Will no one think of the Title

In Season 8 of my PES2020 Master League career I won the league title on the last day, with a 2-2 draw from my final match.

And I needed that point. Man Cty would have won the league if I’d lost or they’d won their match, but they could only draw their match as well.I was away to Wolves for that final match. Mental muscle memory still thinks of ‘Wolves away’ as an easy game, but it’s not so at the moment, in real or virtual life.

I was 0-1 down for a long time, got it back to 1-1 midway through the second half, then, pushing for the winner I thought I’d need, I sloppily allowed Wolves to get a second goal in the 80th minute, making it 2-1 to them. Time ebbed away and I thought the title had gone. Then as the 90th minute approached I had a chance to break, and got the equaliser.

It’s the second goal of the two on show here. The first goal from van Persie, in another match of the same session, was probably the best goal of my run-in session as a whole:

The final table shows how tight it was at the end. My one extra draw – the Wolves draw – was the difference.

I only had 3 players in the Team of the Season, which is a strong indicator of me squeaking to this title:From the above screen I allowed the game to progress to the next day, waited for it to complete its Autosave, and turned it off on the PS4 for the final time for the foreseeable future.

I’ve learned never to say ‘never’ when it comes to any PES on any platform. History shows there is a good chance I will return to the PS4 platform and possibly this exact save, at some point in the rest of the footy game year – which, let us remind ourselves, has a whole EIGHT MONTHS remaining in it.

Thoughts about PES2020? I will be doing my proper End of Year Review in August as usual, but I think I can say right now that my thoughts on PES2020 are mixed, to say the least.

On one level, a fantastic football game. If the history of the series wasn’t hanging over it (as it ever does), I wouldn’t know that it was fundamentally flawed in a couple of ways. I’m talking about fouls, and I’m talking about long-range shooting.

Pretty much everything else in the game is fine, brilliant in fact, but these two things (fouls, and long-range shooting) being ‘problematic’, undermines everything else.

Fouls can be OK in PES2020, sometimes, which by modern standards means having 2 or 3 in a 10-minute match, but these are the rarest of rare matches for me. Fouls are not OK often enough for them to actually be OK, if you catch my drift.

Long-range shooting is never OK. The joy of letting one rip from more 25+ virtual yards is significantly tempered, to put it pissing mildly, by the fact that maybe 1 in 200 such shots has a chance of actually going in.

These two areas of the game, of course – as discussed at great length not just this year but for all recent years – bear all the hallmarks of deliberate ‘balancing’ for online play.

As long as the online Pachinko machine is grinding away, no-fouls and no-long-rangers is what we single-players have to put up with. And it royally sucks.

So I finally feel forced to head elsewhere and look for other solutions. I set off now to a new platform with modding capabilities. I am talking about the PC platform.

I am looking for gameplay, above all else. Modding for cosmetic reasons is nice, and will be indulged in (because, why not), but it isn’t the prime inspiration.

PC-phobes needn’t worry. The post content will be roughly 5% PC talk and 95% what I actually do in the actual football games.

PES and FIFA are both likely to appear – and they don’t have to be of the 2020 vintage, you know… There may also be some Football Manager shenanigans.

It’ll be something different for the blog, which has been essentially the same for 13 years now, so let’s see where it goes.

Farewell – for now, perhaps – to the PS4 incarnation of PES2020. I’m tempted to give it a provisional score…

Actually, what the hell, I will. 8/10, for now, and that’s a little bit generous considering how much of a grump no-fouls and no-long-rangers puts me in. The game’s real score will come when all the dust has settled in August.

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  1. Will look forward to the PC exploits, one thing I’ve learned since xmas is that I spend way too much time tinkering with modding the game than actually playing it, so easy to get into that loop of fiddling, testing, re-tweaking, testing again, hours, even days go by without having actually played a proper match.

    Fitting way to finish up with PES20 on the PS4, with a title win, congrats!
    Wheres that trophy though ? 😉

    If I was to score PES20 it would be a 6/10. and thats generous.
    Sublime game play and animations, but severely let down by abysmal almost condescending presentation, audio, lack of any substance in ML yet again, and of course,fouls and long range goals.

    SO many options for modding FIFA, as previously mentioned, the FIFER realism mod latest ver, comes with the career mode mode, and a separate game play mod, which is optional, you can use both, or just the career mode focused mod, still trying it out and testing it, theres a hell of alot being modded though, so caution needs applying that it all works as its meant to, I have seen a few odd quirks so far, and experienced a few crashes.

  2. Paul – I can’t wait for the PC phase of this year, the PS4 is a Death Stranding machine only for now.

    I take it the Fifer mod is itself modular? I.e. the CM mods are separate from the gameplay stuff. If it’s on the Frosty mod manager side then it must be.

    I dithered over a 7 at this stage for PES2020 but those early seasons were great. It’s when you have good players and some expertise with the game that the added dimensions of fouls and long rangers are required and yet again they’re missing, and always will be. And ML is worse than last year if anything. That business of making the player go to see the latest team/world news means of course that the player sometimes or often doesn’t. Making the world even less immersive. Definitely the 2nd or 3rd best nuPES for me at this stage, but we will see what the PC brings.

  3. NG – Yeah the FIFER mods are on Patreon, or i’m happy to zip up all my mods and send them over in one big file for you.
    There is the career mode realism mod, and a gameplay mod, both are individual mods that you can run individually or in Tandem.

    I also have the AndyF Mod, the Paulvk4 mod, the GFX Mods for turf patterns etc, plus my own broadcast camera mod, and I’ve now figured out how to create tv logo overlays for sky sports, BT Sports, etc, so happy to send over anything there you want.

    Plus my ReShade mods I created for enhanced pitch LOD and colour.
    will get some screenshots done.

    PES20 ML was the worst for some time, those pointless waste of time cutscenes had zero impact on the game and all the jumping between menus was chaotic and counter productive

  4. Paul — I’m downloading FIFER’s realism mod as I type… it’s one of the dodgiest landing pages I’ve ever seen but one of the most ambitious mods I’ve ever seen as well. I’ll give it a quick go and post back.

    Please do send over your own mods as well. I assume these are all via Frosty Mod Manager, which is refreshing to see still on the same version number as 2 months ago, I was dreading all the updating that usually has to happen.

  5. NG – Are you getting it from Patreon ? The download link was mediafire I think, all pretty standard and legit.

    Didn’t get on the PC last night, was my allotted weekly early night catching up on tv shows in bed, but will be back on tonight to try a few bits out.

    And yeah, all my mods are via frosty mod manager.

    You’re probably already aware but when you apply mods via frosty mod manager, first go to your FIFA Origin install directory and there will be a folder called ‘Mod Data’ – delete this folder before applying any new mods in frosty, otherwise the mods dont take effect.

    So if you was testing FIFER realism mod and say a camera mod, then you wanted to also try the SKy Sports Tv logo pack Mod, you’d need to delete the Mod Data folder from origin, then remove all your mods in frosty mod manager, then re-import the mods you want to test, and apply them, then launch.

  6. Paul – this page – https://www.fifermods.com/# – is the one I’m grumbling about. I opened it in a few browsers out of interest. It’s actually quite hard to make a bad webpage these days. That’s a bad webpage. Slow, glitchy, confusingly organised. I did try the ganeplay mod last night but couldn’t see any difference – but I didn’t delete the mod folder thing from my last meddling a while back. Will get on that later.

  7. NG – I went via his Patreon page, scroll right to the bottom, there is a download link, which is: https://www.mediafire.com/file/x1ybo3a8c1kedkb/FIFER%27s_FIFA_20_Realism_Mod_1.3.rar/file

    Much tidier

  8. Paul – oh I got to the mediafire link from the schlocky page all right. I take it the Frosty warning about the mod having been made for a different version is an innocuous technical-only warning and can be disregarded? I did get a penalty in the one match I played but nothing else, and will have to have another go with my old mod folder deleted.

    Also – I didn’t look but there must be a way to reverse-engineer the gameplay side of the mod, I.e. look at exactly which values have been altered and go in and roll your own. I’ll be doing deep dives in Frosty over the coming weeks no doubt.

    I have two requests to make if you’re doing a deep-dive of your own. (I will be looking out for these too.) 1. Game speed. Even the SLow setting is a bit fast for me. I’d like a notch or two down. And 2. I’m a big ‘have the player names above their heads while they’re the actively controlled player’ type of person. In FIFA that name fades out after a few moments. There mzust be a way to mod it so they stay on all the time the player is in possession as in PES.

  9. NG – did you download the latest version of his realism mod? 1.3.x ?
    I never got any warning about it being for a different version when i imported it into Frosty Mod Manager.

    I have located the settings that seems to relay to game play values, such as ball inertia speed, ball size, speed etc, I will email you some screens over so you can locate it in frosty editor.
    Sometimes it’s not just as simple as changing a value in frosty editor and it affecting gameplay, as lots of values are linked,are triggers for other values, or part of bundles or compiled files.

    When you load a mod into frosty mod manager it shows you on the right hand side of the window files that have been affected by the mod, sometimes they are self explanatory such as Data > FIFAGame > Broadcasting > Cameras > BroadcastPos > PerStadia then there you have the zoom, height values etc, but alot of times you will see values such as #AGT5671T-BGQP099-UITY6123-vH5190 and if you search for any part of this string in frosty editor doesn’t find anything, because its a system reference to a file thats been compiled as part of a bundle or .DDS, or .BIG file.

    For example, to add a Tv logo overlay, such as Sky Sports, I could not find the values anywhere in Frosty that looked like they related to it, the obvious path of Broadcasting > UI > Overlays > EPL etc had no editable texture or value in. I messaged Chuny on evoweb who is also GFXMod on Patreon and quite simple asked him 3 separate times, where i find the values for adding tv logos ( I actually paid the $16 per month patreon fee to get his mods and the right to private message him questions, which I since cancelled) and every time he ignored the question and swerved it, these mod guys that make money dont want people knowing how to mod the game.

    Anyway, to get a TV overlay in, which is a simple 256x128px image, is not simple, loading an existing Tv logo mod in frosty mod manager or even a project file into editor, does not give any indication of files that have been changed, they are all the long #AGT5671T-BGQP099…. type files I mentioned above.

    This is the actual process for a TV Logo mod.

    1. Create your logo in photoshop, 256×128 px transparent PNG, whatever you want, Sky SPorts, BT SPort, BEIN Sport, FIFAX Tv etc

    2. In Frosty Editor navigate to the path where UI Overlays are located, and look for the corresponding .BIG file that relates to the league/country/tournament that you want to mod, and export it

    3. Use a tool called DCHG16 editor to open this exported .BIG file
    (in order to run DCHG16 tool you need to have the FIFA16 install files, you dont need FIFA16 installed just the FIFA16 exe file and a runtime folder)

    4. within DCHG16 tool, select texture and it will display a placeholder for the image you created, import your created TV logo into DCHG16 an save it as a .BIG file

    5. Go back into Frosty Editor, navigate back to the path where you exported the .BIG file, right click and import new file, choose the .BIG file you just created in DCHG16

    6. Export to a mod from Frosty Editor

    7. Delete Mod Data folder from within Origin install folder

    8. import new Tv logo mod you just created into Frosty Mod Mgr, Apply Mod

    9. Launch Game

    That’s just to get a TV logo in top right of the screen instead of the default EA Sports Live one.

  10. Also, re the player names above heads that fade out, I’m pretty sure EA patched this in their last game patch, and you can now leave them on permanently.

  11. Paul – the player names above heads thing, it’s still not in the game, they fade pretty quickly. There’s an option to turn on/off a thing where they fade over the course of the match according to the players’ stamina drops. That might be what you’re thinking of, but it’s not the feature I have in mind. Gives me something to hunt for in Frosty. As your Sky Sports overlay saga shows, it’ll be there somewhere – it has to be.

    It’s the FIFER gameplay mod that throws up the outdated warning in Frosty.

    And if you’re not using MacOS-style column views in Windows, all the folders and fiddling can drive you mad. I highly recommend an Explorer replacement called One Commander from the MS Store. Gives you proper MacOS-style file browsing, and other customisations. A glimpse of the contents of my 1TB SSD contents, in column view where I’ve navigated to my PES2020 recorded footage folder for the screenshot:

    ” alt=”” />

  12. NG – Ahh that might be it then, nice idea to have name fade as stamina does but I know you like the names on permanently, must be editable in Frosty.

    I went to fire FIFA up last night and origin was set to auto install game updates, so FIFA updated to the latest version, Frosty editor, mod manager and most mods no longer work, a new version of the frosty tool suite is due out within the next few days, so I ended up playing Vanilla FIFA and started Ultimate Team, quite addictive.

    I also loaded up PES and the game just crashed every time I get to the menu, seems Sider had been updated to 6.2.5 so i updated that, but the mods i have in sider obviously arent compatible as it still crashes every time.

    Its not possible to know which cpk entries or lua scripts in the ini file are causing the crash, you’d have to comment out every one individually and try adding them back in to find the culprit – I just couldn’t be assed so didn’t bother. The drawback of PC modding.

    I cant enlarge the screenshot of that pic you posted, so can’t see it very well, can you re-link ?

  13. Paul – it was 1am when I got on FIFA and Frosty seemed to work OK – no crashes or anything – but I didn’t notice any difference so it simply might not have worked.

    Modded PC gaming is much more fun after the companies’ patch cycles are over, which will soon be the case for PES I think. The installation from last summer that I have of PES2019 on PC, of example, is still just a one-click start without any worry, I know as I was on that yesterday as well.

    My One Commander screenie is on Imgur, here’s a go with it directly here:

    ” alt=”” />

  14. NG – is there a new version of Frosty? did you download it at 1am last night then?
    because the current version of Frosty, no longer works after the recent FIFA update, as of 00:40 last night/this morning that was still the case.

    Private message on Patreon from GFXMod/Chuny on evoweb last night….

    View post on imgur.com

    and your IMGUR screenshot still doesnt enlarge or load up, there seems to be some hanging tags after the image

  15. Paul – no I didn’t update Frosty. FIFA20 updated itself yesterday afternoon (I was off work yesterday and watched it do so). In the evening I was playing FM2019 and I kept having this Origin popup, in FM2019 (annoyingly), telling me that Origin needed to install a critical update, and eventually I caved in and quit FM2019, updated Origin, deleted the Mod folder from the installation folder, started Frosty Mod Manager, loaded the FIFER gameplay mod ONLY (this is probably significant), and started FIFA20 from Frosty – and it worked. I played an FA Cup Final as Bournemouth against Leicester, winning 3-1 with a couple of good goals!

    Here’s a public screenshot of One Commander, sadly not in Dark Mode (which my eyes now demand). If you use column file browsing in MacOS, you need this on Windows. It is free on the MS Store, no ads or anything. After just a week’s use I now want it on MacOS.

  16. That’s better, the screenshot works now, can enlarge it.
    I will grab that app then, is the MS app store a website or an app pre-installed in windows.

    Origin had an update yes, but FIFA 20 itself had a title update yesterday, and Frosty tools do NOT work with the new version of FIFA so sounds like you may have updated the origin software, but not FIFA itself, maybe you have auto game updates turned off?

  17. Paul — MS Store is in Windows itself, equivalent of the App Store. You can grab One Commander direct from the maker’s website but he recommends MS Store for ease of updating etc. I remember using it years ago as a Portable App on a USB drive but it’s come a hell of a long way. And I don’t know how I’ve done without column browsing in Windows until now.

    I won’t get on the PC today so no chance to test anything. I had a great day yesterday between FM2019, and PES2019 with the impressive gameplay mods from last summer, that match of FIFA20 – and one on PES5 too with the OF that orlando linked to the other day. I know my PES2020 folder needs updating but I can’t be bothered. Its time will come again in due course no doubt but for now I’m eyeing up other things.

  18. Cheers, will grab that app later tonight.
    I too have dark themes installed on the PC and on my phone and work PC, finding the eyesight is struggling a little up close in my ageing years, and reduction in eye strain is welcome, fend off the need for glasses until as late as possible, I also prefer the aesthetics of a dark contrast look.

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