Win when you’re spinning

Here we go now. Season 5. Which way will this Master League on PES2020(PS4) go for me? A season of consolidation – or something else? A title challenge perhaps? A Europa League run? It’ll be a bad sign for the mode’s longevity if a serious title challenge takes place. But a Europa League run, now – I could live with it. I start my first European campaign (my earliest for many editions of PES) at PSV away a few weeks into the season.

Looks like I’m stuck forever with sky blue and yellow as the club colours, unless Konami fixes the bug that’s causing it to be stuck.

I’ve only played three matches in my Master League since Tuesday. The Community Shield, and two league matches. Lost, Won, Drew, in that order.

I’ve more or less decided to stick with the squad that earned me a very repectable 9th-place finish and the FA Cup win in Season 3. I’m curious to see if the relatvely tame Superstar-level matches I was experiencing towards the end of last season will be replicated in Season 5. I’ve got a nice transfer kitty to go shopping in January if I need to.

Community Shield, then – and I faced Chelsea, who were only moderately overpowered. It was the kind of Superstar match where you constantly feel as if you’re still in the game and doing quite well. But somehow you’re always a goal or two down.

When I was 0-2 down I had a moment with Castledine. The defence parted like the Red Sea and I took a potshot from range, as I have a thousand times already in this PES. This was an occasion where the diceroll came up in my favour:

‘A kind-of long-ranger’ is what I’m calling it, because although it was a touch over 27 yards, and therefore a long-ranger, it entered the goal too low-down for me to feel that real buzz. Only the postage stamp corner of the net, or thereabouts, will suffice.I conceded a third goal to Chelsea almost straight from kickoff (I know) and lost the Community Shield match 1-3.

Another peculiar goal happened in my first league match vs newly-promoted Nottingham Forest.

Over the seasons I’ve noticed a few hits from strikers that I will call ‘spinners’ – where the flight of the ball is as weird and funky as a spin-ball in the moderately popular pastime called ‘cricket’ would be.

Here’s a shot from Lobato that completely fooled me when I struck it, never mind the keeper.

I was really confused when this went into the net, because in realtime, from the original angle, at the original speed, I thought it was going wide or over:

That was the winning goal. The current table for what it’s worth:

I drew the next match and am more or less in the same position. So far so good for Season 5, mostly. My squad of mostly average and above-average players is performing well and I am bonding with them. One or two star players to makes things interesting. Youths coming through. Robin van Persie is 18 this season, and has really got to start contributing more than his 2 goals in 2 full seasons now. He’ll start more.

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  1. Your RVP is like my Pato. I ended up loaning him out for a season or two. Compared to Regen Defoe it’s night and day. I think this time some regens are duds or individual enough that they don’t fit people’s formations.

  2. Both great strikes!
    Was season 4 a typo ? I thought we were roughly at the same stage of our ML’s and I’ve just started season 5.

    A few goals from my last couple oif sessions:

  3. Paul – Season 4 was a mistake, rather than a typo, in a rushed post – unusually for me as I usually start a post the night before at the very least. With this one I started typing from nothing at 11.27, then finished typing and hit Publish at 11.59. That loss in the playoff final in Season 2 kept me in D2 for longer than it felt I was in there, hence my confusion. Season 4, the FA Cup-winning one just finished, was of course my first in the Prem, so this is my 5th season.

    I’ve got a watchful eye on PES2020 possibly ‘doing a PES6’ – I had a Treble on 6* difficulty after 6 seasons in PES6. Early signs are that it won’t happen in ’20 though.

    Not good to see a couple of central FKs going in there on your mini-comp. My pick was the very first one, the sort-of-spinner a bit like mine above! Good thing about PES2020 is you can get a few one-on-ones, more so than in recent years, and they’re always exciting moments.

    prsgame – I picked up another young ‘name’ Regen, not mentioned here as it happened on the stroke of midnight on deadline day, who in 2 matches has done more than RVP has in two seasons. I’ll probably be raving about him in the weeks to come as he is something different. I won’t name him as if I ever see a player recommended, it makes me very unlikely to ever get that player.

  4. Gotcha NG – I did wonder if I was a season ahead of myself for a second.
    The FK’s, one central one was hit with so much power the GK got a hand to it but could only push it into the roof of the net, you know my view on FK’s being too easy, and I stand by that, if I get a FK inside 30 yards in a match, I’m extremely disappointed if its not a goal.

    Intrigued as to who your regen is, surely you can name him, many others here I think follow suit anyway and puck up regens they fancy, not solely based on recommendations.

    I have Defoe who is individual enough to last long term, and Dembele who is a decent CMF, I noticed more and more well known regens appearing in my Youth Team, and I’ve avoided them all up until now.

    They Might be worth a ‘sign and sell on’ though.

  5. I’m at the same point as both of you Paul and NG, four games played in season five.

    My regen rvp has been with me since season 2, is at 81ovr, worth £69m and could be pretty much anyone. He scores now and again but does nothing that could ever be considered ‘very rvp’. Then again did he have any calling card irl? I’m considering selling him, except he’s got the star player trait which is probably worth something, and money is hardly tight. I’m keen to boost the development of a younger player who really could be the one. Crouch and Carroll are a bit of a bust in this no heading game.

  6. always intriguing to see how experiences differ from person to person. Could this mean that there is some form of individuality left?! Old RVP is THE man in my squad. OVR of only 76 and declining but he can do things no one else in my squad can. SHield the ball and dribble for one thing and he can hit those R2 curlers like no other. He’s retiring this year unfortunately however.

  7. That’s a great goal by Castledine, you have high standards for long rangers nG. I went searching for a good CM for long shots and one of the best in the game is Castledine according to stats. I didn’t buy him back though.

    Also, following your comment last week about the ‘our_demo’ dt file I thought I’d give it a go since I was fast losing interest in the game and, what would you know, it’s bloody good. I have to play it on Legend but the game is great fun again, a bit like the challenge in Seasons 1 & 2 but with a team of >80s rated players. One down side is even fewer fouls than vanilla.

    Finish with the best goal of the past couple of seasons, slim pickings.

  8. For me, regen RVP is still a work in progress at the moment at 75ovr. His old and retiring former self was, much like #1 has mentioned, excellent. But he’s not the same guy right now, but his skill on the ball is growing and I don’t think it will be too long before he’s my first choice centre-forward.

    Nightmare at Freebridge
    Dortmund triggered the £110m release fee of my main man Sergej Milinković-Savić, and I was unable to thwart their advance. I’m gutted, he was really making the difference, but now I need to focus on the rest of the squad and push on. It all adds to the story, and that’s great. I will see about re-signing him in 6 months time, if I can.

    5th in the league but I’ve hit a mid-season Superstar slump. I’ve lost a few games and the AI is up to it’s usual overpowered tricks. But overall I’m still enjoying and the game is at a very good level right now. Massive wins against Milan and Barcelona in the CL, and I’m through to the knockout rounds.

  9. Paul — it’s Tevez. Something different, he feels like, with his stocky build and his impressive skillset. Unusually for a forward Youth Regen he feels useful from the outset. Plays from AMF/SS/CF too. I’m intrigued to see if this goes somewhere or if he just fizzles out for me. This kind of thing is one spoke in the wheel that keeps a Master League turning. I was tempted by Vardy (who also popped up as a Regen in my Youths) but I’ve had him for a few MLs running in recent years and never been impressed.

    Uncle Turf/#1 — I watched Tommy’s playoff games where he had the mature RVP and he looked great, so on that basis I’m sticking with him. I have the example of Forlan to refer to. I picked him up in PES2019 as a Youth and he was just as nondescript as Regen van Persie for a few seasons, and I nearly sold him a few times — but suddenly he became one of the most compelling strikers I’ve ever played with in any PES. Right now I’d take my Jarvis over any other striker in the game though.

  10. Cook — the ‘our demo’ dt file fascinates me because it demonstrates just what has been progressively removed from the game over the patch cycle so far. A lot has been removed — fouls of course, which looks like it’s taking a team of experienced modders working together to do something about, which in turn shows just how keen PES Productions are for there not to be fouls in their PES, IMO. Fouls-free gameplay reduces the quality of the single-player experience, and that’s what they want.

    As far as the ‘our demo’ dt file goes, it’s good to get the feeling of consistent randomness back. Playing with it is the first time I’ve thought I could switch to PC and never look back. Try playing it in conjunction with the gameplay.lua mod that’s doing the rounds, and make the ball a tad heavier – and you’ve got almost the exact demo gameplay. Minus the fouls of course. Minus the fouls…

    Lovely in off the post goal btw — game looks good too, I can now spot the console-PC difference at a glance. All part of the journey to the pcmasterrace… (Go on, tell me that was PS4…)

    It’s not a PES of great goals so far, in fact the worst since PES2014 in that regard. On that latter game I eventually scored a good few memorable ones so it’s early days yet.

  11. Tommy — seeing RVP aged 92 or whatever he was, playing in your playoff matches, makes me determined to stick with his Regen until his mid-20s at least, so another 6+ seasons of potential waiting and seeing.

    Interesting progress you’re making too in league and CL — what number season are you in now? I can’t shake the feeling that PES2020 is a PES of relatively few seasons in ML. Which would tie into my darkest suspicions of why the PC modding community is finding it so problematic to get fouls back into the game. The powers that be simply don’t want us single-players having our way.

  12. nG – Nearly halfway through season 5.

    I finished 3rd last season, but this season isn’t going as well. I’ve got a chairman target of 6th or higher, so I better stay where I am or I could be out on my arse, which is just stupid. But to tie into your point, it’s not been a case of progression every season. It’s plateaued and if anything got a little harder? I’m going to have to build a better squad if I want to reach the next level.

    It’s the weirdest thing and something I’m not really seen in PES before. My seasons have fluctuated regularly, and that hasn’t changed since the patch. Last season I could tame the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea, but this season has been mostly about winning against the lesser teams and getting my ass kicked by the big boys. Does the AI adapt and learn how to beat you? Probably not, and I think it’s probably more to do with a fluctuating amount of AI bullshit. Some games feel free and some feel like your players are running on fly paper. I don’t know, but it’s a different element to contend with, and it does mix things up a bit, despite being very annoying sometimes. It shouldn’t be how you lose games, and is just bad/evil coding from Konami.

    The CL games have been some of the best ever, hard, real cup games, but so far it’s turned out good for me. Barcelona win was epic. Milan beat me first time with an overpowered substitute shitshow from Cavani, but I got them back second time around. Funny thing is, in that 2nd game they bought him on at 60 mins, and then subbed him off on 65 mins. Work that one out!

    Back to the Sergej Milinković-Savić saga, when they triggered his £110m release clause and I begrudgingly accepted, the email I got said they had triggered his release clause of just £4.8m. Twice now I’ve seen that incorrect figure. Another example of lazy quality control from the K-team.

    It’s all making for a crazy ML so far, but I’m enjoying it, warts and all.

  13. nG – is Tevez quick? I need more pace up front, and he’s available in my youths.

  14. Tommy – he’s average paced at age 16 – low 70s. Scope for increase as he develops of course but the main draw of Tevez for me is that he feels different. If Vardy is in your Youths (he popped up in mine 1.5 seasons ago), he has high pace even at 16.

  15. I’ve just sold tevez – not quick enough, easily knocked off the ball, too short, etc. Putting it into context, I’m seeing less and less difference from the stats, one of my strikers has 96 pace, and yet doesn’t outstrip championship defenders, Andy Carroll is a raw boned monster, and yet doesn’t batter championship defenders…and so on. I honestly think it makes very little difference when you are on superstar as everything gets muffled by the difficulty modifier type whatever goes on. I really don’t know what I’m team building towards as there are so few ways to approach the game – it’s not a case of deciding you are going to go long ball/big guys or on the deck/speedsters as you aren’t allowed to play the way you’d want.

  16. Thanks. I’ll give Tevez a miss, not what I’m looking for right now. I signed Kevin Gameiro from my youths instead, born with 90 acceleration so should do the trick.

    The forced sale of Milinković-Savić has meant a reshuffle of the rest of the pack. Dembele was in the youths too so he’s come in to plug the gap. The time has also come for RVP to make the step up and drop into the SS role behind the striker, at the expense of Nenê.

  17. Well as Tommy has mentioned him…Kevin gameiro is the one I’m looking to bump as he has been with me a year and a half and looks like he may make a slight difference. He is one of the quickest genuine strikers, rather than a winger moved centrally.

  18. Uncle Turf – I’m having a slightly different experience – first I’ve got to say I still do see and feel the sameyness of so many players in PES2020, as I have in every nuPES and have mentioned often. Most of the dreaded AMF/SS/CF all-in-one types that are such a nuPES speciality might as well all be the same player. This is another area where the influence of online has been nothing but catastrophic for the spirit of PES as we knew it. Most players have to feel more or less the same in order for the online playing field to be more or less level across the board.

    And what the hell is it with the next-game nerf?? I have come to know that if a player has a great match in one game, he is almost certain to be on a down-arrow for the next match – or if not, he won’t do anything in it anyway. Only a few players, sometimes, seem capable of turning in consistent performances in consecutive matches. If my Jarvis scores a brace in a match, he is nerfed in some way for the next. Once again this is an auto-balancing method from the online sphere that has infected offline. Balls to it all.

    But I am having a great time with the few players I’ve found who feel like something different and stand out.

  19. nG – Yes, PC modded with the ad boards, balls and ref kits. Currently working my way through the stadia available. The our demo file continues to satisfy after another very good session, I reckon I’m settled on this for now unless a meaningful fouls mod is released (although my fouls average is creeping up to 2 per match) because I don’t like the flitting back and forth, similar to slider syndrome on FIFA. Shame the ML is poor because otherwise I’m fairly content with PES 2020. I have ridiculous amounts of cash available, £300m transfer kitty in the bank, £200k (weekly) wages to spend. PES 2019 tight finances were good but an anomaly of nuPES which probably means they didn’t intend it to be that way.

  20. Cook – Ah yes, ‘Sider Syndrome’ on PC PES is a definite thing. As of now my main ML is still on the PS4, but if I was on PC only I think I’d be restless. Right now on PC all I’m doing is adding stadia and scoreboards and other infrastructure in anticipation of the now-inevitable PC ML that will happen at some point. I’m not tweaking the gameplay any more for now. I’ve settled on the Our Demo dt with a slightly heavier ball. I’m keeping an eye on a possible ‘fouls mod’ that’s in the pipeline (also considering getting hold of the relevant tools and having a go myself).

    The stadia that are coming out now look fantastic. Last night I added the King Power and the EFL scoreboard (I’ve had the scoreboards in Sider for a week but not got them working – then found my schoolboy error, no ScoreboardServer.lua file in modules…)

    There can be no doubt now after 4.5 seasons of ML on PS4 that this is the least considered ML ever… or is it? If you look at everything through the filter of PES Productions thinking: ‘let’s get single-player longevity down to the least we can get away with’, it all suddenly makes perfect sense. The moneymen in gaming don’t think in terms of individual satisfaction or what previous generations of gamers might want.

  21. nG – Why do the players cast no shadows?

  22. Tommy – all part of the ‘fun’ of PC modding in PES I’m afraid. It’s a brand-new custom stadium that popped up in the last week and it’s not configured properly yet for daytime play. So the shadows are there… But the game thinks it’s an evening/night game, so they’re nighttime/dusk shadows that you can’t see in the bright sunlight.

    This is all part of the testing and calibrating. The endgame here is to have every stadium in at least the Prem and SkyBet playable, but if I can’t find a fix for ‘King Power day’ lighting then that one will have to be nighttime only, or gone completely.

    I thought it was the turf mod at first, but see this one, Tottenham Hotspur stadium, night, with an obvious turf mod (that I still think looks lovely *kisses tips of bunched fingers*), where the shadows are fine, so it’s definitely a custom stadium issue:

    Currently midway through a wonderful session on PS4, which is still ‘home’ and will be until the end of this very interesting ML. Superstar is still not really punishing me?!

  23. Paul – by the by – Liverpool are winning the league this year. The mentality against us on Saturday to just keep going was frightening.

  24. Sorry, as someone with a modicum of turf insight I have to say that pitch looks horribly fake and terribly over the top. The light/dark stripes are purely just the light hitting blades of grass that have been pushed different ways – that one looks like it is made of lime green play doh and forest green paint. Any pitch that stops you from concentrating on playing the game is too much – see the awful shadows of San siro et al of previous pes, and that eye bleeding circular pattern that I think was popular in Mexico. I know Paul has said it before but it really would be great to have the option of a small shitty ground that you could edit up when you get successful. Just one of many minor adjustments that could make a great master league experience that will of course never happen.

    Pes peaked years ago, what we are witnessing now is a sad decline punctuated by the odd flash of former glory. It’s Ian Rush going back to Liverpool.

  25. Uncle Turf – you mean the checker-style Spurs one yes? I like it, I see and know the problems (and you never see pitches like that in reality as far as I know), but while I’m fooling around with the cosmetic side of the PC PES I’m admitting all the wild and wacky stuff on offer. Around January-February there’ll be a PC ML for sure and I’ll have weeded out all the glitchy stuff (there’s a good chance of a fan-made ‘fouls patch’ by then too).

    The option of the small shitty starting ground that you edited up and up as the seasons went by, was a staple of PS3 PES as we all remember fondly.

    Good analogy with Ian Rush back to Liverpool. It is the sobering, undeniable truth that PES unquestionably peaked years ago, and many years ago at that. Variosu factors have watered the brew down so much that you have to drink it by the barrel-load to get the same hit.

  26. PRS – Thats what we do, never give up. according to a slew of Villa fans on Twitter though, we were lucky, our fans were shit and quiet and Villa deserved to win the game and were cheated out of the result.
    Quite amusing when you consider Firmino’s goal was absolutely onside, and the match stats show we battered Villa in every dept.

    View post on

    Look how lucky we were!!! Hahahahahaha.

    Turf – I agree, all the turf’s I’ve seen on the PC modded ver of PES20 look horrible. Fake and plastic and cartoonish.

    My experience with PES 20 has drastically changed, I’m planning a new post on PESFX tomorrow so will save details for then but the game has completely flipped on its head for me.

    As for player individuality and run of form NG, im experiencing the opposite of you, my CF Maolida has been in amazing form this season, went on a run of scoring in 6 matches in a row, and was upward arrowed for every one of them, then he didn’t score for 2 matches, dropped down to a ‘Normal’ form arrow, then picked up a knock in one match and was downward arrowed, so I rested him, still on a down arrow for the match following that, so brought him on late as a sub and he got the second in a 2-0 win, and next match his form was back up again, its been very realistic.

  27. prsgames/Paul – and us football gamers have been so used to ‘Firmino’s armpit’-style offsides being offside for 20 years that we don’t even care. A pixel has decided things for us for so long that it’s quite funny watching the ‘controversy’ play out in the real world.

  28. The angering factor NG was that the initial VAR analysis done by none other than Martin ‘Anti-Liverpool’ Atkinson showed that Firmino was ONSIDE, he then manipulated the calibration lines to make Firmino offside, its farcical.

    Probably on Sheik Monsour’s payroll.

  29. Paul – in decisions other than offsides, an unexpected side-effect of VAR, which I’m surprised at but shouldn’t be given my view of them, is showing just how cowardly and devious football’s officials are. They are terrified of giving so-called ‘big decisions’ and will do anything not to give them. VAR is only making that more pronounced.

  30. NG – But to manipulate and change an ONSIDE goal to then be OFFSIDE is giving a big decision, officials are now using VAR to manipulate the outcome of matches, luckily in this instance we didnt need the goal, and scored another 2 anyway, but in this instance, it was blatantly corrupt.

  31. Paul – Saw those comments, twitter brings out worst in fanbases. I’d say the two goals you got were due to lapses by us that was the only luck but when you batter us for 70+ minutes you make your own luck. It was almost a PES game.

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