Season One Gone

Season 1 has come to an end for me. I raced to the finish line in a few extraordinary days’ play.

Here’s the final table. A symmetrical goals-for and goals-against. I did well to finish 15th in the end. I played about 65% of the season on Professional, the other 35% on Top Player.

Overall experience score for PES2020 so far: 9/10.

Easy 9 there. No premature and highly melodramatic 10 at this stage. There are a couple of worries that may magnify in time, but for now, nearly everything is roses.

Gameplay held up throughout the season, even toward the end when my Team Spirit hit the low 80s, which traditionally marks the point when a nuPES sometimes feels a bit too slick and samey.

So far that has not happened here.

There are still no fouls to speak of, and it’s clear there won’t be any. The time has long since come for Referee Strictness to be put in user control. The fact that EA have not done this with FIFA probably indicates that nobody will ever do it.

Master League has been good, but I’m not sure one of the new settings is working as it should be. I set Negotiations to Fairly Hard before starting. My expectation of that setting is that it would mean Negotiations would be, well, fairly hard. Harder than last year for sure.

So far I am finding the opposite. It proved straightforward mid-season to bring in two top professionals (Shaqiri and Llorente) on loan.

As an experiment, in the first few days post-season I have made a couple of Free Agent signings, despite turning their wage demands ALL THE WAY DOWN to the minimum, with NO bonuses. Just to see what would happen.

They accepted. One was a player who asked for £1.2m to start with, accepting an offer of £500k! This is a bug, surely?

Conducting Contract negotiations with a couple of my own star players, they all accepted lower-than-they-wanted offers straightaway, without a murmur. I wasn’t quite brave enough to lower all their offers to the minimum.

Here’s Begovic – a great veteran GK – signing for half the wage he was asking for:I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t have happened last year. Even if he’d agreed to drop from the Premier League, he’d have at least wanted the wage he was asking for. Yes, Master League is fantasy football, but I expect the boundaries that are meant to be in place to remain strong.

Fortunately all of this is in the background while I get on with playing the wonderful game. Shaqiri was a great player to have on loan, as he showcased so much about PES2020 that is good. Individuality for one, and the nature ofthe stories that can develop in this mode. Here he is taking a tepid match by the scruff of the neck by pouncing on a lovely loose ball, scurrying away into space and leathering in an equaliser.

Shaqiri’s last goal for me while on loan secured a decent draw in a run of poor results on Top Player. The AI has its usual bag of tricks up its sleeve as ever to stop you playing and winning. It’s the kind of grind, at times, that Master League is rightly famous for, so I’m not complaining.At the end of the season, Shaqiri had to be in the League Team of the Season, and he was. Nice to see Castledine there too.

I’m debating whether I really need another year of Castledine’s rise to power. The plan is not to have just another identikit Master League campaign this year. Somehow another inevitable journey to a squad of galácticos doesn’t appeal.

I fancy assembling a squad of journeymen, developed Defaults, promoted Youths, and the odd star name. I’ll pick up Regen Shaqiri when the time comes.

And so to Season 2.

Updated: 20th September 2019 — 11:48


  1. Tommy/Chris99 – all done.

    Uncle Turf – bloatware on a new Windows machine very much depends on the manufacturer. Lenovo will have less, HP will have more. The PC that I got a few years ago was a custom build and came with none. There are readymade apps that offer to clean up a new PC if you want to go that route, but my routine was to just open ‘Add or Remove Programs’ and look through the installed apps one by one. Anything Candycrushlike is culled without mercy.

    Paul – a few sessions ago I did have the kind of pressure you describe but it was only then. Since then if anything I think Top Player is quite agreeable to my pass and move style. After reading your comments this morning prior to my session I did try holding the ball more and trying to beat players, and started picking up fouls and free kicks! Now that was unusual. I’ll be interested to see how the game plays this evening when Im back on it.

    I’d have moved to manual already I think if it wasn’t for PES2020’s excellent PA1 passing error – although as ever, I have dark doubts. It always seems more error-prone whenever the AI is 1-0 down…

  2. NG – interesting that the insane pressure is sporadic for you, muc like you didnt see LCS last year #goldencopy
    Whats your team setup like tactics/instructions etc?

  3. Im playing on Superstar at the moment as TP was too easy for me, and generally speaking I like what I see. I’m freshly promoted and most of the teams are battering me. But I got those scraps like draws and couple of surprising wins, and I’m enjoying it very much, I must say.

    Fighting for staying in top division at its best. Been 6th for a moment, then 15th, drops down to 17th relegation zone, and now thanks to 1-0 wins against couple of strong sides in slowly securing my position on 15th again. And I love it, I love how hard it is. Pressure from CPU and literally being scared sometimes to don’t mess up a single pass and getting countered.

    As of fouls, well… maybe 2-3 a game.

    But definitely for the future I see myself coming down to professional level and manual passes as I did in 19. But that I will do when will be tired of playing, cos manual is a completely different story, like playing new game.

  4. Yeah, it is an HP… lots of it; Amazon, candy crush, all manner of Microsoft over everyone else cack and my biggest issue – mcafee – a nightmare years ago it’s very name makes me shudder (even if it’s new, shinier and better). I’m doing it the manual way as per you NG. Whatever GIMP is I will not be googling that…

  5. GIMP is superb Turf, its a Gfx editor, I use it religiously for all my kits, that and Photoshop.
    if you want a free web based version of Photoshop which is really good, try

  6. Paul – I’ve had my own frustrations with the game on Top Player over the weekend but still enjoying it. It’s hard to judge properly given how bad my team is but I did start to be a little concerned at just how easily the AI was cutting through my defence and just show hard it was to create a chance without being barged off the ball.

    I’d put it down to the usual week two wobble, probably from playing too many matches.

    I’m now in January of season one, rock bottom of Div 2 and nine points away from my revised target of 21st position.

    I’m having to release players in my mad scramble for better quality but I’m still going to be very lightweight going into the second half of the season.

    Not many fouls but I did win a penalty! I scored it too. Very satisfying and just what you miss when you’re scrapping for points.

    Any defending tips?

  7. Shed – Square* is your friend. If I’m face-to-face with an attacker bearing down, I’ll regularly back off, back-peddling while I bring in another defender using square. Then it’s him vs him, and I’m there poised to sweep up.

    *Square on PS4, if that’s your poison.

  8. This has probably been asked many times before, but for those on stadium cam, what are your settings?

  9. Hey NG and co, I’ve enjoyed read about everyone’s latest odysseys into PES 2020, and decided to take the plunge myself after disappearing into FIFAland for the best part of 4 years. The lure of the demo and in particular ML’s defaults (Fifa’s own management just hasn’t tick the same box unfortunately despite several years of effort on my part, thats discussion for another time!) Interestingly my experiences seem to have mirrored a fair few of you all here. Being the overconfident type after rushing through the usual set up OF and customise kits for my team/badges etc, I strode up to ML on Top Player and hard or small for everything. Neglected the first window and went it alone with the defaults and some youth players (Harrington, Vucetic, Teixeira and some Finish lad Olikanen or something similar) predictably my bravado was rewarded with 7 straight defeats! all thats said above really about being pressed hard, and pushed off the ball like boys against men, this all happened, winning a corner only to concede from a straight sprint counter attack, losing with the last kick of the game, dodgy penalties and an amazing array of free kicks on the edge of the box (Duffy curled in two in a game) I’ve battled and bruised myself to the end of February, no wins at home all season and 13 points, in 24th a solid 12 points back on 21st and safety. It feels like now is the time to dial down the settings to Professional, but before I do can anyone tell me if I get sacked if I stick with it and don’t survive? Top Player I think is where I am supposed to be playing a lot of the games are just bad rub of the green or a silly mistake from me, I’ve got better CB’s now and its made a huge difference. Teixeira and Harrington look excellent at LB and AMF respectively. I’m intrigued to know which youths you guys all plumped for. Oh and NG (your famous! ha) you get name checked here, I came across it earlier today not sure if one of your community is also a game reviewer –

  10. Tommy – I’m on Zoom: 4 Height: 7 Angle: 7 at the moment but still seeing the ball disappear off screen occasionally.

  11. Paul — I also have deep, dark doubts as to whether the tactical sliders do much at all, but will check later and post.

    abbes — it’s a different game on manual to be sure. You might have caught my PES2019 manual tests and my growing amazement at the gameplay. If it wasn’t for PA1 being so loose and lovely on PES2020 I’d already be on PA0.

    stewdog — hello again and I think Uncle Turf is playing on whilst stuck at the bottom and should be able to tell you soon if the sack is a reality or not. I had Texeira at LB all last year and he was great, very solid if unspectacular, a perfect SB. I love Canning this year, a CMF but he’s played at LB for me fro the outset.

  12. @nG that’s exactly my feelings mate. If not the PA1 so nicely implemented in a game I would definitely go for manual from the very beginning. This small change had such a massive impact on my experience with PES19 that I’m still under impression. Game changer, massive game changer it was. Especially that before I was playing only FIFA19 becos I didn’t like PES19 (exactly like Paul did).

  13. (Sorry for the size of this post!)

    I’m on a break before my next project starts, and this is the most interesting PES for a good few years, so I’m four seasons in on my ML campaign with Derby County. I’ve almost certainly overplayed it over the past couple of weeks, but it’s testament to how good this game is – and could be in the future, with astute tweaks – that I’ve only this weekend started to experience low-to-medium levels of annoyance with select features and foibles. If I were to have played PES 2019 with a similar intensity, I’d have reached “I want to topple mountains onto orphanages” levels of rage and contempt at least ten days ago.

    I’ve been very interested to read about everyone’s experiences with the ML AI – especially Paul’s recent comments, as it seems that I’m now experiencing something very similar. I’ve been on Top Player for all four completed seasons, with no real meaningful tactical shifts, but the way that the AI has played against me has *definitely* changed. I was going to switch to Superstar at the start of my last campaign, but then decided to take a meaningful tilt at the title first: Derby are only intended to be a waypoint before I take the reins at a real minnow in a semi-randomised ML world with very specific house rules. I went on to win the league, the Europa League, and the FA Cup – but it became a real chore.

    After completing that surprisingly underwhelming treble, and having flirted with Superstar in pre-season, I have a lot of thoughts on how certain aspects of the ML AI might work.

    First things first: I think the (almost miraculously superb) match ball is almost entirely systems-based and is sacrosanct as far as the simulation is concerned. The AI doesn’t appear to ever “cheat” with the physics to give itself lucky bounces for tap-ins, or suchlike. Instead, the coders apply buffs or debuffs to the players themselves: specifically acceleration, reactions, strength and “magnetism”, the force that helps steer players into direct possession of the ball.

    PES 2020 employs a variety of different AI templates that determine how teams approach a fixture. These govern shifts in the attack/defence level, but also scale the intensity of AI play with slider-style stats witchcraft, or by secretly activating tactics that the team do not actually have in their repertoire (particularly gegenpress-style swarming). When it’s subtle, this adds granularity to the match experience – but when it goes overboard, it makes PES feel mechanical and unfair.

    (A classic example of how AI match templates function can be found in the difference between league and cup matches. The cup template for single knockout fixtures gives matches a very different feel to league games, with opponents often favouring attacking play and even switching to all-out attack from early in the second half if they’re behind. My Europa campaign also introduced me to very distinct AI tuning and tactics for matches played over two legs in that competition.)

    The better you are doing, the more reactive the AI becomes. First year in the Premier League (my third ML season), I was struggling against the top teams that by default favour proactive attacking football, grinding out wins against defensive relegation candidates, and enjoying my most fruitful, high-scoring matches against mid-table sides who would actually come out and play, but lacked the real firepower to punish me for doing the same. During my title-winning season, with perhaps a few too many wins under my belt for the liking of the PES “hand behind the curtain”, it became harder to detect any real individuality in each opponent – apart from the attack-focused top sides, who I was routinely scoring three, four or five against, and marvelling at their apparent passivity compared to the previous season. Meanwhile, mid-table sides became a low-scoring chore, and games against relegation candidates were consistently awful.

    (Swansea, in particular, can fuck the fuck right off.)

    I think I know why this is. The PES 2020 adaptive difficulty code overrides certain elements of a team’s tactics to stop *you* from playing, rather than to identify and exploit your potential weaknesses. I can understand why: reactive football is much easier to code than a more expressive, imaginative proactive style. Score via too many through-balls or passes into feet in the box, which most of us here seem to favour, and your opponents will all start using a deeper defensive line.

    The problem here is that this completely breaks the challenge of facing the top teams. By dropping the defence deeper for the likes of Man City and Liverpool, the gaps between the three banks of players – back line, midfield, forwards – are more pronounced. Without compressing the play, it’s harder for them to win the ball, and to find a route to goal when they do. Conversely, making the more defensive teams sit even deeper and narrower, while increasing their defensive aggression, makes them the real powerhouse opponents of any given season, even if the league table doesn’t ever reflect that.

    (There are a few Premier League teams who use the Hug the Touchline tactic, and this is especially vile when combined with a deep back line – overt or secret – because it spreads their team all over the pitch. You either throw everyone forward, or drop off and let them play through you, because pressing will see you chase shadows in their half for the entire match.)

    In what might be the most gratifyingly systems-oriented PES in many years, there’s a particularly nasty old trick that the Konami devs have retained to make defensive teams (especially those lining up in a 4-2-3-1) pose a threat in attack: instanced stat doping and force fields for wingers and strikers, irrespective of their true attributes. I’ve seen a 64-rated LMF withstand three defenders at once without ever flinching or reverting to the shielding animation, and do this – while also outpacing everyone on the field – for an entire ninety minutes.

    The worst examples of PES 2020 pulling strings cropped up during the Europa knockout rounds, where teams weak on paper performed like gods on the pitch. I wouldn’t mind that so much in isolation, but PES was also blatantly applying stat reductions and other penalties to my players. It’s also as if the game reduced magnetism for my players to a trace level, as I had to wrestle with Super Cancel to even get them to move to the ball. Any use of sprint led individuals to be decked instantly, without a peep from the ref, while I was getting booked for elementary tackles – three or four per match. I also conceded six penalties in these Europa games – but only *one* in every other fixture that season!

    (The Europa group stages, incidentally, have teams generally sit back. The final uses the usual attack-heavy cup template. I barely scraped through on away goals after 180 minutes of hell against a superpowered Rangers in the quarter-final, but thrashed a full-strength Arsenal 7-1 to lift the cup because they threw a defender up front, at 2-1 down, from the 54th minute.)

    My conclusion – and a TL;DR for anyone who wants one – is that the PES 2020 ML AI in its current form will tip the scales to spoil elements of your play that it deems to be too successful, and dramatically so when you begin to win too many games. Adaptive difficulty is real, and can serve up some truly ugly, frustrating, unfair matches.

    The two games that I played on Superstar last night were the worst experience I’ve had with PES 2020 so far. It felt as if the AI’s current adaptive difficulty settings for my ML, plus the jump to Superstar, plus the fact that it was a pre-season tournament (for the cup-specific aggression boost) all conspired to serve up a dizzying maelstrom of PES United and Celtic players sprinting at 99 pace to smash my drunk and disoriented players to the turf with mechanical consistency. It felt like Legend+ difficulty. It felt broken.

    And so oddly, from *really* enjoying the game until very recently, I’m not quite sure where to go from here. I’m now wondering if the AI’s repertoire of adaptations follow you from club to club. I’ll give Derby another couple of tries on Superstar – but if that doesn’t work, perhaps a fresh start elsewhere might.

  14. Erm, I don’t have any of that insight but I do know I haven’t even scored for the last 6 games. Superstar is doing enough every game to win but feels like it can go much much higher; 0-1, 0-1, 0-2, etc. The worst aspect is I just can’t get crossing to work – I can work openings but the ball continues to go either behind my players or gently plop onto the head of a defender. I’m not that bad at it after all these years so I think pa1 crossing assist is in need of a bit of tuning. It’s simply not an attacking option now and given how tightly they control the middle it’s a real problem.

  15. One thing that bugs me…

    The game hasn’t remembered I’ve changed my team’s rivals. I edited over Barnsley with my fictional Freebridge, who are from King’s Lynn, Norfolk. So I set their rivals as Norwich. Now, they got relegated and I’ve played them… Nothing. But I’ve had the “rival match” menu screens pop up for Sheffield Wednesday, a rival of Barnsley, this season and last. So the game just hasn’t registered the change I made before I started ML, and I definitely did it before you ask.

    On a side note, I can’t edit goal net pattern/colour now I’ve already started ML.

  16. James – That’s some post and I read every word. A fascinating yet rather disturbing insight into the inner workings of nuPES.

  17. Turf – I can only really speak for Top Player difficulty, but the key to scoring from crosses this year appears to be to watch for one of your players (especially strikers) to start a run, put in a mid-power delivery, then feather a tap of the shoot button as soon as you get control of your guy in the centre with the ball still in the air. That said, I’m sure the reduction in automated player-to-ball magnetism that seems part-and-parcel of life on Superstar (and any fixture that PES 2020 deems to be a “hard match”) makes it bloody hard to engineer.

    Shed – Cheers! Despite typing for the best part of an hour, I still completely forgot the punchline: NG is going to be delighted to find what the devs appear to have done to the table scripting this year. With matches becoming harder and more draining as you move into any league position where you’re on course for the title, the consequences for dropping points are pretty damn serious. In the four seasons that I’ve checked the PL table so far, 50-60 points total is just about good enough for a Europa berth, 75-80+ for a CL spot, and 95+ points for the title. In three of the four years, there’s been a 20-point gap (or thereabouts) between the top four and best of the rest. You seem to need Invincibles-level consistency, or a couple of defeats and almost no draws, to have a chance to wave the big pot around before the chairman briefly congratulates you on fulfilling your “Finish in the top half” objective. I got 84 points in my first season in the top flight, and finished fifth.

  18. James – hello again and fascinating insights once more. (James is the author of various Piggyback-style guides for PES (and other games), for those unfamiliar.) In recent years I’ve often had the feeling that my input is relatively minimal – that my part in it is the equivalent of a decisive QTE-style button combo every once in a while. Similar to how if you have ever paused a match to go and do something, then returned from doing that thing to find that you didn’t actually press Pause at all, so the game has been going on quite happily – and sometimes nothing at all has happened – it’s that sinking feeling of ‘how much decisive input am I actually bringing to the show here?’

    The stepping up of AI aggression and the nerfing of player stats would not be so much of a thing if it wasn’t for the removal of AI fouls from the landscape. The obnoxious pressurising from the AI would yield a ton of opportunities to create something and experience something other than button-mashing. I submit that the AI Fouls Removal factor alone is responsible for the icky-factor in nuPES. I was thinking today about Shed and how he must feel going from PES5 to PES2020. The fouls were what made the flow of gameplay in PES5 distinctive and special, as it dictated how you were allowed to play. No hand-cramping controller-squeezing defending in PES5, or if there was, you would concede a foul every few seconds.

    Imagine PES2020 with PES5-level AI fouls. Imagine the subtlety and strategy and intricacy and accomplishment of that. Now wonder why we’re not allowed to have that. Not even 1% of that.

    Tommy – that is curious, I tend to move grounds as soon as the club grows a bit, but I’ll try to edit my current ground later and see what happens.

    Overall I’m still in a fantastic place with PES2020. It’s funny. I watch a movie and I know Tom Cruise is an actor but I can still enjoy the adventures of an Impossible Mission Force agent as if watching real events. And in PES I know that I’m often not ‘allowed’ to do a certain thing because of a certain factor, but I enjoy anyway.

  19. n-G – To answer your question, I miss PES5 which is silly really as it’s never gone. It’s right here ready and waiting for me to pick it up yet again… which I will.

    I’m enjoying PES 2020 but James’s excellent post really hit home the current state of PES. But then I suppose any game can be dissected and its raw components laid out before us.

    I too can enjoy a Tom Cruise and thoroughly enjoyed him in American Made recently, just like I will no doubt continue to enjoy the no fouls, no frills frenetic footy fest that is this nuPES. This just a couple of weeks on from when I was so happy not to make another nuPES purchase.

  20. Full game on top player. It’s against Wigan so no great feat. In total control really, knocking it about for fun and sometimes attempting some daft passes. I might post a loss next time as a comparison.

  21. After a solid evening of play, my early impression of Superstar is that it can veer between sublime and shite in an instant. It might just be PES 2020 at its sparkling best – and its dismal worst.

    I’ll post assorted thoughts tomorrow, but I’m leaving the session angry, irritated, and exasperated. I don’t think that’s a good sign. It’s not just that it sometimes stacks the deck against you – no, it runs the razor edge of every card in its Royal Flush beneath your fingernails when it feels like it.

    They just totally go overboard with the types of handicaps that I find artificial and utterly frustrating, rather than playing to the strengths of the rebuilt AI. And it’s a real shame, because there’s a fantastic (and, I suspect, more than sufficiently challenging) game of football to be played on Superstar if they’d just fuck off with the damned chicanery.

  22. James, really appreciate you taking time to explain all this. I’ve noticed in the past the difference in AI behaviour between cup and league matches, the domestic cup normally being the most difficult competition, but with the AI undergoing a revamp this year I was hoping things had changed. They have by the sounds of it but in the wrong direction.

  23. Off topic – I have seen the letter, whether the editor wanted to click bait NG…

    Printed in an Australian newspaper is the claim from a reader that daylight saving time is responsible for the country’s drought problems. Apparently ‘the extra hour of sunshine’ has caused increased evaporation and in those states where they haven’t added the hour on there have been fewer issues.

    We need to track down this man and make him our leader.

  24. Hey James, and welcome back, also superbly insightful post which mirrors my findings with the game on Top player at least.

    As I previously mentioned, those games just felt exactly like you explained – ‘Mechanic’ – Like i had limited input or control over proceedings and that stats were largely ignored.
    The insane constant 2/3 man pressuring, being shoved off the ball, deadly clinical strikes, less pass and shot error, deep defensive brick walls…
    it truly made for an exasperating experience.

    I don’t see any of that on Professional, I think the AI scripts/handicapping must kick in from Top Player onwards.
    I had a glorious session last night, on Professional, Won 4, drew 2, lost 2, various teams pressured me but not overkill like TP, they passed the ball about, kept it well, varied play, there was plenty of pass and shot error on both sides, it was great.

    I’ve always said and its quite obvious that cup matches play differently, european matches especially, later stages of the comp tend to have the handicapping ramped up to 11.

    Reassuring to have my thoughts confirmed, just in a more eloquent way.

    Tommy – Its totally possible to change stadium details and nets mid ML.
    I had striped nets for the first season then season 2 changed the turf pattern, kits and nets to solid black.

  25. Tommy/Paul – I forgot to try to change the nets when I got on the game last night, and Paul I totally forgot to check my tactical settings too. Bear in mind that I have about the same level of confidence in the tactical settings’ efficacy that I have in crossing my fingers for luck when required. It’s busywork for us to feel like we’re driving the car, I’m 90% sure.

    And Tommy – watched your vid, you play more or less as I do, particularly in defence. I also have matches just like that, the same tempo etc.

    Uncle Turf – I landed on a ‘Greatest Books of the 21st Century’ list on the Guardian website the other day. 10 of the titles were from the year 2000. Instant fail.

    Shed – waiting impatiently for the PC mod wizards to do their stuff and produce a true PES5-nuPES hybrid, which would actually have a chance of being the greatest football game ever made. I’m not sure I’ll get my wish though, because if it was possible I’m sure they would have done it by now – not just this year with PES2020, but in any of the benighted fouls-free recent years.

    James – it takes about 5 hours to adjust, but manual on Professional plays a great game. If/when I get to the point of appalled-ness with high difficulty settings, PA0 is my bolthole.

  26. Very insightful post by James. That and Paul’s experiences got me thinking that maybe I shouldn’t move up the difficulty ladder this time around but rather go professional on PA1 > professional on manual. For now though professional is serving me just fine, good solid challenge even as my TS increases. Eleventh in the championship at the midway break..

  27. #1 – Same sort of ideas here, seen enough nastiness on TP and above to not worry about moving through those levels.
    If professional plays a much more stats-centric, balanced game then I have no problem staying there, and so far even as my TS hits the 85 mark, I’m nowhere near winning every match with ease.

    PES 20 plays such a vastly different game to all its predecessors, many of the go-to mechanics and moves you could rely on in the past just do not work in this game, and R2 and super cancel are your best friends.

    Incredible how approaching the year 2020 that we still have to use Super Cancel religiously in a PES game.

  28. Paul – got a 2-minute compilation vid in today’s post at 12 and you’re going to be amazed and disturbed when you see the space and time I have in some sequences. All on Top Player. I really will have to check my tactical settings later and post them as that’s the only thing that could be causing it, much like prsgame’s non-Ai-marking from goalkicks.

    #1 – when I saw the latest modder posts on EvoWeb I nearly pulled the trigger on the PC version yesterday (30 quid for a code very reasonable for this time of year), but later comments are so deflating. What is the holdup?!

  29. NG – Look forward to it, and would certainly like to see you full tactical setup.
    maybe James could provide some insight as to why you seem to be enjoying a non-insane pressure experience on Top Player, it intrigues me.

    Can’t emphasise how big the handicapping of players is on Top Player though, and last night proved it.

    I signed a number of new players in pre-season, one, a CF called Candellone, 74 OVR, with high technique, ball control, pace and finishing stats, all of these were nullified on Top player, he was always outpaced by defenders, shoved off the ball, rarely held the ball long enough for any shots to be fired off, but on Professional, last night he scored a hat-trick in one game, a brace in another, and then a goal in each of the last 2 games.
    All of his aforementioned traits showing through, deft touches, those context sensitive little flicks and ball control movements, and great finishes, and in true Konami handicapping fashion, after his run of 7 goals in 4 games, he was then on a complete downward form arrow for the following 2 games !!! Why?!?!?! hes on fire, confident, scoring, why low form all of a sudden?? Konami handicapping, as James said, employing underhand tactics to stop *YOU* from playing to your strengths.

  30. Paul – good call, it’s the stats that really makes the difference though I haven’t touched Top Player yet..

    NG – haven’t followed that thread. for a a link to the post perhaps?

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