Not planning to chuck Berrio

In the transfer window before Season 3 I made a point of favouring players with a Speed stat of 80 or more. BERRIO is a 30-year-old Free Agent with pretty average stats in most areas – except Speed, which is a preposterous 91 at this stage of his imaginary career.

Berrio’s the type of player who usually vanishes from my squad and my mind following the first or second transfer window after promotion… or is he? I fancy something different this year in terms of the transfer merry-go-round. I might favour Journeymen, Youths, and Regens. Even though the game will clearly let me sign anyone I want no matter what, it’s palpably a better game and a better experience with lesser players. So Berrio might be here to stayio.

In his first match Berrio scored a hat trick. There he is above with the matchball. And this was his hat trick goal:

That searching aerial through-ball was supplied by my other big new signing, one D CROWLEY from Birmingham City. Only 72 for Speed, he makes up for it with a very Castledine-like silky feel about him. He cost me almost all of my £20m transfer budget and demanded the highest wage I’ve yet paid out – £1.1m a year.

I had other negotiations to do with contract renewals in the squad. It would be good if Crowley’s inflated wage prompted resentment and a desire for parity among my other players. But they were happy enough with the pittances I offered. Eventually. Rice caused a hairy moment when he turned me down at first.I went back with a slightly better offer and he was fine. The same happened with a few other players too. Including Beto, my very promising Youth promotee keeper whom I have decided to pick in place of the more experienced Begovic. There’s not much between them, and Beto could do with the games.

That very slight bit of trouble the game threw my way in contract negotiations with my own players was the first real sign of actual difficulty on my Hard Negotiations setting. Which I have otherwise found to be the EASIEST EVER.

My First XI (when all are fit and in form) and the rest of my squad:Ramirez at left back is a Youth player with 84 Speed. Salomonsson at RB (still on the bench for now) is another Youth, a Regen in this case, and has similar stats. Their pace really shows. Never again will I be caught out of position and done for pace at the back the way I was in the Playoff Final. It still hurts.

I’m light at central defence, so a decent CB with good pace is top of the shopping list for January.

After spending all my budget in pre-season, I have already (by December) accumulated £8m in transfer funds and about £4m salary budget. I am also on Small budget settings.

So this is life with a Small Budget and Hard Negotiations. One can only wonder what life is like with a Large Budget and Easy Negotiations!

Heading for mid-season of Season 3, I have a firm intention to win promotion outright. No more Playoff tension for me. A season in D2 is too much work for it to rest on the outcome of three matches. Automatic promotion is the only target.

Here is the table – very exciting:My goal-scoring needs to pick up. You have to go down to below mid-table to find a team that’s scored fewer than mine. But I easily have the best defensive record in the division.

Top Player is still giving me good matches most of the time, although matches in which the AI is curiously passive and doesn’t manage a single shot on goal are becoming a bit too numerous. Superstar might come along soon. Although I will probably wait for the Premier League.

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  1. This game is bullshit.

    This new-wave scripting, or whatever you want to call it is driving me mad. Against Liverpool, well I might has we’ll have skipped the game. I was never going to get a result, even after scoring an equaliser.

    Liverpool players’ toes nicking it off my players (which I, the player, can’t do).

    My players smashed all over the place foul free (which I, the player, can’t do).

    Oh, my and my new pet hate, the fact that the AI is constantly alive to lose balls (which my players are not). I’ve lost count of how many goals I’ve conceded because the ball pinballs around in the box and my players just stand there while the AI is always active.

    Oh, and this bullshit…

  2. Tommy – th ones that are mine are regens but the loanees are the real deal.

    Paul – I was thinking of the other boro failure!

    Training has never worked for years, even if you do nothing the players just chug away at the same rate. And you’re quite right – Adam lost any credibility years ago. I believe he said this year that getting no fouls must be the way you play as he was getting plenty. He defended out of the box 2014 ffs!

  3. One point (plus -1 goal difference) from safety with two games left in season 3, against Man Utd and Chelsea. So relagation then.

    I’ll save that punishment for tomorrow. It’ll probably cost me my job too, so there’s that to look forward to.

    What to do after that? Restart? Move to a different club? Reload my emergency save from just after January? I don’t know.

  4. Tommy – in your shoes I would restart. Knowing what you know now about various things it’d be much ‘cleaner’ that way.

    Stewdog – I’ve been on Top Player for 1.5 seasons now, more or less, and so far not seen any of the shenanigans. By a very long way the #1 issue for me with PES2020, as it has been for every PES in the current generation, is: fouls. In my wildest nightmare I never thought any PES could do fouls worse than PES2018, but here it is.

  5. Late to the discussion, but one of the things I would dearly love to see make a return is the post match attribute increases, along with the sound effects. It was always so exciting to see an attribute go up by an actual point.
    Is there any way to track/check these as it stands (PES2019)?

  6. Bit tired this morning as I stayed up longer than intended. With getting up at 5.45am to walk the dog, before travel to work it is a killer. The reason being is that I could have secured promotion if I won the game I played before bed. I beat Blackburn 1-0 in a scrappy game and manned the trenches in the last 10 mins to get the victory.

    The hard stuff begins now as it is going to be a longer term step up to Top Player with an average team in the Premership. Looking forward to season 3.

  7. Grilled Seabass – Yes, agreed. It reminded me of a JPRG after a battle. I know this has nothing to do with your comment but my perfect game would be PES built around a cheesy sports based JPRG. Golf story type thing.

    The star striker I shouldn’t have been allowed to buy has had a few bids close to the min fee which is 3 times his listed value. Am I the only one getting this? It’s giving me anxiety.

    10 point lead now with 18 games left, should be an easy championship now but still cautious of the game going Mr Hyde.

    nG – The Braves took a beating and the Dodgers gone again who must be the best franchise in American sports not to have won in a generation.

  8. Grilled Seabass – there is a mode in which you can see players’ post-match stats increases in an old-school way… it’s in myClub, the mode that they really want you to play, not poor old Master League.

  9. Tommy – relegation and a sacking can be part of a great story, just go with it if it happens and move to a new club. Imagine if you then return to your original club some time in the future. I’ve never been afraid of the personal story over the one club dynasty idea.

    That slice of old school sprite collision is terrible though. The fouls that are given for no obvious reason are shocking but even worse is the foul that defies the laws of physics. At least last year you knew where you stood – pretty much nothing was a foul. This year you find a great chance has been pulled back for nothing more than two players going for a ball.

    I’m now in yoyo world – just in the playoffs after half a season I fully expect to win/lose as those around me do in old fashioned ml rubber banding.

  10. Turf – That’s going to be my plan, I think. In terms of where, I might select one of the options offered to me, instead of selecting whoever I want, for realism. Then see how it goes. I can always fudge the system and move back to Freebridge in 6 months.

  11. Tommy – Cheers dude.

  12. Chris – No problem!

  13. Hi not-Greg! I have a question completely off-topic. The last few days I have read through your blog almost from the beginning. You gave me inspiration to start a ML at Pes 2012, so here’s my question. Do you have to unlock all the classic players before you start a master league to be able to buy them? You had a lot of classic players that year. Really great blog by the way. Played my first pes (PES2) when I was 21 and it was sort of the first time I fell in love with a footy game.

  14. Relagted.

    Fought my bloody arse off in those last two games, against two ridiculous teams and I got two draws. But Huddersfield above me, who haven’t won a game since Christmas, got a win and a draw. Obviously.


  15. Jonas – hello and welcome and good news, all you have to do is allow Classic players in the Master League setup options. I think some of my Classics that year were from an OF so dont bank on seeing all of them. Get Hagi if you have him. One of my top 5 PES players of all time. Also weirdly one of the most forgotten real life players.

    Tommy – ouch, and also that’s at least encouraging the game didn’t do its usual scripting. Where next?

  16. Tommy – just stencilling your name on the locker in our exclusive club…

    Should a patch (if ever) fundamentally change the game ie. fouls and sane physical traits, then I will be starting again. I’ve got well behind where I feel I should be due to bollocks.

  17. Thank you for the quick reply. Yes, Hagi is in the lot of unlockable classic players. Hanue is his unedited name.

  18. nG – Funnily enough both games started off like the game was giving me a chance. I raced out of the blocks against United, and while the commentary was staying “this is it, there could be doom and gloom around the corner” I banged in a turn-and-shoot go-to-goal. A goal that’s easy on TP, but nigh-on-impossible on SS*. Then the overpower switch got flipped and they came back into it. Similar scenario with Chelsea. 20 minutes or laborious AI, and then wham!

    Harsh one-to-one with the chairman, who said “I hope you’ve filled out your résumé, because you’re gonna need it!” Bastard.

    I’ve got offers at Burnley (Champ), SPAL (Serie B) and some team in the Brazilian Serie A. Don’t fancy top flight again right now, so it’s one of the first two.

    *Something for the hyphen lovers, there.

  19. Jonas – if you’ve followed the narrative of my PES2012 year you’ll know it was one of the biggest turnarounds in my PES history, and the Classic players made it all happen. Many frowned at it at the time, but it was absolutely necessary for me, and proportionate too – an average player is what I am, so the Classics didn’t ruin my game. I had an OF installed that year that changed all the Classic names to their real ones. If by some miracle you could track it down it’s worth installing. You’ll know it’s the one because it alone created a player called Gary Twigg. He wasn’t in anyone else’s game.

    Tommy – I don’t know how I’d react after a sacking but with all the mistakes I’ve made starting out in this one, I’d find it strangely liberating. Start with a clean slate – in Brazil!

  20. Tommy – it made sense for me to move to Charlton as they were rock bottom of div 2, not sure I could have jumped to another English club who were doing ok. Huddersfield are romping away with my league, Burnley second. I’m doing exactly what I said – win one, so do the others, lose one, so do the others. Play off might be my pre-determined fate with 15 games to go!

  21. Strange times. After bit of wheeling and dealing I had time to play the first two games on Top Player. First up Man Utd at home, which I comfortably won 2-0. My first goal in the premiership was an unusual one. The Utd keeper came out of his box and hoofed a clearance. It fell to one of my players about 40 yards out and I lobbed the ball back over his head. If only I hadn’t ignored the PS4 update, otherwise I would have recorded it. The Spurs away where I came away with a 1-0 victory, thanks to a 5th minute goal. From then on I went ultra defensive. Not sure what to make of TP as it is too early to say. The games have ramped up the speed and I only had one foul. On Professional fouls were not an issue for me.

  22. Darryl – You’ll find TP gets progressively harder and more fuckery as the season goes on.
    My season on TP in the prem started with a win vs Crystal Palace, a win vs Man Utd, a draw at Liverpool, a Win at City, then it all bottomed out, its like it gently eases you in, then once your settled starts clubbing you over the head with a spiked mallett.

  23. Right, I’ve decided to reload my backup save from February 1st to redo the second half of season 3 on Top Player. To hell with Superstar. My First game was a 3-1 humbling to Arsenal, and a reminder that there is still plenty of challenge at this level and it should not be underestimated.

  24. I met one of the top teams in the FA Cup last session and it was pretty straightforward – highlights at noon.

    Tommy – time for PA0 and Professional? At some point this year I will be going there and staying there forever.

    Darryl – what was it about missing the update that prevented you recording the goal? And the goalkicks you refer to have really got to be patched out pronto for the integrity of the game to last. My goal against the top team in the FA Cup came from a ridiculous 10-yard goalkick!

  25. nG – Maybe. This year has thrown up a lot of indecision, the difficulties being what they are. Maybe I can build up a team of megastars that can take on SS again in a few years. But for now TP will do, let’s see about a League title first and then reassess after that. The Lloyd Formula is also in the ideas tray.

    Don’t make promises you can’t keep. I was dead set on PA0 Manual Professional until I actually started playing the damn game!

  26. Tommy – during the summer I played the equivalent of about 2/3rds of a season on PES2019 on PA0 with Basic Shooting, on Professional. It is the future.

  27. manual passing was fairly easy to adapt to after a few hours, once you master that, Professional wouldn’t give much of a challenge. You’d be back to square one.

  28. Paul – it’s PA0 alone that is the future for me, ultimately, not so much the ‘on Professional’ part. (I.e., it’s not a means of being able to play Professional. It’s its own thing.) I played quite a bit of that time on Top Player and had my backside handed to me often enough to know that Professional is where I will need to master PA0. Lloyd of course plays with the same settings on Superstar and we’ve all seen his vids, so it is possible to move up through the difficulties. I’m quite looking forward to making the move when the time comes. I played enough PA0 to know in my fingerbones that there is individuality in the input – no question there at all – so it’s going to be the absolute peak of PESness when it happens.

    The question is when. I only really wanted to see and feel what PES2020 felt like on my traditional settings, and I think I’ve done that now, so there’s nothing stopping me. I believe I will wait to see what the Holy Patch does though.

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