The tika taka of FIFA feet

And FIFA19, perhaps surprisingly to some (including me), is still continuing…

This is despite me now having a perfectly good installation of a modded PES2019 on PC.

I have not been tempted to play it, or to go back to my 15-season Master League team on the PS4. This FIFA is holding up.

Career Mode is as great as they say. I understand that many on the FIFA side feel the mode has stagnated recently, but to me, coming from the ML side of things, it feels like a dizzying new playground.I have reached mid-season. I don’t think I have got this far on a FIFA since FIFA15.

I’ve dropped the Broadcast camera for now. It is gorgeous but I find it restricts my view of the pitch too much, which is costly in a number of ways.

I’ve settled on the Co-op camera and really like it. This is what it looks like in-game:Many a footy gamer would find this too far out. You do lose the luxurious feeling of the PS4 graphics, but everything is a trade-off. FIFA19 is a game I do need to learn how to play, not simply look at and admire. The danger of playing FIFA after so much PES is that I assume I should automatically be able to pick up and play it. Not so.

I got tired of giving the ball away all the time on Broadcast. When most of your players are out of sight and you have to rely on the radar… I was often recovering the ball and trying to play upfield, only to pass straight back to the AI. Which would then embark on a bout of uninterruptible tika-taka. It got frustrating. So Broadcast had to go. Now I can see where I’m passing.

I brought in three players on a Free. Brockie up front, Figuera at DMF, and Chancellor at CB.

I’m still getting to grips with FIFA19’s complex transfer system, which makes PES’s transfer system look like a pen-and-paper job by comparison. It’s deep. I’m still bungling lots of negotiations by trying to do them blind. I’m liking it. I’ve heard of the various workarounds involving third-party websites that contain all the information I haven’t Scouted – but I’m not (currently) interested in using them. There are still over 11 weeks to go to PES2020, and time for me to really sink my teeth into this football game.

Finally a short video with two goals – one of which I forgot to capture until it was almost too late. That was scored by my new New Zealand striker, Brockie, on his debut. The other goal (up first on the clip) is a rare example of me stitching a flowing move together. And finally in the clip, an amusing instance of Stoke – Stoke – playing in a one-touch fast tika-taka style that was SUPPOSED not to be a thing in FIFA19. Of course, this being a football game, every AI team has the capacity to play like this, and they do.

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  1. The Fifa transfer system has stagnated horribly – as Darryl confirmed on last thread they haven’t updated the free agents in years, you still get insane demands by players who haven’t got a contract (I know all your existing squad are on £1k a week but I want 7k as I’m a Chinese striker you’ve never heard of) and the negotiations cut scenes are padding. However, it was coming from a place many levels above the other football game, where in 2017 I’m seeing ‘he could be useful, offer that free agent a contract’…’negotiations failed’. Erm, any reason? could I maybe negotiate a bit more? I know it was subsequently enhanced but still, really, it’s a filthy younger brother. Trying to recruit players for Hospitalet in FM, now that’s a negotiation.

  2. nG – One thing that is important in the early seasons is to learn how to scout players in the last 6 months of their contract. Then in the January transfer window you can offer them a contract and, it they accept, they will join you the following season. The money saved by not paying a transfer fee means it is possible to bring in players a bit better then you would normally sign, and offer them a decent wage.

  3. NG – is the Stoke game on Co-op camera? If so I have never managed to get it to look as good as that. It would be my preferred camera choice but everything seems to speed up a dial and feels more frantic.

  4. n-G – I ended up switching to Tele cam for much the same reasons.

    I’m yet to start a Career Mode and I honestly don’t know if I will yet. I’m still playing my random league and while enjoyable I’ve not quite clicked with FIFA 19 yet. That’s my issue though, given how I’m very much in PES5 mode. I’ve a very good chance of winning the title on THE BEST FOOTY GAME EVER this ML season so after that we’ll see.

    I’ve also seen some stunning spells of tika taka from the FIFA 19 AI, often from the lowliest of the low Euro fodder. It’s not all the time though and generally the AI is pretty good. Still maybe a little shot-shy, even on Legendary

  5. Uncle Turf — my free agents, all 3 of them, wanted about 7k each too, so you’re not far off there. I delegated all the negotiations, not wanting to sit through the cutscenes. I just wanted some players before January ends. I’ve sold quite a few (as that Inbox screenshot suggests) so I’m not too bothered about the high wages. And at this stage of FIFA19 I’m not obsessing about the numbers either. I’ll worry about my budget in Season 2, if there is one (high chance of there being one).

    Chris99 — thanks for the tip. There are a few days of January left in my game right now, but I’m guessing that’s not enough time to Scout the required players… In ML I’d have had ample time to sign an entire team in a couple of days. Once again, thumbs up to the FIFA way of doing it.

    Darryl — it’s still on Broadcast in that clip. I haven’t noticed a speed increase on Co-op.

    Shed — I’m surprised you’re getting any traction at all from FIFA19 while you’ve got an active save in the Greatest Football Game Ever on the go. I also don’t see tika taka from the AI all the time. But in the rare matches where I’m ahead, it’s the AI’s go-to tactic. Just dizzy me with Guardiola-style passing all over the place until my attention wavers and they’re in. It’s amusing to me that the AI does this so much — at least as much as the PES AI does it — when Paul made such a fuss about ‘team styles’ being a thing in FIFA. They’re so not! Real Reading passed me off the park just this morning, and then it was the turn of Hullalona. That one-touch fast switching you see from Stoke above is common from the FIFA19 AI — much more so than in PES2019.

  6. NG – Ah I see it did look too Broadcasty to me.

  7. nG – I’m about 10 games into CM on fifa19, and enjoying it. I’ve averages about one CPU foul per game, which is a bit disappointing. On the plus side there has been a range of playing styles by the CPU, some times it’s been very tough to breakdown. Early impression are it’s a very good game, and should see me through to September.

  8. NG – yes, that’s it, now imagine trying to play as a lower league team, or in Ireland, or similar place where the ridiculous demands of players from far flung places of no particular repute would constitute your wage budget for 8 or 9 equal players. It completely kills the prospect of finding a possible gem from the free agent pile or signing someone as cover in an injury crisis. You then go through scouting and find you can buy a player twice as good for half the amount (if you had any transfer budget). Fix the free agents at the start, make them genuine players with sensible wages and I’d be happy.

  9. Turf – If you are a lower league team then search for players from teams with a low budget. Good examples would be Fleetwood or Ross County as the players only get paid about £500 per week. Then scout them for more detailed info on them.

  10. nG – Also regional characteristics apply when scouting, for example playmakers in Spain and strong defenders in Africa. Scouting countries not in the top 4 or 5 leagues can result in bargains. I always like going through the Eredivisie.

  11. Chris – Also scouting teams in Germany, France and Spain bring rewards as they have lower leagues.

  12. If you stay out the first divisions, except for Barcelona B who always want stupid money.

  13. Neil — it certainly is a very good game, and if you’re averaging 1 CPU foul per match, you’re doing well! Just imagine how good a game it would be with a proper fouling environment and all the extra layers of thinking and playing that that enables. Same goes for PES of course.

    In other news, what a great game England-Cameroon was in the Women’s World Cup. What hypocrisy from the pundits and from Phil Neville, who surely know that such aggro-filled matches are some of the best that can ever be. I loved every controversy-drenched moment of the drama. Anti-VAR Crybabies everywhere saw things taken to a whole new level. It’s going to be very interesting in the PL next season to see how strictly the ‘keeper’s foot on line’ rule at penalties is enforced, if at all. Can we see any PL ref having PKs retaken multiple times, and sending keepers off in the process? Anti-VAR Crybabies everywhere! #VARisgr8

  14. n-G – Totally agree. That was one of the best England games I’ve see for ages. Loved the controversy over the correct application of rules. There should have been a penalty and a sending off of course but even with VAR there seems to be that sense of ‘fairness’ to the team trailing.

    I had some really very good matches on FIFA 19 over the weekend. I’m using Operation Sports sliders too bit have now put the game speed up to normal which feels better to me. I might be imagining it, but I noticed more team individuality after this little adjustment.

    I’m still playing the random friendly league I set up. Had a very good 3-1 win as Colchester vs Vitesse Arnhem and then was treated to an away game at The Amex against Brighton. Lost 5-0 to my usual PES team-of-choice but was glad to see the AI has a ruthless edge. And The Amex looked absolutely stunning.

  15. Shed – I remember Paul doing something similar towards the backend of his journey with FIFA 19. I have always played on slow as a matter of habit. I was very suprised as you see a different game alltogether with more variety in terms of animations and feeling more natrual.

  16. Darryl6464 – I’ve also always switched FIFAs down to slow but this year, with the OS sliders, normal seems fine. I’m also playing PES5 remember so that might be why slow felt a tad sluggish. Anyway, I continue to be rather impressed with this FIFA, on the pitch as well as off it.

  17. Shed – yes even with VAR the referee can be overwhelmed and intimidated, and deliver context-based decisions rather than the objective ones that VAR is supposed to render. That last-minute challenge was as straightforward a red card as you’ll ever see. Cannot wait to see next season all the VAR furores and the anti-VAR Crybaby meltdowns. E.g. it is quite common in a big top flight match for there to a be a red card challenge in the first minutes that the refs all give yellow cards for. ‘He was lucky there that this is the first minute rather than the fiftieth’, etc. Under VAR, those yellows should be reds. But will they be? Expect some pro-VAR Crybabying from me if not.

    In FIFA, I am still playing as part of my routine, which as we all know is how football games get played – they become folded into our lives. Definitely the best FIFA for me since ’15. I plan to get through this maiden season, learning the game, and then start taking the transfer side more seriously. I’ll want a promotion in the next season or two. I’ve also done a Paul and gone up to Normal speed, feels pretty decent.

  18. n-G – I’m going to place a few little bets on the first round of PL matches while the odds are good. VAR is going to make this coming season utterly compelling.

    One thing I’ve been very impressed with in FIFA 19 is how the quality of teams – or lack of it in some cases – is replicated in matches. As Colchester, I can compete against the likes of Mansfeld and Wycombe, upset a Stoke or Birmingham City but any team Premier League class is a real all-out-defense job.

    Last night I played Portugal away in my random league and, apart from the off breakaway, it was a weirdly thoroughly enjoyable task in trying to contain Ronaldo and co with my Colchester clobbers. Final score: Portugal 2 Colchester United 0.

  19. Rumours that Rafa Benitez has been seen talking to the hospitalet chairman are surely wide of the mark – we are skint, 6th and struggling to put together a good run. Fm seems very keen to allow you a few good results before you need to change tactics, almost as if it says ‘I’ll work you out after three wins’. Very frustrating as I lose games I should steam through.

    There is currently some cricket technology bluster as well – should the review system include consideration of how much of the ball was going to hit the stumps. No. It is either hitting the stumps or not hitting the stumps, it’s like the ‘marginal offside’ bullshit. These are two possibility scenarios, yes or no. Match of the day will be in meltdown, then, as with holding in the box, etc, it will disappear by October.

  20. Uncle Turf – after the ‘GK moving from the line’ penalty retakes in the first round, I saw plenty of grumbling online about it ‘only’ being by a few inches. Football fans, players, and pundits alike are far too comfortable with the idea that fuzzy margins are meaningful criteria for decisions in the sport.

    Just reading the comments threads of a few VAR-related pieces on BBC Sport and some newspaper websites… People just do not get it. And of course the players-plus-crowds will intimidate officials. As we saw yesterday, officials can find a way out of having to give a blatantly correct VAR decision if they feel it’s contextually undesirable for them to give it, for whatever reason. (Another example was the ref who failed to send off Ronaldo last summer, because it was Ronaldo.)

    Picture the scene. (Something like the following will happen somewhere early next season.) It’s Man Utd vs Liverpool at Old Trafford. Penalty to Liverpool! De Gea saves, but VAR says he moved too early. Retake, and 90,000 vocal fans are bellowing and booing, an ugly atmosphere on the pitch as well, with the familiar crowd of players around the ref exerting maximum pressure. 2nd penalty, and VAR says De Gea’s foot is again off the line… 3rd retake, and this time De Gea saves legitimately, but VAR shows that the rebound was cleared by a United defender who had encroached a yard inside… Now the whole place is absolutely boiling. Just what do the VAR booth officials and the man in the middle do in this scenario? Keep retaking the penalty, potentially numerous times, with the temperature ramping up and up? They have to, surely, or it opens the door to showing that VAR can be subverted by applying the right kind of pressure to the officials… which, as we have seen many times with VAR already, is perfectly possible.

    Shed – my current main beef with FIFA is its dearth of long-range goals. Just like its cousin PES, FIFA is geared toward the walking-the-ball-into-the-net approach.

  21. That would be tremendously amusing. What they don’t seem to grasp is that the players are the problem. You don’t want multiple retaken penalties? then don’t move. You don’t like the ‘there’d be a penalty every five minutes for pulling in the box’ – then don’t pull the players shirt. Or change the rules of the game.

    Anyway, I have cause to hate technology myself this morning as my FM save game was corrupted. I could roll back a month to my last save but some pretty important things happened and I’ve always hated repeated games in case the results are different so I’ve cursed the laptop, changed some settings and am going to roll the which team dice again.

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