Please release fee, let me Diego

Halfway through the second half of Season 2. I continue to bob around just outside the Playoff spots.I think the game will ‘let me’ get to the playoffs. It’s just being coy at the moment. I can have a consistent run of results, but the game always seems to contrive to chuck a curveball my way.

Every long-term player of PES who’s on a Master League winning run understands that sooner or later, you just won’t be allowed to win. As I’ve remarked before, if this wasn’t true, then it’d be quite common to have unbeaten seasons in Master League, or even seasons where the player wins every match – but the former is rare and the latter simply doesn’t happen.

I whizzed through the transfer window, simplifying my squad and picking up am eye-catching young Regen, the Brazilian AMF Diego.As a 16-year-old he already handles superbly. Here’s his page at the PES2020 database. Looks like he retired quite early in my Master League world. I’m looking forward to seeing him in a few seasons.

This lad is going to be a Master League megastar. Whilst finalising Diego’s contract I wanted to try something. It’s always a worry that other teams will poach your best players by triggering the release fee. I raised his release fee to the maximum possible. From £17m to £30m.

The very first press of the right-arrow button triggered the ‘you might have rubbed him the wrong way’ message. I’ve always been scared off by that message in Negotiations so far. But I wanted to test what would happen if I ignored it and raised the release fee to the Max. On my Hard Negotiations settings, it shouldn’t have been a happy outcome for me.

After a few days I received the notification that Diego was happy with everything, including the £30m release clause.

I’m now ready to call it. Hard Negotiations are broken. Or if they’re not broken, then the setting does not mean what a lifelong computer gamer reasonably expects it to mean. I expect Hard Negotiations to mean that Negotiations should be Hard. Not the easiest ever.

Here’s my full squad for the second half of Season 2. It’s trivially easy to get new players even with all the supposedly hardest settings.You can pretty much have an entire new team every transfer window if you want. No, this is not a great Master League so far. Remember when it was a major event to get just 1 slightly better player than you already had in the first few seasons of Master League? And then how you’d spend an entire session worrying over his form and fitness, and how he was settling in? Only your own custom House Rules can bring those days back now. Welcome to the future, people.

In my entire run of matches yesterday, this nice goal was the best. I spotted the striker’s run, and Diego delivered the ball:

Being able to watch that goal going in that from that angle enhanced my enjoyment of it. This might be my final camera angle. I think most people are still tinkering, and I’m no exception.

I also played for a while with -2 speed yesterday but finished the day on -1. A -1.5 speed would probably be ideal for me.

As a final fun instalment today I recorded 3 AI free kicks against me in my last session. All the chatter is about how it’s a near-certain goal for the AI. Which is not my experience.

This is how every single AI free kick in shooting range has gone in PES2020 so far:

Just press Circle well before the kick is kicked. If it’s not working, you’re not doing it right. If you’re pressing as the kicker is kicking, it’s too late. Once you learn when to press the circle button (too early is as bad as too late), you will never concede another free kick goal again. I think I conceded 1 (ONE) in all of PES2019. So far 0 (ZERO) in PES2020, and the AI usually has at least one attempt per match.

Updated: 1st October 2019 — 12:11


  1. Turf – If you need some cheap bench fodder, this guy…

    Young, and only cost me 90k and about the same in wages.

  2. I can back up what James says above that it is easier now I’m mid-table. Although this also coincides with signing two good free transfers and the patch. Could also be the 2nd season play-off script. I’ve gone from nearly sacked after 7 games to 5 points off 6th with 9 to play. So in summary who knows.

    Two key moments… sneaking into 21st in the first season and winning the do or die game, now my team spirit is in the 80s and I have one of the better squads in the Championship. I’m winning about 60% of the games since the end of the January transfer window.

  3. James — there’s a new method of blocking/nerfing/not-allowing long-range goals this year: hitting the players in-between the shooter and the goal. I have hit more heads and shoulders and midriffs with long-range efforts this year than in all previous years combined (probably not literally true, but it’s getting there).

  4. I was up until 3am last night finishing my season 2 with one of the most extraordinary single matches I’ve played at the stage. Did someone say ‘AI that we need…’?

    Today’s post will be short on text and big on pics and a 4-minute highlights package of the final match. 4 minutes of craziness.

  5. NG – Sounds good – hopefully it’s like the three matches I had. I’ll be spending the lunch hour in the transfer window

  6. Having an utterly horrible PES experience at the moment. AI horseshit at its absolute worst. First 4 games of the Premier League were great, I actually won 3 of then including an opening day win against Man City! But now it’s like a switch has been flipped and it’s overpowered AI/pass nerfing BS all the way.

    For info: Latest update took place before my first game of the season.

  7. Tommy – put it down to session variance. I’m having the opposite experience since the update (which I don’t think changed enough (if anything) to have a dramatic effect on our experiences). My Playoff session last night was the best in years, as good as any session on any good PES. The AI in the final was astoundingly good, spotting space and exploiting it – and attacking! I had loads of counter-attacks, chances, thrills, spills…

    Still on Top Player, -1 speed.

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