Rice and Ruin

One of the many unwritten stories of this Master League has been that of one J Rice, Esq. The Forgotten Default is still in my squad, but rarely gets a game. He’s in serious decline now and not much use, a 65 OPR player in a team with a vastly higher average ability across the board.

The only time Rice makes an appearance is when there’s absolutely no choice. A recent run of fatigue and suspensions led to him featuring in two matches in a row, where he acquitted himself well, which seemed to prompt the game to give him the award as seen above. The usual squad-based buffs are the positive side-effects, but he’s by no means a key player. It’s simply never been worth getting rid of him.

This is almost certainly my last season. I am 99.99% sure. I simply have no appetite for another season after this one.

I sailed through my Champions League group, and am into the knockout stages. This tournament is my best chance of a trophy, as the domestic league may have slipped away already.

Some poor results have left me 15 points off the lead with 19 matches played. With another 19 matches remaining, I can’t afford too many more defeats.I went crazy in one of the defeats and got two players sent off, Robben and Giorza. The latter’s was a straight red for a professional foul. At least Robben’s was only a two-yellow-cards jobby, and I’ll only be missing him for one match.

It was my first experience of playing PES2019 with nine men, and I nearly got myself back into it, but, uh, I didn’t. It was one of a run of three straight defeats that really set me back in the title race by a long way.

The table:That really is one hell of a gap between where I am and where I would like to be. It might even be an insurmountable gap, even with Master League table scripting.

Still, I have another 19 matches in which to close that gap, and Master League’s famed kindness might – might – come into play. Experience so far shows me that the PES2019 flavour of table scripting will open the door, but I’ll then have to fight my way through that door by getting results when it really matters. PES2019 on Superstar, for me, can be a bugger to get a result from when it really matters.

A goal replay to finish with, from Forlan. It’s a fine example of a low, placed, long-range shot – yet another one for the PES2019 Forlan scrapbook.

What I like about this goal isn’t so much the goal itself, as the way the AI keeper remains spreadeagled face-down on the pitch, in acknowledgment of his failure to save a shot he should really have had covered. ‘My bad, lads’ he is saying here, in universal GK-speak:

Updated: 16th April 2019 — 11:47


  1. Thats a nice goal NG, the bounce right before the GK didn’t help him much.
    The points gap should mean top 4 at best for you, but will be interesting to see, if you can keep the results consistent, just how super-charged the ML table scripting really is.

  2. Paul – what I’ve found over the past few seasons is that for me and my skill level, PES2019 Master League table scripting is a case of ‘come here, come here’ – and then the stiff hand in the jaw when it comes to the one or two matches that I have to win, to keep momentum going.

    Certainly though whatever happens I don’t have the feeling of unfinished business with PES2019. In fact it’s at the stage where I need to get out before I start to feel sour. I will miss my many individuals – Forlan, Gomez, Castledine, Robben and others – but it’s time now. I’m full up when it comes to the game. That Community Shield win at the start of this season was strangely provident.

  3. Ng – If you have had your fill then wise to let it lie.
    You’ve had an amazing time with PES 19 overall this year so would be a good place to leave it, and finish the game on a high rather then sour it.

    Longer brighter nights, plenty of good books, movies, tv shows and other games to fill the void, its always around about now that the 2019 footy gaming tails off anyway, as much as I have loved FIFA 19, and am still in a very good place with it, I’m also looking forward to playing other things and making time for other activities.

    Will bring a bit6 of variety to the blogs too.

  4. Paul – these are definitely the sunset days of PES2019 for me, but not for my footy gaming year. I have to have something on the go at all times, and I really do fancy giving a FIFA a good go this year. Whether I’ll have anything left in the tank for another career is another matter, so I might approach it sideways this time (less pressure on it, and me) and play a League or somesuch, at least to begin with.

    And PES2019 is ending well, with some satisfying goals and general play. On the whole it’s been a good PES for me, but the nuPES factor has emphatically not gone away. If anything it shows us that nuPES is here to stay. FIFA-style customisation options in PES are the only thing that will save PES for the single-player now.

  5. I’m pretty much footy game wary now, and looking forward to playing a few games that have taken a back seat such as Mafia 3, Detroit, and probably the Division 2.

    Strangely not that assed about RDR2.

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