The fairytale finished

My chance for a Treble in PES6(360) is gone. I got knocked out of the D1 Cup in the semi-final. With FIFA10 about to herald the (probable) end of my Indian summer with PES6 this year, I had hoped to tie things up neatly. Maybe it would have been too perfect to finish with a PES6 Treble just before FIFA10—too much of a fairytale finish.

Whatever, I won’t have time now to try again. At least this leaves the door open for a return to unfinished business with PES6, should the need arise. Maybe next summer? Who knows.

The Treble fell through my grasp over the course of two matches. First I lost ground in the race for the league title. With 6 matches left in the season I was 2 points behind the leaders, Man Utd. My opponents were London FC. (There is no team editing in PES6 on the 360.)

I went 1-0 up in the first few minutes—thanks to a lame rebound goal, but I was prepared to take it. I knew this was going to be a tough game. The top teams in PES6(360) are tough, as they should be.

Taking the lead in a Master League game against a tough team can be a bad move to make. The supercharged AI that I like to call God Mode promptly kicked in. I watched in horror as my players passed to the wrong men, failed to dribble more than two yards, and shot at bizarre angles into the skies.

Somehow I avoided conceding. In the 76th minute, mopping up after another London FC attack, I played a routine pass out of defence. It was from my RB up to my right-sided AMF. Totally routine. There were no other players anywhere nearby. I aimed directly at my AMF and tapped pass. The pass shot off at 45 degrees straight to the feet of a CPU attacker thirty yards away. A few seconds later the ball was in the back of my net. I was furious. I never reload in order to get a different result, but boy was I tempted.

I checked the league table and saw Man Utd were now 4 points ahead. With 5 matches left. In Master League, if the human player’s team is near the top and challenging, the race is rarely over until the last game. We all know what I’m saying here. Let’s not look too closely, eh? Suffice to say that I would still probably find myself playing for title in the last match. The Treble was still alive.

But not for long. My next match was the second leg of the D1 Cup semi-final. My opponents were… London FC. The first leg at my ground had finished 0-0. At London FC’s ground the match was one of the tightest I’ve ever played in PES. 90 minutes passed with a few chances for both sides. I felt confident of scoring in extra time. In the last minute of the first period of extra time, London FC got a decent goal. No complaints from me. I defended badly. 1-0 to London FC was the final score. I was out of the Cup.

Disappointed? God,  yes. It’s a measure of the roots PES6(360) has put down with me that I was actually distraught.

I’ll finish this season. I’ve still got the title race to complete, and I’m still in the European Cup. There’s a very worthy Double up for grabs. I’ll post how it all turned out in Wednesday’s post, which should be a fond farewell to PES6(360). FIFA10 willing, of course.

Updated: 27th September 2009 — 23:17


  1. I think it’s a better ending that you didn’t win the treble. You don’t want to look back on the golden days of pes6 thinking it was too easy.

    As much as i’ve enjoyed the demo, i’ve drifted back to pes2009 as i couldn’t get by without a football game on the go. I’ve decided to revisit bal and much to my suprise, found myself playing in the early hours with the “just one more game” catchphrase ringing round my head. Centre mid is so different to playing up front, i love it!

    Looking forward to the early fifa impressions on friday.

  2. Something that is obviously resident in PES6 and is STILL in the PES10 demo – passes, routine straight forward passes to team mates, NOT going where the user wants them to!!!!
    User input is minimised and the CPU decudes where to pass for you, can completely ruin games as you found out Not-Greg, which for me is one of the reasons why PES still has a long way to go to catch up with the current FIFA offering.

  3. I feel your pain Not-Greg, a mate and I are working through our final season with Mancs County, were through the first champions league group stage only to find we have got Inter, Chelsea and Bordeaux in the next group, gulp.

    Our league and cup form is picking up speed to and were hopeful that we’ll be close with the treble. I’ve got the mid season negotiations (if needed) to bring in fresh blood but with 9 out of the 11 starters all being defaulters I think I might stick with what I’ve got. How much of a fairytale finish would that be if the defaulters were the ones to guide my to my one and only treble, haha.

    Other than that, I’m very much looking foward to Thursday/Friday and the release of FIFA….however much I tried not too.

  4. Liam—it’s certainly been nice to feel that Master League can offer a challenge again over a long period of seasons. After I finish the season (tomorrow morning, only a few games left) I’ll be having a day or two off football games until I start in on FIFA10. I’m keeping a worried eye on all the FIFA10 videos appearing right now. It looks too fast, and it looks lightweight in the bad old FIFA way, but we’ll see. If I get the game on Thursday I will wait until Friday to post about it regardless. If I don’t get it until Friday (quite likely with the postal strikes this week), I’ll put up a very tentative first impressions late Friday afternoon.

  5. Paul—I’ve often had exactly the same thought, not just recently but for the past two years, ever since next-gen FIFA appeared on the scene. It can and often does make PES look embarrassingly old-fashioned at times.

  6. Aaron—that’s not PES6(360), is it? I think I remember you saying it was the PS2 version. Same name, different game. Editing?! Bleedin’ luxury

    Stop trying to make yourself dislike FIFA! I’m looking forward to it too, I’m hopeful for it being a good game, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no point trying to force either like or dislike for ideological reasons. I’ve found my PES passion reignited too, but I don’t subscribe to the theory that in order for PES to be great FIFA must be bad, or vice versa. That way lies madness.

    Having said that, I just can’t shake a really bad feeling about FIFA10. I’ve spent today watching some of the videos and I don’t like what I see. But the test of any football game is how it plays in your hands. Roll on Thurs/Fri.

  7. Yeah, that’s the PS2 version but we play it on my PS3, the editing really is a luxury, it’s what appeals to me so much. I love chaging the kits each season, having different sponsors etc.

    I know, I know, I’ll end up buying FIFA and loving it. For me it just seems as though it’s FIFA’s fault for me not liking the way PES has gone but in reality it’s that FIFA really has come on leaps and bounds whereas PES has not, time to just sit back and enjoy FIFA for what it really is, a truly superb game. I’m just hoping that what your saying about the videos isn’t true and it plays in the same way the demo did, with a few minor issue ironed out of course.

  8. hey not-Greg, I was wondering if you’ve been hearing the tom-tom drums of doom on the EA forums regarding Manager Mode… people who appear to have dodgy downloads of the game are saying it rains all the time and the form feature send stats sky high and very low for no reason which breaks the game.
    I have to say, I don’t believe any of the whinging I read on these forums until I’ve played the game myself but, if true, this isn’t the best news.
    I think I’ve decided to never read another forum for football games again as I’ve realised that all the little faults that I subconsciously ignore in footy games going back to ISS Pro are screamed from the highest rooftop in threads that just slowly chip away at your enjoyment of, what is at the end of the day, a game… no more forums for me!

  9. Aaron—looking at some of the full game videos, they makes the demo seem a whole lot better to me.

    Re. PES vs. FIFA, a lot of the reflex hostility PES fans have towards FIFA can be laid at the door of PES itself. Those of us who have found lots to like and love in next-gen FIFA tend to shout about it too, and that puts their backs up even more. There are still PES holdouts who think next-gen FIFA is a kids’ game of 6-4 scorelines. Well, FIFA10 remains to be seen, but 08 and 09 were hardly that. As I’ve said many times, next-gen FIFA is roughly what we all fondly imagined next-gen PES was going to be like. (IMO of course. There are no independent scientific measures for what makes a good or great football game.)

  10. Chris—I’ve been reading all the news about Manager Mode through gritted teeth (so to speak).

    I hope it’s not true. You never know what form copy protection can take, and the freak weather/form thing could just be random variables in particular careers.

    But if it’s true, MM has been seriously neglected once again. They’ve just slapped any old shit together. Once again, for the 3rd year running, we’ve had to wait for everyday customers in release week to bring us the bad news on Manager Mode. Why don’t we ever get a full and proper review weeks ahead of time? I’m angry. I can feel another diary of a madman entry coming on. But I’ll wait to see the state of MM for myself. If it’s another dog’s breakfast, FIFA10 is already dead for me.

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