Football Game In ‘Player Gets A Penalty’ Shock

And we’re back. I thought January would never come. Only another 11 months before the return of Fairytale of New York on a continuous loop.

I’ve played quite a bit of my Master League Season 8. Christmas and New Year is quite an intensive footy gaming period for me, as a football game is perfect to pick up for the odd 30 minutes or an hour that you manage to get to yourself.

I’m still feeling as if this is my last season on the PS4. And now that the year has turned, I feel it’s time to formally acknowledge that PES2020 is not The One and stands very little chance of being esteemed as The One. ‘The One’ being a shorthand placeholder phrase that encapsulates a common PES-fan hope and desire.

The One is held to be ‘a new PES game that fulfils the spirit and actuality of the Golden Age of PES, whilst somehow still staying up to date and relevant in the current era’.

PES2020 is not The One. It’s not even close to being The One. I’d currently rank it 3rd in the list of Best PS4 PES games. PES2019 and PES2015 would take 1st and 2nd for me.  Then PES2020 in 3rd. Followed by PES2017, then PES2018, and PES2016 last.

I think I’m being slightly unkind to PES2017 by only giving it 4th place behind PES2020. Let’s see how the final judgement goes come August.

PES2020 is just too plodding and pedestrian, frankly, for it ever be The One. The standard of goals is poor. They’re 98% of the team goal/tap-in variety. They can be great in context, proper footballing goals – no quibbles there – but there is no variety to them. PES2020 exerts a balancing stranglehold over shooting from greater than 20 yards.

I did get a couple of very nice >20 yard strikes from Lobato in one match – the only such goals that I can remember all season:


And look what happened for the first time – as the post title says, I’ve waited almost 500 matches of PES2020 for this reasonably common footballing event to happen:

Yes, I just had to miss it, even after peeking at the assist reticule.

I’ve crashed out of the Champions League. I didn’t even finish 3rd in the group, so no Europa parachute. I started the season on Superstar, then switched to Top Player/PA0, remember, but the quality of play on both settings wasn’t great.

With about a third of my final PS4 season remaining, I have started to make up the ground I lost from being in Superstar at the start. I think results are already going my way, and this 9-point gap will close dramatically:

Back to normal service on Tuesday, and a normal-length and normal-feeling post. My hop over to the PC platform is just around the corner, though, so ‘normal’ won’t last long into January.

Updated: 3rd January 2020 — 12:13


  1. NG – Yes really looking forward to next Monday when I have a full week at work and normality finally returns. I don’t really like work but am a person who needs routine. How is Death Stranding going? I am now in the Central Zone and like how the game and strategy all changes now with the new zone and different conditions and climate. My only slight criticism of the game is all the on-line stuff. I really don’t want it. The stubborn me refuses to use anything put in the game by anyone else.

  2. I would agree that pes 2020 definitely won’t be the one and I doubt there ever will be. For the fourth time in a row konami have proven that they just don’t know how to handle game difficulty and challenge. Having just moved up to top player my annoyance levels have already increased tenfold, and that is just a few games in. Suddenly my players are slower off the line, just that maddening second slower which allowed CPU to catch up. CPU can suddenly foul more and get away with it and suddenly I’m scoring own goals when that wasn’t even remotely a thing before.

    This is not how you do difficulty. You make the opponent better, not the player worse. Anyway here we are again, a choice between professional which is now hollow (won the Europa League with milan previous season with my eyes closed) or more challenge on top player with a heavy dose of frustration and anger mixed in. This won’t last long from here on in methinks.

  3. Darryl – you don’t have to have any of the online content – playing offline is always an option. Kojima himself says that it’s best online with all the content it brings, as it ties in with the theme of the game. For us hermits however, the odd useful ladder is nice but we don’t want all these ‘amusing’ piles of cars and the like that you come across. I play with the game connected online as I like the ladders and I like leaving ladders for others, and I can ignore the other stuff. I’m a bit past where you are now but can’t say much without a spoiler. I could happily walk around the game world all day with my various loads, though, I will say that. The odd ‘gamey’ ‘mission’ type thing that crops up is just getting in the way of my walking.

  4. NG – I am like you as I will only use the odd ladder or rope so have kept it on. Just can’t stand the world being cluttered with everyone’s signs and stuff. Yes love just walking around. I do the odd main part of the story and then spend a lot of time doing sub deliveries and picking up and dropping off lost packages. The environments and the atmosphere created by the game is awesome.

  5. Darryl – best alternate world I’ve ever seen in a video game. I have played and love many games with superbly realised worlds – Fallout, Skyrim, GTA – but this is the best, no question. The weird post-human-esque sort of backstory is good too, but the genius of it is simply the walking around.

  6. Quite right, it’s neither fish nor fowl, hard to really hate but I’d be astonished if anyone considered it the best nu pes ever.

    I played game one of arsenal’s first full season – a 0-0 v Watford and that was enough to kill my burst of enthusiasm. I haven’t played since. Instead I’ve fallen into the rabbit hole that is GarageBand. Mini turf is really serious about his music and I went to one of those Apple Store sessions with him. He crafted some cool trance effort while I came up with what might pass for Swedish death metal. I’m way behind the curve on this but it’s another one of those ‘just think if this had been around when I was young’ things. I then spent about five days reading every possible review on wireless headphones.

  7. Scored another beauty, this time in FIFA :).
    What about that?!
    Last time I really got lucky to nice goals in both games.

  8. NG – totally agree with you as I have never played a game like it. There is a genius about the walking in and how addictive this part of the game is. I also love the down time of resting in the room and the careful planning that is needed before heading out for the next walk.

  9. Back to work today, back to normality, going to be a struggle this week, had settled in to the ‘stay up late, get up late’ mentality, and the having fun and spending days doing what I want to do.

    Started a career mode on FIFA 20 PC last night, using the GFXMod v4 for additional turfs, lighting etc, alongside the Paul2K4 CM realism patch.
    Also applied the Operation Sports sliders for increased realistic game play.

    Playing on world class, as Luton Town in the EFL Championship, lost the first 2 matches both 2-1, unsettled at the moment as the GFXMod uses a new camera, which is too low down and I dont see the space well enough to build attacks properly, but changing it impedes the view in my home stadium (Town Park) as some of the stadium stanchons then block the field of view, need to find a workable middle ground.

    Have been messing around with GTA Vth Mods etc, installed the Reshade app and modified my own LUT settings to make the game look crisper, sharper with more dramatic lighting, and also installed a slew of mods on PES20, but currently have no appetite to start yet another PES ML.

    Was thinking of giving the Outer Worlds on PC a go, anyone tried it ?

  10. Paul – ditto. Having a really hard time settling into that rhythm again. Outer Worlds sounded appealing to me at first but then I learned that it’s a bit shallow so I’m waiting for it to drop in price. Apparently the creators of Fallout New Vegas made the game which should be an indication that it’s at least pretty good.

  11. #1 – Happy NY Mate.
    My wife went back to work last Thurs and Fri, I had those 2 days off, so was useful to have whole days to myself to spend getting into the PC modding and gaming, but today has hit much harder in terms of following a regime again.

    Want to make my own Frosty Mods for FIFA too, but need some kind of guide as to what all the values are and where things live, such as in the GFXMod it puts either a Fox Sports or Vivo Sports scoreboard overlay in placeof the EA Sports watermark logo in top right of the screen, I’d like to put my own in, such as Sky Sports, but have no idea where the files are located within the file structure in frosty.

    So much potential there for making own mods.

  12. Paul – I’d like to just skip Christmas and New Year, maybe go straight from December 15th or so to January 2nd. There’s no reason why not. All calendars are just a shared mass-belief anyway.

    FIFA editing is properly daunting. I’m sure PES modding would be too, if there was a full equivalent of the Frosty editor. I take it the in-editor search doesn’t turn up any leads? I.e. ‘sky’ ‘broadcast’ ‘camera’ etc? You might tweet the other Paul – the famous FIFA modder Paul – and ask him, or I think Operation Sports have a more active FIFA editing thread than EvoWeb’s mostly deserted one.

    Once the excitement and novelty of PC power becomes a fixed part of your gaming life, find a game you can love and mod the bejesus out of it. XCOM2 vanilla was great enough but I am serious about XCOM2, modded to the absolute gills, being the best game-game I have ever played in my life. Surely there’s an Uncharted-type of game out there for you.

    #1 – the off-putting thing about Outer Worlds for me is that it’s just another in the genre of game that I’ve already played a lot of, i.e. Skyrim, Fallout 4 etc. And I am so into my XCOM2, Death Stranding side of things – Football Manager as well! – that I really am fully booked.

  13. NG – Scrooge 😉
    I don’t enjoy Xmas for any of the religious side of it, or present giving/receiving etc (although the super powered Gaming PC was nice) it’s just a time of year when I get a little extended break from a very busy stressful job, and get time to spend with family and friends, so cherish it for those reasons.

    I can see why many choose PC as their gaming rig of choice, I thought it was too fiddly and cumbersome but with a decent rig, you literally can power on the PC and be playing a game within 30 secs, pretty much console like levels of accessibility, but with much greater control over games, performance and of course mods.

    I’m considering cancelling my Cyberpunk2077 PS4 pre-order and getting it on PC, imagine if there are mods available for that !

    Not only that, instant access to the back catalogue of retro games and PS1/PS2/PS2/Amiga etc games via emulators, there’s a rich tapestry of gaming goodness to explore.

  14. Also back at work today. No more FIFAing to report, but just want to give a nod to whoever recommended the “Half A …” series of Joe Abercrombie books a while back. Instantly drawn into the story.

  15. Paul – took me a year or two to get the PC side of things too – in gaming terms it is a modular super-console that you can upgrade every couple of years instead of having to wait for the next console generation to come along (which is obsolete before it hits the shelves). The high-end PC GFX cards are eye-wateringly dear though. I’m happy with the tradeoff in cost/performance of a tier or two down, which is still ahead of current-gen.

    For a long time I was wary of leaving a PC in Hibernate or Sleep mode with a game running. Too many bad memories of Windows taking an age to go to sleep and then an age to restore when even a moderately CPU/RAM-intensive application was running, never mind these enormous complex games we have now. But you can just treat it like the PS4’s standby mode at any time and it will wake up no bother. I’ve got used to leaving my FM19 save running almost all the time in a window and left in Standby for a day or two. SSD tech has a lot to do with the improvement there. Oh, have you ordered your first 1TB SSD yet 😉

    If you want to give yourself some idea of the scope of PC mods that Cyberpunk will have over the course of its lifetime, check the Skyrim and Fallout4 modding workshops on Steam itself and Nexusmods. They range from simple cosmetic stuff to all-out campaign add-ons. I think Fallout New Vegas started life as a mod. The drawback of the PC side of things there is that on Day 1 a PC game is often more buggy than its console cousin, e.g. the RDR2 fiasco, and it can take a few days before things settle down. I must say I’ll probably go the PC way with that game, as I’ll want the options that it brings, such as changes to combat if – if – they make it too simplistic and dumbed-down on vanilla, etc.

  16. NG – I always power off the PC after use, as wasn’t sure about sleeping it for a day or longer, if you recommend that its ok though then I will probably start doing it, as per the PS4’s rest mode.

    I have a 250GB m.2 Superfast SSD and an additional 500GB SSD, buit can see how they would fill up quickly, so was considering getting a 1TB SSD, but my Motherboard only supports 2 connected SSD’s, which im already using, so not sure what my options are other than to get an External SSD which I want to avoid where possible.

  17. Paul – check that the limit of 2 includes the m2 SSD, which is a chip connected directly to the motherboard. You should have the SATA slots to accommodate multiple traditional types of SSD? I have 2 SSDs connected to my motherboard (neither of them M2). I’ve never heard of a limit, seems odd. Failing that maybe get a nice 1TB HDD (or SHDD) and fit that instead, just use it for storage – they’re crazily cheap now. I’ve only ever had one traditional HDD fail on me in all my years *touches wood* My 3rd HD in the PC is a traditional HDD, 1TB, used for storage of anything I’m not immediately using, plus all the old modding files etc.

    I was nervy too about leaving a game running on the PC whilst putting it into Hibernate/Sleep, as I was conditioned by XP (my first Windows) to shut everything down before powering off the PC completely, none of that fancy Sleep stuff. I remember trying it once on XP and my old laptop took ages to recover. That really has all changed now and you can treat it more or less like a PS4 or TV-style standby. I looked into it and the power usage on Sleep is minimal (Sleep great if you’re returning in an hour or two, as the recovery is as fast as interrupting a screensaver). On Hibernate (good for if you’re going to be away for several hours, or even a day or two), recovery is about 10 seconds, and power usage is virtually the same as in power off state. Look up an article for exact figures. These people on this forum suggest Hibernate uses zero power, but I think it is a slight, slight trickle. If I know I won’t be using it for more than 2-3 days I just shut it off.

    I had a problem in the early days when I’d suddenly see my PC waking up by itself to check for updates, which is well-intentioned, but I didn’t like it so I investigated and disabled the nefarious behaviour! (That’s the kind of article with perhaps ‘too much information’ but I’m guessing you’ll want all the info)

  18. Chris99 – I worked most of the festive period, got a nice week off end of this month though. And I think it was me who recommended the Half A series! I only read the first one though so if the rest of the series goes all Game of Thrones Season 8….

  19. Thanks NG, just had a chat with a mate here at work who works on the service desk and builds pc’s, I have about 4 or 5 empty/spare Sata slots, and several PCIE Gen 3 slots, all of which can accommodate SSD’s, so I will be fine, will order one or even a couple this week, along with another chunk of RAM to take it up to 32GB.

    Thanks for the wakeup info, will revisit that if I experience any nefarious wake ups once I start using Hibernate mode.

  20. Work?? I’ve just finished my contract doing data stuff for the power grid and been asked to start knocking out articles on sports club pitches for the turf industry. Just about everyone is a gun for hire so hopefully I’ll add a few other strands to what is a bit of a niche area! Mine isn’t so much a planned career as a car crash of job opportunities.

    I’ve been reading most of the holiday – the final volume of Brent weeks lightbringer story for those who have also been with it. 900 odd pages to add to the previous 2000? It felt like an editor needed to query the need for umpteen pages of dialogue but it still fair rattled along and the action was spot on. It didn’t quite game of thrones-it but some outcomes I’d have maybe done differently.

    I never got away with Abercrombie’s halfs due to the teen approach – devoid of the usual vices. His latest in the new series would give Mary Whitehouse nightmares.

    Started the cheap games I got in the sale – thought I’d played tomb raider reboot but evidently not.

  21. Paul – good to hear, as far as I know the only limit is the number of SATA slots on your motherboard. There are 4 on mine from 2017 and I think most current ones have 6. Don’t forget to order a SATA lead as well to connect from motherboard-to-SSD. Worth buying a few spares for the future too. I got a 2-pack on Amazon for about £3 a few months ago. You should already have a spare power lead from the power supply to the SSD – that’s the great value of up-speccing. When the time came for me to add a 3rd HD to my setup, I eagerly got the SSD and the SATA lead, and iunscreweed the sides off my case, only to discover my cheap-ass PSU didn’t have any spare leads. Also it was low on wattage anyway for the new gfx card I ended up buying a new PSU (which I enjoyed installing but am still annoyed about).

    Uncle Turf – my current reading is the usual post-Internet mess of ‘ten books at once’, which my twentysomething self would have been horrified by, but my main read is a sci-fi series called We Are Bob by Dennis E Taylor (not that one).

  22. NG – I got a big carry case full of assorted cables with the PC, no idea what they are, apparently SAS cables are the way forwards these days as they carry a much faster transfer speed using a SATA cable with an SSD HD can limit its speed, is what I’ve been told by the guys here that build pc’s ?!

  23. Paul – you’ve probably got a spare already then, as for SAS cables… I thought you needed an SAS-compatible HDD or server for that to be the right cable, not sure really… check your motherboard specs. As long as the lead will plug in at both ends, go with the fastest option, it’s worth the extra tenner or so.

  24. Paul – same to you mate. In general I really enjoy modding as well though it can become a really deep rabbit hole. As NG suggested the Nexus sites for Fallout and Skyrim contain an insane amount of mods.

    Speaking of which i currently much prefer to spend my time on Ultimate Skyrim (as opposed to Pes) which is kind of the games ideal form in my opinion.

    I’m quickly starting to loathe Pes like I have before when the difficulty goes up. Like I alluded to before, konami just don’t “get” difficulty. Just now I had a nice march against inter, everything happening as it “should”, of course 5 minutes of overtime are given, I am 1-0 up, guess what happens in the 95th minute : all my players are retards suddenly,three perfect passes, header , CPU goal. Inter was never a threat up until then. Turned it off, I’m not putting up with this. Getting angry while playing is a big no no. Situations like this happen once in a while but not. Every . Fucking . Match. I keep saying this but Dark souls is a perfect example of difficulty done right. The odds are always against you but your enemies adhere to the same in-universe rules and you can always outsmart them. Pes just forces a result upon you. You all know I will be back eventually but I just can’t stomach the sheer stupidity Pes brings at the moment. Ugh.

  25. #1 – finished Dark Souls at last just before Christmas, what a game. Fully agree with your comments, died hundreds of times but never wanted to give up. Did you move on to others in the series?

  26. Turf – I know what you mean about the teen thing. Parts of it have reminded me of early Trudi Canavan.

  27. Abbeyhill – it’s brilliant isn’t it? Once it hits you that you’re actually supposed to die to learn patterns and get better, it all starts to make sense. Love the lore and atmosphere as well. I did move on, started with the first game but didn’t complete, then played dark souls 3 to near completion, couldn’t beat the final bosses and decided I would come back later. Playing it on the side now on PC as it was dirt cheap on sale on steam a few weeks ago. Even better now in 60fps.

  28. Had to delete the GFXMod v4 FIFA mod as whilst the enhanced turfs look really nice, the camera angle just isnt working that well with a fair few stadiums, you got bits of the stand in the way and have to alter height and zoom for near on every match to suit the stadium.

    Have started to make my own mod, using Frosty Editor, which just adds more height and zoom options to the default broadcast cam, looking better but needs a few tweaks, it got late last night so will carry on fiddling with it over the next few days.

    The Luton Town career mode is stuttering along, using the Paul2K4 CM realism mod, and the OS sports sliders, on World class, its bloody hard, lost all 5 matches so far.

  29. #1 – I regard Superstar as unplayable for me. It’s technically playable, and results can be got, but it’s way below the threshold of enjoyability for all the reasons we all know about. I think my history with the series shows I’m one of the most patient and forgiving PES players there could be (PES2011 and The Stumble excepted), but PES2020, Superstar? Nope. PES2020’s goals are still nearly all forgettable too. I’m playing just as much as in previous years, but not scoring anything to shout about.

    Paul – another FIFA-modding Paul in town? I’m probably a week or two shy of making my move to PC and when that time comes I’ll be interested in whatever you come up with for FIFA. I intend embarking on a heavily modded PES2020 OG Defaults ML though.

  30. NG – Currently I’m just tweaking the height and zoom for the default broadcast camera, as its good as it is, but needs to be slightly zoomed out.
    I’ve also found the settings for altering the initial zoom and drawback heights of the camera at corners, during set plays etc, distance from the pitch, camera tracking speed etc, so plan to make a few tweaks and release a ‘BroadcastCam+’ style Mod.

    I can also see the folders and files for overlays, graphical elements etc, but dont know enough about how the graphics need to be packaged up, ie as bin files or Dat files etc, and then imported into frosty.

    There seems to be a distinct lack of any guide or documentation around FIFA file and folder structures and what values change what, probably because the mod creators make a tidy little sum selling their mods on Patreon so don’t wanna dilute their market by giving away the info.

    Keep us posted on your PES OG setup and mods used.

  31. Paul – I’m still surprised that there isn’t more of a FIFA modding community on PC… until I chanced upon the Frosty info a few weeks ago I’d never even heard it was possible. Make sure you let me know if you find the fouls values anywhere. The obvious-looking ones that I found did nothing when changed, but I only tried once or twice and haven’t the time to do the kind of experimenting required. I would play a FIFA with fouls.

    When I go to PC PES I’ll make a new side-menu containing updated info on all mods and settings. I’ll ensure that the ratio between playing:tinkering is at least 90:10, so I’ll do some setting up beforehand. I think my principal gameplay mod will be one of the ‘Holland Hard’ family – slow and heavy is right up my street.

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