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Without further ado — my final Season 6 table:

Final Table Season 6 PES2016I only pulled clear of 5th and secured that all-important top-4 place in the final few matches. It was nip and tuck until that point, with a Europa League spot looking likeliest.

In last Friday’s post, I said that I needed to stop drawing so many matches and start winning them instead. That’s what I went ahead and did. My record since last Friday is Played 23, Won 17, Drawn 3, Lost 3. That’s top-4 form, easy. Perhaps not quite Treble-winning form if translated to a season-long campaign, but it’s getting there, and it’s been good enough to secure me a shot at the Champions League next season.

Note as a curiosity how I’m 3rd in almost everything in that table. 3rd in position. 3rd in games won. 3rd in games lost. 3rd in goals scored.

I was happy to see some of my players among the honours at season’s end:

Season 6 goals ranking PES2016I doubt I’ll ever score enough goals with one player to match Cavalcanti up there. Wow.

The Assist Ranking makes for encouraging reading:

Season 6 Assist Ranking PES2016As well as Castledine (my Player of PES2016, without any doubt), my soon-to-be-ex-striker, Cavani, made a great showing here too.

Now for my promised end-of-season highlights reel, which is not as lengthy as it was meant to be, for reasons I’ll explain. There are still some decent goals and a couple of comedy moments here and there. Enjoy the music:

I had a ton of season 6 goal snippets saved up on the PS4 HD that I exported to USB to make this video. After the export was done, I made a mistake: I deleted all the clips on my PS4, assuming I had them all safe and sound on USB.

When I plugged the USB into my PC, there were tech issues with some of the vids. About a third were corrupted when I came to examine them. The ones that survived are the only ones in the above vid.

Ehhhh. I shouldn’t have deleted the originals, I know. It’s not my usual practice. I’m usually a cautious curator of my own digital stuff. Multiple copies, multiple redundancies, is my modus operandi. Except for this time. Oh well.

Anyway, it’s still a decent slice of Season 6’s goals, with some of my favourite moments on show.

One of the comedy moments is at 0:59 in the form of a blatant foul I committed on the AI that should have been a penalty. PES2016 is a mutiplayer game at its heart, and thus ‘interruptions’ have to be kept to a minimum, and thus we have a physical modelling system that doesn’t register even 1% of the fouls it should register, and it doesn’t in this instance as in so many others. PES2016 is an ultra-arcadey edition of the series that will never take a high place in the PES pantheon because of moments like that.

Which leads me onto something of an announcement. This coming season, Season 7, will be my last on PES2016’s Master League. I expect to win the title, possibly the Treble, and it will be a fitting finale either way.

For the record, I don’t have any real dislike for PES2016. It’s a good football-based computer game. It’s not a PES classic, but few are.

Instead it’s all very reminiscent of PES2013, which came to an early end at a similar stage (8 seasons). I didn’t abandon PES2013 in disgust, but simply recognised it had reached a natural end (and I even half-heartedly started a non-dev ML), and so it is with PES2016. Getting out of PES2016 while I still have a mostly positive view of it is probably for the best,

And so to Season 7. I’ll be going all-out for that Treble.

What about David Niven?

This post isn’t just an end-of-season compilation clips show, promise. But remember this?

Coy of the Rovers

And the shooting in that game — here are three long-range goals from two years ago:

That’s PES2013.

Remember PES2013? Remember Coynborough? Minandinho? Remember boots, boots, boots? Remember that shooting?

Ah, PES2013 — arguably the true George Lazenby of PES games. To continue the analogy: PES6 would be the Sean Connery — because (sigh) everyone loves PES6… PES2008 the Roger Moore. PES2015 the Timothy Dalton. PES2 the Pierce Brosnan. PES2014 the Woody Allen. PES2012 the Daniel Craig. And PES5 would be the Bob Holness. (Yes, each of those named people have played James Bond in some way. You don’t have to check.)

What’s going on? Am I playing PES2013? Why am I playing PES2013?

It’s the time of year when there are lots of traditions. Huge long forum postings of high-resolution player faces have already started appearing, and will be coming to all PES forums and fansites near you over the next week or two. I’ve never been one to gaze raptly at player faces but I appreciate there are those who like doing that sort of thing. Who am I to judge them?

One tradition I subscribe to almost every year is the Old Game Hypothetical Scenario. OGHS for short.

This is when in an idle moment between the end of one game and the arrival of another, you dig out and play an older game of PES (or FIFA) and enjoy it so much that you end up saying, in all seriousness: ‘You know, if [upcoming game name] wasn’t coming out in a few weeks, I’d be happy playing [old game name] for the next year…’

OGHS works because it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It establishes football games on an equivalent footing with books and movies (because they are). Just like books and movies, football games can be critically reappraised years later, and you don’t have to wait for some Academy of Football Gaming to do it. You can fire up your old console and do it yourself!

I powered up my trusy old PS3 the other day for the first time in a  few weeks. I had come to play the only Metal Gear Solid game I’ve never played (MGS: Peace Walker). Instead I saw the PES2013 disc was sitting in the system tray for reasons unknown. And, what can I say — an irresistible impulse compelled me to start ‘er up…

I’ve played three full sessions of PES2013 over the last few days, and I love it.

With caveats. There’s a need for house rules of some kind with PES2013, as most people probably remember.

PES2013 blast from the past

What made the game a lesser light than its two close cousins (PES2012 and PES2011) were the ridiculously overpowered player development in Master League, coupled with the boots and accessories farrago, coupled with the howitzer-style shooting.

The shooting is still there, and is still sumptuous. (The halfway-line goal mentioned in the screenshot above is here.) In any ‘Best PES Shooting’ list, PES2013 would have to be near the top. (PES5 takes the crown for me, in shooting as in so much else.)

I started up a non-dev Master league, playing in Spain — fully licensed — with Atletico Madrid, because I’m shallow and I like their kits, home and away.

Original squad, because this brief window of time is no time to mess with Defaults.

Classic players ON, because it’s simply not Master League if there’s no possibility of signing Trevor Francis and Zinedine Zidane in one fell swoop.

Maybe my biggest decision was playing zero-bar passing assistance.

I recall attempting zero-bar passing back in the original Year of PES2013, along with a few commenters. We found that there seemed to be a last-third passing nerf where control seemed to be suspiciously overridden in a way that was often favourable to the AI.

This time around, I’ve yet to notice that nerf effect, and it’s been brilliant.

I haven’t scored any goals of note, but I’ve had some great matches. All on Professional difficulty. I’ve played 10, won 2, drawn 3, lost 5, including a 4-1 whupping in the Europa League group stages at the hands of FC Copenhagen, a dear old ML adversary.

Manual passing too often breaks down due to lack of attention, and devolves into (I have to say it) FIFA-style midfield tussles and turnovers that go on too long for comfort. PES has always had a beautiful flow, and rarely gets bogged down in stalemate (PES2015 possibly excepted).

But with focus and concentration, zero-bar passing on PES2013 produces some wonderful PES+ sort of gameplay: short, sharp passes, trying to pull the opposition out of shape and expose gaps to exploit. Football 1-2-3.

You know, if PES2016 wasn’t coming out in a few weeks, I think I’d be happy playing PES2013 for the next year.


NOTICE: This coming Friday’s post will appear at 3pm instead of the usual midday, to allow me more time to digest the PES2016 demo. It’s always fun pretending that a PES demo gives us a great deal of knowledge about what playing the final game will be like.

It might as well reign until September

This, believe it or not, is PES2013:


Just when I thought I was out, I might be being pulled back in. Last night I stayed up late installing the PESJP Patch with Jenkey’s gameplay tool. (Not as formidable a task as you might think. The trickiest part is getting hold of the 3GB patchfile. The torrent never got going, and I ended up downloading it piece-by-piece—in 16 separate pieces—from a file locker website. Luckily, I’m good at entering captchas.)

Installation was a simple matter of clicking an .exe and waiting for a progress bar to fill up.

What can I say? What can I say to do justice to the sheer astonishment and happiness attendant on firing up the old game to find it made wholly new?

Just watch this 40-second clip from the start of the game post-patch. What would you feel, as a PES fan of long-standing, if you started up a PES game and saw this

A brand new PES game, yes? That’s exactly what we’re conditioned to feel when we see new menus, new fonts, and also when we experience slightly different gameplay from what we’re used to. New PES game. That’s how it’s been, year after year.

What should I call this PES game now? PES2013.5? Might do.


This really does qualify as a new PES game. Jenkey’s gameplay patch offers a set of basic FIFA-style sliders. Ball weight, passing speed, shot power.


Adjusting referee strictness is my favourite slider—I’ve already whacked that up by 10%. One of the things I’ve been loving about PES5 is the defensive discipline it imposes on you due to the refs’ fussiness. I’m still experimenting with everything.

PES2013JP in-game

The mammoth patch installs every league you could ever want, faces, kits, teams, balls… I won’t gush on and on.

I haven’t got time to write much today. Too busy playing.


The big question: what does this mean for the lean times that I’ve been going through, footy-game wise?

As much as I’m excited and thrilled and flabbergasted about this development… It doesn’t change much.

It can’t change much. My life has altered over the past few months. Footy gaming is still taking a back seat comparative to where I was before Christmas.

I will go on snatching odd sessions here and there. The difference now is that those sessions might be slightly longer than they would have been. And I might—just might, if I can hit on a settings regimen that I like—start an ML, with the Football Manager database, boots turned off, referees’ strictness turned way up…

The PC modding ecosystem shows up the world of consoles for what they are: painfully limited. The chance of me getting a PS4/Xbox720 just dropped to a fraction of 1%.

I’m very far from being the sort of gamer who enjoys modding for its own sake. I will always ask what modding can do for me in visceral, hands-on terms, when actually playing the game.

In terms of atmosphere and playability, this patch absolutely knocks it out of the park. It is totally amazing. If you have a PC capable of running PES2013 (and almost any mid-spec PC of the last 5 years will do), and you have ever loved PES, you owe it to yourself just to see. Just to see