The Irregulars 2019

myClub’s turn on the summertime stage. Remember when summer holiday TV was given over to cheerful variety shows? Tommy Boyd introducing Kajagoogoo on Skegness beach?

I was excited about myClub. Regular readers will recall last summer’s astonishing dalliance with myClub in PES2018. I perversely enjoyed that foray into the mode that has single-handedly destroyed my beloved single-player game.

How will 2019 go?

I amused myself spending an accumulated 200,000 GP and some 400 Coins. They soon go. I acquired Aguero. Zico (the Zico). Ozil. And plenty of others, including an old friend from Master League.

But the essence of football gaming – and PES – is competing with lesser players.

I assembled the squad above, which included a couple of Gold players (I’ll go all Bronze/Silver from now on). I played a few matches against the COM, and then headed online for a few matches.

Here is match 1. I think this opponent was decent in every sense and it was a good match.

The TL;DW version: I dominated the match, having more possession and more attempts on goal. I played ‘better’. But as so often happens in the online sphere, my opponent finished with more goals. It was a horrible mistake from me for his goal (10:45). I tried to play my way out of a tight spot. I should know better after suffering a million similar situations against The AI That We Need.

The final stats tell the full tale of my woe.

I then played another match, and this opponent was a bit more of a dick. Not excessively so, just a little bit – see the shenanigans he gets up to in the opening (and closing) minutes:

A question for the experienced online players on here. At 12:20 he kicks the ball against my striker, gifting me a late goal and giving me a chance of getting something from the match. From his resulting kickoff, the game immediately starts to lag. Is he the one doing that?

For us to go from a butter-smooth connection to a treacle-sticky one, instantly after I pull a goal back, seems suspicious.

Is that what deliberate lag-switching looks like? If so, why is he doing it in this circumstance? What is he afraid will happen? Is he just being a dick for no reason, or is he afraid of momentum, or what?

I just about deserved to lose this match anyway so I was not too miffed. Just curious.What’s my feeling after these few sessions on myClub? My feeling is that I want more! I want to continue to grow my club and the individual squads within it. I’ll take my star-studded squad online next.

But it’s the basic squad that interests me the most. Having a new story to tell with Castledine and Jarvis and co., tickles me in intimate ways.

It’ll get me through the next few weeks leading to the eDisgrace2020 demo, and who knows, perhaps through the month of August too.

Updated: 16th July 2019 — 10:54


  1. I have fond memories on my PES 2012 ML with Norwich City, but again that had ridiculously accelerated player development, just without those lovely, lovely boots.

    I intend to revisit PES 2011 if I can, the one that got away. As soon as I can get hold of a PC copy, that is.

  2. Turf – I have!! Traded it in though as it was far too easy.
    I was able to hit hole in ones 3/5 times, pars were guaranteed, birdies and eagles were too common.
    They could have done with toning the motion detection sensitivity down on those wii golf games, it was too easy to even be fun.
    Great little console though.

  3. So right – it was that sensitive and generous with your faults it was like being Seve Ballesteros on a pitch n putt. (btw looking like being a cracking open for anyone who follows the small ball game).

    I think NG’s problem might have been a dodgy controller caused by all that waving it around when he was playing Just Dance.

    2 more ML matches last night – both the same. Mini turf had a go on exhibition and was fuming about the AI not letting him score and straight from kick off stuff. I’ve never told him about any of that so I guess we are just ‘in one of those sessions’. I’m going to continue but in short bursts while I break from ‘rimming. Weirdly I’m assembling a squad of who will make it big in 2018. Mbappe up front, Maguire in defence, got Dele Ali last night on loan with a buy option. Yet being unable to buy any of the usual 70ish randoms means my squad is still packed with defaults. Most important player at the moment – Vasilj. The man is an absolute rock.

  4. None of this is correct.

  5. Turf – Rimming ?!
    Absolutely not Mini Turf I sincerely hope.

    NG – Look how EASY it was !!!

  6. Paul – the one they fear, the Dragonborn. So good (and glitchy) that I have yet to even start The Witcher.

    Tbh Tiger Woods c 2010 was ridiculously easy once you ticked off a few challenges – you could hit greens from 500 yards and spin the ball back over small hills. I had to remove every possible assistance just to make it competitive. Would imagine it was an absolute breeze with the closest thing to a club in your hand.

  7. Turf – Heard so many good things about the Witcher but just doesn’t look like my kinda game.

    I even fitted a rubber titleist club sleeve over my wii controller to give it that authentic feel, as it was just like using a real club.

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