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Two matches online using the best players I possibly could. I had enough Coins to afford a manager who could accommodate most of the Gold and Black ball players I had, with a few Silvers to fill out the numbers. I had Jarvis on the bench in case I felt cheeky.

This was the XI:

And below are the two matches I played online with them, in the Rookie Cup, versus random opponents. The pre-match blurb suggested that my opponents were not, themselves, Rookies.

But were they Rookies?

I was all over both of them. Can anybody explain to me how I didn’t win this first one:

In fact, I can explain it. I was impetuous and made bad decisions in good situations. That’s the explanation. Simple! Another dimension to this, though, was the way it didn’t seem I was ‘allowed’ to score.

Here’s the second match – same squad, but this one was the Rookie Cup 2, which went on to extra time after the 90 minutes ended all-square. Spoiler alert: I WON this one, and will tell you below where to click to in the 120 minutes of play in order to see this blessed event unfold.

Click to the second half of extra time, starting at roughly 15:30 above. A good goal for me in the end – but why did that one go in and none of the other 500 chances I created go in? It’s almost as if there’s a hidden hand behind the scenes that regulates the flow of the action so human players don’t feel overwhelmed and excluded!

Two good matches where I played great, I think. It’s rare for me to be the dominant one who is all over the opponent online, for me to be the one who is always recovering the loose balls, for me to be the one who is always breaking up play and surging towards the goal.

But look at how un-ruthless I am with the possession I had and chances I created. Both opponents must have been smirking at how the time was ticking away and it was still 0-0, as I would have smirked in their position.

What’s next? More myClub? Yes, and there might be a few more posts out of it too. The eFootball thing demo is the week after next, which will occupy a couple of posts of its own, so time is pressing. A definite pre-autumnal chill in the air today. The summer is whooshing by.

Updated: 19th July 2019 — 10:32


  1. Had to sack my groundskeeper Turf, caught him slacking off and watching Love Island and posting on Cricket forums when he should have been tending to the wild straying Roebuck that keep crapping all over the kentucky sawgrass lawns.

    Last I heard the bumbling idiot is due to become PM.

    Been playing more online Divisions in FIFA 19, a 6 game sesh last night ended with a won 4 and drawn 2 record, 1 point away from the Div 8 title with 4 games left to play.
    I’m actually really enjoying playing online against humans now, and the bigger the dickhead the more enjoyable it gets as instead of getting angry, they now amuse me, I do my damndest to make their time playing me as irritating as possible. It’s quite amusing guessing which minute they will rage quit in.

    Been playing as Borussia Dortmund, nice balance of pace and power, and a 4 star team meaning I’m playing against teams Like Leicester, Roma, Inter etc instead of your usual Liverpool, Barcelona, Man City, Juventus jobs.

  2. Paul – that’s exactly it, cricket lore is all about eccentric raconteurs, long lazy summer days, and the occasional bit of excitement when bat hits ball. In football I’ve hated the trend in recent years at free kicks, for example, when everyone dicks around for a minute before the kick is actually taken, so the built-in hiatuses of cricket are like fuel in the Infuriation Engine to me.

    FIFA19 online is going to be one of my last stops in the summertime holiday season – is Tactical Defending enforced online or can you use Legacy? If the former then I’ll have to have a few matches to refresh myself on it.

    Uncle Turf – I’ve got a few stops to make in my silly season tour of football games, but PES2017 won’t be one of them. PES2019 is head and shoulders above it, even PES2018 is a good deal better. It was the last PES where long-rangers were ‘allowed’, though. Be interesting to see how the long-range thing is handled in ePES2020 (the full game, not next week’s demo).

  3. That’s just f’in depressing (the PM, not Fifa).

    We had a police and crime commissioner election up here last week – mini turfs school was closed due to the pigheadedness of whoever thought the last week of term during a leadership election was a good idea. One of the wards returned a ballot box entirely devoid of votes. Not one single person decided it was worth their time – that’s my verdict on the current shower exactly.

    NG – like as much when 2020 is out and 2018 is £1 and 2019 £5 I will return to them (and have to start editing all over again).

  4. Ng – I have no appeal, attraction, or patience for anything Cricket, to me its like a fallback for people that were no good at any proper sports.
    The mere mention of cricket or anything to do with it renders me into a completely switched off coma-induced state of boredom.

    And I’d say even whilst PES 2017 was a little fast and Arcade like and got too easy too quickly, that it was still a ton better than PES 19, still have 17 installed digitally on the PS4 in the Cinema room, and have a few games here and there when I have a few spare mins.

    As for FIFA 19 online – its tactical defending. no pressing the pressure button and waiting for your player to clamp in on the ball carrier, makes for a more open and evenly balanced game online though, as most players play with 100% pressure aggression anyway.
    Last night I was using PES’s trusty give and go 1-2 method to pick them off.

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