The Sixth Sense

Today’s post is the 6th in a row on the topic of FIFA20 (on PC, and modded, but it’s still FIFA) and about how much I love it. Six posts and six ringing endorsements. 9-9-9-9-9-9 would be my scores within each post for FIFA20. I’d chuck a few 10s into the mix but they’d leave me nowhere else to go.

Traditionally by now in all my FIFA escapades in recent years, the cracks are starting to show. But I have to look very hard for cracks at the moment. There are a couple of things, I suppose. The woodwork is incredibly often the AI’s last line of defence – much more so than would reasonably be expected. And there’s the low fouls count.

But cracks that widen into chasms, with me standing on one side and FIFA on the other, and PES rising like a torrent in the middle to claim me back?

Not happening it seems. Not this year. Not this FIFA.I switched to the new formation seen above prior to a match away at Middlesbrough, which I expected to be tough and it was (1-1 it ended). While I’m playing on Professional I want to make the most of the chances created, hence the two strikers and the advanced position for Hernandez.

Interestingly, since this shakeup of the formation, Hernandez hasn’t even got close to a long-ranger. And it’s not for want of trying. I have experienced an agreeable feeling of session variance on FIFA20 in recent days. My most recent session of 6 matches featured zero long-rangers, and it felt as if the game was actively working to prevent me even attempting them. I welcome this, needless to say, as the value of long-rangers lies in relative scarcity.

The table with 5 matches of Season 1 left to play:Professional difficulty continues to give me really good games. The top sides of the division are tough as nails to play against. I mean the likes of Huddersfield and Blackburn and all the teams on my coattails.

How is Career Mode holding up? Very well indeed. I actually keep forgetting to do all the things in it that I can do if I want to – a good sign, really, as it shows that I’m allowed to just motor along from match to match (a la Master League) if that’s what I want to do. But there’s training, press conferences, scouting, Youths to regularly check in on, and a whole load of email chatter with disgruntled players and other interested parties. It feels like a living breathing world.

Sod it, I’m giving FIFA20 a fat 10/10 for this post. Not intended as a final score by any means. Just an indicator of the stylish, swashbuckling entry it has made into my footy gaming life.

Here are three little cliplets from my most recent session. No fantabulous goals in this one.

The 1st clip is what can happen at some stadia when the Broadcast mod settings need to be changed.

2nd clip is the only goal my long-range king, Hernandez, has scored in the last two sessions.

3rd clip is what can happen in FIFA20 when you get your button-timings all wrong. Yes, I know PES often punished it in the same kind of way – but not often enough for my refashioned tastes.

As I put this post to bed I am starting to poke around with the RDBM (Revolution Database Manager). It’s essentially a toolset that permits the modification of any value within the game – including referee strictness. This might be a more straightforward avenue to explore the fouls issue with than the more forbidding Frosty Editor. Expect thoughts on Friday.

Updated: 11th February 2020 — 01:00


  1. NG – watched your video earlier when it popped up, you can do a similar thing with GeoForce Ansel, if you have a compatible GFX card, the 1660ti is, which lets you fly a free-camera around the stadium, zooming in, moving at will, can get some really nice screens from it.

    Still a 9/10 at least for me in pretty much every session, I’m hovering around 5th in season 2, approaching Christmas, hadn’t lost a game in 12 matches, drew a few but hadn’t lost, then wen to Anfield and Liverpool, who are struggling in 8th, smacked me 3-1 with a very tight, tense game at 1-1 until late on then a Salah solo effort in which he ultra-realistically dribbled through 2 of my players in tight space before finishing low and hard, then a soft penalty which he also bagged.

    I see you haven’t used any of the Championship TV Logo overlay Mods i sent you.

    Have fun with RDBM, theres lots to tinker with.

  2. Paul – almost scared to tinker with a winning setup right now, the old saying of if it ain’t broke etc. Why I haven’t dug into Frosty yet. Too busy loving the meal I have! The logos are just cosmetic though so I will pop them on later.

  3. Theres not really much you can change that affects the core gameplay with RDBM, its all database stuff, so you can increase your scout level from 2 stars to 4 stars, set players retirement dates back or forward, choose whether they regen, move fixtures to different calendar dates, change players appearance, if you wanted you can adjust their skills and traits, so you could wait until Hernandez is gone and give one of your other players the long range shots trait, or you can enable graphical features like the Pyro cannons when you score, confetti on the pitch etc.

    RDBM doesn’t do frosty levels of game play tinkering, so you’d be safe.

  4. Theres a new FIFA Title update for PC, do NOT update yet as mods will stop working.

    Turn off auto game updates in Origin if you haven’t already

  5. Paul – cheers for the warning, I do have auto-update on but I’ll nip it in the bud later before it updates.

    I would never use RDBM to change scout levels or finagle a new Hernandez, I’ve always thought things like that have to emerge organically from the game designer’s vision. The cosmetic stuff and the ref strictness and similar, now there I am interested.

  6. Yeah I knew you wouldn’t want to mess with key game attributes, has to remain pure, otherwise it’s like replaying a match you lost, but just giving an idea of what RDBM does and doesn’t cater for.

    Busy night last night, so didn’t get to play but will be back on it tonight.

    Been reading the discord servers for the FIFER realism Mod, he’s close to releasing V2, with a ton of changes, one of them being the referee’s being re-worked, he was asking opinions on discord about how the ref and fouls should change, more or less fouls, card strictness etc, still amazes me that some of them said there were too many fouls and to be reduced!!!!!! *rolls eyes*

    Overwhelming majority of people though said the AI tackling aggression and ref fouls needed increasing so looks like this will be covered in his V2 realism mod release.

    I also asked about the player name fade indicator, doesn’t seem to be any facility to change it unfortunately.

  7. Paul – thanks for keeping an eye out for the player name fade thing, but I think I’m adjusting and adapting now. It’d still be nice to have the indicator always-on, particularly in defence (it only shows up at all when a player has the ball), but it’s not a massive issue for me now. Somewhere somehow there’s a line of code that changes it and I might find it one day, but I am STILL in the ‘playing intensively with the mods I’ve got’ zone.

    Speaking of which, last night my Origin updated stealthily in the background before I noticed it had done it. On fibre internet it took 1 minute. So of course the CM mod splash screen doesn’t appear and I’m left wondering what to do. I didn’t even try to load my Leeds save. I’ll resume that when Fifer updates. I loaded a few old saves instead – a Champions League one and a tentative first CM I made with a minnow in the Irish Premier – and played a few games of them, and bloody loved them too. Part of the post-PES fallut for me is the change in my expectations and habits in football gaming. I can move it around and mix it up session to session. The old Master League rhythm doesn’t have to apply.

    Can report that Broadcast mod still works with the new update. The CM mod doesn’t. And I don’t think the gameplay mod worked either. Play seemed that touch zippier and faster. I’d still give that session on probable-Vanilla a sturdy 9/10 though, really enjoyable.

  8. NG – those pesky Origin auto-updates caught me out once before too, I did the same, just played some Ultimate Team until the Mod was updated.

    The Broadcast Cam mod will work regardless as its just camera settings, the main mods though are embedded with SDK codes that the mod creators update each time there is a patch to make the mods work again with the latest FIFA title update, if your Guardiola CM Mod splash screen hasn’t loaded then the mod hasnt loaded, good news is though that FIFERS 2.0 updated Mod which works with new title update is due out today or tomorrow, for Patreon subscribers, or free to the public in a few days, but is worth the $2 (£1.54) to grab then just cancel the Patreon subscription right after.

    At least you can be up and running again very soon.

  9. For the PC uninitiated, we’re currently in a holding pattern while we wait for updated mods following an EA update to the game – one of the inevitable hazards of PC gaming for a ‘live’ current release game, unfortunately, and one that affects the PES side too of course.

    So tomorrow’s post will not feature the Leeds save that has been stunning me with its quality, but another ‘vanilla’ save that I started in order to play at times like this. I’ll post a full match from that that I think showcases the differences between modded/vanilla very well indeed. It’s faster and lighter in vanilla, and the crazy thing is, still a good game, but modded is better.

  10. Unless you had the sense to turn off auto updates like me then you can continue happily along in modded career world bliss 😉

  11. Paul – I signed up for the early release, I can see it’s still pending… Bit worried about the new gameplay mod, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with his 1.3. Things that are fixed despite not being broken… Wish I’d been quick enough to prevent all updates forever now, as I’d have been more than happy to stay on 1.3 indefinitely.

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