The only way is Jarvis

Season 3 has ended with the SkyBet Championship title and promotion to the Premier League. See the team posing for the now-traditional trophy-free photo.

I won the league at a canter, in the end. Top Player has proven quite tame for me. A 13-point margin of victory. And check my goals conceded column. I haven’t scored as many goals as I would have liked but the ones I have scored have been when it counted.I said it at the start and stand by it, even though I know other players are experiencing wildly different things: Top Player feels more like Professional+ this year to me.

We shall see how the Premier League treats me. I had a little taster of it when I met Liverpool in the FA Cup semi, and they were brilliant, exactly what I would want a top-rated top team to be. I only lost 1-0 but it could have been a hammering. The pace was extraordinary. I think I only created one chance, which of course I squandered.

I can’t wait to get my teeth into Superstar. I’ve already moved up, having played the last few meaningless matches of the season on it. A draw and a win. Both felt great.

I got quite a few players into the Team of the Season.Jarvis was the story of the latter half of the season. There was one six-game session in which he scored eight (8) goals, including an astounding first-half hat-trick vs Blackburn. It’s first up in the special Jarvis compilation:

Amazing. That scoring spurt shot Jarvis to the top of the top scorers’ list, where he remained until the end of the season, which quite rightly earned him a spot in the D2 Team of the Season.

Yes – a little peculiar to make top scorer with only 16 goals scored, but that’s Master League. It’s never shy to remind the player that he’s the only real person in its made-up world.

Jarvis only scored 1 goal in my last 7 fixtures, which proves – if proof were needed – that Master League is a massively session-based experience in which we are ‘managed’ based on the context. The game ‘knew’ I was romping to the title. I wasn’t allowed to score at all, with any player, for four matches in a row at one point.

PES2020 still isn’t really a PES of great and memorable goals for me – not as spectacles and things-in-themselves. I don’t think I’ve got to the end of Season 3 without scoring even 1 laces long-ranger in any PES before this one. And believe me I try them. PES2020’s goals are all about context-and-character (cf. Jarvis).

This goal was the best of my recent sessions and one of the best of PES2020 so far for me – another Castledine R2 curler from long range. What do I keep saying about that lucky brown kit? Great things happen in it.

And that’s me headed for the Premier. It took 3 seasons this year, on Top Player for almost all of it. How will the Premier treat me on Superstar? I’m soon going to find out.

Updated: 18th October 2019 — 11:01


  1. If you’ve claimed top goalscorer with Jarvis, then that’s a clear indication that Top Player has ran it’s course and Superstar is next. However I fully expect to see you back on TP come January, without trying to sound like a dick. Prove me wrong, by all means and I’ll eat my proverbial hat with gusto. The only reason I say this is because the game won’t let you get relegated and keep your job, which is shit, and I imagine you won’t want to leave Coventry.

    Liverpool are different level hyper-shithousery, must still have some of that sweet official license coding left in there, or just the effect of the Gegenpress. Spurs are another. Chelsea and Man Utd not far behind, while Man City are surprisingly tame, while still being obviously very good. Then you get the odd lower team that plays like Barcelona, Aston Villa oddly run me ragged, even now on TP.

    Up the Sky Blues.

  2. Tommy – hammered 0-4 at home by Leicester in game 1. High levels of twattery on show. I hit the woodwork 4 times. Etc. I’ll stick with it for now!

  3. Judging by James’ comments on here, SS level is a complete different level of Turdery.
    Maybe Top Player for home matches and SS for away NG ?

    I finished 12th in my first season in the Prem, my objective set by the bald guy this season was top 6, I accepted that as i thought with a season behind me, some new better signings, I could push for 6th, but as it has turned out, season 2 is even more rife with player handicapping, shithousery and cheating, so I’m currently 14th, way way off 6th.

    The end of the Jan transfer window popped up a new cutscene I hadn’t season before which was ‘Mid-Season review: Chapter 1’ where the bald guy said that it was always going to be tough to achieve 6th, and that we should now aim to finish no lower than 14th.

    Is this the game massaging objectives to help me out?
    Will I be sacked if i finish lower after already having my objectives amended?

    That Brown Kit …….

  4. Paul – “I hope you’ve been keeping your résumé up to date, because you’re gonna need it!”

  5. Yep Tommy, that sounds about right for the type of Japanglish sayings they put in PES.

  6. Paul — I’ve played quite a few SS matches on the PC side during all my gameplay mod testing — but they’ve been in the Champions League mode. (My OG Defaults on the PC is also a testbed for gameplay mods but crucially that’s on Top Player.) After one match on SS on my PS4 ML I can say that if that shit continues there is going to be a problem. I could almost put up with the hyper-aggressive AI, but hitting the post 4x times is so much transparent bullshit.

    The brown kit makes things happen. It’s ace.

  7. NG – is it just hitting the post thats an issue?

    Maybe the game recognises the RGB values of your kit as shit Brown and thinks ‘well if anyone’s brave enough to use a kit that colour we will lay off the handicapping and insane COM pressure for them’ ?

    Shame there isn’t a brown kit > long range shot enabled mod hidden in there too.

  8. Paul — post, bar. At least 2 of the 4 were goals, I could feel that they were goals in my finger muscles as I took the shot. But the post mysteriously intervened.

    The great thing about your brown kits is that they’ve all looked pretty good. None have matched the legendary awfulness of the original excrement kit.

    I just went to feast my eyes on the original and Googled ‘coventry excrement kit’ — and most of the top search results are images from this blog of your kits!

  9. I’d swap your hitting the post for the insane COM pressure, unbalanced physicality and passes going astray that I endure, any day of the week.

    That’s mad, I think you and the guy at the snooker are probably the only 2 people who hold that kit in such esteem !!

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  11. That’s an assault on the eyes, don’t know whats more criminal, the kit or the hair !!!!

  12. no, that legendary kit was also being discussed on the Ipswich supporters forum this week!

  13. Welcome to my last three seasons….


  14. abbeyhill — shouldn’t you now be asking BlueBoots if he has ever left a comment here under my name, or vice versa?

  15. I’ve been experimenting with using the L2 manual modifier for shots over the past couple of days, and I’ve started to score absolute thunderbastards. It’s not suited for all scenarios, but it also stops the AI from ruining your match with “fail state” shots off the woodwork, or just wide, when you damn well know they were on target.

    It’s worth the practice, and the wind-up time isn’t much more than regular shots when you’re playing on Superstar. L2 modifier, people: use it!

  16. not-Greg – if BlueBoots had started damning the brown kits, damning them all to hell, then I’d have had reasonable grounds for suspicion….

  17. Thoughts after tonight’s session:

    There’s a part of me that wonders if the disparity between the lauded demo and release code is due to an eleventh-hour panic where the devs – forever tuning and tweaking – could not get the game back to the sweet spot they’d hit before, discovered bugs, and implemented many crude fixes and fudges to avoid humiliating weaknesses. They haven’t patched it before now because they just don’t have the resources.

    Alternatively, the match engine and animation teams are understaffed and underfunded, but have created a simulation of astonishing sophistication… but the lead designers who make the final calls on tuning of systems have insisted that the human player should be punished for every footballing inclination that might occur to them on Superstar and above, because unfair is *fun*.

    (With occasional stabs through the ribcage with an easily-smuggled sharpened knitting needle, if anyone recalls reports of that that bizarre hardcore British hooligan tradition, for anyone who lingers on Top Player.)

    Seabass-era PES could be *really* hard, but I’d be playing on the top difficulty within weeks of release, because I never, ever felt as if the whole point was to stop me from playing. I’d accept the inevitable debuffs, and the odd bullshit AI goal, but always felt that my best play would be rewarded.

    Superstar+ ML sessions in PES 2020 are some of the most corrupt and ridiculous gaming experiences I’ve ever endured, with very occasional flourishes of the best and most beautiful football I’ve experienced. And that’s just for the games that I win. Right now, what I’d like to say about the *really* bad matches might warrant a custodial sentence.

  18. nG – I remember Coventry having the sky blue version of that kit but I don’t think I ever saw the brown one in real life. I remember Wales and Belgium having the same style Adidas kits.

  19. abbeyhill -– in the early 2000s a work colleague once said ‘now we’re cooking with gas!’ after we made progress with a thing, and I said ‘What?’ I’d never heard the phrase in my life before. Similarly you and the famous ‘damn them all to hell’ line. And Chris99 and the brown kit!

    James – ‘most corrupt Superstar-level PES gameplay ever’ – I think it’s safe and not-too-spoilery to say I’m on the verge of wholeheartedly agreeing after 4 matches on Superstar in the Prem (slow going as I’ve had a tiring cold (waning now)). That woodwork is like a magnet for the ball.

    Chris99 – I remember the Wales one very well! As a fan of the old Home Internationals. The brown CCFC one must have just swerved you by.

  20. 12th game in season four and I’ve finally lost. In those 12 games I’ve scored 6 goals and conceded 2. It’s utter shit. It’s the narrowest, most restrictive and handicapping superstar I’ve ever played.

  21. Uncle Turf – I’m a few sessions into my Superstar D1 season now and it’s an eye-opener all right. I’ve played some Superstar in other modes and it’s nothing like this. In ML it’s without a doubt the cheatiest Superstar we’ve ever had. There’s not even any subtlety about the numerous nerfs. The Sensi Soccer-style ‘degradation of quality of possession’ is turned up more than a few notches here. No matter how well and carefully you’re keeping the ball, with every pass the % chance increases that your next one will be mysteriously redirected. And that’s just one of a multitude of sins! For comedy purposes Paul has to play this as soon as possible.

  22. nG – Either never saw it, or my brain has decided I’d be better off not remembering it. Were they in the top flight at the time?

  23. NG – I’ve struggled with difficulty levels all the way through new pes, they don’t represent a smooth transition. I felt that 2019 threw away a lot of the more nuanced difficulty in favour of just hammering you with edge of the box pressure and slide tackles but 2020 doesn’t even pretend – it’s just horrifically predetermined ability nerfing. I reckon you’d need a team of average 80 players to be on a par with an ordinary AI team, and then there would be the actual play to contend with.

  24. It’s possible to adapt to Superstar, I’ve found in a late-night session tonight.

    A very late-night session. In which I designed my own 4th kit using PES Master’s kit creator (and the site logo that Paul made as the sponsor).

    And whilst wearing it at home vs Newcastle, at 2:30am I finally scored my first long-ranger in PES2020. After 500 tries, one had to go in. 27 yards. Here it is:

  25. nG – Noice!

    Been ill myself so I was also up until 5am playing a bit as I couldn’t sleep. Halfway into season 4 and I’ve just moved up to 2nd in the league. It’s not all been plain sailing, in fact I’ve had a few defeats and a few 0-0 games against Liverpool and the like. So far Top Player is enjoyable and mostly fair, although the AI is still capable of outright turdery*. It’s really surprising how challenging it can be at times, and yet I’m still ascending. It’s probably helped by the fact there’s no outright number 1 team in my Premier League this season, Liverpool are only 3 pts ahead but it’s been Everton and Wolves before them. The rest of the “Big 6” are plugging away further down. I still wonder how I would have faired on Superstar for another season, and when I should make the step back up.

    *thanks for the new word, Paul.

  26. Tommy – my cold is a weird one and somehow I’m not sleeping either. 4-5 hours per night all week and I don’t feel tired?!

    After my awful and eye-opening start on Superstar I went on a 4-match unbeaten run and had some great games, but then suddenly the game wouldn’t let me score and went to extraordinary lengths to chuck obstacles in my way. Also last-second winners for the AI (where the final whistle blows as soon as you kick off) seem suspiciously common. When Paul does play Superstar we really need him to livestream it for comedy value. PES2020 Superstar is like a Greatest Hits of all the scripty bullshit accumulated over the years, ratcheted up to 11 and with new turds on top.

    Strange thing, though. I’ve been watching all The True Brit’s Legend-level ML YouTube videos, and there is no sign of any of it in his games. Perhaps they really did confuse the two levels.

    Re. the long-ranger, doubtless all the 2019-style space I had on the counter-attack was a factor. Perhaps in usual conditions with players around and between, there’s a proximity debuff that effectively nerfs them. I hope it’s not another 3.5 seasons before my next.

  27. Well, from what I’ve played of Legend, it’s like Superstar x2. But everyone is different, and perhaps individual play styles can fair differently. But as far as I can tell all difficulties are in the right place. To me Top Player feels like 2019 Top Player+.

    As far as Superstar is concerned, it’s cheaty and frustrating, but actually how it should be, in a weird masochistic way. My first season in the Prem was horrible, I had to fight and fight for everything, and that’s how a newly promoted team should fair. A proper dogfight. If it wasn’t for the fact that relegation = instant sacking, then I wouldn’t mind it.

    I have 3 players rated 81ovr now. If I had 3 players rated 91ovr, I might do a lot better on SS. Maybe I need to switch back up and work at it for a few seasons, work on my finances, save for big players, develop the ones I have and then maybe I’ll compete. The long term plan.

    Might switch back to SS in Jan, and see how it goes. Winning the league this season would feel very hallow.

    Despite my flirting with a 2nd ML, that’s more of a traditional summer project. This ML is my main focus, and the more I think about it, I’m actually starting to like the idea of trying to best Superstar.

  28. Tommy – there’s quality on Superstar that’s for sure, as James has also remarked, some of the very best of PES is there to be had – but the dark side feels borderline unacceptable a lot of the time, and that’s with my usual tolerance for such things. I’m now accustomed to PES2020, to the camera angle, to the passing system, and to my players, but when the game purposefully misdirects my passes because the difficulty setting has introduced a random accumulated modifier that says it must… No. Just no.

    I haven’t forgotten PA0 either. I have this desire though to ‘complete’ an ML on my traditional settings before branching out. I also have the PC on the side too and who knows what will happen there.

  29. From all the stories here I’m wary of superstar. I have far less tolerance for this kind of stuff than others do so it might be curtains quick for me if it is indeed such a horrible shit show. Still on professional though which is treating me just fine. Nice to know I’ve got a gameplay patch as a backup. Very curious about the Thursday patch as well.

    As I remarked a while ago, there is “something” going on under the hood pertaining to difficulty. Serie B and A are an absolute breeze and it’s not just because of team strength. I’ve defeated inter, sampdoria and Napoli with ease (mostly with the defaults) and with the exception of Juventus and perhaps Roma, those are the top teams. Played a few matches on the arsenal save I still had and it’s night and day.

    It seems the English teams are way more inclined to use tactics and shift att/def levels. The Italian teams just don’t do it, so weird ( I have klashmans tactics in place so that’s not it) perhaps it’s the fact that most Italian play alike ? (Defensively)

  30. #1 — Superstar takes all the shenanigans of past years, adds some new ones (I think literally-the-last-second AI goals are a thing now), and makes for some of the cheatiest football gaming you have ever seen. Try it on a side-save out of curiosity if nothing else. I think you’d have to play Serie A and B on TP or SS anyway to see a bit of a stiffer test.

    On the PC modding front, I’m gearing myself up to give the Supernova patch a test run tomorrow when (if) I get time. So many reports from the forums of consistently high fouls counts, which I have almost zero confidence Thursday’s official patch will provide.

  31. I’ve been doing some experimentation of my own and I believe the camera has a major impact on play.

    I mean obviously it impacts play as you may see runs or angles differently but having been on stadium custom (I love the old style ISO) from the start I switched to dynamic wide, zoomed out to max. Immediately the game was more open, I could turn and shoot, I had runs into space, I could get off long Rangers without the suffocating wall of defence. I tried it again – same result, 11 shots in a match where I’d been lucky to get 3 or 4. Whetherits poor implementation by konami, or it somehow interacts with the player movement – I have no idea, I know very little about the kind of things James and Paul are up on. All I know is that my games are suddenly back to more familiar territory (and this means faster too).

  32. Thoroughly uninteresting bug, but different…

    Late in a game against Man City they made two subs, triggering the touchline animation. Aguero and De Bruyne came on. Play continued. Then after the ball went out of play again, the same animation was triggered for the same two substitutes. What??

    I’ve had it plenty of times where my quick subs don’t actually come on to the pitch, but this is next level.

  33. Switching up to Superstar for the 2nd half of season 4. Just making a note of my 1st half results – W11 D5 L3. Let’s see how the 2nd half goes. I’ve got to finish top 6, or I guess I’m gone*.

    First game back on SS… a win!

    *will have to reload backup save.

  34. Morning Chaps, good weekends all round I hope.
    I was away in London, Museum, Hotel, Dinner etc, so had a lovely one, only to be ruined by MVARtin Atkinson cheating the dirty scum mancs to a undeserved point.

    Its irrelevant if Origi went down like a sack of sh*t, a foul is a foul, is a foul.
    How can VAR check the replay, in slow motion and see what everyone watching at home saw, Lindelof boot Origi in the back of the leg, without playing the ball at all, which then caused him to go down and lose possession, and they score a goal from it, how can booting a player in the leg from behind, be checked by VAR and still be allowed?
    Absolutely farsical.

    Due to being away only had time for 4 quick matches late last night, and it was about time PES served me up a decent session, it certainly owed me one.

    2 wins, a draw and a defeat, with the highlight being 3-1 down to Liverpool at Anfield (or Rose court or whatever the f*ck its called), then mounting a comeback to 3-3, before grabbing a 92nd minute winner for a 4-3 win, with newly promoted youth CF NDoye grabbing a brace.

    Won’t get to play much this week either as I’m away in Manchester with work for 3 days, might hang my Liverpool ‘6 times’ banner out of my City centre hotel window!

    As for Superstar, doesn’t sound appealing at all, if I get a ‘nothing’ game at the end of this season, where the result is irrelevant, I will up the difficulty to SS and live stream the match with commentary, just for your amusement.

  35. Paul – I have a dim view of VAR as you’d expect. It’s essentially become a way for referees to pass responsibility for so-called ‘big decisions’ (i.e. decisions that would be correct but would be contextually sensational) to another layer of officials who don’t want any either. The on-field refs’ threshold for awarding a penalty in the normal flow of play has actually gone insanely high in the VAR era, because nobody ever moans about them not giving it anymore. The bullshit about ‘but is it enough of a foul’ has only got worse with technology. Klopp correctly said that VAR is making referees wave play on knowing that all the controversy will be about VAR.

    There was an amusing moment right at the end when Klopp did a cringe of disappointment at Oxlade-Chamberlain’s cross, followed by an encouraging clap that was so PES2020…

    ” alt=”” />

    Re. Superstar, you can get single matches that are absolutely fine and some of the best footy gaming and PES gaming you’ve ever come across, really good. But cumulatively it’s the cheatiest cheating since footy game scripto-cheating began.

    Tommy – I’ve made a backup side-save too, as I don’t think I’d want to start again if I do get to my first sacking in Master League since the PS2 era (not really a sacking – I misjudged Expected Earnings one season and got a Game Over).

  36. NG – its just pointless VAR being there, Ref doesn’t give a foul, goal is scored from an error, it goes to VAR, its there for everyone to see in slow motion, yet VAR backs up the referee because they dont want to undermine him. Pointless.

    They even used VAR to check Lallana’s goal at the end, for what?!? it was a totally legit goal, no chance of being offside, no handball, no foul in the build up, just a good goal, yet the fans cant cheer or anything as we have to wait for VAR to check something that doesn’t need checking.

    killing the game.

    And i’m totally fed up of seeing that manager cutscene, it boils my piss!!!

  37. VAR = Villa are Robbed all season. Decide to use it for a foul decision ref made to rule out our goal, declined to use it for the foul decision that led to Brighton’s. Although a bit of Master League scripting at the end meant it didn’t matter.

    Unless it is implemented like in the World Cup it needs scrapping.

  38. I was really looking forward to VAR because if the actual rules of Association Football were actually applied it would make everything and everyone crazy in a different way, of course. 10 penalties per match? Yes please! As it stands it’s yet another cop-out. A hawkeye system for offside at most. I want to see referees jogging over to the monitors 10 times a match and giving 10 penalties and sending off 10 players and everything melting down (which could, and in more than a few cases would happen – and the officials know it, hence this toothless VAR).

  39. NG – We all knew that VAR would be like PES20’s demo fouls – a pointless, token gesture that wouldn’t last.

  40. Paul – totally agree on VAR as there is no consistency. The best example being the Leicester v Burnley game where Burnley had a late equaliser chalked off because Wood was deemed to have clipped the ankles of the Leicester defender who went to clear the ball from going into the net but wouldn’t have got to it anyway. If that isn’t a goal then the incident you refer too should be the same.

  41. Just seen Mark Clattenburg (who once amazingly gave 4 penalties in one game, all justifiably, although even he chickened out of a fifth) say that referees are happy with VAR as it is because they’re not getting any of the blame. The ref at Tottenham on Saturday bottled giving the penalty that would have put Watford 2-0 up, but none of the post match talk about the incident was about him. I think he would have given it if the score was 0-0 or 1-0 to Spurs, but because it would have been a ‘big decision’ with Watford already 1-0 up, he didn’t. Just one example of why refs in football are the worst officials in any professional sport in the world.

  42. Agree, VAR is just another meaningless step in the process of poor officiating, aimed at diverting blame away from the refs.
    All it adds to the game is confusion and ruins the spectacle for the supporters who dont know whether to cheer or not.

  43. I’ve had enough. Superstar for four seasons is long enough to decide that it’s just not able to provide a fair experience of playing the game on a tough level. Ultimately it’s the physical assaults – you can be as quick and nimble as possible, create flowing moves and then you get hammered in the back, lose the ball and fail to get so much as a free kick. I felt similar about 2019 and its edge of the box slide, they simply can’t get the balance right nowadays.

    I’m going to bumble around till Thursday trying things out, see what the patch promises, then maybe do a restart on Top player pa0 or variation on that. At least on a lower level I may be able to offset the stupidity with a few goals but I feel like the last season has just been pointless, no matter how good my team I would never be able to overcome the inbuilt cheating.

  44. Uncle Turf – I’m discovering the Superstar that you and others have been reporting on for a few weeks and it really is a weird one. I thought you’d dropped down to Top Player already?

    Thursday’s patch will be the most informative one ever, I think. No PES before this one has had such a loud chorus of disapproval against its anything-goes, rules-free nature. If the patch comes and a change doesn’t, it will be a confirmation of everything single-players have been predicting, here and elsewhere, for many years now.

    If it comes to PA0 I think you’ll find it a whole new game in effect. But you have to give it 5 hours. Without little breaks of playing with PA1. You have to persist through the period when you’re playing simple passes into touch and the like, to get to the good stuff. I remember thinking during the summer that I could very easily have played a whole new 15 seasons of Master League on PA0 on PES2019. (NB: I adopted ‘Lloyd settings’ and played with Basic shooting.)

    Paul – I never thought VAR would make referees even more reluctant to apply the most basic rules of the game, but here we are.

  45. nG – I’ve seen the response on the Twitters today to the new faces that are coming, with most seeing it as an embarrassing waste of time and resources when there are so many other issues to address. It’s interesting to see so many people demanding the see the patch notes.

    I haven’t been following the forums much lately, but what is it exactly that people are baying for?

  46. NG – no, your talk of multiple shots to nil and romping to the championship put me off dropping down. I’ve always been superstar and until recently stadium cam. I thought switching to dynamic wide had opened the game up, and to be honest I still was getting a lot more shots on goal but it was always the same pattern of sudden amnesia when faced with great chances, a complete absence of any kind of recompense when felled at the knees and although they were slightly better a completely pointless crossing game (I think I’ve maybe scored one header in four seasons, no free kicks, no penalties, two longer rangers). Sad thing is that from what others have said even dropping down isn’t going to resolve a lot of the problems. It could be such a great game but it’s got no subtlety, no intelligence.

  47. I’m not finding Superstar tough but I have a strong team so maybe something to do with it. I know what it can be like after 2 seasons in the bottom half of the Championship but it’s really mellowed out since season 3 when I started getting 80 rated players. One thing I noticed, similar to Turf and the camera type, is that lowering game speed made it more difficult. I play on 0 and a few games on -1 revealed a different game, just a bit too slow for me though.

    Played through a couple of seasons in the past week, finished 7th in the first season in the Premier League (season 4) securing Europa League, then season 5 won the treble of Premier League, FA Cup and Europa League. Slightly disappointed, the game really wanted me to win the league, 3 teams on 76 points and I won by 1 goal.

  48. Cook – I’ve got as good a team as you usually acquire after a long time in ml – 81 up front, 86 in goal, the likes of kompany, mascherano, robben, etc and I can control a lot of games at 0-0. However, I find that the game makes sure I lose anything resembling a 50/50, blocks off so many avenues for scoring and will randomly make sure I can’t kick the ball in the right direction. That 80 odd team becomes more like a low 70s team with the opposition similarly boosted upwards. You are clearly better at the game than me but I don’t feel like it’s been true to the difficulty level, it’s not just hard for me it’s impossible to get beyond certain issues.

    TBH id play it again as soon as I can as there’s a lot of good stuff in the game, however I don’t have much faith they’ll iron out the flaws

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