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4 cracking goals to show off today. It feels like a very long time since I had a ‘WOW’ moment when scoring in PES2019 – and then 4 ‘WOW’ moments came along in the space of two short sessions at the start of Season 12.

Boring stuff first: Season 12 has started very well – 5 wins on the bounce in the League:

This was the updated Team Ranking after last season’s 2nd-place finishes in League and Champions League:

40th in the game world as a whole feels about right. In previous nuPES MLs, I was easily number 1 by this stage, so this has to be seen as progress in one small direction. Overall, nuPES ML remains severely crippled of course.

This is the Squad I’ll be fighting at least the first half of Season 12 with:

Buonanotte is now a first-choice player. ‘The Shimizu of PES2019’ is not an idle nickname.

I brought in 3 Loanees to bulk out my numbers: Lobato, Shaqiri, and Boateng, at CB above. I still have a massive wages bill deficit and cannot bring in new players.

And so the season started. New kits courtesy of PESFX’s Paul. The new Home kit is visible at the top of the post, sported by the fantastic Captain Castledine. He’s 31 this season. Where does the time go?

And just above we see Forlan showing off the new Away kit, a homage to Coventry City’s famous-notorious ‘excrement kit’ of old. This 2019 version is a lot less offensive than that kit was, and in motion (as seen in a couple of the imminent goals vids) it looks lovely IMO.

And now for those goals vids.

First, two goals from the same match, an early season encounter vs Southampton.

Casteldine’s opening 30-yarder was my first true long-ranger on PES2019 since last calendar year. Then, like late buses, moments later Buonanotte gets a slightly-less-far-out carbon-copy of the same goal. Bad day for this virtual keeper:

I was happy with those two, particularly the first one, as regular readers can imagine. Nearly every box was ticked as to the kinds of goals that I try to score and love to score more than any other. A PES where such goals are literally impossible would never be PES.

That emboldened me to go back to trying lots of crazy things. Next up, just a match or two later, was a wonderful power volley from that man again, Castledine – here in the Away kit:

I play Castledine as a central AMF, just a notch or two short of being an SS, which puts him at the heart of most things.

At the moment where I have my GK bowl the ball out to my RB, Enache, I glanced at the radar at the bottom of the screen and saw one of my yellow dots making a run towards the defensive line. And I thought: ok, I’ll try it

The power volley put me in computer game goal heaven at this point, naturally, but the best goal of the bunch (IMO) was yet to come.

Here’s Forlan blootering an absolute CANNONBALL, from a distant angle, into the part of the net that keepers cannot reach:

Four spiffing goals, if I may say so myself. I thoroughly enjoyed scoring them – and as readers will again imagine, I am once more emboldened to start blasting away from everywhere. When you do that, some of them have to go in.

Barca-style tika-taka team goals? Pfffffffff.

Updated: 15th March 2019 — 12:10


  1. NG – Some stunning goals there, and you’ve truly mastered the art of orbital camera replays!!! 😉

    For me the pick is the castledine goal, the way he rides that tackle, then larups one, in off the upright, the keeper could only watch.
    The replay shows the ball swerving away from the goal, off the outside of his left foot, another yard out, the tiniest delay on your button press and that would have hit the post or gone wide.

    Kits looks lovely, even the brown retro Germany-esque one, they must be lucky kits, wear them and the long rangers come flooding in !!!

    Fancy a custom designed Covichles inspired S10 wallpaper/lockscreen?
    Designed using images from your own current ML footage 😉

    View post on

  2. Paul – cheers, I’ve nabbed that, and will add it to the growing collection of Lock/Home screen images. (I use an app called Macrodroid to do simple scripting on Android (one of the major benefits of its freer environment) and swapping images in and out is one of them.) That image of Casteldine celebrating might be the one I carry with me in years to come. Gomez and Forlan and others have been amazing in this ML, and Buonanotte is making a late claim to greatness, but Castledine over the 12 seasons has been astounding, definitely the best incarnation of the Cas-character since Castolis in PES2015 for me, and arguably the most potent since the original Castello.

  3. NG – Nice!!
    I’ve setup a few bixby routines so that it automatically turns my volume to silent and vibrate when i reach my work location, and if my phone has 50% or less battery and is not on charge between 00:30 and 6:30am then it turns off bluetooth, wifi, always on display etc and power saves the battery.

    Stuff like this is amazing to have after being locked down by apple for so long.

    To follow on from the last post comments:

    Paul – and just to add: how high can you go with the projector? Not just physically in the room (I assume you’re not limited to floor-level), but in terms of your physical space(s) to project it on. If I know the psychology of these things well (and I hope I do), you’ll be eyeing up the biggest wall in your house and thinking deep, dark thoughts….

    No not limited to floor height of course, the room isn’t finished yet so just plonked it on the floor for testing, the room im converting into the movie room is the only room I have available, its a small room, the distance from wall to wall is only 8 feet, at that I get 85″.
    Obviously the further back you go the bigger the screen.

    I took it to my parents last night to show my dad, and they have quite a long kitchen and from 10.5 feet away, it was around 120-130″.

    The projector itself is capable of projecting images up to 300″.
    Truly humongous if you have the space.

    If you are still considering a projector I found one that supports full HD for £100 – 94% rating across 400 amazon reviews too.

  4. Wouldn’t mind a link to that Paul.

  5. I’ve since came across the updated model, which is better, the links are below:

  6. Some peaches right there. I would have to agree with Paul castledine 1st for me. When a keeper does not move and the post takes a whack it can’t get much better (unless it cracks the crossbar and bounces with force back up into the roof of the net).

  7. Paul – thanks for that find, I believe I will take the plunge in my next week off in April. I have a blank white wall just asking for some film-and-game action.

    And I just discovered Bixby yesterday after I posted recommending Macrodroid. (My 2014 Galaxy didn’t have it.) Pretty much the same feature set as Macrodroid and others, although built-in and free.

    Gary – I disagree with you and Paul – it’s the Forlan goal that’s the best! Taking the angle into account it’s about as far as Castledine’s (30 yards) and the way it flies straight as an arrow reminded me of the howitzers that Lothar Matthaus scored in the 1986 World Cup, which the un-PC BBC at the time showed in an edited package set to the music of Wagner.

  8. Usually it doesn’t take much chat for me to want to join in the fun – retro pes, laptop gaming, restarting careers – but I honestly have no interest whatsoever in projectors. Amazing set up paul but just so not for me. I don’t even own a big telly. If I could get one thing at the moment it would be an anvil. I’ve got a fire pit in the back garden and would love to have a go at ‘moving metal’. I imagine it’s really hard.

  9. ooft just look at that hit from Forlan – the angle from behind him with the ball still rising as it homes in on the top corner is truly spectacular

  10. Season 2 off to a trickier start, goals very hard to come by without Abila and the rest of my loanees. Could only afford one, G.Pereiro, who can challenge Karlsen for the SS slot. Still can’t quite believe Karlsen managed 10 goals and 10 assists last season despite being only 69 OVR rated and not developing at all. Had high hopes for a young tall strong French striker called Mateta to fill Abila’s boots but he is proving very clumsy and not progressing much. A 16 year old regen Adebayor looks more promising, and I managed to tie him down to a cheap 3 year contract. Now starting to see the financial constraints you guys have been under, the renegotiations are insane. A youth DMF called Somoza suddenly demanding 800k, he can do one. Will be some tough decisions to be made before too long, as promotion looks some way off

  11. Uncle Turf – so why not get an anvil? A quick Google just now shows that anvils are unexpectedly easy to get, and cheap – ranging from a tenner to 70 quid in the first search results. I might get one myself to go in my projector room.

    abbeyhill – if you manage to get through another season it’ll be your greatest achievement on PES, by a proportional effort/reward measurement if nothing else.

    I remember Karlsen well, particularly his pace I think. Interested to hear how he develops if you make it.

  12. Were you not looking at the desktop jewellery anvils NG? You can get them for a fiver, if you want to fiddle on with tiny things for tiny people. The bigger decent free standing ones cost a fair old lump of cash. Just like projectors in fact. I’d be surprised if you could get a forge anvil for much less than one of Paul’s recent shopping posts.

  13. Even More reason to discuss projectors then Turf, the amount of cricket crap and Pokemon crap I’ve had to sit and read over the past justifies it 😉

    On a sidenote NG, was away in Brighton over the weekend, last minute decision, and took the projector along.
    Had a very big room, white painted high ceilings and walls, so coming back after dinner and a few drinks to watch a movie off usb on a close to 200″ screen was pretty neat!

  14. Cricket and pokemon crap? Who has been saying that then? Must have missed it while I’ve been typing informative yet light hearted comments about our national summer game and an ingenious walk n play app. You’ll be desperate to hear about niantic’s Harry Potter app game then Paul?

    Speaking of which – any dads been to the studio tour in Watford? Costs a ton of money from up here for a family trip so reluctant to book it if it’s less than stellar.

  15. That must have been it then Turf.Planning on doing the Warner Bros tour myself as its only 30 mins away, so will let you know.

  16. Champion. That’s part of the problem – from here you can do an all day coach trip incl bog standard Travel hotel and tour but it’s still not cheap and would be the height of unpleasant six hours on a bus, or you can organise it yourself, have one day in London and drop the cost of a projector/anvil/half a dozen decent cricket bats. I’m not bothered about Harry Potter either.

  17. Its a 30 min drive or £14 return on the train and 25 mins from here Turf so much more accessible.
    I guess if I wanted to visit the Yorkshire Moors museum, I’d have the same issue you do with travel and cost etc, whereas you wouldn’t.

    Not bothered about Harry Potter either, but being a big fan of Cinematography etc I’d still find it interesting. Worth a day out any way.

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