The Ghost of Christmas PES

I still like PES2020. Somehow.

It’s very much a 7.5 out of 10 sort of like, but it’s still a like.

Despite the uncomfortable fact that the team that makes PES nowadays doesn’t want me to like it anymore. What they want is to get me inside their casino, pulling their slot machine handles.

I like PES2020 despite the lack of great goals, and so much else. Here, for example, are the best two goals from my last 3 (THREE) full sessions, comprising approximately 12 (TWELVE) matches:

Good goals, yes, and each of them was contextually important, but neither of them are anything special in the greater scheme of things.

Fouls. Jesus H Christ born in a manger, fouls. I’m currently in one of those phases of PES2020 where I’m constantly being nudged and barged off the ball. They’re all challenges that even the most cowardly real-life referee would not hesitate to call as a foul, every single time. And fouls feeds into so much else. The integrity of the football on show in PES2020 is one of the least, uh, integral takes on it we’ve ever seen. Has there been a worse PES in terms of fouls?Superstar doesn’t help here. As an average player, I have to make the most of the few opportunities that come my way, and it is therefore most frustrating to see a promising move ended by a blatant foul that the AI is allowed to get away with.

Superstar’s time is limited. In fact, it might already be over by the time you read this. My next post after today will be a week Friday. By then I will be either a full-on convert to PA0, or not.

Here is the first minute of my first match back on PA0, just taken this morning – see me spray the ball around with confidence and create openings. Top Player:

There is more excitement and more football on show here in 60 seconds than in almost an entire session of PA1/Superstar.

So yes, all in all, PES2020 is lagging behind at this stage of its life. Last Christmas, I gave PES2019 my heart.

Season 8 of PES2020 is still on course to be my final season on the PS4. The PC platform is where I will get my PES kicks for most of the year 2020 itself – and who knows, perhaps beyond. The fiddliness of the PC platform is one of its attractions for me. I’ve always enjoyed messing about with computers. I’ve also enjoyed the convenience of console gaming. Best of both worlds for me.

My next post will be on Friday 3rd January 2020. It only remains to wish all readers, of every vintage, a happy Humbugmas and a prosperous, albeit imaginary New Year.

Updated: 24th December 2019 — 12:06


  1. Chris99 – I’ve since adjusted it to be higher up, more tv broadcast feel, looks nicer, will get a new video up soon as just grabbed the newly released GFXMOD V4 file with new turf textures for lower league stadiums, think gritty cut up pitches!!

  2. Think I may have picked up a FIFA Championship bargain. Signed John Swift from Reading as cover for CAM, and in two substitute appearances and a Carabao start he has five goals. Fingers crossed I haven’t jinxed him.

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