PES2020: 1st impressions

I’ll go with list format for this year’s 1st Impressions. No time to ‘write proper’.


  • Anxious wait for the weekend postman, then a savage exultant feeling. ‘He’s delivered all right!’
  • I’m at work. All day. It’s busy. Which is good. I snatch occasional reads of forums, and comments on this blog. Why is life so unfair?
  • Weekend PES releases are NOT good.
  • Just about every online retailer’s customers are also receiving the game today. Simply Games is still a great service and I’m a spoilt brat of a First World child for complaining. But without their usual day-earlier-than-anybody-else bonus, it’s back to the cheaper ShopTo next year for me.
  • Nighttime playing a new PES? No, I don’t like this at all.
  • Straight to patch 1.02. I considered mucking around with internet connections and staying on vanilla. But I prefer the less complicated life.

  • First match – of course – my traditional England vs Scotland. Youngsters today don’t know how big a deal this was in the 1980s and before. Oldest International in the world. And most importantly, my annual orientation point for every new PES.
  • Regular difficulty for game 1. Everything out of the box. PA1, Basic Shooting.
  • Worried as I’d spent all Saturday reading about game speed and seeing videos where the ball staggeringly moves along at a billion mph or so.
  • So I was braced for an unpleasant shock… which didn’t come. Speed to me seemed the same as the demo.
  • NB: I only played the demo for about 2 hours all told, spread thinly across several weeks. Half of that was messing about with PA0 on the PC demo just this past week. So I’m not the best person to judge this.
  • Passing and shooting, lovely. Context and stats based. Shooting is very PES2011-like, in that it’s very sensitive to button pressure – but also has contextual weight and oomph in a very pleasant and peculiar way.
  • I sent so many long- and mid-range attempts high, wide, and not very handsome. In all recent PES games those shots would have been contenders.
  • My first goal came in Game 1 soon enough: an attempted R2 placer from Barkley got a weird tip onto the bar from the keeper, then the post, and fell to Kane, who ‘knuckled’ it in?

My second goal was in the second half:

  • Neither anything truly special, but I don’t ever remember scoring a special one in my first session, so that’s fine.
  • I’m sure the great goals will come. Some of the things that can happen are truly amazing.
  • FOULS – I got 0 in match 1. Moved to Top Player for Match 2, when I got 1. And 0 again in match 3. NOT happy with what seems to be a straightforward reversion to type for nuPES. Funny thing is that I’d take PES2019 levels of fouls now – about 1.25 per match would be an improvement. Left a bit of a nasty taste in the mouth, this, as it enables a button-mashy thoughtless defending that the demo was at pains NOT to allow.
  • But I’m going to wait and see before losing my shit over this one.
  • I spent a very enjoyable 15 minutes in Training, trying to score a long-ranger with England versus Neuer – and failing. I enjoyed a mess around with manual here too.
  • OVERALL feeling, positive, but with this being a weekend release (effectively that’s what it is) my usual PES routines are disrupted and it’ll be Monday before I get a proper in-depth hands-on.



Updated: 8th September 2019 — 13:02


  1. Prsgame – there is nothing like that first goal. Funny how they’re always bread and butter types, never a 35-yard blockbuster.

    Cook – one of the modders on EvoWeb said if the ‘values’ (presumably the editable variables that control all the interactions and permutations etc.) are still moddable, he or others could still mod them, so you still have hope. Having played a full day today I can say that 1.02 has a fouls count somewhere between PES2018 and PES2019. Roughly a dead-on 1 AI foul per match, on average, for someone with my playstyle. And the stamina is back to pre-Visual Fatigue levels too. Swings and roundabouts though, as the rest of the package is bloody good. Long-term will it hold up under the sort of gameplay that low-fouls and extended stamina will inevitably encourage? The age-old nuPES questions have not gone away.

  2. My first goal this year was the same as last year – a free kick.

  3. Pes universe option file looks amazing. Recorded a few goals using it. Anyone that wants an option file. Hit me up 😉

  4. Out and about all day before installing. I just know I’ll be tempted by Master League…

  5. NG – this game looks abs plays so good the option file is the icing on the very delicious cake. I’m so tempted but will wait.

    Wouldnt seem right having Maguire at leicester still and arsenal without pepe etc.

  6. prsgame – the cross I delivered in the first clip of that compilation pleased me a lot – ‘back in the day’, i.e. in the Golden Age that is so much of an albatross around the series’ neck, crossing was one of the principal joys of playing. I’m thinking of the double-tap Circle cross of course. Which used to deliver a hard low cross at varying heights depending on stats and context, but now produces a hard ground cross.

    Paul – many thanks and a question: say I do Edit Barnsley now into my bespoke CCFC, the update won’t wreck anything to do with that will it? I don’t recall there being a day 2 or 3 update last year – didn’t it come a month or so after release? And I don’t remember that wrecking my custom Editing, so I think I’ve answered my own question there. I’ll edit and have a tinker for sure.

  7. I’ve been assured the update on thurs wont affect things. Its merely just to update transfers. Doesnt change any team structures.

    A few goals trying out the OF

  8. Paul – lovely Notts Forest goal there, as I’m sure Tommy will agree 🙂 And nice HUDless setup too. No player names above yours and the CPU’s active players for you?

  9. Arrived today, updated with PES Universe file. First game England V Italy (standard) 0-0 great game, 2 fouls for 5 against. Interestingly Italy were in tight kits ….

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