Wot iz goin’ on, guyz?

The Europa League. The Carabao Cup. The Premier League. All these competitions have bunched up together at the start of Season 4… I’ve played 5 matches in the Europa, 2 in the Carabao, and 13 in the Premier. I almost feel like I’ve played a full season already. Seasons in FIFA20 are true marathons. Endurance required.

My lightweight squad is being found out already. The glamour of Europe has tempted me to play with my strongest team in the Europa League for most fixtures, which weakens us for the following League matches. Here is that domestic League table currently:World Class difficulty really showing up in the goal-scoring difference from last season. I was comfortably on the positive side of the equation last season. This season, firmly in the minus.

My sacrifice in the Premier League hasn’t really reaped any palpable reward in the Europa – here is the group table with ONE match remaining (exciting setup):I play Sevilla in the final fixture, knowing that if we beat them, we qualify. That will be my match of the season so far, and looking at my League progress, perhaps this competition is my best chance of meaningful silverware. This is probably me dreaming, as I have had proper pastings on World Class so far and imagine that the bigger teams in this competition will be just like the bigger teams in the domestic league competition, i.e. bordering on the nightmarishly unplayable.

There were a couple of group matches in the Europa that would have been top of the bill in a hypothetical MOTD-style running order of video hihglights reels. And some great goals too. I was very pleased indeed with this one, a dipping volley from just inside the area:

Barbosa with the finish there, but I went on to lose that match 3-2 after leading twice, an unpardonable sloppiness that reminded me yet again of just how punishing the FIFA20 AI can be. I need to learn some game management and sit back a bit more when leading, particularly away from home, and particularly in big matches. These are tactical choices that really matter.

Barbosa was my first big signing of Season 1, as I recall. He’s one of my triumvirate of top strikers – Barbosa, Lacazette, Deulofeu – who all have great plus-points in their own ways. Arguably Barbosa is the most valuable of the three, as he seems to contribute steadily over entire seasons, rather than in short bursts like the other two.

I’m probably going to go all-out for the win in the Sevilla match. It’s at home and it’ll be a big occasion. Three up front? I’ll see.

The Sevilla match is an opportunity for something. I’ve been mulling over producing some proper video content for the blog. I don’t mean me wearing a baseball cap and keeping it real in the corner of the screen, asking the viewer ‘what’s up’, and screaming about things all the time. I mean something more considered such as proper meaningful TV-style highlights of key matches, perhaps with an audio-only voice commentary from myself. I may use this key Sevilla match as the inaugural effort. Depends if I get time, because time is what video editing takes.

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  1. Is season 4 your first on World Class difficulty? I’m currently on Professional and still very much learning the game.

    You’re right about the season length. I’m still in early October of season 1, and so much has happened already! 4 injuries, one of them long-term – incredible!

  2. NG – proper goal that. Boom!! Just starting my European adventure as I highlighted on Paul’s blog. Big two legged tie against Bronby coming up.

  3. Lloyd – it felt very aggreable to get a dipping volley, a rare type of strike in FIFA20, and one you have to hit the timing just right to get.

    Tommy – first season on World Class yes, and it is showing in terms of how epic every match is, throughly enjoying the pain and the occasional glory.

  4. NG – still waiting for on of those myself. The Rashford goal in my last video is probably my favourite goal far.

  5. Sevilla game is massive, try to curb them with a 4-5-1 and hit on the break or go gung-ho and play a 4-3-3? choices!

    Nice volley, caught that just right.

    played on a few more matches last night, season 6, world Class, 8 games left and only 1 point separates top from 5th, in the last 16 of the Europa after beating Anderlecht in the KO stage first round, and have a Carabao Cup Final coming up against current league leaders, Arsenal.

    Will probably move up to legendary after this season.

  6. Paul – sometimes I get a match on World Class that feels much easier than others and I start to wonder when it’ll be time for Legendary, so it’s encrouaging at least that there is scope for even me to move up the difficulties, PES-style. Think I’m 2 seasons away at least so it tracks your progress. My squad growth will be critical.

    Lloyd – the one at 2:32 here yes? I’m always trying them and they’re so tough to pull off. Right player and right timing.

  7. FYI – I haven’t scored anything considered amed-long ranger for a while now, definitely think you was right with regards to them being nerfed a little in one of the patches NG.
    When I get the ball in that DMF type position, everytime I hit a strike from 20-35 yards out, it always hitsa player between my shooter and the goal, every time.

  8. NG – that’s the one.

  9. How have you fifa guys found crossing+headers? I read somewhere that it’s lacking, and scoring with a header from a cross is quite difficult.

  10. Tommy – I get my fair share. Had 2 today.

  11. Grilled Seabass

    Hey NG,
    Popping in again.
    FIFA eh? Looks like you’re loving it this year. Great goal! Possible contender to The Master League crown? Are those editable kits PC modded only?
    I’m desperate to scratch a career mode itch, I’ve even been trying out NBA 2k and NHL. Gonna wait until I buy a PS5 for my next football game, need those editable kits.

  12. Fucking get in!!

  13. First ever attempt Lloyd? Looks pretty easy to do to me…

  14. Turf – most end up by the corner flag.

  15. Shhh, don’t say that, it’s NG-fishing.

  16. Lloyd – YES! Bet you were screaming when that one went in. And it is a better one than mine I think, with the volley taken higher up and from farther out. Now I have to go one better than you, and it’ll be tough. I fancy starting with trying corners to the other side to players outside the far corner of the box.

    Grilled Seabass – the excellent Death Stranding might well be the last game I ever play on PS4, or on a console. The PC has really taken me over for gaming and I’m completely happy with it. But I’ll still be interested to see what the PS5 has to offer, and the chances are I’ll get one anyway. Or I might just spend the cash on a few upgrades to the PC and stay ahead of the console curve.

  17. Lloyd – Was that on the PC modded version, as I’ve heard it makes volleys from corners really easy? 😉

  18. June 4th, PS5 is announced by Sony.

    There’s a mod embedded in the FIFER mod that makes scoring volleys from corners a given, only really poor players with poor technique and bad hand to eye co-ordination take ages to get one.

    I’ve scored 52 of them this season, just dont bother posting them as they are last years ‘by-line cut back and score from 6 yards’ goal.

  19. Chris99/Paul – in fact, the patchnotes specifically say ‘Goals from corner volleys are, like, the well-hardest thing and accrue all manner of “cred”.’

    I’ll be watching the PS5 announcement with great interest and might end up getting one. Depends on the lay of the land at the time in terms of what games are out that aren’t out on PC. Fascinates me that there’s some PS3-style hype around the PS5 with alleged generation-hopping graphics – but what we’ve seen so far, while good, isn’t that much of a leap ahead of the PS4, and is about on a par with my PC. I’m also interested to see how this memorable year will affect PES Productions and PES2021. Will we see the customary demo in mid-August that’s cunningly rigged to please old-school single-players?

  20. If the PS5 graphics are pushing top edge PC levels then you can guarantee it will take at least two years for games to begin to push the envelope in terms of capabilities.

    I think your eyesight is failing you nG. Just re-read the mod notes and it definitely says ‘Goals from corner volleys are, like, the well-largest thing to accrue, a moaner’s “crud”.’

  21. Have none of you sen this?
    Shows what is and will be possible on PS5, of course the PS5 can only ever be as good as a top spec gaming PC, because its all PC architecture under the hood, but this is a very noticeable leap up from PS4.
    Plus if all the almost-confirmed rumours are true of full backwards compatibility going back to PS2, then it would be well worth getting.

  22. Paul – seen it, and in max res too, and it is impressive, but it is still recognisably computer game footage. Photorealism is the holy grail and it seems we’re a couple of generations away from that on consoles (PCs are pretty much already there if you have ten grand to spend on the PC required to run it). What we were hearing about journalists’ reactions to PS5 footage behind the scenes doesn’t match what we’ve seen in public so far. I would bet 50 quid that journalists were shown prerendered cinematic-level realistic quality cutscenes behind the scenes. What we’ll get with gamepads in hand will be another generation-proportional leap forward, no doubt of that at all, but not a super-duper, paradigm-altering leap.

  23. Chris99 – I would have liked that one if there was such a feature.

    Think it will be taking advantage of the new console to buy a presumably cheaper PS4 for us. Time mini turf had his own and when all you play is fortnite you don’t need that level. Of course a ps5 Skyrim would be the deal breaker.

  24. Sony has now delayed the PS5 event that was due to take place this week.

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