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In the end, my roots were sunk too deep. No matter what the bright lights had for me, my heart belonged elsewhere. And so it is with a heavy heart that I shut up shop for the foreseeable future and…

Yes, I am back on my Leeds Utd save – in Career Mode on FIFA20.

What, you didn’t think I’d unexpectedly slunk back to PES, did you?

When have I ever done that before?

Career Mode in FIFA20 is here to stay. I will see Leeds United through to domestic and European glory before I look at anything else now.

What clinched this decision? This moment clinched this decision – my very first match back in the save:

Yes, I know there’s a lot of space for Bessa to run into there. But I am still playing ‘only’ on Professional (modded to the gills, but still Professional).

It’s very tough in some aspects, admirably so, but it still affords a lot more space and time than you would get on higher levels, and more power to it for that.

We need this kind of trade-off in football games between skill levels and letting the human player have moments like that.

I’m one of a dwindling minority of football gamers who still loves to take potshots from all ranges. The goals from that range tend to just not be allowed anymore and so we’re getting out of the habit.

Another element of the mods I’m using: fouls. The AI aggressiveness, and the referees’ willingness to blow the whistle, has in theory been tweaked. How effective is it for me?

Early results are good, but I am always wary of feeling confident that the ‘fouls issue’ might be a thing of the past, or at least a bearable thing.

See the full match below for good evidence of this, versus a really aggressive Fulham side that conceded a few free kicks the like of which I don’t recall seeing before. Proper Chopper Harris stuff.

The moment I started up the save again I knew I was back where I belonged. I’d already made such connnections with the players.

Here is the full match. Worth watching to see the goal in its original context. A football match is like a novel or a movie, with opening acts, ebbs and flows, heroes and villains, and sudden unexpected moments of epic drama and chaos. At the time of writing it could be many months before we ever see a professional match staged in real life again. The world we have lost.

Updated: 27th March 2020 — 13:06


  1. NG – Loving that goal. I’m sure one must be round the corner for me.

    Following on from your last comment on your previous post it’s funny you should mention football management games as I downloaded FM2020 last night on my other half’s PC. I’ve played mobile versions before but never properly the real thing. Not had a chance to play yet but the avatar that the game created for me from the webcam photo is hilarious!

    I’m just wondering about the ease of an official kits file etc. I’m pretty sure it’s been covered here previously so will have a scan back.

  2. Keith – I have everything kitted out and ‘authentic’ in my FM19 environment, and I got them all from FM Scout. Here’s the link to their FM2020 collection. I’m curiously much more bothered about authenticity in FM than I ever used to be in PES. Every detail has to be right in FM (to the extent that if I come across an obscure player whose picture is missing I’ll go and hunt one down on the Internet and add it myself), but in PES I was always able to ignore almost everything.

    Don’t forget to do the ‘Football Manager real competition names’ fix as well. Slightly fiddlier than simply adding team logos etc, but well worth it, unless you’re OK with ‘English Premier Division’ and the like.

  3. Many months….minus one hour of course. Thanks for the reminder Abbeyhill, I’ll miss that extra hour that I might have been gaming but it’s great that we are now closer to the summer starting by 60 minutes.

    Returning to Paul from a few days ago – it might have changed down your way? But today I strolled into a supermarket, asked the security chap if there were any restrictions and was told ‘four loaves of bread maximum, that’s it’. They didn’t have any eggs so I also stopped at the corner shop and there was a full shelving unit of bog roll. It’s a great example of how the media can be highly selective and create a bigger problem – same thing happened with northern rock (whether it would have gone pop regardless of regular scenes of people queuing to withdraw money is another thing). If I didn’t watch the tv I would simply hunk it was an old school Sunday round here.

  4. Uncle Turf – I spotted a stack of toilet roll on a corner shop shelf yesterday with nobody at all showing interest in it, and today Heinz baked beans were also sitting unmolested on the main supermarket shelves near me. This and other signs show we’re through the initial shock to the system, I think. This is still an unpredictable process that could go badly awry. The generation that endured world wars and great depressions and all the rest of it were nowhere near as pampered and precious as we are. How will this country cope with Italy/Spain-style daily figures in a week or two? I had to pick up somebody’s prescription today at a chemist – two at a time inside meant a queue outside and it was 20 minutes waiting to get in. All very civilised and good-humoured now, but let’s see what attritional effects the next few weeks (and months) may have on psyches.

    The world we knew before the virus is already sort of unimaginable to us. The Before Times, where we used to live. Similarly these days right now – the early days of semi-lockdown – might also come to seem like the good old days. Right, back to my copy of The Road… (Although the current situation is more similar to a book called Life As We Knew It (Susan Pfeffer), a young adult book that has a ludicrous collapse-instigator (asteroid hitting the Moon moves it closer to Earth), but is one of the best at showing the process of systemic collapse, and why you really should have stockpiled when you had the chance).

    Get any football gaming you want to do, done now.

  5. NG – Thanks for the link and advice. Not the most computer savvy (but not a complete novice) so hopefully I can muddle through.

  6. Keith – it’s hopefully just a matter of following the instructions that go with the packs. If you’ve ever installed an Option File in any PES, it’s much easier than that. Just unzip a folder, put the folder in a certain place, and tell the game to use it.

  7. Greetings, ready to get my teeth into Fifa 20 now. Just finished a week of 10 hour shifts due to an emergency roster as 14 staff have to stay at home for 12 weeks. The DLR is like a ghost town. Started a career with Exeter City in League 2.

    It’s very good isn’t it.

  8. nG – English Premier Division? Can’t let that one go 😉

  9. Lloyd – fixed the comment placement. And yes, my workplace is a ghost town too, there has to be a few people there for various reasons (NHS support), but some home working roles have been made up, so we’re fortunate in that regard. As I type the Irish govt has intriduced the kind of strict lockdown that’ll come in here some time over the next week, so these Lockdown Lite days right now will be the new good old days.

    And yes FIFA20 is great, I’ve levelled off now at a consistent 9/10 experience across all sessions. I believe Exeter are Abbeyhill’s FIFA19 team too. So much to do in Career Mode as well isn’t there. PES2020’s Master League was so low-effort.

    Chris99 – not sure if you misread my comment – ? I was recommending Keith change the competition names. If you’re commenting on my newfound zeal for authenticity in football gaming, then yes, fair comment. I have indeed changed my tune from a long-ago time when I remember you drily remarking that my old made-up D2 in (I think) PES2011 or so (a D2 with Zagreb alongside Bolton etc.) was a poor comparison toan authentic D2.

  10. I picked up a big transfer for Leeds in the window – one Deulofeu. An anonymous first few matches when he was barely on the pitch, and then two good goals in good matches. I know there are plenty here who like to see standard goals, good teamwork, sharp passes and the like, so here they are – this is what he was bought for, to get the bread and butter goals:

  11. nG – I did indeed misread it, and now applaud you for your demand for authenticity. Good job they didn’t really muck things up and have teams with names like Manchester Red eh?

  12. If the peak of this virus is two weeks away why don’t we put the calendar forward a month, like we changed the time last night, so we are over the worst of it? I know only having 23 hours for the next few months isn’t ideal but getting ahead of the peak would be great for everyone.

  13. First goals from practice and season 1 with Exeter up until January window.

  14. Uncle Turf – a wonderful suggestion and something I suggested myself the other day at work when of course all the talk turned to the hour that would be ‘lost’ with the clocks changing… I went further than usual and said that we might as well reorganise the days of the week while we’re at it. There is of course in reality no such thing as a Sunday.

    Lloyd – in my half-season with Cambridge I discovered that the lower-league players don’t seem to be able to hit them from range like the players from a few leagues up can. Not strictly realistic of course (there are more long0range goals in lower league football), but that’s how FIFA is choosing to do it so that’s how it is. Look for relevant stats and traits in the transfer market.

    I noticed your free kick skills – I just can’t do them! How am I supposed to manipulate the right-stick and press the shoot button a second time for accuracy? Or have I misunderstood?

    And I’m a fellow worker in the Apocalypse. At mine we only have to take it in turns to be present and the rest of the time we’re ‘working from home’, but I still am there some of the time, and I’ll say it again, I’ve often imagined this sort of event happening in the world, but never, ever in my wildest nightmares did I ever imagine I’d have to work through it.

  15. Consider yourself Lucky then NG.
    Around here and city-wide its a different story, no eggs, beans, any types of tinned goods, rice, pasta, no cleaning products, ie disinfectant, very limited supplies of bread and milk, alcohol also in short supply in many stores.
    Queue outside the shop, one at a time, only 2 people allowed in the shop at a time,

    I have a priority delivery pass with ASDA as we get our shopping delivered every week, I couldn’t get a delivery slot for 6 weeks, then last Thursday spotted a cancellation for sunday, so ordered £140 worth of products, no mass panic buying just a normal every week shop with a few extra bits, when it came it was only £80 worth, nearly 30 products were simply not available, out of the remaining 63 products I did receive, 16 had been substituted.

    All the shops are releasing statements telling people not to panic buy, and have in fact limited people to 2 or 3 at most of any product, and stated they have enough food and supplied for everyone, and with the lockdown there should much less people entering shops yet its all a big fat can of bullshit, as none of the shops have anything of any value in, its a joke.

    And to top it off, Im teetering on the edge of being sacked at palace, its all gone tits up, the FIFER v2.1 increased the difficulty tenfold and I’m struggling.

    Did just have a new bike delivered though, just finished building it, so long bike rides to break the days up, as long as this pissy bastard weather holds out and the rain and winds fuck off.

  16. Paul – Yesterday a bloke jogged past me into the shop for his essentials – came back bearing two pot noodles and a pack of biscuits. Clearly a gaming session ahead. In the last week I’ve been to four different shops and could get anything I wanted, including bog roll, cleaning products and baking items. I didn’t want any of them but got a cupcake kit to pass ten minutes. In the corner shop I asked if he had eggs – the shelf was empty – yes, no problem, and lifted a box of ten from underneath. Every type of fruit and veg, pasta, I could swim in milk if I wanted. I think it might be a bit more strict in terms of queuing at Tesco and Sainsbury’s but all the stuff is there according to my neighbour. Lidl only has one rule – maximum four loaves of bread. Personally, I’m happy going out for a walk and just picking up what I need at the local places. I had a very pleasant korma for tea, mini turf had omelette and chips and the missus some salad on the side. You’re getting the rough end of the deal down there. If this is the apocalypse I’m doing ok – I’ve got fuck all pension anyway.

  17. I’m somewhere between the two of you. No pasta locally, which is a pain for me as a veggie, with pasta being a staple, and the fresh fruit (another veggie staple; ironically, I’m not much into vegetables) doesn’t seem that fresh suddenly. Everything else though, no problem on the shelves. The local supermarket has beans, milk, eggs, bread etc., even toilet roll. I can’t wait to peruse all the social studies that are going to come out of this. If I live of course.

    The local supermarket is doing the ‘maximum amount of people inside, and one person at a time’ thing, which means the queueing outside thing, which I saw happening in China and Italy several weeks ago, and aboslutely knew I was going to hate, and I do hate it. We’ve all seen the orderly snaking lines outside the mega-supermarkets. Sadly that isn’t being observed in the smaller supermarkets from what I have seen. The British oddly seem to have lost their supposedly innate talent for queueing. Everybody just stands around outside the supermarket, the chemist, the Post Office etc., in randomly scattered positions, not a trace of spontaneous line-based organisation anywhere. Today there were five people standing in totally random positions arrayed around the outside of the nearby medium-sized supermarket entrance. On approach I intuitively realised this was meant to be a queue of sorts, but I was not happy about the vague nature. It seemed to be one of those awful queues where everybody is supposed to just mentally bookmark their place. Where was I meant to stand? I boldly said out loud ‘where’s the queue?’ and the five looked at me as if it was perfectly obvious to any idiot that you had to mentally bookmark where you were in relation to everyone else and enter the store accordingly. The fault with the system of course is that some new approachers won’t understand that this is an ad hoc freeform queue and will just walk past the outliers and stand at the doors or just behind whoever looks like they’re actually queueing.

    I won’t go near home delivery from anyone except Amazon Prime and even that has already slipped a good bit.

    I’ll say this for the Apocalypse, though, it’s made me appreciate the normal boring everyday world. I might even enjoy going back to work.

  18. I have to say I am loving this part of the apocalypse. Life has just slowed down to a halt, with nowhere to be and nowhere to go. This is how we should live our lives. As for shopping I had a fantastic experience this Sunday. I walked into town to get some provisions from Iceland. There was only one other person in the shop and the shelves were full. Halfway through my shop the other customer left, meaning I was alone in the shop, aside from a guy at the checkout and a fella at the doorway with a pair of gloves on. These are the times of our lives in my opinion. I just can’t understand everyone’s desire for life to get back to ‘Normal’ again.

  19. Darryl – my concern is that there’s no infrastructure to support this for long. They’re already talking about supply chain problems in America and that’s a land with food security, i.e. it can feed itself. The logistics of harvest/manufacture/shipping are starting to fray. I think we can only feed 60% of ourselves and rely on imports for the rest. With however many billions worldwide on lockdown we’re using up our surplus. Going to be interesting when that runs low, or runs out. I finished my reread of The Road. Best book about the possible future I’ve ever read. If this is the Apocalypse this is definitely the best bit of it. If it’s not the Apocalypse I’d like it to be over now.

    The bit I wrote above about the way people fail to queue properly outside supermarkets/chemists/Post Offices etc., is a serious annoyance to me. You see, I can’t actually wait in a queue like that. A queue isn’t a queue without a clear and obvious queueing system in place, where everybody in the queue understands it and (arguably more important) newcomers to the queue instantly understand it as well. I have to walk away and come back when either the ad hoc scattered queue has gone, or there is no one there at all, which has happened to me only once so far. I had to get something from the chemist the other day and it was a tedious ordeal standing with 4 or 5 other people who seemed never to have come across the idea of a queue before in their lives. As soon as there was only one person ahead of me I immediately ‘formed up’ behind them (at a 2m distance of course) and the 3 or so people who’d wandered up after me, and had all looked puzzled as well, instantly formed up behind me as well, and we had a proper goddamn queue.

  20. Good God Paul, do you live in cold war Russia. Apart from the queueing to get in, shopping has pretty much returned to normal around here, except perhaps with the exception of pasta. Made bread over the weekend to get the kids off their gadgets, so if anyone wants to build a dry stone wall then let me know.

  21. Well theres no little independent grocery stores or such like round here, its all mega names, big supermarkets, ASDA, Waitrose, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, Iceland etc. and trust me, they are all as empty as I mentioned.

    Milk and bread has become a bit easier to get but tinned goods such as soup, corned beef, anything cleaning wise, rice, nowhere to be seen, eggs are the new toilet roll, virtually non existent.

    Speaking of toilet roll, I had to order a pack of 36 from Amazon, for 40 quid, as they were so scarece anywhere, and we get through them quite rapidly, both have dodgy guts.

    Darryl – seriously?!?! who would value this way of sheltered, boring, controlled life other than an introverted recluse.
    Himans are social creatures, going out to the pub, restaraurants, weekends away, theatre, libraries, concerts, holidays….. there is no way on earth missing out on all that is ‘better’.

    Since this crap all kicked off ive had a concert at the o2 which cost £600 for 3 tickets cancelled, tickets to we will rock you show with overnight hotel cancelled, I didn’t see my mum for mothers day, its also her birthday next week, and wont be able to see her for that, my all-inclusive 5 star yearly holiday abroad which has all been paid for is now cancelled in June, instead of doing all that will be forced to be sat indoors, with not even the ability to exercise properly, I’m already feeling agitated, lethargic, tired, grumpy, and this is only the start of week 2 – if you consider that ‘living’ then you and I have seriously different views on the enjoyments of life.

  22. I think the current situation is a little extreme but I know where Darryl is coming from. None of the mad consumerism, things being reduced to what we need or might offer a small treat, apart from the tech it’s like stepping back decades, before we were all hammered relentlessly with Christmas adverts in September and must buy pieces of shit. Of course I want to go back to being able to buy a coffee in a cafe and watch a film at the cinema but it would be nice to think we won’t completely revert. And perennial optimist NG clearly believes not as by then we will be slaughtering each other for the bottle caps.

  23. The sooner life gets back to having some freedom and choice the better, we don’t live in the old days, we live in a world of technology, consumerism, and choice.

    Just gotta hope the internet doesnt die out on us, that really would be the end.

  24. The other day we had to have our curry without our favoured naan breads; the others just weren’t as nice. Daily strolls along the seafront are a nice change from being in an office though. Homemade soup for lunch if you can get here by 1 o’clock Paul.

  25. My Apocalypse shopping tip is to get the packaged naan bread instead of bread. Great for soups and curries and they can keep for a couple of months in its packaging. I’ve never been a fan of frozen bread.

    If it wasn’t for the damn queues (and the strangely chaotic non-queues) everywhere I’d be relishing the peace and quiet.

  26. Amazon delivered my new Bike ok, so that gave me something to do putting it together.
    And even packs of bread mix are all sold out here, I have one pack of cheese and onion bread mix so plan on making a cheese, tomato and chicken stromboli bread later in the week, and home mad soups are always good Chris, what flavour?

    As a change of style away from the pick up and play of FIFA, I’m also playing Cities: Skylines on PS4, planning a city, building roads, power supplies, water supplies, deciding taxes, developing districts etc provides that little extra bit of brain usage thats needed at times like this.

  27. Enough carrot and coriander for three days. Last week was mushroom early doors and then Nana’s Magic Soup (Tesco recipe) in the latter half.

    I can see you turning into that bloke from Southampton who ran about 1200 laps of a tiny triangular course in his back garden in order to do a marathon.

  28. Milton Keynes – obviously home of uk preppers. Short of attempting a Yottam Ottolenghi recipe we have more than enough of everything imaginable. If they found a way to restore sport and allow cafes to open I think I could live like this permanently. And I haven’t been in a queue so I can’t comment.

    Cobh ramblers finished in the playoffs but lost in the semis. Better than expected by the board but there’s no money, no real decent players, it’s single digit ability stuff where you could sack the lot and recruit an entirely new team from frees just as good. I’m holding out hope for that wonderkid but the scouts are so shit as well and I can only search in Ireland. It really doesn’t get much more foot of the ladder than this.

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