Curb Your FIFA20 Modded PC Career Mode Transfer Negotiations Enthusiasm

The remainder of pre-Season 4’s August transfer window came – and went.

I continued my track record of being Shit-Hot At Negotations. Take this lower-division journeyman squad-filler who was on £5000 a week at his current club, and I offered him a deadline day £15,000 a week with a £100,000 signing bonus:

So, as expected, my squad for the first half of Season 4 is still the one I’d haphazardly scratched together in the last post.

A decent First XI, but that’s as far as the quality goes. FIFA20 piles on the fixtures and inflicts significant stamina penalties, so this is going to be a challenging 4 months to the January window (when I will beef up this squad).

I can report that playing with this lightweight squad is a compelling, fascinating, rewarding experience. I’m only ‘performing’ these concerns about their strengths and my regret about not getting a quality last-gasp signing in August. My squad’s strength, and lack of, is perfectly suited to the exact kind of football game experience I want to have, and am having, with FIFA20. It’ll almost be a shame to change things by getting newer, better players. (I know what that logically suggests, and I am thinking about it. An informal transfer freeze. As it stands, FIFA20 more or less imposes a transfer freeze anyway with those incredibly demanding and temperamental players and agents.)

Regular commenter and FIFAFX maestro Paul was kind of enough to supply another couple of Leeds Utd kits, both modelled on classic designs.

Home:And Away:Here is the League table after 5 matches:

This is on World Class, now, remember. Every match is superb. I mean, they already were superb on Professional. But now on World Class, my eyes are opened. They’re superber.

I have played the opening match of my Europa League group stage, vs Olympiacos. Here is the full match, which at least has 5 goals in it, most of them in the first half – note the curious amount of space the game seems to afford me. World Class is not predictable. You can find the gaps and exploit them. Olympiacos did seem surprisingly lightweight in this match.

And for those who are not keen to watch a full match (which will be nearly everyone), here is a 90-seconds-long Miscellany from the opening matches of the season – including both my goals in a wonderful 2-1 victory away to Man City:

Updated: 22nd May 2020 — 11:10


  1. That gransfer seems odd considering you offered triple his curent wage, but noticed the OVR said ? which suggests you hadn’t scouted him, so the details you were given were pretty vague and guesswork.

    Also, noticed you need to use RDBM to change the shorts number colour for both the kits, if youre that fussed of course.

    Always thought that european teams on the large, are weaker than premier league teams, I’ve just won my Europa League group with 6 wins from 6 games, some unpronouncable eastern european team, Feyenoord, Lech Poznan….. feyenoord gave me a decent game, the rest I twatted. Same in the UCL, the BIG euro teams are extremely strong, the smaller ones, are equivalent to mid to lower Prem league sides.

  2. Exactly Paul, a complete lack of transfer preparation again. For all not-Greg knows, Marvin Loria could be on a massive development spike and attracting £50k offers elsewhere. Sloppy.

    You could consider a youth player only career not-Greg? Fifa seems to have captured the Master League magic of immersion in youngsters’ development. Maybe that would lack the excitement of making the occasional marquee signing but the sense of bonding with your squad over the seasons is great. Annoyingly Everton have paid the £40m release clause for my highly promising CB Abelado (‘has potential to be special’) which left me feeling quite bitter given all the time I put into his development. He will be leaving the field on a stretcher if selected in our forthcoming match at Goodison

  3. Got quite a backlog of goals saved. End of Championship and first few Premier League goals.

  4. Abbeyhill, hows the saying go? Fail to prepare, prepare to fail ?!

  5. The Scouting and Transfer Market is such a massive time investment in FIFA 20 (The off season took ages to get through with constantly checking your scouts and the weekly training). All very rewarding though.

    I have a quick question that I hope someone could answer:

    I’d seen on Paul & Not-Greg’s games all the team banners in the stadiums and assumed it was due to Mods but then in a pre-season tournament I had them. Is it certain stadiums that have team banners? I’m playing as Cov who play at Molton rd (I think) and I’ve not seen them at all in League one or the Championship so far.

  6. In my limited experience I found when I didn’t scout the player (griffiths at Celtic) I had to make the offer. I went too low and they did a not-Greg. When I scouted them, Adam Armstrong at Blackburn and kamara at Fulham they made the running. I got Armstrong for what he was already on (his agents suggestion) and kamara for 3 grand less! (Again his agent, I just had to agree).

    Anything other than full preparation and you look like the poor man’s Peter ridsdale. Shambolic.

  7. Finally took the plunge on FIFA 20 after all the positive talk around these parts. Sadly its the PS4 version, cant afford the PC to run a modded version. Any recommendations for settings/sliders guys? And how are fouls on the standard game, the lack of fouls killed PES for me a couple years back

  8. Turf – I think that might be the same Armstrong I signed from Newcastle a few FIFAs ago. He was a bit underwhelming for me, so I’d be interested to hear how he turns out for you.
    Is “doing a not-Greg” a thing now?

  9. leroy getz – I’ve played quite a bit of vanilla FIFA20 while waiting for modding updates on PC and it’s a great game on its own. The fouls situation on vanilla (and most of the time on modded too, sadly) is pretty poor though.

    Paul/abbeyhill – it was a last-gasp deadline day punt on a ‘Detailed Info’ player but no, not one that had been Scouted in depth. I just thought it was amusing that such a great offer on the face of it was such an instant and resounding no.

  10. Chris99 – it is, he was a very good prospect at Newcastle who like others was not able to get a chance because the team was doing so badly. For all the use some of the then strikers were they should have given him a go. Stats look great to me in the championship but suspect he may be another who can’t make the bigger step up.

    Yes, susie dent has just tweeted “a ‘not-greg’ is when one party storms out of negotiations having been insulted by a woefully prepared second party. From the Latin ‘non-gregorious’ meaning ‘without a clue’.”

  11. Potentially interesting court case Man Utd v sega/si – they’ve brought up mods as a means of infringing their copyright. If they win you assume their could be some trouble ahead.

  12. just read some of the coverage Turf, I reckon Man Utd are being somewhat non-gregorious on this one! Not a chance of winning the case, and another strong reason for disliking them

  13. Indeed, and I’m mortified to note my use of the word ‘their’ – horribly non-gregorum of me.

  14. Uncle Turf/abbeyhill – without looking any further into it, I bet that Man Utd lawsuit is an embarrassing revelation of ignorance as to what a computer is, never mind a computer game. That won’t come to anything regardless, and if it looks like leading to something Sega and SI should offer the club about £89,500 to cover it.

    Lloyd – some satisfying bullet headers and a couple of 25-yarders. I enjoyed the miscue on 2:00! Reminiscent of my worst corner-volley attempts

  15. Lloyd – regardless of that miscue it is wonderful to see Randell Williams and Archie Collins have made it all the way to the Premier League in your campaign! You score such a good variety of goals

    Wary of bringing politics into the blog but Johnson was not-Greging horribly in that press conference this afternoon

  16. Abbeyhill – Williams went to Watford after 1st season in Premier League and Collins left in 3rd season January. Sad to see them go, but they weren’t getting enough game time and couldn’t quite cut it at the top level.

  17. understandable Lloyd, they never got beyond mid level championship for me, but I was still pleased to see them thriving in FIFA20. You certainly are ripping through the seasons. Is there still a 15 season cap to Career Mode?

  18. Yep, 15 season cap. I’m in my 8th season. Just beat Arsenal 2-1 over two legs to reach Carabao Cup Final and I’ll be playing…. Liverpool. A win would guarantee European football for Exeter for the first time.

    More goals.

  19. This was the year.

    I had consigned myself to the reality that I would be jumping ship to FIFA because of the current state of nuPES (not that across the pond is much more appealing, mind). I had my eulogies written for PES, that it had died like the old dog it was, and that my love affair of twenty-plus years with a football game had finally concluded.

    I recall the hundreds of conversations I had with football gamers down the years, most of which went “If you get an option file, or if you’re on PC, you can add the kits and teams, but the gameplay is far superior than FIFA”. Was I deluding myself? Was I looking at PES through rose-tinted glasses?

    Last year’s debacle (for some, not all) with low crossing left the most sour taste in my mouth. For the first five months of this game’s life, I didn’t play a single game. I modded the hell out of PES 2020, while waiting for the inevitable Konami circle jerk of updates to break the game, while continuing to add players through edit mode and get my Master League structured perfectly.

    Two months ago to the day, I started my Man Utd Master League. As is the tradition, I started on superstar, original lineup, in Div 2. The first season was beyond difficult and I loved it. Every goal felt earned, every tackle felt important, every save heroic. Goios (formerly Coutinho, formerly Minandinho) wasn’t the young sprite that he was in PES 2016. He felt a step slow, but remained a predatory fox-in-the-box. He bagged 17 in total, but we ended the season in 14th, with 44 goals scored, less than one a game.

    Season two, I scrounged together the funds to sign the Argentine Maxi Romero, and he and Goios lit up the Championship, scoring 41 between them and firing us to a playoff spot. We eked out a 1-0 win across two legs with Forest, then beat Leeds 2-0 in the playoff final.

    Yesterday, I finished my first Premier League season in 17th, 2 points from the drop, once again scoring 44 goals in a season, this time slightly more than a goal a game.

    Three seasons down, many more to come, but for me to stick with PES I needed those seasons to be amazing. They were incredible. Easily the three best seasons I’ve had on any PES game in the last five years. The pace feels perfect, the AI attacking feels varied, the goals feel spectacular.

    Like an old cornered dog, PES 2020 has come out swinging. Is it the PES of 5 and 6? No, I’m afraid that ship has sailed to the murky unknown. But it’s a damn good PES game. The cuscenes are cringy as hell, but in terms of what a football game is measured on, PES’s gameplay feels the best in years.

    The true litmus test will come in the next few seasons, once I build the team proper, but so far (and so late) everything is golden in PES for a change.

  20. Abbeyhill – he appeared ill-prepared, waffled, stuck to a line that had seemingly been arrived at with little prior consultation and misjudged the mood horribly. It was textbook not-gregging.

    (Note the use of the double gg, commentators differ on the true spelling, yours is more popular in the states).

  21. Turf- Is that double gg as in “He ended up with not-Gregg all over his face”? Actually, having just read that back, perhaps it’s better that doesn’t enter common usaage.

  22. Hello again! Not been here for a while (as usual) and true to form not-Greg is spending his spring playing fifa.

    I recently picked up fifa 20 and I have to say, it’s excellent! It feels much better than the last fifa I really sunk my teeth into (16), a lot of things that just weren’t right now seem much better.

    Before fifa I recently returned to PES 2020 after a few months away, I even dabbled in myclub for some online games. I didn’t take long to remember why I left, why ML drove me away and why online isn’t a viable option for me. Things aren’t looking good for PES.

  23. Hi Tommy, fifa should arrive through my letterbox on Thurs, I’m nuts deep in fallout 4 again! So dont know how much time I can give it. Looking forward to it though, sliders or no sliders, that is the question.

  24. Keith – Some teams in FIFA do have bespoke club banners, but most are just generic, ie it just says team name etc, its also dependent on stadium used.
    You can check thse assignments using the RDBM tool on PC.

    Dan – you are just kidding yourself. It’s great that you are enjoying PES so much, but in stark contrast, its still an extremely poor game.
    I could be here all day long highlighting and providing video evidence of all the things that make PES and ML specifically, a shambolic, tired, dated, stale, hollow, frustrating experience.
    The ML mode is now clearly not even an afterthought by Konami, they just include this pathetic unfinished half-assed attempt because its easier than facing the backlash if they dropped ML completely, which is what they ideally want to do.

    A quick few matches back on PES20 the other week, the latest patched version, after playing PC FIFA 20 for months, showed just how abysmal and laughable PES really is, there is absolutely NOTHING that PES can offfer that FIFA doesnt provide, only 25 x better.

    PES is totally dead to me now, I will never again, ever waste my money on being insulted by Konami’s inpetitude.

  25. Uncle Turf/Chris99 – I brought a defender in on the stoke of midnight on Deadline Day using the patented ‘NG Method’ of guessing what the offer might have to be! It works in FIFA20, but not often, and you pay over the odds… Still in an ML frame of mind.

    Dan – it sounds as if your slow and steady approach is reaping a good reward. I’ve already had the PES2020 experience and looking back it wasn’t a bad one, particularly in the first seasons, but oh dear, Master League… It has taken me years to catch up with Career Mode on ‘the other side’ to the extent that I now have, and I won’t say Master League is dead, as I will doubtless play ‘something’ PES-flavoured this summer at some point and enjoy it, but ML is a stripped-down shadow of what it should be.

    Tommy – this is the first time I’ve played FIFA in the spring for 10 years! I usually have a look and then run back shrieking to PES, that’s what you’re remembering.

  26. Paul – I’ll concede that any FIFA this generation has better presentation, better care in terms of the non-gameplay things like transfers and menus and the like, better overall career mode/master league, but every single time I’ve tried to pick up and play FIFA, it feels like the players are skating on ice. It is to date still ridiculously arcade-ish, to the point where you can do fifteen tricks in a row and not lose the ball. The speed and pinging-ness of passes is just too good as well. You can literally one-touch your way to a goal with Macclesfield Town.

    Everything about FIFA is amazing until you take the field — and then it’s a shambles of scripting (not that PES is immune to this). And don’t get me started on the goalkeepers. The animations for them are like Sunday-league goalies.

    nG – Master League has never really been about anything other than taking a team of nobodies and making them a dynasty. I don’t quite know what’s “stripped down” from it. Outside of gameplay, there was rarely anything of substance to Master League.

    PES 2020 still has virtually the same menus as PES 6, with the same limited choices, and there’s nothing much else there. Does there need to be? A football game should be measured on how well it footballs, not how well it looks or what all razzmatazz it can do. FIFA may be pretty like a girl next door, but it’s hollow. The gameplay does not ‘football’ well. Go to any PES/ISS game in history and find me one that plays as fast and loose as FIFA. Maybe PES 2016? But even it isn’t nearly as frantic as a game of FIFA.

    The beloved PES 6, granted, had a deep Master League buoyed by the hidden gems like Bos and Schwarz and Kaiser. It’s widely considered the greatest football game ever, and you’d have to speed it up to its highest setting before it even approached the level of FIFA’s speed. You had to carefully move the ball around to work a scoring chance.

    That’s the kind of football that PES is renowned for and after playing that style for 25 years, the speed of FIFA feels alien.

  27. Dan – playing a heavily modded PC FIFA20, but I find vanilla pretty good too and not as fast as you’d think. Modded is sumptuous though, one of the best footy gaming experiences ever. And you can’t seriously defend whats been done to Master League over the past 7 editions. Stripped down is exactly the term to apply to a mode wherein you now barely have to do any squad management, where if you want a player you can get him, where the amounts of cash you very quickly acquire are ridiculous (House Rules help but shoouldn’t be needed), and so much more. I remember experiencing regular Game Over screens on classic Master League on the PS2, and today the mode bends over backwards to accommodate the player. I’d place the high point of Master League, as a mode, round about PES2010-11. It’s been consistently in decline since then. PES2019 was the best recent Master League for me.

    jamiey – the PES Universe OF is a good one and I would bet is free now. Although I’m playing and loving FIFA now I haven’t forgot PES and at some point this summer (probably the back-end of it) I’ll be back on some flavour of the series. I can excluviely reveal in this comment that there’ll be some kind of video content when it happens, perhaps even with me sitting in a corner of the screen ‘playing’. No baseball cap though. I’ll start that soon on FIFA20 though.

    Uncle Turf – the beard on my avatar is a bit of a cheat – that russet-brown/gingery beard is the colour I could grow 20 years ago. I grew one for lockdown, and it was stone grey with flecks of red.

    Tommy – I feel like just pluniging in with Another Life and playing it by ear. I’d like a realism mod but I might not have time to get that hardcore.

  28. Dan – spoken like a truly blinkered PES fanboy, everything you’ve said is completely incorrect, and quite frankly, immature, what a complete load of total bollocks.

    Have you played FIFA 20? for more than one or 2 matches? The players and game play absolutely does NOT feel like skating on ice at all, they are the exact opposite, heavy, slower, with a big difference between players, making each one feel unique.
    What level did you play on? amateur? because I’d love you to show me you scoring on World Class level using Macclesfield and doing one touch passes all the way up the field, or try doing skill moves all the way to goal and not lose the ball.

    You claim ML hasn’t been stripped down? That comment right there just shows either how blinkered or how ignorant you are, where are all the in-depth stats gone? hiring of staff, player specific training?, pre-season friendlies, carefully managed budgets, sponsorships, UEFA licenses, transfers are now ridiculous, PES ML is now nothing but a pick the team, play match, rinse and repeat, no injuries, no squad management, nothing to do with managing a club, its a hollow, shallow, stale version of its former self.

    F*ck me, there aren’t even any actual visible trophy in game when youve slogged it out for a season to win the league or FA Cup, its THAT stripped down, you just get the empty blank space in the team photo where it should be and its been that way for years because Konami don’t care enough about ML to bother fixing it, its laughable.

    I’m glad youre happy playing a game with no tactical nuance, where AI defences part like the red sea and players wonder round like zombies watching the ball roll 2 inches past them, obviously Konami still have one type of audience left that they please.

  29. I should add that on the pitch PES has been simplified and made more masses-friendly too. A few years ago I had a sending off in a PES match – I think it was PES2016 – and didn’t notice it had happened (I’d skipped the cut scene/looked away for a moment after a foul). I played the entire rest of the match without noticing that one of my players was missing. The gameplay is not classic PES and hasn’t been for some time. It’s still there in faint echoes, no doubt – see any PES demo of the last few years – but when it comes to release, we all know what happens. I get a strong feeling of PES-like qualities and classic Master League-like qualities from FIFA20.

  30. Paul – Have I resorted to calling you names once in my post above? No, then it is you that is the immature one.

    I’m not a PES fanboy. I’ve played both games on and off for years. PES keeps me coming back; FIFA fails to do that.

    This is what you’re capable of doing in FIFA. Think you can’t do that on the hardest difficulty? You’re wrong. I never play any PES game below Superstar or any FIFA game below World Class, and I’ve done that again and again in FIFA. The stuff Messi does in real life, you can do in FIFA with a 61 overall.

    I’ve been calling out PES on its bullshit for years, even here on this blog, and I will agree that Master League is stripped down, now that I’ve read your posts. But what you consider stripped down is not what I consider stripped down. I don’t give a monkey’s anus about trophies showing up. PES 6 didn’t have trophies. Didn’t hear anyone complaining. And I have all the trophies modded in anyway.

    Transfers? Yeah, okay, conceded, but PES has always sucked at transfers. The last ten or eleven games, every team sells their best players by the sixth or seventh season.

    You can still train players. The team roles is an automatic way of training them, but go into the roles, go down to the bottom, pick “focused training” and you can put focus points into whatever you want to train them up. If that’s not “player-specific training”, what the hell is?

    What “in-depth stats” are we talking about? Player abilities, player skills, team roles, it’s all still there. You’re going to have to be more specific.

    UEFA licences? Simple. Mod the game. I have the Champions League in my game, anthem, entrance, everything. Lest we forget, PES historically has never had licences for anything. Again, PES 6 and the team of ‘Oranges’ comes to mind. Did people care? No. Why? Because gameplay.

    What I consider “stripped down” in PES Master League is uniqueness. I miss the way the 16-year-old legends Bos, Schwarz, Kaiser, Orellano, et al. showed up across the length of a Master League and you could sign them and turn them into superstars. I liked their uniqueness on the ball. Shimizu could turn defenders with his low centre of gravity and high agility. Schwarz had a killer left-foot strike and played like a less injury-prone Van Basten. Bos couldn’t be shaken off the ball. Kaiser felt a dream to play with because of his all-aroundedness.

    That’s what’s missing from Master League. I don’t care about the cosmetics. That’s what mods are for. I want that uniqueness back, that sense of players feeling different to each other on the ball, and I’d give all the licences, realistic transfers, player-specific training, and anything else I could to have that back again.

  31. Dan – I’d say that is impossible on FIFA20, at least, and definitely at least impossible for me (never done tricks on any footy game except by mistake). These old old objections to FIFA don’t apply anymore. I didn’t realise you were on PC – of course anything goes on this platform, which is what makes it so exciting for me, a recent convert. I think your last two paragraphs above sum up why I’m on FIFA now. At some point you should give the modded FIFA20 a try, it’s an exception to recent years for me. And long-range goals are allowed!

  32. nG – Okay, apologise if what I’m writing makes me appear to be a fanboy. I’m not. I’m willing to give FIFA a try. I’d like to know how to go about modding it first, though, and I hope it’s not something like PES Patch were you have to go through horrible adfly pages. This year, on PES, EvoWeb have made it possible to add everything through Sider and all the mods are on their website and can be downloaded sans irritating adfly links.

    One caveat, though, to your last post (which I only just read). Again, I’ll concede about earning money too quickly, but if you set the options in PES 2020 to low starting budget, low transfer frequency, and high transfer difficulty, doesn’t that solve that problem? I’m curious, because I don’t know. I have it set to normal for all three on my Master League.

    I trust the judgement of the people here, but when I look at some of the things you could do on FIFA 19, ala that video, it turned me off playing. Now, if you’re saying a modded FIFA 20 is a glorious football game, I’m intrigued.

    What mods would I need to make this happen, and where would I get them?

  33. Aww Dan, you consider being called a fanboy a personal insult??? Its quite obvious you are one.

    Trying with every sentence to justify everything that PES has had taken away after all these years, and just because you are happy to ignore all the in-depth player stats such as career appearances, goals, assists, cards, development points, and all the other stuff, and slog it out over a 40+ game season to win the league or cup then just see your players sat next to an empty space where a trophy should be, doesnt mean that everyone else is happy with the game devolving over the last 10 years to what is now,an online focused cash spinner in the form of MyClub.

    Look at Konami’s key efforts every year, licensing leagues, when all they are is the league branded swipe that goes across the screen during replays, no official match balls, no branding anywhere else, no league specific adboards, presentation elements, colour schemes, nothing.

    Player specific training, you used to be able to take a DMF and train him in the say, AMF position, and it would take x amount of weeks and cost x money, all you can do now is play a player in another position and maybe he’ll some day adjust, with no plausible confirmation of whether he has developed in that position, his new stats in his new position or anything.

    The game doesnt recognise aggregate scores in euro or cup matches, if its 1-1 on agg in the second leg, the piss poor AI will think its a draw and play conservatively, when you are actually winning on away goals and the AI desperately needs to score.
    AI is so poor overall that playes ignore loose balls, wander out of position constantly, the ball travels through player models, so many other things that make the AI and associated gameplay feel like a struggle.

    All you have done is pluck some FIFA 19 (when we are not even discussing last years game, or playing it) video off youtube which isn’t even your on personal video and criticise it.
    FIFA 20 is a vastly different feeling game from 19, heavier player models, much more of a true simulation, and i’m telling you now, you cannot ping pong pass your way upfield to a goal, or perform 100 skills moves and score on any level professional and up on FIFA 20, if you say its so easy then play it, record a video and show us.

    Then here you are, earlier saying FIFA is a shambles on the pitch and resembles ice skating and in the next breath you want to Play it and mod it.

    Knee jerk reaction criticising FIFA when you have limited actual hands on knowledge of how it plays, then when others back up my viewpoint, you back down and want to give it a go.

    You Like PES, I don’t, even though i used to be a PES die hard fan until I was fed up of being screwed over every year by Konami, you play what you like and I’ll play what I like, just dont come on here once every few years like you seem to and start making infactual, untrue, outlandish claims about FIFA when you have no idea.

  34. I’m really going to leave you two to duke this one out, but Dan – the modding system on the FIFA side depends on a single GUI application, Frosty Mod Managerm that you load the mods into, and they are all available from a few sources that don’t put you through the dead links/Captcha/trickle-slow downloads process. There are really only two or three main mods to get. There’s another app, Frosty Toolkit, that enables you to inspect the game’s own code and make your own changes. I have barely got time to walk across the room what with one thing and another so I haven’t dabbled yet.

  35. Paul – I haven’t played FIFA 20 – and I’ve never modded FIFA once. Everything I’m being told that makes FIFA good has happened on FIFA 20 or with mods. I have zero experience of either of those things.

    Just because that video isn’t mine, doesn’t make it any less damning or true.

    I criticised FIFA and you attacked me without abandon. I, on the other, conceded many points to both you and nG about PES.

    You know who attacks someone without abandon over a game?

    A fanboy.

    Congratulations, you somehow paradoxically pointed out that I was a PES fanboy while acting like a complete fanboy yourself.

    I’ve played FIFA 19 for 100+ hours. I gave the game more than a fair chance. Longer than I gave PES 2019. Do you remember that discussion we had last year, Paul, about PES 2019’s low crossing? I ripped the game to shreds in one of nG’s blog posts last year over horrific AI and you agreed with me. nG defended it. Said he never had any such problems and enjoyed his Master League experience. You didn’t race to call him a fanboy over that.

    I’ve criticised PES many times. Do I hate the stripped-down nature of the game? Yes, I do. Do I find it a deal-breaker? No, I don’t. I’m enjoying PES 2020 exactly the same as how nG enjoyed PES 2019, even after we brought up the low-cross issue with him.

    And if FIFA 20 is a good football game, I’ll enjoy it as well — and say so. I may apologise for sounding like a fanboy, but I won’t apologise for speaking my mind.

  36. Dan, no ones asking you to a) apologise for playing something you like
    b) apologise for anything, at all
    c) apologise for speaking your mind

    But to react to my throw away but true comment that PES ML is a shadow of its former self, by criticising FIFA when you haven’t even played the latest version that we are all playing, is just silly.

    I’m hardly a fanboy when I was always a die-hard PES player, but i’ve always played both games year in year out since 2003, appreciate boths qualities, whilst solidly preferring PES, even during that time I never made false claims about the ‘other’ game, especially if I hadn’t even played it.

    And if you want to call me a fanboy, be my guest, really makes no difference to me at all, I couldn’t care less what you call me, I dont play PES anymore because there are serious issues with the game and the direction its being developed in, instead I play something I enjoy, simple as that.

    As for NG, since 2015 he’s tried FIFA every year and said he doesnt like the way it plays and always goes back to PES, in the last 2 years i’ve defended FIFA more because its plain to see its a far superior game, in every dept, but I championed FIFA 20 here on the blog since Xmas, and now NG has played it, and because its a much different game to FIFA19, much more simulation, realism, heavier feel, almost Old-Skool PES feel, he’s hooked, because FIFA20 is a much differnet game to what 19 was, which brings me back full circle, dont make wild claims and assumptions about a game you haven’t even played.

    I played PES 20, every day, for months, until xmas, so I know exactly how it plays, how bad it is, and whats still missing, even played it a few weeks ago to sample the most up to date patched version, and it was still laughable. I’m commenting on actual hands on experience with the game, you wasn’t.

    With all that being said if you do get into FIFA 20 on PC, I have created many of my own mods, balls, adboards, banners, Kits, camera tweaks etc so if you want to know anything or want any mods, just ask.

  37. Okay, I just started the download on FIFA 20 when I got home for lunch. It’ll be downloaded by the time I get in from work. I’m always willing to give games a chance, and I apologise for getting pissy about a game I haven’t played. I was basing it off previous entries in the series, which was wrong. Calling each other fanboys was wrong as well, so I apologise for that too.

    One thing I’d like to know is: is it possible to change the controller input to PES controls instead of FIFA? My muscle memory for a football game has never really come away from PES’s scheme, but I have heard people say to just get used to FIFA’s controls because they’re far more intuitive than PES’s. Should I just go full in with FIFA controls, or can/should I change them?

    I’ve had a look at some of the mods here at work. I’m definitely gonna install the Community License one to get Juventus and other missing clubs, but I’m not sure what else to get. Do I need the Gameplay realism mod? As I said, I’ve never modded FIFA before, so any advice is warmly welcomed.

  38. I swapped the shoot and cross buttons back, Dan, too tough to abandon muscle memory there, but have persevered with R2 sprint – analogue sprint has a nicer feel to it. Easily done – just choose ‘alternate’ rather than normal at the controller select screen

    your first 3 seasons on PES2020 ML sounded similar to mine on 2019, absolutely great. The problem I have with PES these days is that as soon as your team gets good the AI ramps up scripting dramatically to compete so ML becomes less enjoyable as the seasons progress

  39. Abbey – I’m curious to know how FIFA handles this problem, because one thing I hate about PES is that teams don’t dynamically grow with the player. If I’m trying to build a team of 90 overall superstars by season 10 or 11, I want at least the best clubs in the world, your Real Madrids, Man Citys, Man Utds, etcetera to have a squad equal to if not better than me in order to keep career mode interesting.

    If I’m romping to league titles unopposed, lifting European cups unanswered, that’s gonna get boring like PES does after seven or eight seasons.

  40. Dan – hard to say, as there is no quick way of seeing player stats at the other top teams, and whether they remain competitive as the seasons roll by. In season 9 of career mode my Exeter team is full of 80-90 OVR players but games against the other top teams are still really tough, the likes of Liverpool and Napoli feel almost impossible to defend against at times. Not an expert on the game though – still only on World Class and mixture of semi/assisted settings

  41. Dan – I’ve been away from comments (NHS-adjacent job, and things slowly getting back to normal = much time occupied). Abbeyhill has kindly taken care of your main questions. I also swap the shoot/cross buttons, and I also have R1 as my sprint button. Both aspects of PES-conditioned muscle memory that I don’t even want to try to give up. Although I’m playing FIFA now, and will see a brilliant CM career through to its conclusion, I still intend to play PES again at some point in my life.

    If you haven’t already, you only need the Frosty Mod Manager and I’d say one of the two main realism mods, either FIFER’s or paulv2k4’s. Both are good, with the latter punishing most possible fouls with free kicks, which is extraordinary for a football game in the year 2020.

  42. Dan – Same as Abbeyhill here, I swap the shoot and cross buttons to mimic PES, and i keep the Sprint button as a r2 and make sure analogue sprint is turned on, you can control your sprint speed then.

    Just get the FIFER realism mod, thats all you need, it has Juventus fully licensed with real kits, banners, faces, competitions etc, and the gameplay mod part of it (all mods ser separate so you can use what you want) is very good, to answer your question:
    Im playing in season 6 as Crystal Palace, I’ve reached the UCL final, won the premier league and my team is on avg rated between 82-86 but the likes of Liverpool, Man Utd, City, Leicester, Arsenal, Chelsea etc have all adaprted their squads and have big name players playing for them and still pose a big challenge on world class.

    Going back to mods, there are additional ones you can use on top of the FIFER mod, such as GFXMod for better pitch turf tet=xtures and a tweaked more realistic broadcast cam, and like I said, I have made my own mods i also use, custom kits for Palace, match balls, banners, adboards around the stadium i change each year t match my kit and sponsors etc.

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