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Super short post today. I’m loving this summer and these lazy days of drifting at a whim from one thing to another. The other night I played a few hours of PES5 on PC until 2am. Because I could, and because I wanted to.

Here is almost a full match from Ultimate Team on FIFA19. Highlights come at around 1:50 with a superb headed goal from the AI. Followed at about 3:30 by an almost-as-good response from me – a ‘team goal’ for those who like that sort of thing.

As I type, I have a PES2019 myClub match on pause. I’ve dropped in on the mode for the first time since Week 1 in September. Back then I set up a team of Irregulars, just as in PES2018, intending to return whenever ML gave up the ghost. ML proved unexpectedly durable in PES2019, which meant I never got back to myClub until now. More on this next week.

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  1. Nice patience there NG keeping possession and working the chance, 14 passes and a finish !

  2. Paul – I know, I was just watching it back myself and I love both goals really, the AI’s and my own. You really have to work the ball in FIFA, the pass-pass-shoot mentality of PES (relatively speaking) almost always just loses possession.

  3. FIFA and PES do play distinctly different, which is good, its nice to have a variation.
    I enjoy a good team goal as much as you enjoy the rangers NG, wonder if both FIFA 20 and PES 20 efootball online soccerball streamfest will carry over the long range shooting nerfs that seem to have been put in place this year.

  4. n-G – Nice goal. Are you still using the Operation Sports sliders?

    I do think my issue with FIFA is I play it like PES – or at least try to. I’m going to have another session on FIFA 19 over the weekend I think.

  5. Paul – neither game can afford to ‘allow’ long-range goals more than 1 in 100 attempts, because otherwise there are players who would always resort to them and it would affect the dreaded ‘balance’. It’s astonishing to me to watch 99.99% of all online players never shooting from outside the box, but I understand why they’re (not) doing it.

    Shed – still using OS sliders yes. But for the no-fouls thing (which tends to produce a single flow of gameplay; great for online players maybe, but not for us) FIFA19 would really be an almost perfect football game.

  6. I played a few games of Online Divisions yesterday.
    had one good match out of the 3, him at Barcelona, me as Liverpool, the other 2 players were absolute grade A C*nts!!!!!

    both paused the game the second it started, let the 30 sec timer countdown to 0 and never made any changes, then paused it again immediately, would watch every single goal reply all the way through, time waste etc, its a wonder how these people survive in society.

    Luckily i have the PS camera as its used for the PSVR headset, so i took great pleasure in using many expletives after I came back from 2-0 to grab a draw, almost winning it in the last second.

  7. Paul – it’s almost worse when you meet the good opponents online who behave decently and play the game, as it shows you what the genre could have been as an online game if EA and Konami hadn’t catered so much for the lowest common button-mashing denominator.

    I will have to venture online at least once with myClub and Ultimate Team before the end of the month, and will record and upload both.

  8. Its just the whole ‘win at all costs’ thing that gets me, no playing for enjoyment because constant pausing, watching every replay etc just to cause annoyance, can’t be fun, surely?

  9. Welcome back to the world of MyClub!
    I can honestly say I cannot see me ever returning to single player football again such has been my PERSONAL experience of the mode. Having played close to 2500 matches of pes 2019 online I feel i can give a balanced opinion of the mode. Yes there are arseholes once there is human contact there will always be. Yes there are crazies with the whatever it takes mentality BUT it is no where near the levels you would imagine. A lot of players are looking for a good game and to move on and from playing the mode ad much as I have moving offline the AI just feels like a ping pong fest compared to a good human opponent.
    Pes has delt with alot of the issues you have mentioned Paul as in pausing both players have a 3min total game allowance, all replays can be instantly skipped and each team is only allowed one celebration per match.
    There are many issues online as there are offline but I have never in my 41 years spent as much time with a football game. Which for me who sat out pes 2017 after the disappointment of 2016 is something I never envisaged happening.
    TBH I feel that there is way more negativity on here for the mode than there should be.
    Enjoy your daily black ball promo. The fact that they are level 1 is fantastic if you seen a BB move from level 1 to maxed out through 1star to a 5star team the payoff is fantastic!

  10. My gaming summer is quite a leisurly one. Still playing Cricket 19 and am now into my 5th season, having moved up from playing club cricket (Burnley) to the Lancashire team. I don’t play the game every day and is perfect to play now and again and as long as fits. My gaming phylosophy has changed a lot now. I don’t set any expectations other than to enjoy the game and get my moneys worth. It has met both of those criteria already and all else is a bonus.

  11. Gary — the mode(s) are themselves enjoyable and I do see what people who love them love them for, as seen last last year in my unexpected PES2018 months on myClub. It’s the way the mode(s) draw focus from the single-player side that appals me. And the game has been fundamentally changed to accommodate the realities of human versus human play — few or no fouls and long-rangers ‘allowed’ in either franchise is a shocker. All that said it’s been very nice getting back in touch with myClub again the past few days and I anticipate a good few weeks on it. I’ve got about 200,000 GP to spend and several hundred coins too….

  12. NG – use those coins on a good manager to suit your style of play. Also lots of new player cups on at the moment. I think in anticipation for being the psn game of the month (before Sony embarassed Konami). I would imagine you will easily get a few weeks play from the mode!
    Could not agree more re fouls and long rangers after long shots were nerfed in December they are a rarity. Fouls online are more prominent but some of the tackles that are let go is bloddy well GBH in reality.

  13. Pes 2020 e football abomination is £34.99 or thereabouts on this weekend only. In case anyone missed it. Seems to get cheaper to preorder every year.

  14. Gary, I’ve also played enough online games in both FIFA and PES over the years to know that the chances of playing someone decent with half a brain, an ounce of decency, who isnt the bastard off-spawn of a diamond white infused orgy between several family members, is at best, minimal.

    Yes, PES may have limited the number of pauses and minor things, but from my experience the amount of players that just hack you to pieces, or play the ball back n forth between GK and CB for 45 in-game minutes, or pause at critical points, or lag cheat, or rage quit, just doesnt make the mode worth the hassle.

    Same in FIFA, I’ve been playing Online divisions and the level of absolute cuntery is off the scale.

    Nothing you say will ever change my mind or opinion about the state of online gaming.

  15. What a great cricket match that was – I was watching with great interest. Much like a 5-4 thriller in football, though, a bit of an anomaly to say the least. In my mind’s eye I can just see the funereal pace of the Ashes.

    Prsgame – I missed the order window for ShopTo and in any case, getting the game a day earlier than them (hopefully) will be worth the extra couple of quid that SimplyGames charge.

    Gary/Paul – I fall between the two views It’s a fact that the game(s) are now calibrated with online balance in mind (which principally means no/few fouls and no/few long-rangers, among other things). As somebody who prizes the offline, single-player experience first and always, I can never wholeheartedly approve. Having said that, both UT and mC are excellently crafted modes with their own internal ML-like mechanics and addictive qualities. I’ve enjoyed my sessions on them so far. I will only be playing online in order to post the full match on the blog though (probably tomorrow). Pot luck who I get and what type they’ll be.

  16. NG – Watched the whole final and wss an epic match that we are unlikely to see matched again. The tensiob was unbearable and had to change my t-shirt as it was drenched in sweat afterwards. In the cold light of day you have to question how it was decided. None of this should detract from England’s achievememt as everyone knew the rules in place should the super over be tied. What I don’t understand is why another over couldn’t be played again. It is a shame for the winner just as much as the loser as there will always be a question mark about that result

  17. Darryl – looked at another way it’s a bit like settling a league title on goal difference in football, which we do accept as fair. As you know I love a bit of baseball, which is a close cousin of cricket. My main objection to cricket has always been the appalling slowness at which it moves (I understand that that’s precisely what appeals to its fans), so yesterday’s match was an outlier in so many ways. Great stuff though and a classic sort of ‘I can’t stand [sport’s name] but that big game was amazing’ moment for me.

  18. Cricket!!! Pffftttt. I was too busy watching the Wimbledon final, proper sport.

    I dont know how England can be so joyous over winning the world cup against a minnow nation that was given no hope, and they only just won, by a rules decision, not from actual open play.
    It’s like the England football team being in the world cup final, drawing 2-2, then going into extra time, drawing 4-4, then both taking 10 penalties, it still being a draw so FIFA turning round and saying “Well England had more shots on target during the match so we award the world cup to them!”

  19. Paul to be honest I have no interest in trying to say anything to change anyones opinion on anything related to MC. I can only say what my own experience is over a substantial amount of games. I have no interest in a back and forth on the modes merits or players failings. All I can say is from over 2500 matches I have seen 30 maximum waste time with gk CB passing. Pausing during play is not possible. Lag cheats are few and far between I have seen 10 max connection settings deals with that issue. Rage quitting yes it happens but again given context it can sometimes be a positive. Again maybe 15/20% maximum.
    Again i am not trying for an argument or to change opinions I feel on this platform opinions are to ingrained. I know what I have played and have to place forward.
    Be it MC or Ultimate team in another decade a master league mode I dont believe will exist. Online modes will be where we are all at (anyone feel free to contradict me now will quote this in 2029!). The more players that just want to play football the better, as the modes user base grows fantastic so will the possibility of even better matches. Online scripting however it’s as bad as it is offline……

  20. Gary, Just to reiterate, I wasn’t suggesting for on second that you was trying to change anyone’s minds, I’m also not up for a debate on the state of online gaming either, as, like you said, we can only comment on our own actual personal experiences, not anyone elses.

    With that being said, I played a fair bit of PES MyClub Online last year, and there absolutely were arseholes aplenty, there was also timewasting, needless pausing, and there most definitely were lag cheaters and rage quitters, I experienced it all.
    I haven’t played online on PES 19 at all this year so if Konami have put practices and mechanics in place to improve this, then fair play to them, MyClub is a very good, solid and engaging mode and I enjoyed what I played of it last year, except for the interaction with other people.

    I’m currently playing Online divisions in FIFA 19, and all of what I mentioned above is prevalent in that environment, in fact its not just PES, or FIFA, its rife across all online gaming, GTA online, where people exploit weapons and spawn points to win at all costs, Battlefield online, with loot box scams and pc mods to allow people to cheat, even on the Mobile snooker game I play, cue aiming mods, time mods, people rage quitting when you beat them, its all online gaming.

    Its a win at all costs, instant gratification, likes and followers and killstreaks and win loss ratio’s based society these days where little Calum throws a strop and develops anxiety and mental health issues if anyone dares to criticise him or beat him at a game of Online FIFA.

    The state of the country and society between the 15-25 age population right now is scarily imbecilic.

  21. Gary – my problem with myClub wasn’t so much the matches as the lack of drama in building a squad. Without ever having contributed a penny my meagre foray into the mode saw me assemble a giant squad of top players (very heavy on amfs and ss’s) in no time at all. I felt like I could have virtually who I wanted and would come up against an almost identical team. The restrictions are easy to work around by just sticking the odd low level player out of sight. House rules seemed hugely necessary?

    NG – yesterday was on a par with the Davis-Taylor black ball final. It was very out of context with the rest of the World Cup in terms of O’Sullivan taking on long pots and instead of the commentators telling us how dull the Thorburn safety play was they knew it was actually great drama. If that makes sense?

    Paul – New Zealand aren’t a cricket minnow. They’re not the all blacks but they’re not their footy team either. They are probably Spurs if England are Chelsea. Is that fair anyone else? I see aus and India as Liverpool and man c, with us next, maybe us also a Man City on a good day?, then NZ, Sri Lanka and South Africa around the Spurs/arsenal mark if playing well. Basically what I’m saying is that it’s a lot closer in cricket than football. The minnows don’t get to the World Cup, unlike fifa’s deadly boring group stage they whittle them down in qualifying. But then you knew that and will be keen to don the whites asap.

  22. Turf – Admittedly I assumed NZ were minnows going by everything the press and social media were saying, in that England were odds on faves to win.
    Regardless of the oppo, the nature of how the win was ‘given’ to them just seems shambolic and a huge anti-climax.

    I agree with your MyClub comments, about the repetition, and identical teams amassed, you only have to watch YouTube MC videos to see matches where almost an identical 11 for each team play eachother, Gullit, beats Gullit, passes to Ronaldo, who nutmegs Ronaldo ……

    and the cheating that takes place, is rife, just more clever, such as White benching.

  23. Yeah, they overegged that – NZ have been to the final before and are a good team led by a very good captain. I guess home status, recent form (one or two poor matches aside) etc etc led to an over the top attitude from the press.

    I’d have won my hypothetical accumulator of Hamilton, Djokovic, England but doubt the odds were that good.

  24. Turf – That’s a pretty fair summary of NZ.

    I’ve never really been into cricket, not because I don’t like it, I just like other things. But I know bits about a lot of sports, and probably know a fair bit about cricket through my job. I’ve watched at least half of the games start to finish this world cup (we have every game on tv at work) and I’ve found it bloody great fun. One day definitely my favourite form of the game. Caught the end of the final yesterday (I’d tuned in for the F1 highlights, delayed) heart punching at the super over, but found myself cheering and punching the air at the result. I couldn’t quite believe my own reaction. I almost felt embarrassed. Great stuff.

  25. Fair enough Turf, from an outsider, who isn’t up on Cricket, it was portrayed as something like England vs San Marino in football terms.

  26. I knew New Zealand were one of the leading cricket nations! Only because one of my old school friends was heftily into cricket (unusually for our inner-city Scumbag Comprehensive) and I used to hear all about the world of cricket. We watched the 1992 final in a pub somewhere. This was during the South African boycott so I have no idea where they rank.

    Gary/Paul – I’m soon going to take my very rough and ready Irregulars 2019 online against a random opponent. The wheel of fortune turns. Who will I get? If it’s a typical-for-me opponent, the only thing really wrong with him will be constant exhausting pressure and a refusal to shoot from more than 7 yards.

    Uncle Turf – yes I got that Taylor-Davis vibe from it and did enjoy it. Have I mentioned here before that I am bizarrely an ace batsman in cricket? I think I have mentioned it, and it’s true. I can’t bowl or field for shit, but I can somehow play a bowler like a violin. At an old job we used to go to play indoor cricket against other nearby offices once a month, and I would batter that ball all over the place. Then when I’d come to bowl I’d have to toss it underarm.

  27. Totally agree about New Zealand as they are a very good side indeed. Man for man tbey don’t have a good a side as England and can only count on a couple of World Class players. As a unit they are on a par with England. Based on past records I wouldn’t have made England favourites. Certainly not after the toss was lost as that made a huge difference.

  28. NG – I get your goal difference analogy but the problem is at no point when New Zealand batted, would they have thought that the game could have ended in a tie and if so how many boundaries we score could come into it, should we then have a Super-Over and it still be level. At least in football if the league is tight then teams have goal difference in mind. It really was a silly way to decide it. But that is the cricket authorities for you as they are just a bunch of muppets. That is an insult to Jim Henson’s creation.

  29. Turf-I have a system in MC where I start a 1 star team and work it up. It builds an almighty connection to some players the like of which I never experienced before. The 1 star becomes 2 with maybe 1 or 2 changed and the 3 star etc. I find most of my matches are 2/3star across multiple teams with multiple managers. The narrative become the players and the team rather than the competition or the result. For example I have a Micheal Owen who currently has 146 goals for 111 games a strike rate like I have never had he started as a 1 star 70 odd OVR 1 star and is now in a 4star 85 OVR team. I can total understand all of the criticism and apprehension I just have never had a football game that kept me going for so long. My personal history seeing me abandoning pes after 2016 for a year then discovering Mc in March on 2018 After what I was sure was my last ML. I have garnered so much love for the mode that I genuinely cannot see me ever going back. The nasty opposition can be beaten and when you do….bliss

  30. MC only really comes into its own when you play online against other humans, and thats when the crap comes in, very few play to enjoy, just win at all costs.
    Great that you love the mode so much Gary, personally for me, I could never play that many human opponents without going postal.

  31. Darryl – and not just that but seemingly an incorrect way to decide it. Ashley Giles’ comments were appalling, very undignified.

    Gary – it’s great that you’ve found that, and I do love the whole ‘who are you going to get in the ball’ thing, but it just seems the mode is too stacked towards finding the loopholes and working the system. Like Fortnite on a football pitch. Mind some of the team management options wouldn’t be amiss in ML. Sadly now a hollow stripped out mode (4/10).

  32. Whitebenching is huge in MyClub.
    Whereby people scam the team rating system, by having a team mainly of gold level players, but put a load of white ball level players on the bench and in the reserves, therefore dropping the team rating Avg, so you are paired against other ‘3 star’ teams when in fact you have a starting 11 that is 5 star.

    Absolutely anything and everything anyone can do to cheat and win, they do it.

  33. With my new fibre connection I could stream a match with me inserted in the corner wearing a baseball cap backwards and, for some reason, an ice hockey ‘jersey’. I’m thinking about it!

    I remember playing Command and Conquer online in 2003, one of my first online experiences, and feeling such dismay when I discovered that few people actually played the game, instead there were all kinds of tricks used to get an advantage against the human opponent. E.g. building a base of operations was huge in C&C, You’d have your buildings and your turrets and your factories etc. But in C&C online in 2003 or so, they’d started building their buildings everywhere on the map. So you’d come across a tank factory on its own in the middle of nowhere and that sort of thing. I’ve said it before how online chess – chess! – even has its own little nasty things that opponents do. People ruin reality.

  34. And that’s the biggest downside to online gaming NG, the people, the whole premise to to compete against real people, yet real people are the very thing that ruins the experience.

    Was playing FIFA 19 Online divisions last night, promoted to Div 9, won the Div 9 title, promoted to Div 8, matched up against a guy using Galatasaray as I was Cruzeiro from Brazil, a 3 star team, and he had every single skill move in the game nailed, he could not and did not dribble pass or do anything without using a cacophony of skill moves in the process.
    He was obviously a very technically proficient gamer, and he went 1-0 up, I then equalised, he went 2-1 up just before half time, I equalised straight after half time, 2-2.
    He probably would have gone on to beat me, he was a better player, but because i equalised (due to him cocking up another skill move in his own defense) he quit the game.

    SO rather than go on to probably beat me by 2 or 3 goals and enjoy playing the game, he quit, and I got a 3-0 win.
    I mean, seriously, what IS the point?!??

    And I encounter this more often than not online. in many types of games on many platforms.

  35. Paul – that kind of behaviour online totally mystifies me. What is that opponent you met in FIFA getting out of anything that he does online, even if he wins? My post today has some possible evidence of one of my two myClub opponents being a dick. He had Maldini as a classic player and started out trying to showboat with him. Then later on I thought he was lag-switching (could be wrong there). Interpretations welcome.

    Sometimes YouTube recommends me a video of somebody playing a Battlefield or a Fortnite, and sometimes I’ll take a look. There are so many layers of things that people have to do in those games to cater for other players being dicks, that it doesn’t seem worth it. 25 years ago we’d have sworn that online gaming would be the greatest thing ever. It’s not.

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