Camera Lobscura

I have ended up staying on Superstar here at this 2/3rds stage of Season 7. I am committed now to staying on Superstar until the end, regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen.

My only alternative to this would be PA0 on Top Player or Professional. All things considered I need to see this PS4 career through on my traditional settings before I head off into the great unknown. That will be a platform switch in the year 2020 from console to PC.

In the past I have dabbled with FIFA for odd weeks – and sometimes months – and I often do speak about other games. But the core action of the blog is PES and I have never dabbled with the PC platform and the modding possibilities thereof. When it happens there should be something different on this blog for the first time ever.

It might be weeks before I find the exact configuration of cosmetic and gameplay mods that I like. It’ll be ‘fun’ for me and hopefully for readers, but the point is that it’ll be different from where I am now. I’ll be straying off the well-beaten path. So I want to walk the well-beaten path in the form of my current PS4 ML, one last time. Superstar. PA1. Let’s see what happens.

I had been struggling, and it’s still tough, but a change of camera angle seems to have helped.

Since the PES2020 demo popped out last August I’ve been playing with some variant of its Stadium camera more or less continuously. As in, 99.5% of the time.

Stadium Camera looks great in aesthetic terms, and it plays great when things are going well. But I find that the switch back to a standard (post-PS2 standard, at least) side-on Wide camera has helped enormously in enabling me to see space and judge how best to build attacks. I won the first game 4-0, albeit with the help of two AI own-goals (see video).

Also in this video is a nice little run I went on with my RB, Dani Alves, that almost ended in a fine goal. I include it in this clip to show just how the side-on view reveals/encourages this kind of run into open spaces. And I even dribbled around a defender as well!

There are a few other examples of apparent increased space in the Wide camera angle. Apparent being the operative word. Those spaces are there regardless of the camera angle used. It’s seeing and sensing the spaces that count.

None of those goals are anything special in their own right. They’re standard PES2020-type goals. Great in context, but decidedly average as standalone spectacles.

In the league table of ‘PES Editions with great goals’, PES2020 is second from bottom. (PES2014 is bottom.)

The move to the side-on camera has seen me move back up the table a few places, but I doubt I’ll get anywhere near the top 6.

If I qualify for any European trophies next season it’ll have to be via the one I’m currently in – the Europa League.

The next knockout round is up soon and I will be giving it top priority. It would be superb to be in the Champions League for Season 8.

Updated: 13th December 2019 — 11:58


  1. A short passage of play illustrating how superstar has cracked for me and ain’t going back, whisper it but invincibles?

  2. Nice finish Turf, Love those little dinks, the COM GK’s do the reverse of last year and are all too eager to come off their line so there’s always an opportunity for a Ginola over the keeper.

  3. Very curious as to how you’ll find the pc side of things. Should make for a change of pace though it’s still the same game under the hood.

    Interest seems to be waning for most where mine was at an all time high. Until about two games ago, when the new (and moronic) konami concept of pre derby matches popped up. Cue another retarded scene with the director of sports explaining that I needed to win the next few games because…reasons. of course the next few games were absolute shit because the overarching story will not allow me to win. The big tell for me is when suddenly *all* my shots go wide and all passes are intercepted by a CPU leg sticking out. No exaggeration, all of them. I was on about a season and half of 9/10 games, consistent. Good times on professional still, just into the Europa League with very interesting games in the Serie A as well. All gone out the window, for now.

    Luckily I have a secret way of making the game work and erasing all scripting. Simply not playing it for a while.

  4. Bloody Liverpool – I got one of those games where I “somehow” missed open goals, a similar chip dink that went wide, etc etc and they scored two. Invincibles over for another year.

    I just noticed an update on minecraft as well so fired it up….hmm, really don’t like it. It’s a very pc feel imho, not what I’m comfortable with at all.

  5. The goals against West Brom are from the play off final. The 2 Leicester goals were from a game against my boy. And more Rice!!

  6. Uncle Turf – your Schone looks much better than my Schone. His in-off-the-keeper goal in today’s clip above is pretty much all he’s done in 3 seasons.

    #1 – I find that the PC doesn’t feel like the same game under the hood (apart from in the sense that all football games feel pretty generic these days). The plethora of mods and other things make my ongoing Test Master League with the OG Defaults on PC – where my 2-3 test games after every mod have got me past mid-season 1 now – feel very different from any PS4 Master League in recent years.

    Looking at the Xbox Series X reveal footage, two things strike me. First, that the footage doesn’t look as far ahead of current gen as current gen looked ahead of PS3/XB some 5-6 years ago. I was expecting to be astonished and I simply wasn’t. I’ll be very interested to see the supposedly jaw-dropping PS5 footage now, when there is any to see. And second, the Xbox Series X is inevitably going to be known as the Xbox SeX, isn’t it? This really isn’t my world anymore.

  7. Wish all games were like this.

  8. Anyone ever rebuild their ps database? Had a few issues loading games recently and online said that might help.

  9. Uncle Turf – I have only ever rebuilt my PS4 database in the aftermath of a ‘left it on Standby, forgot, and turned off the power’ incident, which have been numerous, and then the rebuilding operation kicks in automatically. Maybe these incidents have kept my PS4 fresh and sparkling, who knows, but that’s all I know of the rebuilding thing. I didn’t know you could do it manually (deliberately), so it’s worth a try if so.

  10. Yes, you simply hold down the power on button and it enters safe mode with a list of options. It hopefully did the trick as everything seemed ok afterwards. It only took a couple of minutes but there’s a big scary ‘this may take several hours’ notice comes up initially.

  11. Turf – I’ve manually rebuilt the database from safe mode before after a crash left the OS ‘stuck’ – worked fine.

    Schoolboy error last night, I often just pause the game or leave it at the ML main hub screen and put the PS4 into Rest mode to resume quickly next time, as a result, although I do periodically backup my ML saves to USB (and thr PS4 auto backs up to the PSN online storage) but I dont always save my ML progress after every match played, and last night I fell foul of it.

    Loading into a match from the team selection screen, PES just froze, had the purple swooshy bar graphics at the side of the screen and the repetitively shite background music but nothing else, it just stuck there, left it 10 mins, nothing, no controller inputs would work so only remedy was to close the PES application, and re-load.
    Meaning I lost 7 matches of progress, all 7 had to be replayed again, I could have simmed them but that would have dented the ML purity and upset my OCD.

    So lost 2hrs worth of game time in all, that’s a good 2 or 3 sessions, so Season 9 wont be finished until later this week now at the earliest.

  12. Paul – why no autosave?!

    The PS4 has frozen for me more often than the PS3 ever did. Usually when exiting the PS Store when I’ve opened it by mistake. I’ve learned the hard way that if I open the PS Store accidentally, and impatiently hit the Exit button before the Store has loaded properly, there’s a high % chance of a console freeze.

    Lloyd – now that’s what I was hoping for from you! Boom indeed. I know what I’ll be doing when I get back on the game in a few minutes…

  13. NG – because in past PES games the autosave kicks in after every match, and took 10-20 secs to do its thing, which got annoying, I’ve since enabled it on PES20, and thankfully it seems much speedier.

  14. Paul – autosave is still lengthy enough even in the PS4 era, to the extent that I’ll disable it when I want to get through the post-season period quickly, but it’s essential IMO given the chance of a freeze.

    Thoughts on the Xbox Series X? I got to watch the footage in 2k and it is slightly more impressive, but still not as much of a leap as it maybe should be. As we discussed before, consoles are stuck to whatever tech level is current when they go into production. So they’re already behind the graphical curve by the time they hit the stores. Very interested to see the PS5 now. It’ll be astounding to play a footy game with true photorealistic graphics.

  15. Haven’t seen the XBOX X footage, but have read reports whereby games journalists who were invited to a behind closed doors preview of the PS5 were last jaw-dropped, by its speed and graphical prowess, virtually zero loading time etc.

    PES will never be photo realistic because PES productions don’t have the ability to make it so, they can’t even get basic night lighting right, its all washed out yellow and looks horrid, caking it down with snow and no snow appears on the pitch etc.

    If they move to using Unreal engine instead of Fox, and get some decent devs in then possibly, the current engine limits PES far too much.

  16. Paul – what journalists are shown as a tech demo and what ends up in our hands a year later, are often two very different things. I remember Killzone for the PS3 creating awe, but the actual game had to be optimised for real-world play and the hardware limitations and didn’t look or move anywhere near as good. So I remain sceptical given that it takes a 1000-dollar graphics card to make PC graphics look astounding.

    Given the technology I think all games will look photorealistic in the future, if they want to, it’s just a matter of pixels and processing power and the right engine. None of which might exist yet… could be PS6 before consoles hit the photorealistic zone. By then I think smooth 4K will be what 1080p is today, i.e. unremarkable.

  17. All tech has to bed in, I’m confident we will see some pretty epic games and graphics once the new tech has landed and devs get used to it, I think the most impressive leap to any console has to be playing Uncharted as a launch title on PS3, I spent more time just gawping at the graphics than actually playing the game but the marked move up in terms of graphics, sound, scale and presentation was immense.

  18. Paul – every console generation has been a great leap forward, so we will get something worth salivating over I think. Although by this time next year after some quality PC gaming time you might find your console appreciation blunted a bit!

    One reason I’m sceptical that the PS5 will be a Leap of Leaps (I think it’ll just be as standard generational leap on a par with PS3>PS4) is that the Sony side is pretty much going to be level with the Microsoft side in tech terms. This is the Xbox Series X launch trailer – best viewed in 4K of course, and this is impressive, but the world has not stopped after this, and I anticipate the PS5 being more or less the same:

    The moment when the Generic Gaming Space Marine jogs to the cliff edge could easily be from current gen PC graphics cards, which will be superseded within months.

    Loving the water effects though.

    And the Alan Watts voiceover. Anyone know if that was in the original Microsoft package? I’m not sure if the man would spin in his grave or not.

  19. NG – That XBOX X trailer was very underwhelming, I see water physics and particles of that quality regularly as I do alot of 3D modelling and animation inside MO2 and Cinema4D, both of which are object rendering systems so have planar reflection, ambient occlusion, etc, and look just as good as that, which i guess in itself is impressive for a console to render on a level with a good PC, but its nothing new.

    I expect PS5 to get an edge over XBOX, as it did last time round, it was the superior console tech and performance wise, and took MS a while to catch up.

    Now that info is out Sony will react accordingly.

  20. Paul – cheers for the heads-up, I need to collect all the likely mods and put them in a folder to be tested in short order. Right now I am back loving my PS4 Superstar ML, and a week ago I never thought I could say that. That mod is by a great modder of EvoWeb, Holland, not a star name in the modding world but he consistently makes realism-focused gameplay mods that I want to play for more than a single match, and not all of them are like that.

    Re. earlier discussion, even if the PS5 is the traditional ‘little bit ahead’ of the Xbox version (which isn’t even a tradition: the XB1 was more powerful than the PS2, and the 360 just about had the technical edge over the PS3), it won’t be much more in advance of what we’re seeing in the Xbox Series X publicity. Inevitably the consoles will get firmware updates that’ll improve things as the years go by, and in a year or two there’ll be the now-inevitable Pro versions of both machines, but it’ll all still be early 2019-level graphics for the next few years, at a time when true 4K and 8K visuals will become commonplace on the PC side of things, and maybe even affordable. Yes, I have been reading the pcmasterrace propaganda, but it is true.

    I’ll still be getting a PS5 regardless of course. The convenience of a console is too much of a positive to live without. E.g. I could never have played one of the games of the decade and all time, Death Stranding, here in December 2019, without a PS4.

  21. Hahaha, yeah, right. When working for Yodel finally jumped the shark. I’ve never seen it but didn’t Kevin Costner do a film on that sort of post apocalyptic deliver the mail to remain human riff?

  22. Turf – I’d forgotten that. There was someone delivering the post-apocalypse post, and that man was a man played by Costner.

    Can’t remember for the life of me what it was called, though.

  23. You’ve got mail? Letter to Brezhnev? Stamp by me?

  24. Was it don’t “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”?

    Nah, that’s not it.

    All I can remember is that Costner was all, like: “Whoa! Lower the gun. I’m just here to deliver the post, man.”

  25. It was Waterworld.

  26. It was The Postman.

  27. I’ve been secretly playing Season 8 of my ML on Superstar, its the most blatant cheating scripted shit show ever.
    Saying that thought, I’ve only lost a couple of games, and am runaway leaders at the top of the league and into the UCL QUarters, so SS is definitely manageable but games feel so identikit as they are all fast and frantic and follow the same pattern whereby you have to get rid of the ball asap as otherwise you just have 3 SS COM players like homing missiles all over you shoving you off the ball.

    TP just got too easy, and SS plays a horrid game, there’s no balanced zone.

  28. Paul – which is why I’m firmly convinced that PA0 is the long-term future for me and nuPES. Either that or one of the many PC mods that alter gameplay in other ways.

    I’ve got a video coming up at 12 that shows the most glitchy/dodgy AI I’ve experienced on PES2020 yet. Spoiler: I got to the Europa League final, and what happened was very interesting. The vid is live on YouTube now if you want to see it beforehand – watch from around the 40th minute to the 55th minute for the main action. When you see it, it’ll remind you of your own Europa Final… x10!

  29. NG – WTF ?!?!!?! I won’t say too much so as to not drop any spoilers for those reading and watching at 12pm, but WTF ?!!?!

    Something very fishy going on here …. Season 7, Europa League Final, Old Trafford, the scoreline, the manner of the goals, DejaVu.


  30. Paul – it’s too coincidental, isn’t it? Just working on the post, where I off-handedly speculate that maybe the devs this year decided to include some sort of ‘AI goes crazy’ random seed potential for finals. Right at the end of the vid I go to check it was still on Superstar.

    The link for anyone reading who wants to pre-spoil themselves for 12 o’clock’s post. That link starts from the second half. Some musing on what happened coming up at 12.

  31. It’s incredible, the first 2 goals I thought were taken very well, good build up and finishes, then, it just all descended into an exact replica of the script from my final, same scoreline, same manner of goals, everything.

    Have you scored that number of goals on SS before the final??

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