Welcome to the Team Age

The title momentum surge keeps going and going.

This time last week I posted a table after 15 matches of the current season. I was 13th, with a W-D-L record of 5-3-7. (That’s SEVEN matches lost.)

Today I sit nicely poised, with 28 matches played, and a W-D-L of 15-6-7.

Yes, in 13 matches played since last week I’ve won 10, drawn 3 and lost 0.

Leading to this:4 points off the top.

It’s title-winning form. The only question is when, or if, the game will relent and ‘allow’ me to catch up with the leaders. I’m predicting a last-day decider scenario. But I’ll have to keep up my form – most importantly, win matches instead of drawing them – to make that happen. The game is so hard at the moment and every goal is fought hard for.

PES2019 in general has slightly picked up out of the doldrums. Largely because of the importance of every match. It’s got back to pottering along at the 8/10 level as a general experience.

I have two goals to show off today: first a penalty (that’s a PENALTY); and then, in what is almost a first for me, a sort-of team goal (a TEAM GOAL) that I enjoyed creating and scoring. Not as many passes as the ones you see the MOTD boys gushing over, but still a team goal for me.

And Robben features heavily in both goals. Quietly one of PES2019’s finest.

The penalty is what they call a stick-on penalty, i.e. one that is so much of a foul that there can be none of that Martin Keown-style ‘but they’re fouling each other!’ bollocks. If the game hadn’t given me a penalty for that challenge, I’m not sure how I’d have reacted.

The penalty came in the last minute of the 90 when I was already 1-0 up, so there wasn’t too much pressure on it. I think you can tell I’m thinking about how to take it, just before the kick – that’s me trying to recall how to take them. And also considering whether to make use of the R1 aiming reticule. I didn’t make use of it.

The second goal in the clip was massive in the context of the title race, and had me whooping out loud with joy.

Spurs are one of the high-flyers this season after a dodgy start, like us, and it was a tough game. At the start of the action I was kicking off after conceding a second goal to them, putting me 2-1 down.

It was satisfying in the extreme to do an AI team straight from kick-off, and with a lovely team goal to boot.

Regular readers will know how lowly I rate team goals. I’m a simple fellow. Any 30-yard howitzer of a strike is a greater goal than any 50-pass team goal that ends with a side-foot into the net from two yards. Fact.

So for a team goal to feel satisfying to me, it has to come in a meaningful context, and this was certainly a meaningful goal. I was shouting out loud at the screen, at 2am. And I went on to win the match 3-2.

I might wrap up the season by Friday’s post, might not. I’m still in the Champions League, with the first leg of the first knockout game over with. I beat Monaco 2-0 away, so am almost certain to progress to the Quarters, and then the fixture congestion will really start. There are hopefully a few too many matches left to play to finish the season by Friday, but I will have a go.

Updated: 5th March 2019 — 11:51


  1. NG – I’m still surprised the penalty was given, even for a ‘stick-on’ foul such as that one, I’ve had many of those not given in PES over the last few years to know they are more often than not, ignored.

    I like the little side-back foot flick from the number 9 in the build up to that team goal, very nice.
    As expect with that run of results the table scripting has eased you back into the race, the top teams didn’t push on and win and pick up points where you had drawn obviously.

    If next season is going to be possibly your final season on PES 19, let me know and I’ll create some fitting farewell kits.

  2. In 3 pre-season Fifa matches I’ve conceded 2 penalties. I’m so used to them not being given I’ve been a bit lead footed in the box.

    Paul – sadly I was out at a cricket pitch stitching demonstration (that didn’t happen due to rain) – like the Premier League Desso pitches but for use in the nation’s favourite sport. Had I not been I’m sure I would have remarked on the black glitterball effect. I can’t be the only one who thinks that projector will spend 99% of its life showing home movies of you doing your best Poldark/Mr Darcy impressions while you order up more bronzing cream.

  3. A cricket pitch stitching demonstration???? Seriously?
    What a life you lead Turf, one crazy day after another.

    On the back of your post, anyone watched that new Alan Partridge show ‘This Is me’ ?

  4. Paul – those fouls have always been given for me in PES2019, they just rarely happen outside the box and until now, never inside it.

    I’ll be playing at least one more season after this one whatever happens. I feel currently that I want that to be the last, so if you want to do those kits… And with the way our careers have mirrored you might want to do some kits for yourself if you’re going to go over to PES at roughly the same time.

    This Time with Alan Partridge is of course essential for me. I go all the way back to where the character began on Radio 4 in On The Hour (as a Tony Gubba-like spoof of sports presenters). I’m enjoying this new burst of Alan, which harks back to the early Golden Age of KMKYWAP-era Alan. As a committed Partridgologist, for me the sitcoms were peak Alan.

  5. Ng – That will be the golden copy kicking in then, as i often got assaulted in the box and never got anything.

    Do you want traditional colour schemes stuck to for your farewell kits?

    I was sat there watching the new Patridge series, giggling to myself and the wife was just shaking her head at me, always found him hilarious in that character.

    Its got that creepy kind of awkward Office feel to it.

  6. Paul – just a mainly Sky Blue dominant farewell Home kit, and any for the Away. You’ve done so many great kits for this career and it is appreciated.

    David Brent and Alan Partridge are similar comic characters in that it’s all about their desperation and vanity, although Brent is slightly more sympathetic.

  7. I felt knowing me knowing you and the hotel resident Alan were the high spot, the mid morning matters radio show and current vehicle are more watch through clenched fingers. I’m generally not a fan of the spoof so suggesting I was going to watch a cricket pitch being stitched is obviously entirely true.

    Paul – in 2006 I was of a certain world, well paid, business focused, pretty similar to all my peers. Since my overnight jerry maguire moment I’ve not even been close to the same lifestyle and trappings but I’ve found myself in some truly weird scenarios – wandering onto the pitch with a shovel mid England batting, digging a fork into white hart lane at half time and helping Graham gooch locate some sandpaper. I’ve just signed up again with the film extras folk as I’ve got no intention of ever going back to the suit and tie. Awful for my pension prospects but it’s been amusing.

  8. Uncle Turf – Mid Morning Matters is arguably the best ‘Alan being a broadcaster’ stuff of them all. This Time is fairly good so far but I miss the sitcom slices of ‘Alan being a person in the world’ stuff, which yielded so many scenes and lines that still seem. The two books – I’m Alan Partridge, and Nomad – are among the funniest books I’ve read. Of course none of it is on a par with Ted and Ted 2. Nothing could be.

  9. Great post and I would be willing to bet the house that you will win something this season. My last post saw me believing I was practically finished with PES 2019 which turned into slowed down… I played RDR2 through to conclusion and generally feel I cannot experience its equal in gaming terms again absolute immersion and a thrilling story. In PES I as regular readers know left ML for the evils of MC and feel I should weigh in with some theories after the December patch. The patch arrived just before the game released on mobile and PES Lite (free to play) which I absolutely and resolutely believe completely changes the demographic. After patch I saw more changes to MC than I would have believed. My team of world beaters were average, teams I would have blown away were hanging in there, goals that were a certainty were batted away. However team of the week players were vastly improved (the ones you have to pay for, which I never will) the few I had (from given in game bonuses) some would have been regulars others bench warmers were now better than my earned Ronaldo. Shenanigans I call shenanigans. I moved to a strange little oasis which was a 1 star team max rating about 78 mostly low 70’s on level 1 players and developed them as they grew so did a level two team and on to a level 3. Suddenly there were 4 separate teams on the go (another level 1 also started and I was having fun again). There were even some long rangers through the lack of super keepers I imagine. Sure there were some online scummery but most players down here were playing a good game and my obsession with growing these players through the ranks has given the game more legs. Anyway back to point the December patch was bad for the game but designed to capitalise on the influx of free players. I believe most of these are probably younger and no appreciation of grinding out a 1-1 hence the arcade shift. Powerful players were somewhat nerfed to show the appeal of the Team of the Week or Featured Team players to get some cash from these free players and Konami wins. I have included a little video link you will see goals from top level players but the long rangers max OVR was 73 they are there just not where they were before, every goal here is after the patch. Paul could I annoy you for another kit for my away sides please?

  10. nice pen not-Greg and I admire the absence of the R1 aiming circle – in my occasional French Cup round 1 penalty shoot outs I have it firmly on and do not regard this as cheating! Also liked the low cross in the team goal, was wondering if it was a double tap cross or a through ball to get such a venomous delivery?

  11. abbeyhill – ah the double-tap crosses of old are long-gone from PES. We miss them, don’t we? The button-combo is still in, technically there is still a double-tap cross in PES, but it’s firmly along the ground rather than the shoulder-height one we knew and loved in the PES2 era.

    The cross in the team goal here was an L1+circle cross – just a tap on circle gets that kind of dinked effect in such scenarios. Contextual.

    Gary – thanks for the update, with some intriguing thoughts there. No question at all that PES2019’s essential character was tweaked in that week before Christmas, and has if anything gone a few further notches toward the arcade since then. I will walk away with good feelings about the game overall, rather than quit in disgust. If I was going to have my time again with the game I’d deny myself any players rated above 75, which denies most of the joy of ML, of course, which is the development of young players.

    I won’t be touching myClub this year. No real bitterness towards it, as I found last year, there’s a lot of quality and ML-ish goodness in the mode. It’s a time thing this year. I want to try other things.

  12. Ng – incoming post with multiple links in, so keep an eye on the pending queue

  13. NG – Farewell kits below, if you dont like just say, can amend accordingly.

    Went for traditional colours on the Home, and a throwback on the Away, with a retro sponsor of days past.




  14. Paul – all gratefully received and looking great, very tempted to add them at once but will wait for Season 12. Looking at the timescales I might be done with PES2019 by month’s end.

  15. NG – No worries mate, have also dropped you an email re projector stuff.

    Gary – Let me know what you need

  16. The peak of Partridge for me was the Travelodge ones, although I did also like the ones with the eastern European wife and the caravan on the driveway.

    Turf – I’m imagining your cricket pitches are like a big green patchwork quilt, where all the groundsmen make their own bit, and then at the end they stitch them together.

    Paul – That away kit is truly revolting. It’s reminiscent of a labrador that’s regretting eating a box of liquorice.

  17. Chris99 – as its Ng’s farewell PES 19 season what better way to play in a throw-back to one of the nastiest kits ever made, Cov’s 1978 brown tramline kit. 😉

  18. Cheers Paul if I could get this

    In white with the stripes over the shoulder in black, WE logo with [this] as the sponsor (its a long running in-joke).
    Thanks in advance!

  19. Gary – firstly apart from the first one, those links haven’t worked, and secondly in the first link there are about 20 kits !!! which one?

  20. Paul- Sorry number 2 on this list as modelled by Paul Mc Grath. If I could get the sponsor as Robocop (in the Robocop font) Cheers

  21. Gary – send me an image of the exact kit you want, in whatever colours, the sponsor image and club crest to pesfxkits@gmail.com and i’ll get it done for you.

  22. Big fan of the new Alan Partridge, I’m finding his “out and about” reports to camera which are used in segments of the show the best bits so far. Have enjoyed the twist endings to both episodes too which have made them memorable finishes!

    In PES 2019 I’ve had quite an interesting and on the whole enjoyable 3.5 seasons so far in master league in Challenge mode, across the Scottish Premier League and the Danish Superliga. I think the additions of these new leagues have been a positive, and I’m a fan of the Superliga’s playoff system which keeps the whole season interesting. Keeping the chairman happy has been tough at all the 3 clubs I’ve managed though, and this season despite currently sitting in third place and meeting most of his objectives, the satisfaction rating has stayed between 8% and 13% all season. This has been sufficient to get me a contract extension for next season though.

  23. Gary – I tried to fix your links and managed to break one of them, which wouldn’t get past my filter, not even for me. All good though if you’re going to message Paul directly (can do it by swapping emails via me or more elegantly, via PESFX? Link is in the menu bar above).

  24. Gary – Have taken a guess at what you wanted, if this isn’t it, then let me know.

  25. Paul——- Your right on the money I cant believe you did them so quickly for me mate thanks so much really appreciate this! Thanks!!

  26. Gary – No worries mate, fairly basic design so didn’t take long at all.

  27. A spike in penalty awards this weekend due to hand contact with the ball or a drop for fear of being seen to be following the PSG decision.

    VAR is the balaclava wearing anarchist that is intent on blowing football up.

  28. was devastated to see that penalty awarded!! i wanted utd out and had dished out some verbal on Twitter to man utd fans about going out of europe, so was dreading opening the app after they went through.

  29. That was an award based on next season’s handball ruling change, from what I’ve read of the change. This season and in all seasons until now, that’s never awarded. Was the ball even going in?

    More penalties would be justified in football in general. A foul should be awarded for any instance where a defender grabs at any part of an attacker’s body, no matter how much or little contact is made.

    The Wii was poo.

  30. n-G – It really is a sad that we have come to greet the award of a penalty (in PES) with such dismay. Well done for sticking it away and for remembering which button to press.

    As for real life penalties sponsored by VAR, long may they rain down. I really rather enjoyed the drama of that one last night – the awarding of it and the way it was blasted in even though I have no love for Man Utd.

    I’m hoping the bookies are slow on changing the goal method odds at the start of next season because first-goal-penalty was a nice little earner in the World Cup last year – even when they halved the standard 10/1 price.

    Still having a lovely ol’ time back in time with PS2 PES. I’ve been cheating on PES 2008 (PS2) with some sleazy PES5 sessions. I’m not proud of myself but the direct contrast between the two games has been interesting.

  31. The Wii was poo for everything except sports games, especially golf.

  32. Shed – I’ve adored VAR-related chaos in a football match from the very first time it happened. It’s going to be a great domestic season 2019-20.

    I’m probably a season away from school being out for summer. I feel a real desire to connect with FIFA this year, although I think no-fouls is going to enrage me (I do get 1-2 per match on PES2019; if it’s literally 0 on FIFA, I just don’t know…).

    Uncle Turf – the Wii worked as advertised maybe 20% of the time. The rest of the time, a mighty thwack would result in my on-screen golfer perhaps twitching a bit. I don’t want to discuss all the advice I took online and in real-life from other Wii owners about the positioning of the sensor bar and calibration of the controllers etc. The upshot of it all was that the TV advert picture of faultless golfing was a fantasy. About a year after I got rid of it I heard Nintendo upgraded the firmware and improved things, but that bird had flown. I really don’t want to talk about it now. Fuck the Wii.

    The Wii can just go and swivel on its own useless nunchuk thing. Worst console ever. I’d take a ZX80 over the Wii anyday. Hell, a Binatone Pong box. A bucket and spade. A ball and a stick.

    The Wii is Poo. That is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.


    No power on earth or anywhere else is ever going to change my mind about the Wii. And my settled dislike of it wasn’t just because it spectacularly failed to allow me to play Tiger Woods in the way all the TV adverts promised it would. I also didn’t like the unique Wii take on PES.

    But the Tiger Woods fiasco was unforgivable. I will never forgive it. I’d do a huge expansive swing, only to see my on-screen golfer give a sort of twitch, and send the golf ball trickling a few inches.

    I read all the calibration and fine-tuning articles available on the web and the fact that there were LOTS of them spoke volumes as to the actual nature of this ‘motion gaming’ thing.

    Bollocks to the Wii, I despise it, and I really struggle to take anything Nintendo seriously.

  33. I have a dream the Switch will be a bastion of old school (at least silver age) PES when Konami finally get around to releasing a game for it.

    I’m struggling on XCOM 2 on Veteran/Ironman, currently on restart 3 after some unfortunate squad wipes. My first attempt was going well but then met some enemies with the ability to one shot crit my weak little soldiers and that was that after two succesive squad wipes. I’m currently learning about defensive tactics (flashbangs, mimic, battle scanner) courtesy of youtube.

  34. Cook – I’m guessing you’ve met the Mutons, who are annoying but not my least-favourite enemy to run into (that’d be the Sectoids for me, with their squad-destroying Psi abilities). Flashbangs have the great effect of preventing those grey bastards using their Psi abilities whilst Disorientated. Flashbangs are also a great delaying tactic until you can get your soldiers into prime flanking positions behind full (not half) cover. Don’t be afraid to head straight for the Evac zone and skip the objective when faced with too many enemies and too little time. Many’s the mission that’s ended in failure but I’ve still got all my soldiers, and some of them have got a few kills and earned a promotion, and as you know those precious abilities can give you the edge for the next mission.

    Just a moment to say a little prayer for all the Ranger swordsmen whom I’ve sacrificed in the middle of the enemy just to take out a Muton or Sectoid. I finished my first full XCOM2 run-through with just one completely maxed-out Ranger who was able to take many hits and was worth her weight in gold. All the others died.

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