building on the positive experience I had with the demo.

This morning I started another Champions League tournament as Standard Liege. Yesterday IΒ started one as Fiorentina on Professional difficulty, but after reading overnight that many (too many) were finding PES2010 very easy, I panicked a little. I decided that the best possible experience for me would be playing with an average team on Professional rather than a good team. I’ll be honest: I didn’t want to risk having sudden 5-0 wins today. That would have spoiled my whole week of PES. If PES2010 is to blow up in my face, let it happen in the future.


Standard Liege are the team I picked at random to play the Champions League mode on PES2009 very belatedly only a few weeks ago. They’re the epitome of an average-but-decent team in PES, the ideal one for me to play with at the moment. I really enjoyed it. I got beaten a few times, conceded a heartbreaking late goal to Real Madrid, and I’m not going to qualify from the group. Playing PES with average sides is what made PES/ISS the games they were, historically, for me at least. That’s what made my PES6(360) ML career a bit special: my players were all good, but not great. Something for me to bear in mind when I get to Master League this year.

I had to put this game through its paces on Top Player, for the first time. I set up a 15-minute exhibition match, England vs Germany. I won 2-0 but it wasn’t easy at all. I had to work for the two goals and neither were soft. My one concern: Germany hardly threatened. They had one shot, off-target. I barely had to do any sustained bouts of defending in the match. In a 15-minute match on Top Player, against Germany, that’s not right. This nagging worry about the possible low difficulty of PES2010 (and thus its longevity) won’t go away.

A word about goalkeepers. Now that I’ve got about 8 hours under my belt, I should have seen lots of instances of the keepers playing pat-a-cake with the ball, gifting easy goals to forwards, right? That was the way with the demo. Well, oddly, I haven’t seen it happen once. If anything, the keepers seem very good. We’ll see how this hot topic pans out over the fullness of time.

I’m getting the same pleasant overall buzz from PES2010 that I got from PES6(360) a few months ago. No real ‘wow… wow… WOW’ factor yet, and I’m not necessarily wanting there to be one. The best possible fate for PES2010? That it starts out good, continues to be good, and remains good for a long time.

I’m awarding PES2010 daily scores out of 10, Β just as I did for FIFA10 in its first week. I’ll add them up as I go along and keep a daily average, and arrive at a final average after 7 days of intensive play. FIFA10 ended up with 8.4/10.

I’m giving PES2010 8/10 for today.

Running daily average (2 days): 8.25/10

It’s back to my normal posting schedule now: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12 o’clock noon.

Updated: 23rd October 2009 — 14:20


  1. Interesting that you deliberatly played as a certain team to hide any short comings in PES’s play or longevity, surely you should be able to play as any team and still have as enthralling and enjoyable match as any?

    Its strange you saying you havent experienced the zombie like GK’s at all, since there are so many reported instances of it on various forums.
    I really want to buy PES, as i have done every year since PES3, but the more i see and hear the more im thinking it will be a rental choice or trade-in sometime.

    Really dont think it would do any good to have ANOTHER ooty game to have to divide my team between, especially now the FIFA patch is in place.
    Not sure what has made it seem so but after applying the FIFA patch last night, I had 5 or 6 games in a custom tournament and every game seemed even more fluid, realistic and strategic then before, i thoroughly enjoyed every game I played, probably coinciing with me stepping up to World Class and the AI being more relastic and switching to mostly Semi-Manual or Manual controls but still, Im loving it!

    Sorry to FIFA all over your PES influenced post but just airing opinions.

  2. nice that it’s holding up for you…for now πŸ˜‰
    i have the exact same sentiments, i must say.
    got it yesterday, gave it a few hours of play today.
    indeed, it does NOT have the WOW factor as of now…it feels like it could either be a grower (most likely) or blow up in my face completely. It feels awkward (in a good, PES 5 – like way) to control and team and player individuality are more apparent than ever.
    i hammered RODA JC with AJAX 9-0 (yes, NINE) on regular, which gave me some reason to panic about difficulty. then i switched to top player and got spanked by Barca, 3-0.
    All throught the match there was nothing i could do, but not in a scripted way. They were just playing me off the pitch in a natural way (MUCH less frustrating than previous editions).

    To me, the difficulty feels more natural as opposed to scripted, as it has been for some time now.
    Overall, i would rate it 7.5 now. (very conservative and i’m still a litte skeptical, i’m just EXPECTING it to blow up after the past disappointments.

    Some highlights for me:
    – keepers seem great
    – there are definitive response time ‘ issues’ (these are not issues for me though, as i welcome them)
    – master league seems great, negotiations are a bit awkward though
    – BAL handles WAY better with the increased freedom of movement
    – goals and gameplay seems more varied, the whole scripting feel is something i haven’t encountered yet.
    – crosses seem a bit ‘ off ‘ (undoubtedly because of my ineptitude when trying them)
    – shooting as satisfying as ever
    – the graphics are out of this world

    Short version; i’d grade it a 7.5 now but i fully expect that number to clim gradually.
    There’s loads more but i’m off to play now!

  3. Yeppers Greg the post was a bit OTT but still the Quantum Leap stuff was funny πŸ™‚ OK PES2008 is worse but still all the “The King is Back” talk is just total rubbish! PES are still providing us with a PS2 game well into the next-gen life-cycle.

    As the phrase goes – they is NO next-gen PES. If EA retain the gameplay positives from FIFA10 and nail all the bugs/issues for FIFA11 who honestly will bother with PES if its still at heart a jazzed up PS2 game?

  4. Paul—I’ve only had the game a few days and don’t know if top teams are really too easy. I just fancied, today, making totally sure that I experienced a difficult time of it. Call it paranoia after an evening of reading about the subject on the forums.

    By Monday I’ll have moved on to play with the top teams, and I’ll have a better idea if there’s really anything to all the too-easy talk.

    It’s pretty bizarre about the GK issue with me. In the demo I saw it in most matches. In the full game so far, not at all. Too many people are reporting it for it to have miraculously vanished, so I suppose it’s a matter of time.

    Don’t worry about the FIFA talk. My big hope for this positivity with PES2010 is to have 2 great football games this year. The jury’s still out for PES2010, really. For FIFA10, though, the jury’s in and the verdict is a great one.

  5. #1—glad you’ve experienced the weirdly good keepers too. What is going on with that?!

    I’m still nervy about the difficulty, as you’ve seen. I don’t want to overstate it, but PES2010 could well end up standing or falling on that issue alone. Everything else in the game seems pretty solid. It’d be a shame if it’s all wasted on PES2008-style levels of difficulty.

    Re. crosses, I’ve tried the L1/LB cross, and had some success. I really miss FIFA’s manual crosses, which is odd as they’re rarely effective—but this is PES, not FIFA, and that kind of talk is misplaced.

    I’m happy with 8.25/10 for now. Your 7.5 seems fair too given your experiences. It’s not about scores, of course, but it’s a useful kind of shorthand, a snapshot of ‘where we are with PES2010 now’.

  6. I was asked today, Is Pes any good? My answer was simple and emphatic, yes its back to its best, however there was a but, and the but ties in very well with the title of your post, ” but it isnt next gen Pes” and I think that is the frustrating thing for me, we are playing a game that has taken 3 years to get here yet it isnt any better than what we were playing 4 years ago on PS2. Dont get me wrong I am enjoying the game, ive already had some classic PEs Moments, First Goal was a diving header from the corner of the penalty area from lampard (england) If it hadnt of been Approx. 45 mins past midnight I would have done a lap of honour round the coffee table, I subsequently lost the game 2-1 that goal deserved a draw at least. Maybe some of this frustration is down to not been able to get my teeth in to master league ( waiting for options Files) and i cant decide who to be either, there are alot of teams.My thinking at the moment is Celtic, I have this crazy Idea of them being part of the premier league,lol. One annoying thing regarding master league is the 2nd division, it seems to have teams that the programmers have just pressed random keys on the keyboard. I think probably 8/10 is a fair score and I can actually envisage playing this game until pes 2011 comes out.

  7. not-greg i share your concern regarding the difficulty. it seems they have got everything (i use that term loosely, sure it’s not a perfect game but you probably know what i mean) right again this year…if the difficulty would ruin all that, it would be a right shame.

    the game definitely feels like a grower to me. each time i start it up if feels a bit…’ meh ‘ to be honest. after a minute of adjusting it just feels delightful! (if feels EXACTLY the same as PES 5 to me, that game did that to me as well)
    speaking of which…i remember that game having just a bit of ‘delay’ when shooting / passing, specifically in one-on-ones. it frustrated me at first but in the end, it made scoring and shooting THAT much more satisfying.

    i am getting the profound feeling that pes 2010 is indeed a turbocharged PES 5. that is certainly NOT a bad thing πŸ˜‰

    one last thing; difficulty is still holding up. played FC UTRECHT with AJAX on professional and lost 1-0. (the loss, again, did not feel scripted, more like the CPU ‘earned’ it).
    i even conceded TWO goals against Standard (me being Barca!) on Regular when i wasn’t paying attention. good signs…

    off to play more now!

  8. FIFA has been the only game inside the PS3 since it’s release. It really is managing to hold up on serious play, unlike 09, which by this time last year was made easy even on WC by through balls. There are many comments made on the lalala EA forums which i’d like to disagree with. I have seen many posts saying that WC difficulty is just professional speeded up. Although I have found clamping somewhat effective on pro in my Valencia MM, it is useless on WC in tournaments. The opposition dances around your lunges in a very PES like way. The shooting also continues to surprise me. I don’t have anybody in my MM team that can shoot very well, but when using England for tournaments I can really feel Gerrards difference in the shots. Finally I have scored plenty of headers, Llorente and Zigic are goal machines in that department.

    Glad to see your enjoying PES though not greg, I want to wait as long as possible before purchasing it, as it’ll likely be the end of FIFA.

  9. The more I read about the so called revamped Master League, the more worried I get! I have now read on PES fan no stats are saved in your ML career, there is no all time goal scorers/assists and no season history. I always loved the sense of history the ML had, as you looked back to your early days with an entirely new squad. So far it seems Konami has bizarrly tried to copy FIFAs manager mode, and stripped what made the ML special away. Looking forward to the start of your career, it would be a shame if ML is just a non buggy manager mode this year.

  10. Nice post, and I also agree with Jamie… Sadly, FIFA10 seems to be a lot more advanced, while PES2010’s accomplishment is to merely recreate an experience that was amazing 3 years ago. I really hope EA makes a next-gen PC game next year. The hardware excuses are no longer valid.

  11. Not Given

    Spot on regarding the clamping on World Class, the COM now pass and move when you close them down. No longer is it an issue. I mentioned this to not-Greg but I got no reply.

    re. PES 2010 ML, I wouldn’t worry too much. I have tried for 4 days to enjoy PES 2010, I bought both versions but FIFA highlights all of PES’s faults. The passing being the main gripe for me, it’s shocking this day and age when you cannot direct a pass without the COM deciding where the ball is going to go. Graphics, like FIFA are good with so called BIG teams, delve a little further and maybe not so.

    Goalkeepers, OMG they are diabolical. Palming the softest of shots into the net, especially front post shots.

    Not been mentioned on here, but once again take a hold of a speed merchant (Walcott, Messi and co.) and they will run past anyone. I want to play as Barca (who I go and watch 2/3 times every year) but I can’t as the game is too easy on TopPlayer with these guys, and I am glad that I have read that on the forums.

    I will be staying with FIFA 10 for the time being. A year is a long year in football gaming. I turned to PES in March after falling out with FIFA, maybe the same will happen again. Only time will tell.

    Enjoy FIFA, as it is the best simulation of a football game to date.

  12. Not-G and others simply slowing down the reaction times in PES2010 by forcing you to wait for lengthy and dated animations to play out does not equate to a more realistic, or better game. Sure its harder and slower than previous versions, but thats because its almost impossible to pull off any slick moves due to the many inherant mechanical flaws. In fact, so effective are the changes made to response and speed that were it not for the terrible collision detection, shocking AI and atrocious keepers, it would be virtually impossible to score at all.

    PES fanboys talks about engaging in midfield battles, I’m not surprised, the poor through ball mechanics and the complete lack of intelligent AI movement ensures that you will have to fumble about in midfield waiting for the computer to inevitably do something stupid before you can capitalise. Konami have not improved the gameplay or AI, they have simply made it harder by sabotaging the user. It is the equivalent of trying to stop Roger Federer from winning too easy at tennis – not by creating Rafa Nadal accross the net, but by forcing Federer to play with a broken racket.

  13. jamie—in debate with a bloke at my workplace who could tell a familiar story—a lifelong ISS/PES fan who’d turned to FIFA in recent years, and sees no reason to go back after being unimpressed by the demo—I tried to think of a reason why PES2010 might be worth trying. All I could say was, “It’s just Pro Evo.” I.e., sounding like the most dogmatic kind of PES habituee, shading into fanboyism. I went on of course to colour it all in with actual pro-PES2010 arguments, but… I don’t want to say too much as I’ve got Monday’s post to do, but things are rocky. Things are rocky.

  14. #1—re difficulty, I’m getting more and more concerned. Regular feels like Amateur used to, and Professional feels like Regular used to. I played a few on Top Player this morning and there was no attacking by the AI. It was all me, playing by myself. Forget animations and response times: this, this difficulty thing, is the big bone of contention with PES2010 for me. As soon as I’ve got my various bits of business done on the computer, I’m off for a good session on this long night, and I’ll be testing out Top Player some more.

  15. Not Given—this time last year FIFA09 had pretty much started to deflate for me and it took months for me to treat the game very seriously again. FIFA10 is… extraordinary. After my PES session this morning I had time to play 1 match—just 1—on FIFA10. I could have wept for PES, seriously. The gulf seemed embarrassingly huge. I played as Ivory Coast vs Germany on World Class and lost 0-3. I’d just played the same fixture on PES2010 on Top Player and won 2-0 with Germany having one shot (off-target).

    I’m worried. I’ll post it all on Monday. It’s a blog, I keep having to remind myself, that records my notoriously changing moods. It takes months for those moods to stabilise. So this could all change, and PES2010 could still be the greatness I wanted (and want) it to be.

    One thing I will say: if you crack and buy PES2010 new right now, you’ll kick yourself. I’m just going by last year and your comments throughout the year since.

  16. TareX—I wish you could somehow experience FIFA10. Your technical eye would be gladdened, and your football gaming spirits would be lifted. Never mind the recieved wisdom that it all fades quickly (it hasn’t so far for me and many others). It’d be worth it just for that initial rush and WOW factor.

  17. You know I think your right, I know I did last year. Although I did like 10s demo MUCH better than 09 (I despised that demo). I think i’ll enjoy what I have for once, instead of rushing out for the next game- theres plenty left in FIFA yet, why look for something else? I’ll be playing on with MM without the patch though, lets hope no game breaking bugs make an appearance. It’s annoying but I can deal with the odd freeze.

    The top player news sounds extremely worrying. For me PES has always ended up on the easy side- but thats after assembling a squad of Galacticos in ML. I bet you’ll find the start with the defaults as excruitating as ever- if you start getting promoted in season one, then you can worry!

  18. heraldo—at the moment I prefer the PES2010 demo to the full game. I’m worried about the difficulty. In the demo on Regular and Professional I would struggle to score goals and there was always danger of conceding. On the full game, it’s almost laughably easy. I am being forced—I, a totally average player of PES—to play on Top Player a lot earlier than usual. This is not going how I envisaged it at all.

    I’m way too old and pushed for time to force myself to play something that isn’t either challenging or satisfying me… but I’m not at that point yet. I still like playing it, testing its boundaries, discovering what it has to offer. And I have yet to start Master League. Tonight I plan to play a Champs League tournament on Top Player with a Liverpool or a Juventus and see what happens.

  19. Alberto—FIFA10 is full of midfield battles too that often make me feel artificially constrained by some designer’s plan for them to be that way, rather than naturally emerging from the nature of the game. That’s my one feeble effort to defend PES2010 tonight. It’s not a good night…

  20. Not Given—ah, but are the Defaults even in this year’s Master League? I hear contradictory things. I might have to have a look tonight, just to satisfy my curiosity.

    Re. FIFA10, at this stage, a few weeks after release, I’d say it’s easily a 9/10 game. After the first few days with it I was scoring it at 6.5, but that was for reasons off the pitch (Manager Mode). PES2010 worries me because I’m doubting its on-the-pitch qualities.

    This morning after that FIFA10 game I had a lot to think about. I spent the afternoon at work watching the forums. It seems every other post in PESfan’s 1st impressions thread references the low difficulty. Unless they’re all influencing each other, something is up. I’m off now specifically to test Top Player in a CL tournament. I’ve only played Exhibition matches so far. With the clocks going back tonight I might have time to look in on ML.

  21. not-Greg

    You’ve probably found out by now, I had a flick through ML on Wednesday and there are still 2 options.

    1. Play with the defaults
    and for me which I find more appealing
    2. Play with exhibition mode players with 10 defaulters who are youth team players

    I would sell most of the Celtic squad anyway, just like Tony Mowbray will do eventually. A mixture of youth and experience.

    I will eventually start an ML after downloading the WENB option file yesterday. Once I get over what is holding me back, the passing and robotic movements.

    It still has it’s WOW moments, take this goal for example, Champions League match versus Porto


  22. Exactly the same as last year. This time last year I think I reported here that I had played a few international tournaments (on Top Player, I always start with Top Player) and had won 15 games in a row, getting an achievement in the process. Ridiculous and if it’s that easy again this year then it’s just not worth investing the time in.
    Meanwhile, I am now up to Legendary difficulty on my Manager Mode and loving it. The difficulty is perfect for me, it requires the utmost concentration and results can go either way. If you make a mistake, you’ll almost always be punished. I can’t wait to get promoted to the prem and play against different tactics.

  23. heraldo—yes, the full Defaults are available, but they’re easy to miss, which is why some are saying they’re gone. Instead of the game specifically asking you if you want the Default squad, you have to see and select a button option in the setup process. It’s at the bottom of a screen, and easily overlooked.

    I’ll go with the Defaults πŸ˜‰ You get Schwarz and Shimizu and a few other big-name Konami players in the Youth squad.

    In general at the moment I’m pretty down about the game. I think the promise that PES2010 would be ‘one for the hardcore PES fans’ is nowhere near the truth. With the top teams this is a disappointingly lightweight, easy PES, dangerously near PES2008 territory. With average teams, or just good teams, it can still be decent. But try playing a game as any average side against Brazil on Top Player and see what happens. There’s the most puzzling, peculiar lack of challenge from the AI. I’m not happy.

  24. Grilled Seabass—I won’t sugar-coat what is potentially the bitterest pill since next-gen PES2008. I’m working on tomorrow’s post, and seriously asking if Konami might have accidentally shipped the easier, faster Winning Eleven instead of the supposedly rugged, hardcore PES2010 that seemed to be promised by the demo and some previews.

    I’m mystified at the claims on some forums that the game is perfectly balanced. Perhaps in some configurations of teams in some modes, yes (I’ll enjoy finding out), but overall? Absolutely not.

    All things are subject to change, of course, including (especially) my football game opinions, but I can’t see how I’m suddenly going to find it satisfyingly hard again? Will I need draconian House Rules to play ML for longer than a few seasons?

    I’m upset.

  25. Dear Heraldo Se7en

    In accordance with article 99.4 of the collective agreement signed on 01.05.2009, we hereby terminate your employment effective immediately.

    We appreciate your time and efforts with the club, but we feel it is time for both parties move on.

    We wish you the best with your future employment.

    πŸ˜† I’ve been sacked with Marseilles, my first ever in FIFA. I was sitting 3rd in the table 5 points behind Lyon and still in the cup.

    I will start a new MM since the patch was released. Probably stay in the French League with Saint Etienne as the weather conditions in the French League are varied and also the teams all play with different tactics. Hopefully, with a better end result πŸ˜†

    I’ll go with the Defaults You get Schwarz and Shimizu and a few other big-name Konami players in the Youth squad.

    I never looked at the defaults, I just seen the option to choose your starting squad. ML youngsters in your youth team sounds appealing. I will take a look after the Celtic game.

  26. heraldo—when I saw the start of your comment I thought you had lost your real-life job. I mentally put on my ‘best commiseration mode’ hat, then saw you were on about FIFA10 and was so relieved…

    I’ve calmed down a bit about PES2010. So it’s an easy game with top teams—perhaps it’s always been so. It’s too easy against top teams—that’s the critical fault.

    Having the Konami players in the Youth squad is a great boost, because you can sign them up straightaway. Various gameplay mechanics in the new ML should make you stop and think though. Schwarz wants Β£250k to sign professionally, a huge chunk of your budget at the start.

    Not too sure about restarting FIFA10 MM when (and it is when) I return to it in a few days. I got pretty immersed in my Coventry career and don’t want to let go just yet.

    How many MM careers have you got, heraldo! I thought you were Dortmund?

  27. πŸ˜† Sorry

    OM was my MM on the PS3. Dortmund is on the 360.

    The sacking gives me an excuse to restart with new patch. I won’t be restarting the Dortmund career as I didn’t have an issue before the patch anyway.

    I was playing PES this am in an African Cup, won tournament but again put FIFA straight back on. I am struggling to get into it, maybe once I start the ML it will click.

  28. I got my copy of PES2010 (on the PC, sadly) yesterday afternoon, and after playing a couple of exhibition matches with Arsenal, I started ML with PES United (it seems you can’t create a new team from scratch any more, so I customised the strip beforehand – I chose PES United because the logo is brilliant!) with the default players and I’ve played the first half of the season already, and I’m currently joint third in the league (I’ve drawn far too many games 1-1), and I got cruelly knocked out of the FA Cup in the first round (against Liverpool). I started on Regular, but it was far too easy, so I moved up to Professional, and it seems a lot better. I’m averaging about 5 shots a game, with the computer getting about that too, and Guiterrez is turning out to be quite a player.

    One thing I can say is that it’s got me hooked again (I played for about 6 hours non-stop last night and the time just flew by – it was great fun). I’m tempted to try Top Player, though; I’ve only lost twice so far, which is very unusual. I am worried by the COM’s lack of attacking prowess; sometimes they’ll just pass the ball between themselves for ages (obviously I can’t get the ball back), but they never seem to have an desire to push up. I’m fairly satisfied though. It’s the best football game on the PC (Fifa10 has major issues with the control setup and it’s such a hassle to sort of – this is the demo – and it gives me a headache because the camera’s so fluid).

  29. Not-Greg- Nooooo, please tell me PES 2010 isn’t easy on TOP PLAYER. As long as Top Player provides a challenge, i will be buying this Friday. I eagerly await details of your CL tournament…

  30. I’m getting my copy of PES 2010 for X360 tomorrow. For those who think that this game is easy or not difficult enough on TOP PLAYER, in which mode do you experience this?

    Is it in exhibition? If you set the home and away forms to RANDOM, you’re going to get different experiences because of the randomness of the forms of the players. Is it in Champions League? The form arrows work here too and they’re normally the leveller. Plus, I’ve always thought that the AI tougher in cups/trophies?

    Also, do you guys think that player attributes editing or the tactical slider editing (for the opponent teams) could help in improving the difficulty level?

  31. I am loving PES2010 to be honest. Easily the best PES next-gen and dare I say it maybe one of the best of the entire series. I totally agree Top Player is too easy and I maybe going against the grain here but I don’t think that PLAYER V CPU is top priority for EA/KONAMI. For the first time in yonks PES offers practically lag free online gaming and it is an absolute joy to play. Online competitions, community mode etc. the whole game is veered to multiplayer. Fifa10 is in the same both. I for one welcome this as I only play the game with mates and online, due to life priorites I don’t have the time to immerse myself in Master League unfortunately.

  32. Sorry that should be Fifa10 is in the same boat!

  33. heraldo—just watched your goal (I was at work and YouTube is blocked)—very nice, can tell you were happy with it!

  34. Darshan—I wonder if FIFA will ever make the move to next-gen on PC? I suppose the numbers don’t add up for them. Do Konami make oodles of cash out of the PC version? That’s what it comes down to, really, for both companies.

    I’m about to start ML myself and despite all my misgivings over PES2010 (tomorrow’s post is very harsh), I’m really looking forward to it.

  35. patrick222—tomorrow’s post has some detail, but in a nutshell: PES2010, on Top Player in Champions League, feels disappointingly easy to me. I speak as one who very recently played CL mode on PES2009 (as warm-up for PES2010) and got knocked out in the group stages on Regular difficulty. My conclusion: PES2010 is easier than PES2009, a lot easier. It hurts me too you know…

  36. BlueChampion—I’ve experienced the too-easy feeling in Exhibition, Tournament, and Champions League. Not played any other modes yet. If the form arrows are affecting this perception, then the nature of the PES form arrows has been utterly changed for PES2010—which is a possibility, given the wholesale changes in other areas.

    Player attributes editing and/or sliders editing should affect things, but I want a good playable PES out of the box for now, and am only judging PES2010 accordingly.

  37. Georgie—thanks for your comment, and I agree, sadly it seems the single-player experience has been progressively downgraded. I’ll never play online. I don’t have time, and I don’t like the kind of football gaming that makes up 95% of the online experience. (I might eat those words after I play PES2010 online over the next day or two. I doubt it though. If everyone squeezes sprint+pressure all the time, I’m not going to like it.)

    Bizarrely, right now I’d say FIFA10 has the best single-player experience of the two games. I know, I know, I can’t be a real PES fan, I’m a turncoat, a traitor… But when Top Player feels as lightweight and empty as it does in PES2010, while in FIFA10 the middle difficulty is formidable and satisfying, what am I supposed to think?

    I’m confused and distressed about PES2010 at the moment. I just want to get through this week and get my ML up and running.

  38. this is all terrible news… it looks like i’m stuck with a substandard Manager Mode for another year. I’m slowly coming to terms with it’s faults and have even found a postive in the excrutiating form feature – having nearly all your players in bad form gives the game an extra level of difficulty ha ha ha
    At least the core gameplay is superb in FIFA – from the posts here re early PES impressions it’s looking bad bad bad. What an absolute shame, I was hoping for 2 good footy games in 09. It even sounds like ML has taken a backwards step this year which is unexpected and utterly disastrous. Don’t Konami realise that offline is they’re great strength over FIFA?

  39. not-Greg, may I suggest that you abandon your plan to leave ML and get stuck straight into it – sounds like you’re having a tough time liking the gameplay as a standalone experience

  40. All this negativity re: two sub-par football games this year makes me want to cry, but also makes me glad I started my PES 6 experiment.

    As an offline-only player, two broken career modes is essentially the death-knell of football gaming for me!

    My god, what is the world coming to? Am I going to be forced . . . outside?

    Maybe I should take up rock climbing or orienteering or summat. Can you buy quality youth players in rock climbing?

  41. Chris—cheer up, it’s not all bad news as I go into in today’s post. It;s very odd: sometimes Top Player feels ridiculously easy, and at other times—most of the time now, I’m finding—it closes around you like a trap and it’s as tough as the old days. I’m still worried about those easy matches. Where do they come from? Why? But overall, I’ve had a better time on the game late last night than at any time since day 1.

    I have indeed started my Master League, and it was great. I’ll be going into my thoughts about the new features in due course. At least that’s all positive. The new Scouting/Negotiation system is genius IMO.

    Sadly, I’ve discovered a potentially disastrous glitch relating to free kicks that I go into later as well.

  42. ck—I’m a bit more upbeat today about PES2010’s core gameplay, and now I’ve started Master League as well, which also helps. It’s not all doom and gloom (but the news of a glitch I’ve found in PES2010 might say otherwise).

    There’s no need to think about going outside and doing other things just yet, don’t be ridiculous. That’s crazy talk and you know it.

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