Shield’s up!

Season 13 has started with a trophy win.

The Community Shield, to be precise. (The Charity Shield, as I still call it in my heart.)

It was a major surprise to me that I was even in the frame for the Shield. I got nowhere near the FA Cup Final last season, and in the league I finished 2nd to Arsenal – who must have done the Double, of course. So I got the other berth in the (quote-unquote) ‘traditional curtain-raiser to the domestic English season’. Is that how it’s always worked, in real life as well as PES?

Whatever, it was a match with a trophy at the end of it, very unexpected and very welcome after 12 seasons of trophy drought. I set about my task of finally winning one with a lot of focus. Forlan scored a hat-trick and I ended up winning 4-1. Get in!Won Super Cup, eh? Whatever, Konami, whatever. I was just delighted to finally get to see my players sitting around an empty space where there is clearly meant to be a cup of some sort, but there mysteriously isn’t one, despite it being well within any footy game-making company’s remit to make one up for the occasion. But this is Konami and things have to be weird.I just can’t envisage any team of players adopting a pose like that without a trophy of some sort around which to gather.

Does winning this invisible trophy satisfy my criterion for being able finally to quit PES2019? It might, you know. I’ll see how I feel at the end of the season, if I haven’t won anything else.

Last season’s exploits have got my team into the top 30 of teams worldwide.Not bad at all. It’s to PES2019’s credit that in past nuPES games, I was easily at number 1 or thereabouts after not too many seasons at all. Here I am, in Season 13 of this one, still painfully inching my way up the ladder.

The new season is going well so far. I really have got to win one of the two trophies on offer this season. I’m saying two (2) instead of three (3), because I’m already out of the FA Cup. Beaten 2-0 by D2’s Bolton Wanderers in what might be the toughest single match I’ll play all season.

So it’s just the League and the Champions League to go for.

The early pace-setters were Tottenham. I met them in a huge 6-pointer at their place, and I won it 2-1. Here is their current First XI and squad in year 2030-31, for anyone interested:That’s a decent midfield, but they’re interestingly lightweight elsewhere, particularly on the bench. I think this demonstrates a sad truth about recent PES. Stats don’t count for as much as they used to.Those 4 draws were all irritating matches I should have won, but felt the game holding me back by the coattails. One was against Man City. I was in the lead twice, but was twice pegged back by the kinds of goals that make you curse out loud.

Finally a brief montage of 3 highlights:

  1. The moment the final whistle went in the Community Shield final, and my in-game avatar David Pleated onto the pitch
  2. A lovely first-time strike by that star man, Forlan, in the opening game of the season. I love the pass from Castledine. My club captain, Castledine has been bloody fantastic for me in this ML. At 32 he is now in decline. This might be his last meaningful season no matter what happens with me.
  3. And finally a lovely own-goal from a Spurs defender that got me level when I was 1-0 down, and set me on the road to taking all 3 points in the match. Never seen an AI own-goal as gracefully headed in as this one.

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  1. n-G – Congratulations on the silverware. Invisible as it is, it’s still as satisfying as ever to see your virtual self and players pick up a trophy. That’s a lovely goal by Forlan and an even better OG by that poor Spurs fella.

    I’m currently taking a couple of days enforced break from PES 5 before starting season five. I’m rattling through the matches and bloomin’ loving it. Just finished 6th in season four which means Europe next season.

    I’m currently planning on how best to bolster my squad and deal with angry little Toto Schallaci before hitting a few friendlies on the run up to the new season.

  2. nice one not-Greg, never seen a Charity Shield celebrated so vigorously! Loved the OG – the AI always heads my chipped through balls back to the keeper and it would be nice to see them misjudge it just once

    surprisingly managed to finish my promotion season with a balanced budget and lots of cash in the transfer pot. Renewing key players Adebayor, Martins, Castledine and Teixeira has taken us down to -2.5m wages, so hopefully monthly income will ramp up in D1. Spent some of the transfer surplus on Pereiro, Diaz and Pavon from the loan list (house rule not to loan anyone else) to provide back up at AMF/SS/CF. Reserve DMF Topal suddenly demanded 2m wages so has been immediately shipped out, Rice back from loan can take his place on the bench. Onwards!

  3. First international tournament preseason game, a 3-3 v Barcelona, reminded me how annoying it is that every team attacks in exactly the same way in PES2019

  4. abbeyhill – I’ve just had a match vs newly promoted Huddersfield in my ML where they were like Barca-Real-Brazil on steroids, so yes, I won’t miss this aspect of PES2019 at all when the curtain comes down.

    The finances will bite you on the bum eventually, a matter of when not if. I recall Cook and Jay eventually managing to wrest control, with continued success, so that’s what’s done for me I think (not having any success).

    Shed – it was nice to see this squad that I’ve now got to know very well indeed – because I’ve not been able to buy any new players for about 5-6 seasons now – finally come together to achieve something and pose together. I’d love to round things off with a ‘proper’ trophy this season. I feel other games tugging at me now, not just the FIFAs of the world but other PESes too.

  5. Is it a trophy though? I mean obviously not in terms of it actually being in the picture but I’ve always thought the charity shield (and it will always be thus to me too) was an afterthought, not a curtain raiser, like that European super cup or the ridiculous world club championship. It’s not one you note in the record books -‘how many charity shields have x won?’. I mean well done for winning it so convincingly but I don’t think it gets you off the ‘I will stop when I win a trophy’ hook.

    I’m well into red dead 2 now and while I’m loving it I have a few niggly doubts. For a start it’s way too easy to get into trouble by accident. In skyrim you can hit the wrong button and have the town guard descend on you with fury but there are so many buttons in rdr2 that I’ve gone to stop someone and ended up blowing his head off with a shotgun I didn’t know I’d drawn. You can easily flatten people with your horse. The interact with passing riders button is too close to draw your weapon, etc etc. It’s all a bit messy. And I’m not sure the ways of looking after yourself materially affect the game. It’s like how skyrim failed to alter the story after you’d become the most powerful being on the planet, rdr2 fails to acknowledge the impact of all kinds of activities, itsreally just window dressing for the experience. It’s an amazing game but it’s not quite in skyrim territory.

    And for one post only I’m going to be conceited and assume my (finally) new title. Now I really do need a job. Thanks for the LinkedIn message by the way Abbeyhill.

  6. Congrats on the Community shield win, but does PES try its best to be irksome?
    Firstly, beating the League and FA Cup double winners 4-1 ? not likely or realistic, then your manager celebrating a community shield like it was an injury time winner in a champions league final, through to your team being presented with….. nothing, and rounded off by a system notification that you have won a cup which doesn’t even exist in the game!

    There really is no excuse for Konami’s complete lack of attention to the basics anymore, its appalling.

    Need any new kits yet?

  7. Paul – no new kits needed thank you, as I’m really not hanging around for much longer. The ‘unfinished business’ feeling is ebbing away match by match. Looks like 13 seasons was and is my limit, and the Super Cup Shield thing might just scratch that itch, but if it doesn’t, this might be the last lap regardless.

    Dr Turf – a friend of mine got his doctorate and immediately changed all his credit cards etc. to reflect the title, and used it in everyday life from then on, and didn’t care what anyone thought.

    I’ve said it before many times about ‘game games’ that have lots of buttons and maps and quests and the like, but I think their time for me is long gone and I’ll be all sports and strategy in gaming from here on out.

  8. NG – that’s not a route I’m going down. I understand why some do as it takes a lot of grind – not necessarily inspiration, just a lot of persistence – and they’ve earned their right. Kind of like inventory levelling. It’s the FFVII random fight mechanic rather than say shadow of the colossus. However, the assumption would be I can fix dodgy backs and the like, I’ve even heard of people being summoned on flights only to have to say they can do nothing to save the poor sod who’s collapsed in seat 7g.

    Just had another rdr2 run in – out shooting wild turkeys, some stagecoach passing decided I was aiming at them, next thing I know I’m half dead with the law after me. It’s way too twitchy. I suppose GTA always suffered similar issues. I’d love to think sports gaming will improve – too many are really quite weak on the console (F1 – too boring if aiming for realism, cricket – ditto, madden – a button mash, rugby – never improved on Jonah lomu years ago, golf on the Wii….). Football, tennis and basketball are ok, baseball games are quite rare in these parts. Even the wrestling games feel like you’re really not taking on much of a challenge. Sadly I think they’ll only look to improve the online stuff.

  9. nG – Congrats on the ‘trophy’. Two beautifully taken goals there by the way.

    Turf – Reminded me of the Radio 4 comedy Cabin Pressure. The Boston episode if you get a chance to listen to it.

  10. Good job on the (invisible) silverware NG! Konami doing its best once again to ruin any sense of immersion.
    In a sort of twist I’m more into real life football than football gaming nowadays which is normally not the case. Not in the least because Ajax is doing surprisingly well in the champions league. I actually thought they were better than juventus yesterday. That Ronaldo goal was scripted as hell though.

  11. Uncle Turf – rightly or wrongly, for me as well a Dr is always a medical Dr. As a kid seeing Dr Germaine Greer introduced on TV was always confusing to me.

    I see RDR2 is now 35 quid in a sale, and GTAV 13 quid, among other bargains. I have GTAV and occasionally start it up, look at its technical marvellousness, and realise I have no interest in playing it. I genuinely wonder if I will ever play anything like those games again in my life.

    Chris99 – cheers, and I’d love to score a goal with my players as decent as the Spurs OG (‘own-goal’, not ‘original gangster/gangsta’)

    #1 – real football ebbs and flows for me depending on the stories surrounding it. I have a feeling the Premier League is going to end quite soon as a meaningful contest. The Ronaldo story in Europe is interesting.

  12. New Post up on FIFAFX now, bit delayed, had to go out first thing.

  13. I……..Fifa.

    There, I said it. It doesn’t feel comfortable yet but I’m enjoying it more than I’ve enjoyed any PES since of course 2013. Defending seems pretty random, I’ve not scored many goals yet but my Middlesbrough team won the “EA Sports European Shield” in a pre season tournament, beating Guimares on penalties (good grief penalties are shit on this game)

    It’s so in depth I doubt I’ll ever touch most of the options and settings but I’m really enjoying the slick presentation.

  14. I honestly thought the invisible silverware thingy had been corrected in PES19…these days, it looks like the non-myClub parts of PES are quite simply “demos” of the full game, which is myClub itself.

    And perhaps on an alternate timeline, while you’re playing a myClub match, an ad for ML/BaL appears on the stadium adboards.

  15. Mike – there’s no shame in it. I few weeks ago, after a decade of being Mac-only, I got myself a lovely Windows 10 laptop (better specs and hardware than a Mac for about 2/3rds the cost) and I love it. Same kind of thing really, I’ve been amazed to see and feel the advances Windows has made in ten years. Still not quite as slick and reliable as MacOS but it’s nearly there.

  16. Rdr2 is pretty much GTA in the American west. The missions are not as essential, you can do a bit more I think without having ticked off the story instalments, but the crime wanted level and running as far and fast as possible till the meter subsides is identical. And daft. I robbed someone, somehow got seen through a wall, chased by the sheriff, hid and then walked back into town and paid off the bounty. I don’t think any of these games has ever got it right, they just can’t absorb the huge implications of each action.

    I think this time I really can say I don’t think I’ll ever play a new version of pes ever again. I’ve got no interest in buying a new game when we will have multiple patches, price drops and changes of emphasis. This year’s showed everything about the future. And I’m bored shitless by fortnite.

  17. Turf – my RDR2 progress stalled because when loading my game save, it plonked me slap bang in the middle of some huge expanse field, with nothing around for miles, no horse, nothing, i ran like a madman in every direction for ages but never got anywhere, spent 30 mins running around like an ant.

    Haven’t revisited since.

    Because I know Turf is so interested …..
    Installed Acoustic Diffusor panels in the Man Cave ….

    View post on

    View post on

    View post on

    Makes so much difference to the sound, now feels fuller and warmer, rather than having high end freq’s ‘hanging’.

  18. Paul – the room looks fantastic, so much so that I now want one. My time off later in the summer is ‘earmarked’, shall we say. Doubt I’d do as thorough a job as you on it, but somehow it’s the view from the window of your peaceful suburb that makes it all the more appealing.

  19. They can do wonders with egg boxes nowadays.

    Weird. I do seem to spawn a bit of a distance from where I actually save it but always have my horse and never more than 30 seconds of game time to return.

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