Ring out the old

The final picture from PES2019. Let us analyse this. A referee seems to be reaching towards the viewer – as if to shield the action from view, or to close a door and usher the viewer away. ‘We’re closed, son.’

It’s from a few weeks ago. I found it in my 24GB PES2019 folder of replays and screenshots on the PS4. I glanced through it this morning prior to deletion.

PES2019 was a great game that served me well – and the first PES in a long while that I was still playing until the eve of the following year’s game.

Today is – probably – The Eve of PES2020. I received the dispatch notification from Simply Games at 9.30am, which indicates that they received stock yesterday and waited. Other retailers are also dispatching today. So Simply Games are dispatching on the same day as all of them – a day late by their usual standard. If next year sees another Tuesday release, I’ll go with the cheaper ShopTo.

What this all means is that my dreaded scenario will now come to pass. PES2020 will land on my doormat tomorrow (Royal Mail willing). I might get the thumbshot up on the blog. But I’ll just say it now: I won’t get to play until late evening (if at all). Ditto Sunday. Weekends are hectic working days for me.

Most people reading this who have pre-ordered PES2020 will be playing it all weekend while I’m not. So it goes.

I can be philosophical. I can say ‘at least it’ll be there for me to get into on Monday morning straightaway’ and ‘I’ll enjoy hearing all the impressions’, but that is not even remotely how my mind or heart operates.

I’ve passed the week amusing myself some more with the ‘forgotten settings’ of PES.

Mainly PA0 passing (a.k.a. Manual). I’m a bit of a veteran with this now. Barring the occasional howler, I’m competent enough to keep and recycle possession – and play killer passes – with competence. I’m still a novice, but I’m now a decent novice.

I’ve had a great week playing the PES2020 PC demo, and some more of PES2019.

And just yesterday I started in on two other Forgotten Settings.

Advanced Shooting, and Advanced Through-ball.

I took to Advanced Shooting more readily than Advanced Through-ball. It is… strange. Principally because you’re using an aiming system that’s relevant to the players’ points of view, not your side-on TV gantry view.  But you weirdly get used to it. Old readers who remember the ZX Spectrum’s QWERT control scheme on the likes of Atic Atac will recall how soon your muscle memory adjusted to that weirdness. Advanced Shooting in PES is slightly similar.

Here is a vid of me messing about in Training.

Is there a future for me in PES with any or all of these settings?

There is, I think. The kind of gameplay they enable – deep, rewarding, surprising, challenging – isn’t something I can ignore, long-term. It feels like the destiny of PES, in a way, to be played like this. The ultimate sim settings.

But short-term, I’ll be starting PES2020 on my customary settings. Basic Shooting, Basic Through-ball, and PA1 Passing (a good deal looser and more PA0-like than recent years).

Watching the forums, there is hope and anxiety for PES2020. AI Concerns are the number 1 worry for single-player gamers. But don’t discount the tendency of Konami to make so-called minor tweaks that have huge implications, particularly when it comes to general speed.

Whatever happens over the weekend, I’ll doubtless do the traditional thumbshot at some point.

I’ll also try to squeeze in my traditional England-Scotland opener, even if it’s at midnight.

Happy PES Day to all.

Updated: 6th September 2019 — 11:43


  1. You won’t be the only one on the sidelines while the game is going on. Even if ShopTo get their skates on and dispatch today, I’ll be leaving for work around the time the postie delivers tomorrow. So it’d be Sunday before I can try the game out, and it would be only that. If I can squeeze in the odd game around Paw Patrol, I will.

  2. On the contrary, by PES 19’s standards that screenshot is more likely to mean that a foul has occurred against the striker inside the box, the ref is looking in the opposite direction, and is signalling for a FK to the defender, not the CF.

    Which would sum PES 19 up perfectly, broken, a mess and unrealistic.

    mostly jesting, but couldn’t resist a last final dig at PES 19, on the final day of its existence, the even of PES 20.

    for all those getting PES 20, lets list our setups in terms of match length, control settings, screen setup, camera angle, difficulty, and probably ML setup.

    Mine would be:

    Professional Level (to start with)
    6 minute halves
    Only scoreboard on screen. no name plates, or power bar
    Autofeint off
    Target guides/directional guides Off

    ML setup will be the Dog & Duck Pub team, overwriting one of the EFL Championship sides.

    No house rules.

    Moving up to Top player after promotion to Premier League

    PES Universe Option File


    View post on imgur.com

  3. All youse console gamerz getting the game early spare a thought for the poor PC souls waiting for the digital release on Steam on Tuesday. I’ll be following here for the measured opinions but my PES day is ages away, the irony being I have a free weekend. I did consider getting the PS4 version just to cover this scenario but I’ll be patient.

    Happy PES day everyone.

  4. Tommy – it won’t be as bad as all that for me, as weekends really are long and gruelling so I won’t have the energy to bother that much. I’ll be kicking myself about not calling in sick, booking holiday, etc.

    Paul – the ref was signalling for a goal – the lucky brown kit always means GOAL!

    I’ll be starting on Exhibitions and a Cup Tournament on Regular, probably very quickly going up to Professional and Top Player. Starting ML on Tuesday probably, and that will be on Professional. PA1, Basic Shooting, and yes I’ve got the no-HUD bug too, so everything will be off apart from the radar, which I’ve discovered I consult too often for me to be able to do without it. For now…

    Cook – I’m afraid this year I’ll be teasing the hardcore players – that’s you and Jay and abbeyhill and others – that you’re not hardcore enough with your 5-season Superstar Trebles… on assisted passing and shooting.

  5. My PES Day settings:


    I’ll be firing up the old PS2 and starting season 11 of this glorious ML while watching and reading with interest as you all sample this newest of nuPESes.

    Happy PES Day!

  6. NG – Not gonna wait until Thursday and the rosters update before starting a ML?
    PS: Sent yu an email

  7. Paul – the rosters are not an issue for me with ML. I finished my PES2019 ML with Regen Mo Salah at Ghent, Regen Kevin De Bruyne at Burnley, Regen Thomas Muller at Liverpool… and that’s fine, so a few non-transfers at Season Zero would be too. I’m likely to start ML on Tuesday. Having said that I’ll be off work and I have actually got other things to do – time-sucking things – so it might be easier to wait until Thurs… I’ll see.

    Shed – there is indeed only one PES, and all others are but shadows of its brilliance.

  8. my shopto dispatch is in. But it is to work and I’m not in tomorrow if they even deliver Saturday.

  9. lol Shed, my PES Day settings: FIFA19

    starting to see why Paul, Darryl and others liked it so much, just kicked off a career mode with Exeter City

    not-Greg, haha fair enough! I’ve switched to full manual through balls and long balls (on FIFA) but moving from semi-assisted passing and shooting is beyond me for now

  10. abbeyhill – FIFA started the whole Cult of Manual thing, so it’d be interesting to try it. When you do eventually move back to PES, Purity of Essence demands you go all-in: Manual-Advanced Everything, Defaults, Superstar, Challenge.

    prsgame – Royal Mail certainly do deliver Saturdays, but not a full service everywhere so there’ll be some missed deliveries.

  11. Ng – additional to our email discussion, you’ll want these:


    I’ve created the Cov City Club Partner Sponsor logos for use in ML
    (that appear on the media backdrop when making new signings, press conferences etc)

  12. Paul – logos received, much thank you. Following the discussion here and on the 3 forums this afternoon is enjoyable. And that’s nearly all I’ll have all weekend now. My busyness starts here

  13. I’m out all day tomorrow, deliveries get sent to my parents, they are just up the road, there for dinner in the evening, so will pick PES20 up then, but wont get to play it that night, sunday, chores, and out to cinema in evening until late, Monday, work all day then gym, about 10pm Monday night is first chance I’ll get to play it.


  14. What I take from that picture is the french across the stadium exits, the bog standard English banners and the advert for my Club. It might have been a European night away from home for Coventry but it’s still all quite shabby presentation, devoid of decent edit options. 2/10.

    I’m happy to get my copy tomorrow – mini turfs buddy is round to watch the England match so no doubt they will try it out while I will dabble outside of an ml – I don’t want any aborted campaigns this year, I want it patched, filed and to know what I’m doing before choosing the one. I’ve not managed it in 6 years so let’s see.

    Also interested to know if advanced shooting will be easier if you choose the new (retro) iso camera angle? My demo was knocked back to wide by mini turf but I’ve an interest in trying out the old school. Thinking about it in players eye view terms might make it a bit more intuitive (spelled correctly).

  15. NG – Interesting you mentioned the Spectrum as there was a game called Peter Beardsley’s International Soccer, which used the same system as Advanced Shooting.

    I am on holiday at the moment in Tenerefe and the place I am staying at has an XBox 360 with a wide range of older Fifa and Tiger Woods games. This is ideal for me as I am an early riser with a family of snooze heads.

  16. Got no choice to wait until Tuesday since I’m on Steam. I’ve got no problems waiting, not really hyped but am getting slightly excited.

  17. With the roster update not coming until days after the game is released (Thursday), as is the case most years, for me the excitment is always dampened. Especially with many people getting the game so early, and the usual grumbles emerging before most of us have the full game, it all begins to feel a little anticlimactic. Every year feels like PES has a soft launch. ML is my bread and butter, so add extra time waiting for a decent option file, and the excitement soon dwindles.

    I don’t mean to sound all doom and gloom, honestly I’m used to it now and it’s not worth the discomfort. There is always still some excitement left over. Always. Happy PES Day+3 everyone.


  19. Mines just been delivered too. Wont get to play until later tonight though.out all day then have parents over for dinner tonight.

    Plan is to play the wife with prosecco so she falls asleep early then get a few games in.

  20. Ok, so the game is faster.

    When the game arrived, I was playing the demo. Colo-colo vs. Colo-colo. I let the full game install in the background, and then loaded it up and did the same settings all across the board. 5 min match, all players on yellow arrows, etc.

    Player response time is sharper and the ball is a little nippier. Noticed it right away. It’s subtle, as it always is, and overall the game still feels ok. Game speed has never really bothered me, so I’m not fussed about the change, but it will be interesting to see if anyone else notices this, and what they think.

    Off to work now, but my evening has now cleared up, so I’ll get proper hands-on later.

  21. I’m staggered at how fast the ball is moving in all the vids I’m seeing today. There is no such thing as YouTube compression as a factor in this – complete myth.

  22. I’m impressed with ShopTo. I also purchased a new PS4 controller on a separate order just after lunch yesterday, and that turned up too. That’s less than 24 hours for delivery to my door. What a time to be alive.

  23. There’s something in the demo about updates and handing out myclub coins as compensation. I didn’t read it as you tend to get huge lumps of in game coinage anyway.

  24. I was always a ShopTo man until Simply started dispatching a day before anyone else. Which didnt happen this year, so if next year is a Tuesday release too, back to ShopTo for me.

    Quiet before the storm at work, I’ll be off piste for the remainder.

    Hopefully a thumbshot this evening and a 1st impressions post tomorrow.

  25. Looks promising (often has) will be picking it up once the transfers are updated. 2019 lasted about a week but hopeful this year. Traded my PS4 for an Xbox one X last year so no option file for me but honestly it’s almost a relief, I used to put of master league until there were extra teams available such as Bundesliga or euro teams and the whole thing was a chore. This year the default kits at least seem to be a reasonable match and Juventus being added along with the Seria A licence is enough for me as it’s always the Italian league for me with PES as even with option files the premier league doesn’t feel right largely down to the kit numbers and stadiums, 5 teams in Seria A have their official stadium as luckily 2 of them are shared. My premier league gaming will be FIFA20. Enjoy the game boys and keep up the great work NG

  26. (Insert image of thumb and game here…)

    Disc in, downloaded to storage, pressed button to turn it on, then knocked it off. Lens are top of ligue 2 with three games to go in 2017 and I want to finish that instalment first. In what may prove to be a sad reminder of how it used to be only recently Totti regen was injured in game, carried off and is out till end of May. Unless they have reinstated an actual football happening this year?

  27. Got the game today. And you’ll NEVER guess what they’ve done!

    I played a 10 min game pre-patch and had 7 fouls to me and 5 to the CPU and then downloaded the patch and played the exact game, in the exact same condtions and had precisely 0 fouls, to either me or the CPU. Definite gameplay changes as well, but I’ll leave those to you to experience rather than set you up for some confrimation bias.

  28. Sneaked a few matches in this afternoon.
    Installed. Updated to patch v1.02

    Theres no difference in pace.
    The game is paced beautifully
    Players are more responsive. Which was much needed.
    Getting 4 or 5 could against me and for me most matches.
    Had 3 shooting range FKs, keeper tipped one round the post and 2 whistled wide.

    What a fucking great game.

    And broadcast camera has been tweaked. Zoomed out slightly and zoom removed as fans asked for. It’s great.

    Played 5 matches. Scored a few nice goals. Will upload later.

  29. Well they didn’t deliver to work on a Saturday so it’ll be Monday. I’m glad as kits and stuff will be out then. 100% Ghost Recon Wildlands in the interim. Not jealous at all

  30. Good impressions from Tommy and Paul and Rafa and a variety of impatience and frustration from others… Including me all day. I haven’t said whether I’d even got it today because I was waiting until I finished work to… Well, I think it’s worthy of a new post…

  31. Lens just won ligue two. A trophy. Looked magic, Harry maguire dancing around with an actual trophy. How little effort and yet such an important payoff.

    Not played 2020 yet.

  32. Played 5 matches. Goals scored during those 5 matches.

  33. wow those goals looked good Paul

  34. Abbey hill- this game is superb. The flow and pace is bang on. So much potential for shots from range.

    NG will be in his element.

    For clarification. First goal was vs Professional. All others vs Top player.

    Fouls are quite easy to draw. Depends on your play style. Lay off sprint at all costs. This game is 100% realistic when played realistic. Only sprint when you have open grass. Dribbling with LS only plus deft use of the RS and the new finesse dribbling plus careful timed double taps of the sprint button for speed dash to go past players draws fouls loads.

    If you understand football and play in a realistic fashion this game purely excels

    The demo was never allowed this due to short match lengths.

    Constantly putting moves together that would make a MOTD play real most weeks.

    Blown away by how good this game is vs demo. They’ve refined everything. Tweaked stuff. Avoided panic button and made it even better.

  35. That comment by Rafas Evil Beard is intriguing. Can the balance of a game be changed so significantly by the day-one patch?

  36. Rhymes. Think Rafael has been using weird beard oil. The pace hasn’t changed at all. Its bang on.

    Retail is the demo refined tweaked and improved but still true to that vision. Even after patch.

    Nothing to worry about. I’ve been very vocal about how poor pes has been but this game is something else.

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