A good night was had by all

I came through my Champions League 2nd round 2nd leg against Monaco, winning it 2-1 at home to sail past them 4-1 on aggregate.

Nice to be back in Europe and seeing the famous old sights again, even if the sights in PES are not what they used to be. Losing the Champions League licence really did hurt PES, I think.

The domestic league is where it’s all happening for me right now.

My miracle run of form came to a halt when I met fellow title-chasers Fulham, who held me to a dour 0-0.

As ever when you meet a top team in PES (and Fulham are now a top team in PES) it’s a 1000mph interruption-free sprintfest. It’s the kind of football gaming that gamers of today are prone to describing as ‘fun’. If you were to show a 1000mph nuPES match to a typical PES fan of a decade ago, and tell them that many PES fans of the future would be describing it as ‘fun’, they would be reaching for the smelling salts in shock. No, we really never thought PES could ever come to this, did we?

I won my next few, and was dizzyingly TOP of the table – for one week only. Then I lost a match, I forget against whom, could’ve been anyone (that’s nuPES in a nutshell).

Currently this is the table after 35 matches. There are 3 (THREE) matches left to play:1 point off the top. Roughly equal goal difference and goals scored (apart from Fulham). This, right here, is true squeaky bum time.

Any one of those 4 teams could end up top of the pile come the final whistle on the final day.

I’m reasonably confident that if I win all 3 of my remaining fixtures, it’ll be me who wins the title.

So that’s 3 MASSIVE league games coming up.

And I’ll be playing those final matches around the Champions League semi-final, at least. I beat AC Milan in the Quarters. Here were the teams before the first leg–

–which ended 0-0 in an eerily lifelike tense first leg where neither team wanted to risk too much.

It was a big night back at my place in the return fixture. Milan were incredibly tough, but I got a goal early in the 2nd half, and then they pummelled me for the rest of it. They only needed one goal to go through of course.

It was incredibly tense, and the kind of siege I’m under at the start of the clip was pretty much how it was all along. But then I went on a breakaway, and my young player, Buonanotte, raced through – with a SUBLIME first touch that took him towards the goal and set up the strike. (Fun fact: this was the farthest-out I’ve scored from in as long as I can remember. God damn you, nuPES.)

It sealed a 2-0 win on the night and on aggregate. I’m through to the semis where my opponents will be… Arsenal, who saw off Fulham in their Quarter Final.

It’s all set up perfectly for a League and Champions League Double, or one or the other, or nothing at all. And it’ll all be done and dusted by Tuesday.

Updated: 8th March 2019 — 10:47


  1. orlando.jabulani

    It’d be perfect if you could go out in style with the double. Is this really the farewell to PES19 for you?

    And to answer your (albeit rhetorical) question, no we never saw it coming. I’d take it even further: if I went fifteen years back in time and showed my younger self what PES is in 2019, I would’ve never believed it. It’s like what we thought the future would be, with flying cars and interplanetary travels, but instead we have twitter and netflix.

  2. Tierney, clucas and Pugh – at AC Milan….sometimes pes doesn’t half arse up the imagery.

  3. Uncle Turf – we know that in the nuPESverse, though, the likes of Tierney, Clucas and Pugh – not much more than Youths – are going to be the equal of or better than peak Messi and Ronaldo. Fulham are a top side in my league with no great players. The ‘balancing’ of the stats to give most online players the same sort of experience is to blame.

    orlando.jabulani – there’ll be at least one more season after this one, hopefully to defend one or both of the honours of this season. I will not try to abandon PES2019 without definitely concluding business though. That would only lead to secret sessions. I’m invested in this ML and it needs proper closure.

  4. that video does perfectly sum up those games where the AI is swarming all over you non-stop, less than half a second on the ball to make a decision. Must have been a cathartic feeling when Buonanette rattled that one in

  5. abbeyhill – it was the first touch that took him towards the goal and set up the strike perfectly that pleased me, and the fact it was a pressure-relieving goal too. Also that it was a 20-yarder, which might be the farthest-out I’ve scored from in months.

    I haven’t played a single minute since Thursday last week and am going to play the decisive matches of the season today. I am excited.

  6. Me too – 4 points clear of 10th placed RC Lens with 3 games to go. If I can hit the chairman’s target of 9th place that should be enough for him to give me a second season, meaning my Challenge Mode mission will be complete!!

  7. Cracking finish NG.
    Must be a relief to see that go in and secure the win.

    Would be a great and fitting end to your PES19 adventure to be able to do the double then attempt to defend it.

    Posted a new FIFAFX post last night, was delayed due to being away all weekend and having new broadband installed yesterday, so was unable to get online to post.

    Also ventured across to the dark side,

    View post on imgur.com

  8. Paul – I saw a FIFAFX upload going up yesterday on YouTube so I knew you were still there. Jealous about the broadband – and the S10! After being lukewarm on it at launch (the holepunch camera disappointed me: I’d rather have no forward camera at all than see the screen spoiled), I was decided to wait for the Note 10 in August. But I’ve watched a few S10 reviews and hands-on and ‘I spent a week with’ vids, and I’ve been tempted. I mean, I love the Note form factor and the S-pen and all, but oh that screen. And having been an Android man for 5 years now I can never revert to iOS.

  9. NG – yeah didn’t get back from London until early hours of Monday morning due to Network rail kindly leaving us all stranded on a train somewhere near watford, then having to get off, walk to civilisation at 2am, and get an uber home at the further cost of £75.
    Got in, slept a lot, then had the Vodafone engineers turn up at 1pm to install the Gigabit BB, so earliest opportunity I had to post was last night.

    On the S10 … I’ve had every iphone since they came out, I’m as balls deep into the Apple ecosystem as you can possibly get, have no previous experience of using Android so this was a foray into the unknown for me.
    I was just fed up of paying £1200+ for every new iPhone only to have Apple lock it down so tightly that I cant do any customisation or anything with it, its like Apple don’t trust their users to use the device properly.
    And iOS hasn’t done anything new or innovative in years. I had a 14 day grace period so figured if I didn’t take to Android I could just return it.

    But I won’t be. I’m sold. I Love it.
    Just the ability to customise everything, colours, screen icons, themes, fonts etc is a godsend, transferring music etc is a doddle compared to iTunes fiddling annoying iCloud settings, even for a very computer/tech literate person, and the S10 itself is delicious.

    Amazing Camera, super clear vibrant screen, nice sound, feels good to hold….
    Glad I changed.

    The camera button hole looks 1000 x better than apples ‘Notch’ – and it can be hidden.
    but there are apps and wallpapers that make use of the hole, embedding it into their designs. you barely even notice it.

    And yes, the new broadband, 1.2gb per sec. whooosh.

  10. Paul – you’ve probably already discovered the custom launchers – apps that replace the entire home screen environment, allowing customisation of literally everything. I use Nova Launcher with a set of black and white icons that nobody but me seems to like. ‘Ergh, where are all the colours…’ says everybody who sees it. For me though, this is me.

    View post on imgur.com

    The #1 argument for Android is the ability to straightforwardly plug the device into any computer and have it appear as a USB stick with full read/write capability, in a file system just like a desktop OS.

    BT told me verbally last year that we’d have fibre broadband ‘by Christmas 2018’, but I’m still waiting. They dug up the whole road to install the fibre cables to the exchange two years ago. Tosspots.

    And I have of course finished my Season 11. Interesting end, which sets up a great final season hopefully.

  11. Ng – thats my kinda style too, minimalistic, clean, sleek.
    where do you get that Nova launcher from? Ive seen hundreds of themes in the galaxy store, but dont like most of them.

  12. Paul – launchers as a class of app are something I cottoned on quite late to. Nova Launcher is in the Play store, a free version and a paid one (with a few extra features). There are other launchers that offer different things, some of them completely free. Do a quick Google on ‘Android launchers’ to familiarise yourself. Basically imagine all the customisation options you get anyway, x100. E.g. Nova Launcher lets you get really granular with icon size and placement (choose grids of 3×3, 4×5, 6×5 etc). Those little orange dots on my Home screen (that signify another page of icons to the swipe-right) could be any colour I like. I like Nova because it’s the first one I came across.

    The icon pack is called Glaskart and is free on the Play store too. Take a look at Whicons as well, I had that sort of look for ages. I’ve also gone back to the standard colourful icons for periods as well.

    I’ve had many hours of fun pissing about with it all, which is a worthwhile pastime in and of itself.

  13. Cheers NG – shall look into that, its basically like the jailbreaking options on Cydia with the iphone but without any of the hassle and messing about. Nice.

    liked the look of these


  14. Paul – xda developers website is the good for icon packs, widgets etc. Welcome to the light.

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