PES Chronicles – Now On Summertime

Today would usually see me posting about all the pre-season 2021 shenanigans in my ongoing Master League career in PES2008. That post will still appear—but not until Wednesday now. (Brief teaser: I bought Veron, and failed to get Ronaldinho despite offering virtual billions for him.)

I’m implementing a temporary change to PES Chronicles. From today I’ll be posting three or four times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; I’ll also post on most Sundays. Mid-September will see the arrival of FIFA09 and I’ll almost definitely go back to posting every day then.

For almost 10 months now I’ve managed to maintain a daily schedule of posting. There are a couple of reasons for making the change at this time. My daily posts have felt very samey to me lately. After 14 intensive seasons of this Master League career, I think the daily posting regime is starting to seem more than a little tired. I find myself returning to the same mini-topics (scripting, long-range goals, Osasuna, the direness of next-gen PES2008, curse you Seabass, etc.) again and again. I think I can find a different way to write about playing PES (and FIFA), one with more variety, and maybe a little more humour.

The overall idea of cutting my posting frequency is to give me more time to write fewer articles, and hopefully boost their variety and quality. Less really should be more. It’s an experiment I’ve been wanting to carry out all summer, and I might as well do it while the sun is shining and most of the football gaming world—me included—has its mind at least partly on other things.