PES2020 arrives

As I opened the package, I thought: how many hundreds of hours are in this one?

The first ever early evening thumbshot too. Look at that unnatural reflected electric light! Usually the early afternoon sun is streaming through the window.

I have to try it. The first ever late-night maiden session is coming up later.

1st impressions and some vids in the morning.

In the meantime – anyone got a long-ranger yet?

Updated: 7th September 2019 — 19:53


  1. NG- what a beautiful sight.
    And yes. Kinda. Goal vid coming up later. Scored a few bouts. This game has fouls. Flow and long range potential.

    Very very impressed.

  2. Happy for all who are getting/got 2020.

    Small matter of league and CL double on 2019 to take care of for me. Having lost 2 previous CL finals and only 1 league title TEN seasons ago, the pressure is well and truly on!!

  3. Paul – The pace still feels quicker to me. Playing with England right now and the ball is flying around. Still plays lovely though. Fouls are there though and the physicality is nice.

    AI seems improved (right now), and this is good news. Just had them take a quicker corner against me, a nice touch that.

  4. Pleased that initial impressions are favourable. Hype increasing here.

  5. goddamit! i bought pre-order loyalty edition from PSN so have to wait exactly up to 10th. wanna cry now!

  6. A few more early impressions…

    AI good, varied, and aggressive when it wants to be. Strikers can hold the ball up, turn and shoot, for example.

    Bad AI teams are bad. Good AI teams are good. Kuwait don’t play like Barcelona, they play like Kuwait. Barcelona will rip you a new one.

    Poorer AI players have a poor first touch, you can nip in and win it. Referees are a little more lenient towards you than in the demo, so you can barge a bit more too. That gives things a slight FIFA feel.

    I have a few question marks over the AI goalkeepers, but I need to play a bit more first. I’ve had a lot of my shots straight down the middle go in easily, keepers sometimes getting a hand to it, but this could be down to me playing against teams like Kuwait. I guess I’ll have to Kuwait and see on that one.

  7. Rafa’s evil beard

    What difficulty is everyone playing on? I’m still seeing barely any fouls and I’m intrigued as to whether difficulty makes a difference.

  8. My copy arrived this morning bright and early.
    It’s playing beautifully so far, lots of goal variety and fun, inventive A.I.

    I started with my usual England World Cup on Top Player. I ended up winning the whole thing, which was a little bit worrying from a longevity stand point, but I did concede goals all the way through; including an hilarious 4-6 group stage dead rubber defeat to fake Mexico, and a thrilling 4-3 win against Brazil in the final. England have a great squad in this game (Kane is a GOD) as-well so I wasn’t too worried.

    For my second session I tried an Asian Champions League play-through with Thai Premier side “TRAT FC” and lost every single group stage game, scoring only twice in the six games. This lessened my worry about the easyness of the game.

    One semi long ranger; a 24ish Yard knuckler from Lingard in the World Cup 2nd round vs Croatia. My first fist pump shout aloud moment of hopefully many this year.

    Are there any option files going round yet? Itching to get my Master League started (also taking suggestions for which league/team to use).

  9. Far be it from me to turd the punch bowl but I’m only getting 2019 level of fouls – average one per game on superstar. Also I’m finding it very easy to dominate possession – 70% for Liverpool v Chelsea but very hard to score from that. The rosters are really shite as well – I know they’re being updated but Ramsey at arsenal? He’s been gone for what feels like months. Think it illustrates the game is locked in way in advance and the demo is just a separate taster, not a tester of public opinion ready for last minute changes. A minor quibble I know and I’m pleased the teams are now sane alternatives, easily edited if needed.

    On the upside it is stunning to view, the ball handles beautifully, there’s more room for mistouches and embarrassment, I just can’t help avoid that nagging 20 shots 0 goals v opponent 1 from 1 feeling.

  10. Posted on old post earlier.

    Game is amazing.
    Pace hasn’t changed. Its superb.
    Flow is beautiful.
    Getting a fair few fouls


  11. I’m also impressed by how good the game is, haven’t scored any great goals yet (lovely angled curler Paul) but I’ve stored my first for posterity as it showcased the new shooting mechanic(s).

    Discussion point: the shooting is magnificent. Feels like a sensitive violin. Is PES2020’s shooting the most stats-and-context-sensitive shooting ever seen in the series? So many wonderfully wayward shots! In all previous PESes a certain type of shot from a certain type of angle and distance would always test the keeper (or the bar). Now they whistle embarrassingly wide. There’s danger of the ‘pro’ players kicking up a fuss about this, but they only ever shoot from 2 yards anyway, so they might not notice.

    Took me a while to settle on a Stadium camera setting I liked. Ended up on 7,5,5 (on 40″ screen).

    Only had time for 3 Exhibition matches. Fouls count: 0,1,0 (Regular, Top Player, Top Player). Judgement reserved on that front until the real competition heats up.

    I’ll do a more formal 1st impressions post tomorrow at some point. I can’t get enough of others’ impressions right now so keep them coming.

    Tommy – stamina drain seems to be an issue – in that it doesn’t seem to happen! Iran and ran but my players just wouldn’t stop. Again, might be an Exhibition thing. Also tried out all the manual and Advanced settings in Training for 10 minutes, all seems well there. Nice to have the backup option.

  12. Paul – A very nice selection.

    nG – What did you think about the game speed?

  13. NG – everything in this game is context and stats based, shooting, passing, crossing, which makes for very varied ways of doing the same thing, with differing animations.

    Cross field high passes for examples playing as Luton town vs derby county, one of the luton players forget who, played a high lobbed pass from one side to the other, the animation was pretty standard hoof it a Ross type, played a. Identical pass using ozil at Arsenal and the Wayne poised, and struck the ball, the technique was so different, he kind of sand wedged it and you see his body shape and everything all different and the ball had a ton of back spin on and was more a lower trajectory, driven type cross field ball.

    No special controls or anything just purely stats and context based. Was nice to see.

    Really busy day today so wont get chance to play until much later tonight but am.akready itching to play again.

    Also on the fouls count it really does rely on how you play. Using r2 dribbling, shielding the ball and using double tap of sprint to burst past players draws so many more fouls.

  14. Tommy – I only played 3 Exhibitions and spent about 15 minutes in Training. I felt it was about the same speed as the demo – maybe 5% faster sometimes, which I don’t welcome – and I was relieved not to see the ball shooting around in the same way as I’d seen on quite a few vids. Maybe there is something to the YouTube compression myth after all (there isn’t). I was very impressed with my manual mess-around.

    Paul – I noticed the different types of aerial ball too. Jordan Henderson, in time and space, can do a lovely ‘golf wedge’ floater with fade and backspin and everything, and land it on a sixpence. John Stones, on the other hand…

  15. Reservations aside…. NG how did you adjust the stadium camera, I can’t adjust any – when I go to them in whichever system menu the settings are unselectable?

    Newb or what…

  16. Ffs, just remembered lazy as shite konami didn’t fix this and it’s in game only for changing them.

    I really don’t like being odd man out here but I’m not on this wave of glorious loveliness yet. It’s good but it’s not great.

  17. Uncle Turf – I certainly have reservations too, the no fouls is a big deal as it just enables the usual nuPES sprintfest.

  18. Yes, I’ve seen a tweet from the one track community manager who suggested it’s the way you play as he had loads of fouls but so far they’ve toned down conceding them from physical contact but not upped them to give you them when they should. I’m still averaging one per match for and around two against.

    But on the shooting, through balls, etc, yes it’s handling like a dream.

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