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The short version:

  • After my ‘final session’ on PES2019 I immediately went through to the following transfer season.
  • I was curious to see the outcome if I sold some of the high-earning players that I’d spent so many seasons with.
  • Out went the likes of Giorza, Benat, Aduriz, and many others. Freeing up tens of millions in salary budget. Why had I spent all those seasons with them!
  • I nosed around and picked up several young-but-decent Regens – Modric and Xavi and Vardy in their early 20s, and Draxler at 19.
  • Jarvis has Regenned at 16. I picked him up, too.
  • Picked up a few Youths, Naldo and Petr Cech among them.
  • Played a few matches. OH IT WAS GOOD.
  • Was instantly certain that PES2019 is back on.
  • So this must be the fastest turnaround in my PES Chronicles history of flipping back to PES.
  • Literally no time at all between ‘I’m stopping PES’ and ‘I’m back on PES’.
  • I could now feasibly play PES2019 potentially until the night before PES2020.
  • Best PES ever. 39/10.
  • Bonus points to you if you get the meaning of the post title.
  • Season 14 is now well underway.
  • The injection of new talent has massively affected the team. We’re second from bottom. 2 defeats in the Champions League.
  • It is glorious. It’s exactly like the PES2012 reverse-switcheroo all over again, only this one was instantaneous.
  • I’m predicting 20 seasons of PES2019.
  • And I might write all my posts in bullet point format from now on.
  • Captan Castledine will lift a trophy before he retires.
Updated: 30th April 2019 — 11:44


  1. n-G – I thought this might be coming although not with bullet points. And that headline, it’s that Fawlty Towers episode isn’t it? The, ‘What did you expect, herds of wildebeest…’ one.

    Good luck with your ongoing ML on what is now surely the best PES ever – minus the crappy bits that is.

    How is heading now post the latest patch? Any penalties or injuries of note?

  2. Shed – indeed, nobody who’s familiar with the way things tend to go would be surprised at this. Although I have excelled myself this year with no interval at all.

    After the early April patch I scored the two long rangers in last weeks vid, and visual fatigue seems to be a thing again. Also had two in game injuries after many seasons of none at all. As ever I remain sceptical about patches though.

    And yes, you got the Fawlty Towers reference but its deeper meaning here is ‘what would you expect to see on a PES blog running for most of 12 years with lots of previous instances of this’!

  3. NG – I don’t think you ever had any intention of deserting PES 19 at this stage, and if you are enjoying it, why should you.

    Curious though, you constantly stated over the last week or two that you have had your fill of PES 19, was jaded, etc, what instantly changed from one season ticking over to immediately starting the next that suddenly makes it so good (again) ?

    Certainly hasn’t been any game play patches, the one early April didnt do anything other than this:

    ■ Gameplay Adjustments
    ・Changed the power gauge displayed when performing advanced shots and through balls to yellow.
    ・Changed the power gauge displayed when performing manual shots and passes to orange.

    Or are you now a part of the forum hyperbole crowd that believe massive game play changes, such as refinements of stamina systems, and re-introducing in-game injuries, are secretly included with these minor cosmetic updates and Konami just dont say anything about them!?!?

  4. Paul – I did have the intention after a couple of back-to-back horrible sessions a few weeks ago.

    Continuing past the intended finishing stage just to see what sort of squad dismantling I might do has tipped me heavily back the other way. It’s fantastic again.

    And no, I don’t truly believe there was a patch. I think the long rangers and injuries et al are few and far between and I’ve had a statistical cluster. And I’ve noticed more visual fatigue because I’ve actually got my own new younger players again. Big change and I’m wondering why I stuck with the same ageing squad for so long. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

  5. Just think how much you’d have enjoyed it if it had been an actually decent pes?!

    For the first time in years your enthusiasm isn’t swaying me to return to the game. And your enthusiasm is usually hard to resist. Normally I buy (or get free from Paul), sell, buy again and finally sell before you are done, this time the game is dead to me and it feels forever. Playing something like RDR2, flawed as it is, makes me realise how little arse konami give and the minimal effort their lone programmer in the broom cupboard must make.

  6. NG – its confusing you noticing visual fatigue when you ditch your ageing players and get younger ones.
    Surely the older your players the more fatigued they should get, not the other way round with young players tiring easily ?

    when I watch videos of PES 19 on youtube, it does look really nice admittedly, in broadcast cam, or one of the tweaked PC mod cams, the default cam I find horrible, but after trying it, with all the latest patches and updates just last week, it still felt awful game play wise, and as such disappointingly I can’t see myself ever playing PES 19 again.

  7. Paul – you’re thinking too logically there. This is PES. One of the ways it distinguishes young players is by providing them with piss-poor stamina. (You might recall a certain young Mr Shimizu being basically done by halftime.) All of my Youths and Regens are more or less the same as that. Xavi can go a whole game, but Modric and Draxler often do that ‘hands on knees, bent over and huffing in exhaustion’ animation that is the prelude to having something wrong with their legs.

    They’ve all got weak shots as well, which is starting to be a problem already. One of those three will have to go and be replaced by somebody with a big, booming shot.

    Uncle Turf – I do find it a good PES, though, for all the reasons you’ve seen me detail over the past 8 months. Much like PES2012 (its close cousin from the Silver Age), it’s badly flawed in parts, but the whole is PES-ish enough for me to still be here, running in the hamster wheel. Individuality, great goals, team/squad-building, fouls and free kicks, players having something wrong with their legs, invisible trophies. What’s not to love? There’s no white-coated team of scientists in a lab somewhere determining the objective truth of whether or not PES2019 is a good game. Proof of the pudding is always for oneself, alone, to decide. If you don’t like it, good, but it won’t affect me, nor vice versa of course.

  8. Jeez NG, Konami’s levels of complete lack of attention to detail taken to new heights there, reverse the ageing process, give teengers low stamina and garandads decathlon athlete stamina levels. Incredible.

    I guess if all this has given you a new challenge, a new dynamic to have to work with and increases the longevity of a game that was getting stale then its not an issue for you.

    I thought we’d have seen murmurings of PES 20 / FIFA 20 news by now, all seems quite slow this year, on both fronts.

  9. Paul – both EA and Konami will have thought of using ‘2020 vision’ as a marketing tagline, but they want to see if the other will use it first, and so it’s a game of PR chicken.

    PES is definitely opposite-land when it comes to reason and common sense. Players who’ve scored hat tricks and performed brilliantly, suddenly being on down-arrows for the next match – another poor ‘gamey’ thing that happens.

    I’ve got a day off work this week and might, might, spend some time setting up PES2019 with all mods on the PC. As ever though I don’t want to dilute my attention to the PS4, so it’ll just be for a look-see.

  10. Its the Japanese element, they don’t truly understand western football and so we get japanglish translations of names and rules.

    20/20 vision would be a great PR strapline for the 2020 games, I could see EA using it, Konami would probably be ’10/8 vision: Cateracts’

    I’ve so wanted to do the whole PES PC pimped setup for a while now, it does look fantastic with all the gfx and cam mods, adboards etc, but even though there are minor game play tweaks, underneath, its still the same abysmal AI and logic as in the console games, and I just out of principle wont pay £700 for a new PC just to run a pretty looking PES game, and No, I wouldn’t use the PC for anything else, at all, it would just be PES.

  11. NG – that’s a bloody quick turnaround! Is I primarily due to the squad switch or is there something else going on?

    Also – if you go the pc route… Could be a chance you’ll stick with it. The gameplay is so much better with the fan mods, really.

  12. #1 – I emerged into a new season with a new team, effectively, and a whole new dimension opened up before my disbelieving eyes. I had enjoyed the latter part of the previous season – my so-called ‘last’ season – enough to almost swing it for a continuation anyway, but suddenly getting a whiff of classic Master League feeling clinched it.

    I think I will have to do the PC thing with PES2019 this week, or never.

  13. Great to see you back already NG! Good luck in the coming seasons!

    While Konami may not have listed any gameplay changes in their patch notes (quelle surprise), there were most certainly changes made. You could feel them immediately. The game flows better now, and I get far more “Ooooh!” moments since then. It’s a lot more fun. I also noticed the re-introduction of the visible fatigue, which is a nice touch, if purely cosmetic.

    Not gonna lie. I was toying with getting the current FIFA on this PC before April. That won’t be happening now for certain, and I won’t miss that one bit. My 20yo son is a FIFA fanboy, buys it religiously on release day (well, midnight), and hammers the game online, but he masters the weak AI rather easily each year. He ventures downstairs for some co-op with Dad when he wants a footy game that still has some challenge (even with its hit ‘n’ miss AI).

    FWIW I play on the Fix setting, controlling just one player per game, generally in midfield, and sim away matches (along with other self-imposed rules) so that I have to put a little more focus on team-building, rather that rely on my skill .. or lack of it.

  14. Hahaha @ SockWulf – been on those forums ?????

  15. I don’t need to read those forums when I have my own perception abilities thanks Paul. 🙂

  16. Ok SockWulf. Sure.

    So Konami once again released a data pack, on 4th April which on their own official website states:

    ・Updated face models
    ・Updated strips
    ・Updated balls
    ・CFA Super League promotions and relegations updated

    ■ Gameplay Adjustments
    ・Changed the power gauge displayed when performing advanced shots and through balls to yellow.
    ・Changed the power gauge displayed when performing manual shots and passes to orange.

    For a detailed breakdown of all these changes and more, see the ‘Data Pack 5.0 available now!’ post on the official site.

    Below is the link to the detailed breakdown highlighted above in bold.

    And yet, once again Konami have according to you, refined the visual fatigue stamina system, increased and refined animations and gameplay to give you more ‘oooh’ moments and improved the flow of the game, a hell of alot of work, and they just didnt bother mentioning it to anybody, either on their own official patch notes, or anywhere on social media!!!?

    Seriously? LOL.

    Welcome to session variance.

  17. My apologies for having a view different to yours. I’ll leave you to it.

  18. It’s not a view different to mine SockWulf, there just have been absolutely no gameplay changes that you mention, even confirmed a few weeks ago by @officialPES on twitter, that’s just Fact.

    PES feels and plays differently session to session, that is a fact, its been that way ever since PES existed, but there have categorically NOT been any fatigue changes, gameplay changes or anything such like in the most recent Data Pack Update.

    Think what you like, but there haven’t.

  19. SockWulf/Paul – I’m in the straightforward school of thought that if Konami pushed out a patch containing changes, they would detail them in patchnotes, just as every other software company in the world does. Secret gameplay patches are a stubborn PES myth that will probably never go away.

    Having said that I don’t recall any patchnotes in April 2014 when arguably the biggest in-flight change to a PES game was introduced. And here in April-May 2019 I see everything SockWulf has seen. I ascribe it, though, to:

    a) session variance – PES’s most potent secret ingredient
    b) changes in what I’m doing in the game and how I’m doing it.

    E.g. I have suddenly got an influx of Youths and youthful Regens, about 7 of them all told. PES illogically chooses to represent youthfulness by them all having poor stamina. So I am seeing an uptick in Visual Fatigue.

    Also it depends on what’s on my mind, in life. If I’m stressed and distracted, I’ll have a bad session. A nice relaxed lengthy session on a day off work – as I’ve just had – is likely to be wonderful (it was).

    SockWulf – As soon as I pushed onto Season 14 and started picking up some new players of my own (something I haven’t been able to do for many seasons), it was never in doubt that I would carry on, and I will most likely go on now until September. I’ve scored some great goals recently too, the sort that make a PES player purr with happiness. This current phase of the game is the strongest since the month or so just after release for me. #GoldenCopy

  20. I just want to say how furious I am at some of this so called world snooker I’ve seen. It’s meant to be about potting balls but some of these shots I’m seeing don’t even try! They keep hitting the white behind other balls or miles away!! Time to remove those stupid fouls and speed it up a lot more…

  21. NG – If Konami had made such huge changes to the game mechanics, it would have been all over social media and in patch notes.
    As above the official PES twitter account even confirmed they had not made any such changes.

    Facts don’t lie. Maybe SockWulf has one of those special golden copies that you and Jay have that updates itself and patches itself !?!

    Turf – I bought World SNooker 19 on the PS4, good game, you’d like it, the COM players are way too aggressive and try (and mostly succeed) to pot everything no matter the angle or distance.

  22. Uncle Turf – I watched a frame the other day with John ‘Innocent’ Higgins that trundled on for a good half hour, with minuscule breaks, misses, snookers, and dodgy tactical decisions from both players, and the commentators – Parrot and some other geezer – were audibly sighing and sounding apologetic about it not being ‘high quality’. It bloody was high quality! The only reason I watched the frame was because of its scrappiness. I think it’s all part of the same phenomenon that’s give us nuPES. Something rotten is abroad in the world of sport, not just nuPES. The best thing that ever happens in snooker matches are the 1am finishes with breaks no higher than 40, final frame decider etc. Maybe one century to vary the tempo. The snooker commentators and pundits, strangely, don’t seem to possess an instinctual knowledge of what makes their sport worth watching. They put on their jubilant air, with no justification, after a couple of frames of century breaks! They seem to have no sense whatsoever that a single frame of snooker, to be good, must feature some kind of competition between the two players. A frame in which one player breaks off and the other player gets his head down and rattles off a century might be technically admirable, but it’s a rubbish sporting spectacle. Earlier this week there was a frame where most of the reds gravitated toward the baulk end after a prolonged safety battle. The commentators — Virgo and Taylor — were audibly deflated, and sombrely saying that this was going to take a while, clearly both depressed at the thought of viewers not liking it and turning off. But the exact opposite is the case. That was one of the most intriguing frames of snooker in the tournament and I’d bet actual money that 99% of all viewers would agree. I know of no one who would especially tune into snooker, or stay tuned into snooker, to watch a 120 break followed by a 105 break followed by a 90 break (‘top quality snooker here!’). I’ve seen a tweet on the BBC Sports site from a viewer saying ‘I love these epic frames’, i.e. the safety frames, which I would suggest is the majority view of people who watch snooker, but the commentators, pundits and journalists connected with snooker coverage all seem to completely miss the point. Very, very curious. I’m amazed and amused at the confusion by commentators, pundits, and journos alike as to what constitutes a good frame of snooker. To them, a half-session of 4 frames in which one player is at the table for each frame, racking up a century (snooker’s equivalent of football’s much-gushed-about ‘team goal’), is a high-quality frame. Balls. Century breaks can be entertaining, maybe 1 or 2 I can think of, but the rest are more often deathly dull. I can’t wait for the next frame when I might actually see two players playing snooker. Loving the Coventry fan who always sits adjacent to a player’s chair every year and wears a CCFC top. This year he’s wearing the vintage Talbot shirt that Paul did me a version of for PES2017. So proud. I’ll be watching tonight as ever, to watch the snooker first and foremost, but also to see if the CCFC bloke changes his shirt. Excrement kit? Mayday Bank Holiday weekend: for 30-odd years now, whatever I think otherwise, it is always ‘End Up Watching The Snooker Weekend’. I even like it in the years when the Final is over early and there’s a bonus episode of Horizon or Dad’s Army or whatever.

    Paul – there would be a Konami acknowledgement of changes to be sure.

  23. NG – Most of the commentators and pundits are high achieving ex-pro’s too, so you’d think more than anyone that they would know what constitutes a highly watchable and exciting frame of snooker, I can only imagine that the pressure of televised Snooker takes its toll and they think that to keep viewers it needs to be fast paced, century break frames every match.

    I play a game on my phone, had it on the iphone and now again on the Galaxy S10, World Snooker by a developer named ‘Giraffe’, excellent graphics, its an online multiplayer game, and having played over 2000 matches I’ve seen all sorts of players, the ones who can barely hit a ball, the ones who clean up if you make one mistake, the ones who try to player proper strategic snooker, and the ones who think its pool and try to pot every turn, but the best match I’ve ever had on this game was just yesterday.

    A match usually lasts around 5-6 mins, as the first player to need snookers is the loser, this match yesterday lasted 30 mins and was down to the fact that there was a blue ball covering the top left baulk pocket, and one red left on the table nuzzling the baulk cushion right next to it, we took turns playing safeties where each player would clip the red with side, come off the baulk cushion and send the cue ball back down the other end near the black.

    This went on for a good 25 mins, with a few snookers thrown in, it was a game of chess, first one to crack and play a tiny bit too much power and pot the blue, or move the red, would surely lose. It was great fun, I’d take that type of game every time over cracking in century breaks and repeated long pots.

  24. Paul – that sounds like an amazing frame, similar to a PC game I used to play 15 years ago and have mentioned here before: iSnooker. Probably the only online game I’ve ever really loved, chess excepted.

  25. NG – I did lookup iSnooker after you told me about it, the GFX put me off, wasn’t keen on the top down view.

    I’ll post some footage here of the game on my phone and from the World Snooker 19 game on PS4.

    Android/iPhone game:

    Snooker 19 for PS4:

  26. I’ll go back to lurking NG. Good luck with your upcoming seasons, and sorry if I upset you Paul.

  27. LOl don’t be silly SockWulf, you’re most welcome here, no need to lurk and you didn’t upset me, its just a game, I was just pointing out that every single time Konami release an update, even just a data pack, the forums go wild with claims that they see all these new things when its proven and stated on record officially that there hasn’t been any such game play changes, its just session variance, its known fact that PES can feel and play differently both online and offline from session to session, its always been that way.

    I was just backing up my claims that this was the case once again when you said you’d ‘definitely’ seen new things.

  28. SockWulf — I hope you might drop a comment or two again, it sounds like we might be on the same page with PES nowadays, a mature ML being like a fine wine that attains a rich body over time… I’m also a sceptic when it comes to stealth patches. I just don’t see any way Konami would ever not announce the kinds of wholesale changes that are claimed. But I see some of the changes, from time to time. If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that Paul’s disagreement was him in a relative Zenlike state of calm.

    Paul – I tried the phone snooker game and it is good, but iSnooker is better! On the phone game the shooting system is direction-based only, in keeping with other games in the genre on the platform. In the tutorial I was pulling off thin cuts the length of the table. iSnooker has a contextual error system, requiring precision positional shots to maintain breaks. No matter if your aim is spot on, you’ll almost never cut the black in off its spot from the other end of the table. Average frames in iSnooker would last about 10-15 minutes. I’ve left the game on my phone for attention some other time, busy today.

  29. Yeah NG, the Snooker stars Phone game is by no means a perfectly realistic representation, I use it purely as a ‘toilet game’ or on lunch breaks etc.
    I just like the gfx and angle of the camera.

    You should try the PS4 game, with a few tweaks by the dev it could be really good, and has a good career mode.

  30. The closest I come to clickbait is snooker and the hour going on/off….never fails!

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